Owari no Chronicle:Volume13 Preface

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Name: Tamiya Shino

Class: ???

Faith: Popular Freeloader

Name: Toda Mikoku

Class: Top-Gear Representative

Faith: Regenerator


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About 8th-Gear

8th-Gear was a world of empty space and Wanambi.

The Messengers of Wanambi are thermal life forms, so they continued to live by emitting heat into the empty space of their world. For that reason, they took a form that does not allow excess heat to escape and they build up heat through thought.

Left label: Empty Space

Right label: Messengers of Wanambi

Wanambi is an information heat entity created from the collective thoughts of the Messengers of Wanambi.

He is a concept dragon that exists everywhere and yet nowhere.

Name: Baku

Name: Sf


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Top circles: Let’s Go Vote!!

Top right: No objections allowed.

Box: Ballot Box

Left: White Election Bunny (To insist you are pure)

Right: Red Election Bunny (When you are willing to spill some blood)


Have your Gear cast a c-c-c-c-calm vote for the future of the world.

“Do not think of it as a single vote. Even a vote from one as puny as you gains two or even five times the value when given to me. Ha ha ha.”

※Stuffing the ballot box is strictly forbidden※

Voting day is 12/23.

Title Page[edit]

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Let us test

The past of this world

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