PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter3

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Page 057[edit]

“In this oil lamp,”

“There is a genie.”


Page 059[edit]

“I seem to have heard something very fascinating…

Father, did you lose your mind because the stocks dropped drastically?”

“You people don’t believe me at all!?”

“Okay, nevermind!

Speaking of which, Sierra…”

“Do you know why we have plenty of money to spend despite me not having any jobs……”

“Even though my explanation in the past has been that I am earning big money through stocks, it is not true!”

“Huh? Then how……”


“All the daily necessities in the family, even the jets…”

“They are all made by me through magic!”

Page 060[edit]



“Hey hey

Don’t worry, I do not have a fever.”

“In “The Arabian Nights”, didn’t a genie of the lamp appear?”

Translator notes: The Arabian Nights consists of the famous tale consisting of 1001 stories.

“The Zadou family is the direct descendents of the bloodline of this genie.”


“You are not taking it seriously!”

“The genie of the lamp can use magic to create anything!”

“Yes, what father says is so true!”

“Don’t smile at me with such eyes of pity!”

Page 061[edit]

“But, what I said are all facts.”

“The abilities of a genie is transferred to their children… And when the children gets a “new master”, the magical powers of their parents will disappear.”





Detailed observation


“You mean, that is the magical lamp?”

“Your speed of apprehension is really slow!”

“But I was just cleaning up my room…”

Sweating like rainfall

“Did you rub the lamp when you were doing so?”

Page 062[edit]


Because it was dirty, so I used a little strength and……”

“That’s right! So you are indeed the official master!”

“Wait a minute!”

“I don’t understand!

Why must I become the servant of a commoner like him?”



“What book… is this…?”

Page 063[edit]

“That is the magical book passed down from generation to generation.”

“But there is nothing written on it.”

“That is because as the powers of a genie are absorbed by you, they all return to zero.

So as your genie level levels up, the number of magic spells you can use will increase.”



“Level up…?”

“That means you faithfully serves this youngster and satisfy him.”


“Why must I do such a thing?

Thank you, but no thanks! I don’t want to have a servant stuffed at me!”

Page 064[edit]

“It is so reasonable to ask me to serve this rude commoner!

It doesn’t matter even if I cannot use magic! Let’s go home!”

“Wait, wait, wait! Just wait a moment there!”


As long as we still have money, even if we lose our magic, we can still live on!”

“That---Is---Why---! All those money are created with my magic!”


Page 065[edit]

“It seems you finally understand.”


That means if father cannot use magic anymore, we will have no money?”

“That is the case.”

“How can that be!

Then… Then I will become a commoner too?”

“Erm…… You can get money by selling the things you made with magic, and if you are thrifty…”


Page 066[edit]

“I swear upon my pride as the daughter of a respectable family, I will definitely not do such a thing!”

“My daughter, you are absolutely right!!

If you want to continue wasting money like water flowing away, you must level up!”

“So money really can make the world go round.”

“…Huh? But…”

“Isn’t it weird that genies appear in Japan?”

“Hmph! What a unknowledgeable commoner!”


“Nevermind your daughter, but to have an adult like you to use this kind of tone as well, it really annoys me!”

“Japan has had tradings with Persia…

That is to say… the lamp came from Arabia to Japan through the silk road.”


“Well, no matter! You people are violating dorm rules! Get lost already!”

“You are still young! Just overthrow these rules set by adults!”

“Don’t fool around and say such things!”

Page 067[edit]

“Listen up, youngster!”


“When I married my wife, I promised her that I will not let her be restrained financially all her life!”

“But at this rate, we are sure to get a divorce!”

“Didn’t someone say that money cannot be bought with money?”

“Nope! In fact, it is quite easy to buy love with money!”

“I think you have been cheated!”

“Is that true, father?”


“You will get a divorce?”

“Don’t worry, only the three of us knows about this.”


“You must keep this a secret from your mother! Understand?”

Page 068[edit]



“From today onwards, you shall become my master!”

“I shall raise my level and regain my original life instantly!”

“Don’t make your own decisions!

I already told you, girls aren’t allowed in here! Even if it is not for that, there is no one who would want someone as selfish as you…”

“Quickly! Tell me what is it that you want!”

“Just spit out any and all wishes on your mind!”

“Is this the attitude towards your master?”

“Oh shut up! Who are you to be so picky! You are but a commoner!”

Page 069[edit]

“Wait, wait just one moment Sierra!”

Calm down-

Calm down-

“If you can’t satisfy your master, you cannot level up… So be gentler.”

“To make him feel satisfied, you must first address him as “Master/Goshujin-sama”.”




“This kind of commoner is my ----?”

“Look at how unwilling you are… This will make the master’s impression of you go down.

“Let’s practice! A one, a two… “Are you calling me? Master/Goshujin-sama” ”



“I don’t care whether she wants to call me Master/Goshujin-sama! Please just get lost!”



Page 070[edit]

“Are you…”

“Calling me…”

“Great, just a little more!”

“Now to call him “My Master/Goshujin-sama”!”



“My Master/Goshujin-sama”

“Ah--- I don’t care anymore---!! Why must I do this!?”

“Hey! Araki, Utada! You guys are too noisy!”



Sor, sorry!”

Mmm mmm [Muffled sound)

“Hey! If a girl is found here, I am dead meat! So just go! (Softly)”

“Once summoned, we cannot return until we fulfill our master’s request.”

Page 071[edit]


“I…… cannot return?”

“Yuuya is coming back soon, what should we do!?”

Gets up…

“Ah… That’s right!

So, I just need to do something right?”


“Hey! What the hell are you doing!”

“Because these trash are so dirty, so I am tossing them away for you!”

“These aren’t trash! They are things excavated by my father!”

“Excavated objects?”

“No matter how I look at them, they are just like trash…”

“…… Ah……”

Page 072[edit]




Kill it, quickly!”


“How about if I tell you to kill it yourself? That way you would have completed one task!”

“I don’t even want to see a spider! Kill it quickly!”

“Araki, you are really noisy!

What is that female voice just now!?”



Because a spider came out suddenly, I was so scared I screamed out in a high pitch……”

“To scream like that just because of a spider, you are so gutless/useless!”

“Why must I be called gutless/useless by others…”



You actually touched it!”

”This is absurd!”

Page 073[edit]

“Spiders are good, eating harmful bugs! You will be punished by the heavens to kill them anyhow.”



“Okay, I let it out already, you can come down now.”

“Boohoo……[sound of weeping] I really wish I can get out of this room soon…”

“Ah! On a side-note, I cannot go back before Sierra returns.”

“Huh? Why can’t you go back?”

“The dimensional connection the magic lamp made to send Sierra here will temporarily be retained indeed… That is how I came over. But that passageway closes after several minutes.”

“But if that is the case…”

“Can’t you just walk back?”

“But I am not wearing shoes?”


“Walk back in your slippers!”

Page 074[edit]


“Father may be able to walk back, but what about me?”

Watery eyes…



“There is no choice then…”

“What can you do?”

“I am very good at singing! Shall I perform an opera for you?”

“Won’t you be exposed if you are that loud?”

“How about I decorate this room with greeneries?”

“Thanks! But that would give me even more of a headache.”

“You are very willful for a commoner!”

“Who is the willful one here!”

“Hey--- Jin-kun!

Are you done tidying the room?”

Knock Knock

Page 075[edit]


Yuuya is back…!”


“Yuuya… that Utada Yuuya from our class?”

“We are roommates, he is back already…”

“What to do!”


You wait just one moment, Yuuya! There is still a lot of stuff at the door!”


“What’s up with that? You are still not done packing---?”

Cannot open…

“Or is that to say, you want me to get the dorm head over here?”

“Wait… Wait a minute!

It will be done real soon!”



Panicking and at a loss

“I mean it!”

“Then let me in already--- The broadcast of the program is about to begin!”

Page 076[edit]


“Open the door this instant!”

“Utada, what’s wrong?”

“I am shut out by Jin-kun!”

“Araki! What have you been doing since just now?”

“What to do!

I will have to be seen by people all around…!”



Floats off~~

“And I am not done packing, no matter what, I will be chased out… It really makes no difference.”

“It may be of no difference to you! But there is a difference for me!

Just tell me to do something! Aren’t you my master?”

“No matter what I tell you to do, you will just complain then!”

“Jin-kun, I am going in!”

Page 077[edit]

“Okay! Let me help you!”

“Ready--- Set---……….”



“This… This is the end! It really is the end!”


“Err…… Ehm……”


“------ I’ve got it!”

“You don’t need to do anything that difficult!”

“Zadou! Turn on that radio there!”


You, you mean, this?”

Page 078[edit]

“La la! Yo! All you listeners out there!”


It’s on[small words]”

“Now! Check the satisfactory value!”

“What is the satisfactory value!?”

“When the master is pleased, just let him caress your head and you can level up.”

“I got it!

Hey! Caress my head quickly!”

Pulls up!

“Even so, is that how you ask someone for a favor?”

“Youngster, you have to sing “Chi Chin Pui Pui” as you do so!

“Argh, I don’t care anymore!”

“Chi Chin……”

Page 079[edit]

“Pui Pui!”


Page 080[edit]

“It shined?”

“It is not even 10% to leveling up. If the satisfactory level increases, a stronger light will be given off……”

“Hey that is enough from you! You should be more grateful towards me!”

“I will not be that thankful to you just because you pressed a button!”

“Whatever, I am going back now!”

“There is no point in staying in a place like this, filled with the stench of spiders!”

“Great! We can finally return now!

Youngster! You must be more grateful towards Sierra next time!”

“No way!”

“I am going in Jin-kun!

The broadcast of the program has already started right?”


I forgot!”

Page 081[edit]

“What should I do with all these…?”


“The dimensional connection the magic lamp made to send Sierra here will temporarily be retained indeed…”

“That is it!”

“This way, I won’t be chased out!”

Yosh [sound of working hard?]

“This time, all at the same time!

Okay! One… Two… Three!”


Page 082[edit]

“… Sorry, sorry

Didn’t I tell you I was almost done?”


“That hurts…

My bones may even be broken…”




“The place is really cleaned up…”

“Yo! Men~”

“The next song to be played is…”

Page 083[edit]

“I am so sorry for today.”

“I was too angry.”

“Everyone makes mistakes, don’t mind it!”


“Oh my! Why do you sound so arrogant?”


Is it really okay? You threw everything away… Aren’t there things that you want in there?”

“Nah! I just passed them to someone for safekeeping.”

“Safekeeping… You mean like renting a warehouse?”

“Erm…… I guess you can say that.”



This smell… I think I have smelled it before somewhere.”

“Could it be the smell of incense? Or the smell on the fan of an Oba-san.”


“Ah! That’s right! The smell of an Oba-san.”

“This is the smell of Tachibana.”

Page 084[edit]

“How dare you call a senior student an Oba-san…

The new-comers sure are daring this year.”


Dorm head…!?”