PuiPui:Manga Volume1 Chapter5

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“Solomon’s treasure?”

“It's an awesome treasure right?”

“What's with those eyes...”



“My eyes don’t matter. Just tell me the answer first!”




“Solomon was the King of Israel before 1000 B.C.”

  • Prophet = someone who can hear the messages of god.

The people of Israel then, under the lead of the prophet Moses, left Egypt and created their very own country.


I don’t wanna be a slave anymore!!

Let’s escape---

During their escape from Egypt, Moses obtained a stone tablet that had ten rules recorded on it from the Gods of Israel, meaning that he was bestowed with the Ten Commandments...

As long as you follow these ten rules, you shall be protected by the Gods...

Thank you for your great benevolence---


And the previous King - Solomon’s father - King David, ordered King Solomon to build a temple to guard this stone tablet bearing the Ten Commandments in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.

And so, as King Solomon obtained wisdom bestowed by the Gods, his country flourished, and he obtained immense wealth, allowing him to build a huge palace.

But the most important temple was in comparison, too small in size, causing the people to be unhappy with his actions.

When King Solomon died, Israel eventually split into two, the Northern and Southern districts and was annihilated by foreign countries.


“After that, the holy ark that held the Ten Commandments and treasures went missing. And after many years they were referred to as Solomon’s treasure.”

“What kinds of stuff are among those treasures?”

“A more famous example would probably be Solomon’s ring.”

“King Solomon used a ring to seal demons into pots and used its powers to make the sealed demons submit to him.”

If you are disobedient, I will seal you!


Did’t people in the olden days use wax to seal envelopes?

To keep from losing the stamp, they often engraved it on their rings.

I'm guessing Zadou’s ancestors were sealed in the magical lamp and came from Babylonia to Japan through the Silk Road.




“I originally speculated that the holy ark would be in Japan, and since the magic lamp is in Japan,”

“my assumption isn't necessarily wrong.”

“Wow, you're good

You are actually able to explain things in such detail.”

“That is because I have been reading my father’s book collection since young.”

“That is why I believe that my knowledge of archeology is unbeatable.”

“I want to find Solomon’s treasure before my parents do to make them acknowledge my capabilities.”


With a mindset like that, its no wonder you never noticed me…”


“It’s nothing! Regardless, this "Solomon’s treasure" is in Japan right?”



“Let's go find this "Solomon’s treasure"!”


Why are you so enthusiastic about it all of a sudden?”

“Compared to becoming a powerful genie, isn’t it easier to become rich by finding treasure?”

“You intend to raid!?”

“Besides, though it is easy to talk about finding treasure, in actuality...”

“I've been trying to seek clues related to its whereabouts since junior high, but it all came to naught.”


“So commoners are indeed dumber!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Didn’t the lamp travel to Japan through the Silk Road?”

“Then shouldn’t Solomon’s treasure have taken the same path?”


“So if we know where the magic lamp came from, then we should be able to find clues pertaining to the whereabouts of Solomon’s treasure!”

“Yup, that’s right.”


“You are pretty clever after all!”

Keep on praising me

“Heh heh of course!”

“So, before we find clues, we should still be down-to-earth and work on my genie level...”

Good bye

Hold fist

“Hey hey!”

“Even if I do summon you, you can't do a thing!”

“Oh yeah

I almost forgot the most important thing.”



“I didn’t know that you and Kasumi Aika knew each other.”

“Ah! You took her back with your car yesterday right?”

“Did she tell you that?”


“Then did she tell you about anything else?”

“Other stuff?

No, I didn’t hear anything from her.”


“You really heard nothing from her?”

Heart thump...

“Yea... Yeah...”


Is it...”


“Oh yeah, one more thing!”




“I found this book among the stuff you dumped at my house.”

“Ah, sorry about that!

That is the library book I've been looking for.”

“To think you were able to find it amidst that pile of junk...”



I've already packed it up for you!”

“Didn’t you say... you threw them out?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea! I'm not doing it for you!”

Panic Panic

“It was just a hindrance, do you understand?”

“Regardless, you packed things up for me right?”




“That book was due last week! You better make sure you return it!”

Fly into a rage from shame [actual text 恼羞成怒 or be shamed to anger? Fly into rage through shame?]


“Why are you suddenly so angry?”





“Araki Jin...”

“Huh... Oh dorm head, what’s the matter?”

“I should be the one asking you that!

What are you doing here?”

“Nothing... I did nothing.”

“Don’t act dumb in front of me!”

“I really did nothing!”


“Anyway, what's wrong with you, Dorm head?”

“small text: cough

...It’s nothing

I thought that you came here to have a puff secretly… There are people who do that from time to time.”



“Uk, Ukyou-senpai!”


We are now in high school too!”

Shyness Shyness Shyness

“So we would like to join a club~”



“We want to slim down---

And so would like to practice Kendo.”

Girlish giggle




Females will only tarnish the dojo!”


“How infuriating, what kind of attitude was that! Acting so great just because he looks handsome...”



“That's why I told you to accept my spell...

My two senpais.”


“You... Why did you follow us over here!?”

“Who would want that kind of disgusting thing?”

“Let’s go!”

“My love potion is bound to make anyone fall for you... I even threw in some burnt salamander dust into it!”

“That's probably the reason why people dislike it!”

“Ah senpai! Great timing.”


“That book has exceeded the loaning period, please return it to me.”


“Ah, sorry!”

“I would like to take a look at the original text of The Arabian Nights... I wonder if the library has it?”

“The Arabian Nights is it?”

“I got it, I will help you take a look for it in the storage room.”

“You don’t have to.

I'd feel bad if I troubled you by helping me find it.”

“It’s okay. Please let me help.

Smaller text: Hohoho...”

Why are you laughing again?


The two senpais earlier wanted to confess to Konoe-senpai, but I tried to stop them...”


“Because dorm head is a hard type of person, he hates girls… Looking at what happened just now tells it all.”

“Basically it can considered that way.”


“I have read all the books in the library regarding fortune telling.”

“There is nothing that I do not know as of now.

For example...”


“I have already secretly looked into your fortune.”


“How can you look into other people’s fortune on your own...”

“Should I tell you the results?”

“No thanks

I don’t want to know.”


My predictions will all come true.”


“What kind of talismans are you placing on me?”

Rips off

“You realized? Just ignore that!”


“Do you feel any pain at your collarbone?”



“You may be the person I have been expecting... Hohoho...”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!

Just don’t stick weird talismans on me again!”


“Now I get it

Please use the library more frequently.”


Arrow at Konoe: Came back to lock the door to the Sports Stadium


What are you doing here!”


“Don’t worry, I'm not here to apply for your club.”



...From the Junior High section?”

“What a mysterious person.”

“That's why, towards normal girls, I...”

“This is the place!

Here we are!”


“Good afternoon------“


“The shop girl Alf is the same age as us.”


“Oji-san~ Can we put it on credit today?” [credit=tab? -Akira]

“Sure thing, you foolish kid!

Youngsters naturally get hungry easily! If you want to put it on credit, just keep it on credit!”

“Oji-san is a good guy indeed!”

“What would you like to have?”

“You can't understand a thing on the menu right? Jin?”

Shish kebab?


“Then... Then let’s have two Shish kebab daily specials!”



“Two sets of Shish kebab daily special!”



“So there was this kind of Persian restaurant so close to us...”

“Here it is! A Shish kebab daily special for the both of you, sorry for the wait!”

“How fast!”

“The speed of their food is also one of its selling points!”




“Please enjoy------“





“See? I didn’t lie to you did I-----!? I knew that you, who loves middle east culture was bound to like this!”

“Oh... You're interested in middle east culture?”


“Can this be considered an interest...

I think that there could be magical lamps even in Japan.”



“How how how how can that be!

That is just a fairytale! Father, don’t you think?”



“That that that that that that is but of course!”

“If that is the case, don’t tell me you believe in the existence of genies of the lamp as well?