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Phenomeno Volume 1 Cover

"Phenomeno" (フェノメノ) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ninomae Hajime (一肇) and illustrated by Abe Yoshitoshi. The series is complete with 6 volumes. There is also a visual novel based on the first chapter of the first volume in the series.

Other Languages: French

Story Synopsis[edit]

Yamada Nagito, a university student living away from home, needing a cheap place to live he finds out about a mysterious “House that grants wishes” on the market for a ridiculously low rent; he snaps up the house and starts living there. A few nights in he starts hearing strange creaking noises. Each and every night he’s assaulted by these torturous noises. The last straw is when he finds the number 7 carved into the wall, as if counting down to something. Yamada having an interest in the occult seeks help from a website he frequently visits: “Ikaigabuchi”, which specialises in occult topics.


Translators Needed[edit]

The translation of Phenomeno is currently at a standstill and needs new translators to pick up on the project.

The original translator, Suiminchuudoku, has currently suspended his work on Phenomeno and approved of Baka-Tsuki translators picking up the project where he left off (see comments from November 26, 2015).


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  • 2nd September 2012
    • First two cases (chapters) of volume 1 translated.
  • 4th February 2014
    • Extra story "Raven Notes" from volume 1 translated.
  • 3rd May 2014
    • First third of Case 03 (last chapter of volume 1) translated.
  • 14th April 2020
    • Bonus story translated.

The Phenomeno series by Ninomae Hajime[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

Phenomeno 1 Cover.jpg

Volume 2[edit]

Phenomeno Volume 2 Cover.jpg
  • Case 04
  • Case 05
  • Case 06

Volume 3[edit]

  • Case 07
  • Case 08

Volume 4[edit]

  • Case 09
  • Case 10
  • Case 11
  • Case 12
  • Epilogue

Volume 5[edit]

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Epilogue

Volume 6[edit]

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Project Status[edit]

Project Status: Stalled

Series Overview[edit]

  • 美鶴木夜石は怖がらない (フェノメノ, #1) - published 2012, ISBN13 9784061388291
  • 融解ファフロツキーズ (フェノメノ, #2) - published 2013, ISBN13 9784061388550
  • 収縮ファフロツキーズ (フェノメノ, #3) - published 2013, ISBN13 9784061388611
  • 四回廊事件 (フェノメノ, #4) - published 2013, ISBN13 9784061388826
  • ナニモナイ人間 (フェノメノ, #5) - published 2014, ISBN13 9784061388956
  • 美鶴木夜石は微笑まない (フェノメノ, #6) - published 2015, ISBN13 9784061399129