Owari no Chronicle:Volume9 Preface

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OnC v09 0003-0004.jpg

Name: Odor/Roger

Class: American UCAT Temporary Inspectors

Faith: Amusing Companions

Name: Diana Zonburg

Class: German UCAT Inspector

Faith; Mother Cat


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About 5th-Gear

5th-Gear was originally a world of twin planets in an atmosphere.

Its primary concept was that of “falling” and a civilization that travelled between the two planets was soon created.

One of the planets was used as a resource planet while the other was used as a residential planet, but as the Concept War got under way, the resource planet was armed as a defense base and the residential planet was modified into a production base.

Top right: Resource Planet

Top left: Empty Atmosphere

Bottom right: Residential Planet

However, both planets were destroyed by Black Sun, a mechanical dragon created by 5th-Gear and the people were wiped out.

It became a world of the scattered remains of the planets.

Name: Baku

Name: Heo Thunderson

Eround Tea Ad[edit]

OnC v09 0007.jpg

Top left: For that eroundic person… Eround Tea

Top bubble:

I-it’s coming!!

New!! Economical 1500cc can!

Bottom bubble:

There’s a normal 350cc version too!!


“The Secret Story Behind Eround Tea’s Development”

I would often bring Shinjou-kun tea while she wrote her novel and this product is the result of developing a tea that matched her tastes.

In other words, this Eround Tea is what supports her body. I hate my own body for getting so excited when I say that, but let us call the crucial ingredient “Sayama Tea”. But do not worry. The can says it has “nothing but leaves inside” and that is true.

When I would hand the teacup to Shinjou-kun, I would want to include something to express my feelings, but that is what a child would do.

An adult must take things to the next level.

And to begin down the path to that next level, how about drinking a cup of this tea?

Below picture: Development Representative – Sayama Mikoto

Title Page[edit]

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Let us approach

The destination of happiness

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