Owari no Chronicle:Volume3 Preface

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OnC v03 0003-0004.jpg

Name: Izumo Kaku

Class: Student Council President

Faith: Izumo Family Heir

Name: Kazami Chisato

Class: Student Council Treasurer

Faith: Violent Controlling Wife


OnC 2A 005-006.jpg

About 2nd-Gear

2nd-Gear is a Gear in which names provide power.

All things have their individual names underneath the Concept Core and nature runs based on those names. This built up an environment which includes living things.

Later, the people of 2nd-Gear realized the Concept Core existed and tried to use it.

However, the Concept Core had a name and will of its own. It allowed them to modify it into a control system that could control the world to a high degree, but its will desired respect. Once the Concept Core became a control system, 2nd-Gear became a biosphere.

The name given to the control system allowed it to rule over the entire environment.

The people created a country centered on the manager who spoke with the control system. The people took on positions in accordance with their names and built up prosperity that was integrated into nature.

Diagram (top to bottom):

Empty Space

Heavenly Territory

Earthly Territory

Crust Territory

Control system exists here approx. 6000 km underground

Name: Kashima Natsu

Name: Baku

Sf News[edit]

OnC v03 0007.jpg

Top left: This is a notification about the Sf Service Card from German UCAT.

Top: Sf News

Top right: #666

White square: The black type for kind pro-German people

-As you gather stamps, you can win the following prizes:

20 points = Attend a speech and march
40 points = Added sloped armor
60 points = Defense along the eastern border

-You have no right to decline.

-If you try to run, she will pursue you.

-The card is not edible.

Black square: The white type for that hated SOB

-As you gather stamps, you can win the following prizes:

573 points = Option
765 points = Learn the Xevi language
Max value = God

-Pull off rapid-fire with an “acho!” of your own.

-You must already enter a coin.

-The card is not edible.

Bottom square: Interview With a User

Today, we are speaking with Ooshiro Itaru-san, the supervisor of Team Leviathan.

How have you liked using it?

“So this is why there are so few young people in UCAT lately.”

N-no, that isn’t the case…

“Then why have people’s personalities changed once they return?”

Oh, um, well… Do you have a final statement for us?

“You have all been very supportive of Team Leviathan and I want you to stop it.”

That was Ooshiro Itaru-san~.


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