Owari no Chronicle:Volume7 Preface

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Name: Tsukuyomi Miyako

Class: College Student

Faith: Princess?

Name: Apollo

Class: 3rd-Gear Successor

Faith: King?


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About Kurashiki

Kurashiki is a city within Okayama Prefecture’s Kojima Peninsula.

The city has been shaped by its long history and the central Kurashiki station and main roads divide it up as seen in the diagram below.


Top: Kurashiki Station

Middle Left: Mizushima Coastal Railway

Middle Center: Side Road

Middle Right: Shopping District

Bottom Left: Southwestern Urban District

Bottom Right Top: Bikan District

Bottom Right Bottom: Achi Shrine

3rd-Gear’s base is thought to be located within Kurashiki.

They once clashed with 1st-Gear in the Chugoku region, but they moved their base afterwards.

As such, the concept space they use to hide has yet to be found.

Name: Baku

Name: Kazami Chisato

Model Kit[edit]

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Top right:

An early review of HGUCAT’s Ver. Sa!

H Grade Shinjou Sadagiri Ver. Sa – Seller / Japanese UCAT, Sayama Mikoto – 1:8 Scale

First Review:

Shinjou: “Oh, Sayama-kun. I see you bought a plastic model. Did the model spirit begin to burn in your heart? Let me see, let me see.”

Shinjou: “Oh, wow! …Wait. What kind of adult figure is this!? Why was I made into a kit!?”

Sayama: “Ha ha ha. Such high blood pressure, Shinjou-kun. I was able to borrow Kashima’s mold workshop, so I set it to run based on my personal data. As you are the copyright holder, I have one for you as well.”

Shinjou: “Oh, thanks. …No, wait! What does this HG stand for!? H Grade!?”

Sayama: “If you know the answer, why are you asking? By the way, it is so well made that the armor can be removed even at 1:8 scale. I hope to eventually make a 1:6 EG that can be completely stripped. EG stands for Eroundic Grade.”

Shinjou: “I’ve heard enough. And what is Kashima-san spending all his time doing? …Wait! He’s already made his wife!?”


H Grade Kashima Natsu

Seller / Japanese UCAT

1:8 Scale

Production limited to developer

Shinjou: “Ah! I’m surrounded by criminals. A-and what’s this putty and file set you have here?”

Sayama: “That is of course to modify this spare kit into a Setsu-kun version. If it turns out well, I can use it to create a variation on the kit.”

Shinjou: “You don’t need to do that!! No adding anything on or filing anything down!!”

Title Page[edit]

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It is time to gather

In a place of intent

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