PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter2

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Page 32[edit]

“Thinking back”


You are…”

“Araki Jin.”


“Why are you here?”



This is my room!”


“Your room?


Looks around

“And, how do you know my name?”

Page 33[edit]

“What are you talking about?”

“We are in the same class, of course I know your name!”


We are in the same class?”


“This cannot be!

You don’t know me?”

“You don’t even know who I am?”

“I transferred here only during high school.”

“That is not the problem!”

“This does not make any sense!

There should be no one in the school who doesn’t know me!”


Page 34[edit]

“This means…

There is something wrong with your eyes?”

“Since you cannot see me clearly, that’s why you are the only one not making a ruckus like the others?”

“No! I’ve 1.5 vision for both eyes.”


What the hell does that mean! This is absurd!”

“Why is it that me having good eyesight has gotten you angry?”


Who the hell are you!”

“It would be fine if I were in home clothes, but how can you not recognize me in uniform?”


Is that okay? Our school doesn’t allow working part-time.”

Page 35[edit]


“What’s this ridiculous thing you have been saying since just now?”

“You’re wearing the Akihabara Maid Uniform right?”

Welcome back


“You’re saying that I am a maid?”


“This is such an insult to me who always order the maids around!”

“You must apologize to me this inst……”



Page 36[edit]


“What the hell is this?”


“What are these clothes!”

Page 37[edit]

“Why am I wearing a maid uniform!”

Argh argh

“You idiot! Don’t shout so loudly!”

“When you came here,

You didn’t let anyone see you, did you?”




”Don’t mention whether I was seen by others,

I don’t even know how I got here!”


“Don’t shout so loudly!”

“The dorm has rules to not let girls or animals in!

If you are discovered I may be chased out of the dorm”



You actually compare me with animals!?”

“You’re such a rude guy!”

“Hey, I told you not to shout so loudly!”

Page 38[edit]

“Is that how you ask someone for a favor?”

“Take it that I am begging you, please don’t shout.”

“Then you will listen to whatever I say?”

“…As long as it is within my capabilities…”

“Then, die to atone for your sins---!!”

“Sorry! This is a little beyond my capabilities.”

Page 39[edit]

“No matter!”

“Get out quickly before you are discovered by others!”

“Until you die as an atonement for your crimes I will not leave even if the sky falls down!”


“I beg you! Please spare me!”



[Sound of her movement?]

“Then I shall be a little more kind, I will forgive you as long as you do Harakiri!”


“You aren’t kind at all… Who do you think you are…”

“I am the Zadou Sierra Ojou-sama!!

“What a direct reply!

…Huh? Your surname is Zadou?”

Page 40[edit]

“Could it be that…

You are that classmate in my class?”

“Didn’t I say so earlier?”

”Is there a brain in that thick skull of yours?”


It seems I mistook you as that ojou-sama.”


“…What did you just say?”

“Because there is no Ojou-sama with a tongue as deadly as yours!”

Eyes of suspicion

“Who cares!”

Page 41[edit]

  1. Note: Putting on the appearance of a cat means to put on a farce.

“It is actually very tiring”

“To put on the appearance of a cat”


I didn’t expect that you would wear puppet costumes too……”




“Are you an idiot? That was just a metaphor!”

“But, aren’t you wearing an Akihabara Cosplay costume now?”


“I.. I forgot…”

“I am wearing a maid set now.”

Page 42[edit]

“Where is the exit!?

If someone sees me in this maid set…”

“And to stay in the room of a commoner like you, I will be disgraced for the rest of my life!”

“I am sorry for being a commoner!”

“Everyone may not be able to take the impact, and die from shock!”

“Then I shall soon be the glorious first victim I feel as though I am about to die right now.”

“Shut your trap! Tell me where is the exit!”


Page 43[edit]

“To leave this place without being noticed by others,

You can only leave through the window.”

“…… What storey is this?”

“It is just the second storey.”


“There is no choice then.”

Page 44[edit]

“You are serious!?”

“Even though it is just the second storey, it is still very high!”

“I would rather die falling than to be humiliated!”


“That’s true, everyone sees things differently in life…”

“What is your hand doing!”


Page 45[edit]



“A chance…”



Page 46[edit]


“That hurts…”



“…Is it fun playing alone like that?”

“I am not playing!”



“Why can’t I get out?”

“?” Looks around

Page 47[edit]


“Hey, stop right there!”

“If you get out to the corridor, other people will see you!”


Page 48[edit]




Poisonous gas!”



Page 49[edit]



“Hi there…”


“And who is this fancifully dressed ojii-san?”



“What? He is your father?”

Page 50[edit]

“So your sense of fashion is inherited from him!”

“I am not wearing the maid set just because I like it…”



Don’t touch me!”


“This is obviously not me touching you!!”


Ouch that hurts


Page 51[edit]

“You are the new master?

Nice to meet you.”


Stretches hand


“Is it because I have a low level of understanding that I have no idea what you are talking about?”



“What do you mean by “Nice to meet you” father!

To sound so lowly to a commoner like him, this is ridiculous!”

“No no no”


Do you know what this is?”

“A sauce pot for curry?”

“Oh oh”

[sound of hand knocking against palm?]

“So that is the name of the thing to store curry?”

Page 52[edit]

“It is probably because it doesn’t exist in a commoner’s home,

That’s why you don’t know its name!”

“The word commoner is really annoying!”

“At least I know the little ladle to sprinkle syrup on shaved ice is called a Cyathus!”

“Shaved ice? How shabby!

Unlike us, the people in the upper class call it Frappe.”

Note: Frappe is the French word for cooling


“I don’t care about that! But why are you two here at my dorm?”

“This is not a sauce pot for curry.”

Page 53[edit]

“This is an oil lamp.”

“Oh I get it,

So it is an oil lamp to light things.”

“This cannot be used to light anything.”

“So it is a flawed product.”

Page 54[edit]

“Even though it cannot light anything,”

“But there is a genie of the lamp inside!”