Owari no Chronicle:Volume5 Preface

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OnC 3A 003-004.jpg

Name: Hiba Ryuuji

Class: Underclassman

Faith: Kind Person

Name: Mikage

Class: Normal Person???

Faith: Hiba’s Partner


OnC 3A 005-006.jpg

About 3rd-Gear

This Gear possesses metal and light gravitational control concepts.

Metal possesses life, its weight and hardness is altered, and it is moved with gravitational control.

3rd-Gear used that power to create large gods of war and a great number of automatons.

At the time of the Concept War, they used their power in an attempt to dominate the other Gears.


Top: There are stars outside the atmosphere and empty space lies beyond them.

Middle: Main floating continent

Bottom left: Atmosphere surrounding the land

Bottom right: Floating land

3rd-Gear is a collection of giant floating continents.

The people who live there live for thousands of years and each individual controls the world’s concepts and has some level of control over the weather and time as well.

When they die, a device known as the Tartaros Machina sends their concept and will to the Concept Core.

The concept stored in the Concept Core is extracted and inherited when a new life is born, but the formless will remains in the Concept Core as it is difficult to individually extract.

For that reason, the Concept Core acts as a world of the dead from which one cannot escape once one enters it.

Name: Sibyl

Name: Baku


OnC v05 0007.jpg

Top: Issued by: Pamphlet Team of Japanese UCAT General Affairs Training Camp Unit – July 10, 2005

Yellow Text: Time for the (mandatory) summer training camp

Blue text: Seto Inland Sea Edition

Over Shinjou’s stomach: Background added digitally

Red text: Another year, another fun, fun (make sure to say it twice) Japanese UCAT summer training camp!

Right box:

To all of you Japanese UCAT members who are constantly fighting for the sake of the world, how has your early summer been?

As opposed to last year’s Mt. Osore medium tour or the year before that’s Russian border nuclear submarine salvage tour, this year we are going to a normal sea.

The Seto Inland Sea. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

A deserted island. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Only one ship a day. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The surrounding sea is filled with whirlpools and sharks. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can’t escape. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The events to look forward to are as follows:

*A bald instructor who strikes the depraved.

*A yakiniku festival with a random chance of any kind of meat from any country.

*Training in escaping giant fireworks fired at the ground.

Have fun and try to survive.

Left box:

Fisherman – Age 40

Tabuchi Kenji-san

We asked a local about the island.

“It scares me. No sane person would ever approach that island. Everyone in the village calls it the wonderfully mysterious island.”

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Title Page[edit]

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Prepare yourselves

For what it means to accept it

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