Owari no Chronicle:Volume14 Preface

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OnC v14 0003-0004.jpg

Name: Sayama Mikoto

Class: Negotiator

Faith: Villain

Name: Shinjou Sadagiri

Class: Gunner

Faith: Villain’s Opposite


OnC v14 0005-0006.jpg

About 10th-Gear

10th-Gear was a layered world in which a heavenly world, an earthly world, and an underworld were supported by a world tree.

Heaven and earth were connected, but the underworld belonged to the sinful dead and the giants.

The world’s eventual destruction had been prophesied and the gods attempted to strengthen their rule by securing the Concept Core.

However, the weapon containing the Concept Core was stolen by an underground organization and 10th-Gear’s destruction began.


Top: Heaven

Middle left: Earth

Middle center: World Tree

Middle right: Earth

Bottom: Underworld

Name: Sayama Yume

Name: Baku


OnC v14 0007.jpg

Top left: OwaChro – Se-chan and Sa-chan

Top right: New Product

Top right box:

Supports – Shinjows XP

Device – Game Gear

Top right screen:

Brown box: Shinjuku

Tan box: Please select where you want to go

Dialogue box: Shinjou Sadame “Sayama-kun, where should we go now?”

Right of screen: Movement is handled with a confusing map system.

Below screen: Everyone’s beloved Se-chan and Sa-chan are finally the stars of their own game in this dream! Yes, a dream! In the main story, the protagonist pursued their secret and ended up bringing the world together in the process, so all of you need to give it your best shot, too!

Top left screen:

Dialogue box: Sayama Mikoto “Eroundic…”

Right of screen: If anything looks suspicious, make sure to investigate!

Middle left screen:

Dialogue box: Shinjou Sadame/Setsu “You can do whatever you want.”

Below box: Sa-chan often says and does whatever comes to mind.

Middle right screen:

Dialogue box: Shinjou Setsu “S-stop. Don’t touch my butt!”

Below box: Se-chan tends to not think about the consequences.

Right text: *Screenshots are still under imaginary development.

Bottom right: Shinjou Sadame?

Bottom left: What if someone believes this?

Title Page[edit]

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It is time to go

So that we may begin ourselves

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