PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter1

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“I better dry my hair so that commoner can summon me over”

“It’s better if you don’t come!”

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Page 004[edit]

Pui Pui!

Chapter 1

Page 005[edit]


“Excuse me…”

“What’s the matter?”


I feel bad making Sierra-senpai send me back to dorm with your vehicle.”

Page 006[edit]

Smile “It’s okay

Is the wound on your leg better now?”


“Ye… Yes… Speaking of which…”

“It is but a small wound.”

“You mustn’t underestimate it!

It would be bad if you overdo it and the condition worsens.”

“Bu… But I feel bad towards my classmates…”


Page 007[edit]


“Sierra-senpai is the idol of everyone in school…”





“Consider this the stubbornness of this senpai here to allow me to escort you, please?”


Page 008[edit]

“Erm Err Ahh Err…”

Retreats/backs off



“Sorry to trouble you Senpai!”


Do you want some snacks?”


“Ah, that is Zatou’s car!”

“The daughter of a rich man amidst a boudoir……”


“She can be considered a flower on a high cliff, don’t you think, Jin-kun?”

“Yeah Yuuya! All the flowers of plants on high mountains are quite beautiful.”

Page 009[edit]

“Flower on a high cliff not in that sense!

I am talking about Zatou Sierra!”

“The name of this type of flower sure sounds human.”

“No! Zatou is both beautiful and the daughter of a reputable family, she is also gentle and caring and is a perfect Ojou-sama!”

“All the guys in school discuss about her everyday, how can you not know!?”


“My shoulder hurts… I wonder what’s wrong.”

“Listen to what I say!”

“Your shoulder ache must be due to your non-stop reading!?”

Page 010[edit]

“There seems to be something the size of a chestnut near my collar-bone.”

Gets up

“Why are young and energetic high school guys talking about lymphs!”

“By the way, there seems to be a kind of parasite that burrows into one’s skin to eat flesh.”

Hair rises


“Why are you talking about such a thing so emotionlessly!”

“It must have crawled out from those books in your room!

Let’s be serious, I even heard scratching sounds last night.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you went to the hospital for a check-up?”


“This type of cuneiform seems to still possess the characteristics of Sumer culture.”

“You aren’t listening to what I say again!”

Page 011[edit]

“If this is the case, the letters S L M N”


Could it be.. That on this clay tablet, there is a clue regarding “Solomon’s treasure”?”

“What? What Solomon’s treasure?”

“I am going back to my room to check it up.”

“Hey! Wait!”

“You forgot your schoolbag!”


Page 012[edit]

Harusha Academy Men’s Dormitory




“It should be buried around here.”

Cardboard box

“This is like exploring a dungeon.”

“Gee… I don’t even have a place to rest just because I live in the same room as you……”

“Ah ah there it is!

The articles regarding the words of Sumer……”

Page 013[edit]

Oh My God---

“Ahhh! The books are collapsing!”



“Are you alive?”



“Can you be more enthusiastic about it!

And, get this pile of stuff somewhere else!”

“Even if you say so, these are all important documents.”

Turns around

“If that is the case, at least tidy things up!”

Page 014[edit]

“If it can be tidied, it won’t become so messy. Don’t you think?”

“What are you being so arrogant about not being able to tidy things up!”


“I cannot tolerate this any further!”

“There is no way I can stay in this kind of room!”

“I am going to the consultation room. Pack your stuff within this hour!”

“Or else I am going to report to the dorm head! He has been in a bad mood lately, so you better be prepared!”

“Bad mood? Why?”

“How should I know?”

Page 015[edit]

“Quit chattering! Start packing!”

“What is he so angry about?”


“Oh well…… Let’s try to tidy up.”


“If I am chased out from here, I have nowhere to go.”


“Just as I expected, father did not tidy things up at all……”

“Anyway let’s just separate into two groups, to be kept and to be thrown away first……”

Page 016[edit]

After several tens of minutes…




“Completely no progress..!”

Page 017[edit]

“…How infuriating! Why must I do such a thing!”



Page 018[edit]

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama!”

“So I shall park the car back at the garage.”

“Nicolai, thanks for driving me to and fro everyday.”

“Then please wait a moment Ojou-sama…”

Page 019[edit]

“What kind of dessert would you like?”

“Thanks, but there is no need for now.”

“The homework for home economics is to embroider a handkerchief.”

“Then let me get a first-class designer from Paris for you.”

“Paris… Speaking of which, my mother?”



“Welcome back Ojou-sama!”

Looks around

Page 020[edit]


Is my mother still shopping in Paris?”

“No, she went to see opera today…”

“What about father?”

“In his room.”

“Is that so…”

“He is busy earning “money” again.”



“Ojou-sama, should I bring you your afternoon tea?”


Page 021[edit]

“…No thanks, I don’t need it.”

“Is it…”


“Sorry for the wait.”

“Ah, Nicolai…”

“Aren’t you tired? Ojou-sama.”

“Not really.”

Page 022[edit]

“Nicolai should be the one tired, you have been busy taking care of my father and helping me all along…”

“No, I volunteered to become Ojou-sama’s driver.”

“Nicolai, why are you following me?”

“I will stay by Ojou-sama’s side no matter where you go.”

“That is not what I meant…”



I am sorry, I disgraced myself!”

“By the way Ojou-sama…”

“Should I make you some Russian tea?”


Marie said to make me tea too

Why do you all want me to drink tea so much?”

Page 023[edit]

“--- The winds of April

Is actually rather cold, do you understand?”




You’re right

So.. please make me some tea.”



“Then I shall go get some charcoal to put into the Russian teapot.”

“Yes, sorry to trouble you.”


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Page 025[edit]

“No matter how many days passed…”

“I still do not get to see…

My father and mother---…”

Tears swell




Did I wear gloves…”


Page 026[edit]

“--- Ojou-sama

sorry to disturb you!”

“…… Ojou-sama?”

“Sierra Ojou-sama?”


“She has taken off her uniform…”

“That means…”

“Could, could it be that she is in the bathroom!?”

Page 027[edit]


Please forgive my intrusion…!”



“Mr. Pavlov”

“What are you doing?”


“This.. This place is.. some kind of warehouse?”


Page 028[edit]

“You…… Who the hell are you!?”