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That man… was born with the greatest spear in his hand.
That man… was born without anything to himself.


Part 1[edit]

Right after the ending of the [Joker of the Heaven] match led by Dulio.

We went to the capital of the Underworld [Lilith]. The reason was…

“Hahahaha, looks like your luck has now ran out! Chichiryuutei!”

In front of the huge outdoor stage, [Evil Dragon General Vabo], Bova wearing an evil costume, mocked me who was kneeling in front of him in my armour.

I also…

Kuuu! Never would I have expected [Evil Dragon General Vabo] to be this strong…”

… and said such heroic line.

All the children filling up the seats cheered me on.

“Chichiryuutei! Don’t lose!”

“Stand up!”

Currently, we are in the middle of the [Chichiryuutei] outdoor show!

That’s right, in order to perform these shows and other events, ORC members came to visit the underworld.

International Rating game and the school are important but these are also important works for us too.

This [Chichiryuutei] event that we are currently participating in link closely to the television show. This was a special event which was celebrating the release of the new series of [Chichiryuutei] so it was decided that we, the main heroines, would participate.

… And the [Evil Dragon General Vabo] that Bova is taking on is the new enemy in the new series.

Of course, in the television show and other events, the actors that look like us would put on the show…

But for Bova, who only just recently joined my team, to be included in [Chichiryuutei]… man… the people of the House of Gremory sure act fast on these kinds of stuff…

… Anyway, in this show I, [Chichiryuutei] is struggling against [Evil Dragon General Vabo] and is currently in a pinch. It is good to show off the power of the brand new enemy from the start.

“I can’t lose! I will get up no matter what and fight you!”

I got up and charged at Bova but Bova moved his huge body as if he really is intending to hurt me and sent punches and kicks toward me. I also pretended to be hit by his attack and staggered backward a bit and collapsed.

“Hahahahaha! Is this all you’ve got, Chichiryuutei? I had my hopes up since you defeated the Dark Knight Fang… but you’ve disappointed me! I didn’t realise how weak you are, Chichiryuutei! Hahahahahah!”

Bova was perfectly acting as the villain. His evil laughs were spot on as well.

… This guy, is he naturally talented at acting? I’ve seen yet another side of him.

“Uuuwah! Chichiryuutei is being defeated!”

“That dragon, scarrrrry!”

Children were all focused on the show as well but it looks like Bova’s acting also scared them quite a bit. Well, I guess being impressionable is also still quite good, right?


Then a bishounen appeared along with a bishounen voice… It was [Dark Knight Fang] Kiba in his costume.



When he appeared, this time it was the mothers in the audience who accompanied the children that screamed in joy. They were quiet just until now but as soon as he appeared they went crazy.

Fang was the main villain until the last season but this time he appears as Chichiryuutei’s ally. That Kiba pointed his demonic sword towards [Evil Dragon General Vabo] and said.

“Idiot! That Chichiryuutei is my pray! I will not let you take him for yourself!”

When he shouted that, Bova returned the shouting with rage in his eyes.

“You traitor! You’re taking Chichiryuutei’s side! I’ll rip you apart as well!”

That’s right, in the new season, [Dark Knight Fang], who stayed as the antagonist until the last season is taking up a role as the protagonist in the new season. Thanks to that, the rating amongst mothers went up.

Fang then replied with a cynical smile on his face.

“Don’t mistake, the person who will defeat Chichiryuutei is me! I cannot give that away to anyone else!”


Hearing his proclaim, the mothers went hysteric once again.

Fang charged at Bova with his sword but… that large dragon acted as if he threw Fang away with only a single punch. Fang dropped his sword and taking Bova’s (fake) punch, he got blasted backward.

On top of the stage, Chichiryuutei and Fang, the two most popular characters, are in dire situation. The Children who were all watching the show became anxious and a few started to cry as well.

“Uwahahahahaha! Chichiryuutei! Fang! Both of you are nothing! You guys are nothing compared to I, Evil Dragon General Vabo!!! Uwahahahaha!”

Bova’s smirk rang around the arena and when both I and Kiba were pushed to the end, a voice was heard.


Small firework went off on the stage and using the lift on the stage floor, a person in golden armour appeared.

“Evil Dragon General Vabo! I, [Leonis Rex], won’t let you get away with your misdeeds!”

The person who said that to Bova was wearing the Lion King’s costume and he is Sairaorg-san! The main focus of this show was to promote Sairaorg-san’s hero, [Leonis Rex]!

In truth, the character [Leonis Rex] is big hit like [Chichiryuutei] in the land of House of Bael and they’ve been getting quite good reception.

So, the House of Gremory and the House of Bael decided to collaborate in this Hero business and for the first time, [Chichiryuutei] and [Leonis Rex] decided to join forces.

And the result of this was…


“Leonis Rex!!”

“Woah! Chichiryuutei and Leonis in one place!”

In contrast to before, the atmosphere in the arena got really heated. All the people, let alone children, who were distressed at seeing me about to be defeated were all eccentric now.

Looking at both me and Fang on the ground, Sairaorg-san shouted.

“Stand up, Chichiryuutei, Fang! Stand up and look forward! The things that we must fight is… both the enemy and our-self!”


… He’s just reading off a script, but when it’s Sairaorg-san saying those words, I get deeply moved and I got a sudden surge of energy!

I stood up and boosted my aura!

“I’m aware of that!”

“Fufu, looks like even I wasn’t myself there!”

Kiba also grabbed his sword and stood up.”

“Hahahahahahahahah! You’ve got one more ally for yourself but do you really think that’s enough to defeat I, Evil Dragon General Vabo!”

Looks like even he’s having fun as he shouted out his script.

I, Leonis Rex, Dark Knight Fang. When us three stood next to each other, the mood in the arena lit up. In midst of that, I shouted to the other two,

“Let’s go! Leonis, Fang!”

“”Let’s go!!””

As three of us charged towards Bova.

The event drew to a climax.

Part 2[edit]

A few hours after the end of the show, we took a rest and we moved to another theatre located in [Lilith] for our next show.

In truth, our schedule today is filled with these shows all day. We have Hero shows at the outdoor theatres during the day time and in the evening, there’s going to be a talk show between young [King]s.

The topic for the show is [The Future of International Rating Game, Azazel-Cup].

As for the people appearing in the show, they were young devils who are currently participating in the international rating game and are super star amongst the citizen of the underworld. Rias, Sairaorg-san and as honourable as it is, I, was also chosen to participate in the show as well.

Sona-san and Seekvaria-san couldn’t make it this time due to their schedule not fitting in with the talk show so they won’t be in the show today.

The talk show host stood in front of the podium and explained to the audience of today’s topic.

“Then without further ado, we’ll call upon the three most anticipated [King]s in this game. Please come forward.”

I, Rias and Sairaorg-san came up to the stage while receiving applause, and as instructed by the host, we sat down on the chairs prepared for us.

When I looked around the stadium… I couldn’t see any empty seats at all. In fact, it seems like there were a lack of chairs as some of the people people were watching us standing up.

The host started to talk again.

“Now that Sairaorg-sama, Rias-sama and Hyoudou Issei-san has arrived, we’ll start the show. To begin, the beginning of the [Azazel-Cup], the international rating game which has been a main focus between many different factions…”

The host began the talks by briefly mentioning some of the highlights of the games so far and got to the current events of the game.

He also talked about the games that Sairaorg-san, Rias and I have participated and also asked about our feelings about the game as well.

At the host’s question, Sairaorg-san replied with.

“I am very thankful that many different factions came together to bring this game. As one of the participants, I am honoured to be included in such game and as one of the devils in the game, I cannot let my guard down.”

… And gave such serious answer. And Rias, who received a different question…

“As a game that anyone can participate, I think there’s a great chance we can find someone who deserved some attention or possesses hidden genius or any unknown talents. I want to meet those people and fight against those people. It’s most likely that we’ll be able to meet people who can, not only help during the competition, but also help the underworld greatly.”

And gave her opinion.

I then received the question, ‘As a person promoted to a high-class devil and leaving Rias-sama’s peerage, what is your reason to participate in the competition?’

Ah, I’m sure that the people of the underworld and various media would find that interesting.

I replied…

“I… always dreamed of becoming a High-Class devil, and I’ve worked hard in order to make that dream of mine come true… I’ve nearly died multiple times but… I’ve become a High-Class devil and I’m happy that I got this recognition from many people. I don’t have any noble or cool theory or idea like Sairaorg-san or Rias…-sama, but I want to know how much I can do as I am right now in this competition… And I thought that all the rivals that I fought before are participating so I couldn’t just sit behind and do nothing.”

… And I told them the truth.

Oh god, I’m so embarrassed that everyone here’s listening to me so seriously!

The host opened his mouth again.

“As expected the match between yourself and the arch-rival Hakuryuukou is getting a lot of attention. For yourself, Hyoudou-san, is the fight against Hakuryuukou important to you?”

“Yes of course, since we’ve promised to have a show down at a later date. I think that this international rating game is the perfect place to have such a show-down.”

When I gave them my true feelings, the entire stadium went ‘Ooooo’ and the mood got excited.

Ah~ that guy is entering the competition under ‘Lucifer’ so not only to other factions but even the citizens of the underworld now knows that he’s the descendent of Lucifer.

The name ‘Lucifer’ is absolute and unlike Serzech-sama, who only inherited the name, he’s the descendent of the real ‘Lucifer’ so the voices supporting him has grown steadily. However, it looks like he’s ignoring that.

And just like that, the show continued with us answering so many different questions…

It happened when Sairaorg-san was answering a question about ‘the future of Devil players who are participating in the game’.

“… Therefore, I think that it’s not a bad thing for pro players to lose against other team but rather, they should take that as a lesson to create a much better team…”

And just then, someone shouted from the audience.


One male audience stood up and looked at us… no…. glared at Sairaorg-san and shouted.

When we thought that was all…

“Yes! You used the [King] piece, didn’t you?!”

“That’s why you’re that strong without having any powers!”

“You’re the heir to the Great King, aren’t you?! Then there’s no doubt you’ve used it!”

Words of criticism came flooding in and the number of people standing up from their seat increased.

“Please everyone, calm down. This is time for International Rating game not…”

The host tried his best to keep the situation under control. But the voice of resentment grew and grew.

Another audience couldn’t hold his anger and shouted.

“You protected politicians in the Great King factions as well! I bet you did that to hide your own dirt!”

They even started to go after the politicians as well! I knew that because of their use of [King] Piece, the House of Bael were currently scrutinised by the people…

Anyway, they think that Sairaorg-san has gotten stronger because he used the [King] Piece?! There’s no way he’ll do such a stupid thing! This guy had it worse than any other people here!


When someone shouted that at him…

“Scum! Scum!”

“””Scum! Scum! Scum!”””

People started to shout Scum at Sairaorg-san. It wasn’t like everyone was shooing at him but it was significant enough that they couldn’t be just ignored.

Meanwhile, Sairaorg-san kept his silence and took the abuse. He wasn’t cross and kept his composure.

I stood up from my seat.

Stop it! This guy is different! This guy wouldn’t touch things such as the [King] Piece…

When I was going to defend Sairaorg-san, Rias blocked me.

“Ise, just watch.”

“… But! If we just leave it like this…!”

Rias then calmly continued.

“… If you step in now, even your peerage will be under suspicion… and Sairaorg definitely don’t want that.”

“Even so, I…!”

When I wouldn’t back down, Rias then said this.

“You’re now [King], so protecting your peerage is now your duty. And don’t worry about this, all three of us can just shut them up with our results. And without any results, any of your words won’t reach them.”


After hearing what she had to say, I couldn’t do anything but to grind my teeth. Sairaorg-san also looked at me as if to tell me to calm down, shook his head.

“You cheat! Go get burn by the angels!”

Curses were still thrown at Sairaorg-san while he was getting escorted out by the security.

I… clenched my fist as hard as I could.

He didn’t use that thing. This guy wouldn’t ever go near such crap as a [King] Piece…!

As someone who exchanged blows with this person, I understood him very well.

In that fist, there was no such thing as a [King] piece…!

The fight between me and Sairaorg-san was real…!

Even during that time, Sairaorg-san said to those who were getting escorted away.

“… Please watch my future fights. I request everyone here to watch my battles from now on. That’s all I could say at this point.”


When Sairaorg-san said such things, people who were escorted away kept their silence.

… I, who felt the attacks against Sairaorg-san as they are my own during the interview and even after the interview, couldn’t calm myself down from this…

Part 3[edit]

After finishing the talk show and the hero shows, we stayed at a high-class hotel at [Lilith]. And the morning after, I snuck out and went to a nearby park around here.

I saw this place out of my hotel window.

Sairaorg-san was training at a remote part of the park alone. After seeing him training in his work clothes, I couldn’t bare it any longer and followed him.

I did hear that his peerage was also staying in the hotel nearby but for him to train straight after what happened last night…

It seems like he’s done with the warm up as he got ready to run. When I approached him, he turned his attention towards me.

Looking at him, I asked.

“Do you mind if I run with you?”

He was initially shocked at my offer but quickly changed his expression to a bitter smile and nodded.

We then ran through the early morning of the capital in silence with me alongside him.

After running for few km, he talked to me.

“Physical training… this is something you need to do regularly. That’s why this is one of trainings that I trust the most.”

“I also ran through mountains like I was going to die when I first came here so I’m confident in my physicals as well.”

Now that I think about it, whenever I come to the underworld, I get mixed up in really weird stuff. When I first came here, I got chased by Old-man Tannin through the mountain but thanks to that, I’ve gotten quite confident at my basic strength.

Then Sairaorg-san said this while running alongside me.

“Looks like you got mad on behalf of myself.”


… Looks like he’s talking about last night. My body trembled for the entire time while I heard various curses directed toward Sairaorg-san.

“… I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be of any help back then.”

I apologised to him. All I could do right there was just be angry for him but not help him anyway. I couldn’t think of anything I could say towards the comrade that I fought alongside with many times.

This position of [King] held me back in the end.

But as if understanding me feelings, Sairaorg-san laughed wholeheartedly.

“Hahaha, I’m thankful of that gesture alone. As a [King], you shouldn’t do something that may get on the nerve of others. This is basically my destiny for being born into House of Bael. To tell the truth, I’m slightly happy that I got into this situation in the first place.”

Then Sairaorg-san continued.

“This is definitely not an easy life… but many people regards me as the Devil of the House of Bael, or the Heir of House of Bael. It’s a painful and tiring situation… but it’s worth it, and I genuinely want to sort this situation out as well.”


… even after hearing those words, even after being questioned of his powers, this person takes pride in being a [Bael].

If you look at this person’s life until now, it would be sure that he has gained this position after many hardships.

Whatever things comes his way, this person won’t flutter at all since he already went through countless number of pain and suffering to get to this stage.

Still running beside me, Sairaorg-san spoke brightly.

“Hyoudou Issei. I am just a stupid devil. Towards my comrades or toward citizens, I can’t do anything but to be honest. I’ve trained this body after countless losses and being down, thinking to myself that I’ll win next time and that I need to move forward.”

Sairaorg-san stopped running and lifted his fist up in to the sky.

“… That I can reach anywhere with this fist and keep training.”

His rough fist….

Riddled with scar and hard skin. It was so well trained that it doesn’t look like a fist of a noble prince.

Sairaorg-san narrowed his eyes and continued.

“… Unfortunately, others are born with their natural talent. You’ve surely experienced this as you fought until now.”

I’ve fought against many others that were considered geniuses. Kiba, Vali, Cao Cao… Men that I fought, with only a fraction of the training that I’ve done, got much stronger than me in no time. That made me genuinely angry but at the same time I felt the ‘wall’.

I, Sairaorg-san or Saji. We must run and train like this in order not to lose against all these geniuses.

However, Sairaorg-san declared.

“But there are limits to what talent alone can do and soon these people will realise their limit as well… However, Hyoudou issei, there is no end to patching what you lack and nothing but to train in order to do so. If what you lack is speed, then you need to train that. If you lack physical strength then you need to train your physical strength. If you need to be more unpredictable, then you just need to interact with the unknowns.”

Sairaorg-san then placed his fist on my arm.

“… You must train everything in order to maximise your abilities. The true enemy is yourself who deny your own ability.”


… Suddenly Azazel-sensei flashed through my head. I’ve heard [Believe in your potential] many times from him before.

Yes, Sairaorg-san is right. When I was lacking something, I searched for any ways to make myself stronger and the result of all that is the current me.

I want to tell that to the past me, the me from a few months ago, the me from half a year ago and the me from a year ago…

… that the answer to worry you are having is the answer itself.

I was so touched by what Sairaorg-san has said but I noticed something from behind and turned around.

… And there stood a person so unexpected to the point it was like an illusion.

“Ah, what a coincidence.”

It was a guy wearing Hanfu [1] on top of his uniform… Cao Cao!

Well that’s obvious! This guy, who’s participating in this game as an underling of Indra, just appeared in front of me in the capital of the underworld!

“….!! Cao Cao! What are you doing here?!”

When I asked that in surprise, he just shrugged.

“Well I had something to do. I’ve got permission.”

He replied in a brief manner… wait, even if you’ve got permission, the fact that you’re here is what makes it more surprising.

Understandably, he did turn this place into utter chaos during the [Monster Crisis]…

There’s another weird thing about him. This guy isn’t carrying that spear that he always has around him. Since he’s not tapping his shoulder with his spear out of his own habit, it really seemed out of place. That’s how much he carried that spear with him.

“… Huh, is there something on my face or something?”

Cao Cao asked me since I was staring at him.

“Ah, it’s just that this is probably the first time seeing you without your spear.”

“Fu, if I walk around in the underworld this early in the morning with my spear, then you guys are going to try to kill me, right?”

That was his reply while smiling a bit.

Well true, that’ll be a headache later…

… meanwhile the person next to me have been giving Cao Cao a cold stare.

In an unlikely event in which by chance, the two [Kings] that are going to go head to head in the next game, they are meeting right now…

Sairaorg-san and Cao Cao exchanged glares silently for a few seconds.

Cao Cao then said only one thing as he went past Sairaorg-san.

“I’m looking forward to the match.”

And Sairaorg-san replied with a provocative smile.

“Then I’ll see you at the arena.”

…and like that, the greetings between the incarnation of strength and tactics came to an end. They don’t need to use words since just looking at each other is enough to understand each other.

Both fans and the participants of the games are looking forward to the next match.

And so am I!

While looking at the back to Cao Cao with Sairaorg-san, a question just popped into my head. I crossed my arms and tilted my head.

Looking at me like that, Sairaorg-san asked me.

“What’s up?”

“Ah it’s just that that guy… I only meet him when something big is about to happen.”

After Kyoto, I met him in really serious situations. Even after he became an underling of Sakra, I only met him during big fights or during a huge event.

Thinking back, he was there during my promotion as well.

Then Sairaorg-san said to me,

“Hmm, because of the power he possesses, he would have been the centre of attention from the beginning as well. I’m sure that person is also living a life much more complicated than we think.”

… Life, that can’t be summed up as attention.

… Life of a man who possess the World’s greatest Longinus, I can just about begin to imagine what that could be…

Imagining those who couldn’t live due to the sacred gear in their body, that guy must have been also…

“… I wonder why he decided to challenge the mystical beings?”

I said something that Cao Cao said when I first met him.

Since he’s human, he wants to challenge the mystical beings… he said that it’s always been humans who topple the monsters….

“… I wonder. It’s not like us Devils can understand the [System] that the God of the Bible created.”

After saying that, Sairaorg-san started to run again.

Running with him, I looked behind… Looked towards Cao Cao and there, I saw the back of Cao Cao slowly getting smaller and smaller.

…The back of that person, without any hostility nor with his spear, looked like the back of a normal man of my age…

  1. historical/traditional dress fo Han people Wikipedia