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Here we are at Owari no Chronicle 2-A.

Fortunately, Volume 1 was well received, so I should be able to write the rest. It feels like a miracle.

It is due to all of you, so thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best, so please keep reading.

Now for a bit of information concerning the novel.

The Showa Memorial Park is a real place. (Susaou isn’t there, though.) It has a website, so check it out if you are interested. I hope this will spread interest in the place.

The former airfield near the park still has not been used for anything, but it was opened up to the public recently. The closed railway line next to the line I always use leads to that airfield. When you look into it, you find that place names and the like allow pieces of the past to live on.

As I said before, you can find a lot of connections to the war even though it has been 60 years.

Anyway, time for my chat with a friend.

“To start off with, did you read it?”

“Yes, I looked through it. But…”

“But what?”

“I hear you’re planning to start switching out who you speak with in the afterword.”

“Well, people will get tired of the same crazy person every time. Even an all-star messes up sometimes.”

“I’m sorry that I’m too reasonable a person to help you out.”

“You just helped out plenty, idiot. More importantly, give me your thoughts on the novel.”

“Why wasn’t there more of the cat? There was plenty of the cat last time. This book is terrible!”

“Don’t judge a book by the cat content!”

“What else am I supposed to judge it on? Anyway, Setsu-kun said some nonsense in his sleep, but I apparently say some pretty amazing stuff in my sleep.”

“I know. When you stayed over at my place before, you slept on your side, started moving like an inchworm, and groaned ‘pineapple, pineapple!’ What was that?”

“Maybe I was possessed by a demon.”

“I can testify for you on that one. Do you have any other stories of strange things you said in your sleep?”

“Well, I fell asleep in high school one day and woke up to find myself collapsed between the desks and covered in blood.”

“Sorry, but that isn’t talking in your sleep.”

“Apparently, I suddenly shouted ‘zero gravity!’ and launched myself from my chair. It was pretty bad when the hospital asked me how I hurt myself. My teacher and I explained the situation using a chair.”

“I feel sorry for your teacher.”

“I was told not to do it again, but I don’t really remember the launch. Next time I do it, it will feel like the first time to me.”

“Don’t do it, you idiot. But it sounds like the pineapple incident I saw was relatively normal.”

“I have a lot of variations.”

I wish he didn’t.

Anyway, my BGM while writing this novel was Himekami’s Kamigami no Uta. I’m listening to it again while I proofread.

“Who is it that is lying?”

I am giving that question some thought.

I hope to have various characters start to move more quickly in Part B.

On a suddenly sunny June morning in 2003.

-Kawakami Minoru

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Omake Page:

Title: Afterword Omake Guy (Tentative)

Credit: Satoyasu.

Bottom text: Boy

Panel 1: Mambo-san

Panel 2: Dancing

Panel 3: Scolding

Panel 4: Feeling bad about scolding you too much and thinking about doing better tomorrow

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