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Chapter 1[edit]

When it talkes about Yuuya raising his eyebrows, it says that his raised eyebrow looks like this katakana symbol for 'ha'. ハ. So, think both eyebrows are diagonally slanted, where in the center of the head, the eyebrows almost meet at a point. / \ kind of like that.

Sierra apparently misspoke, saying "abzurd" instead of "absurd." It was intentional in the text, with dots helping to show that it was intentional. Just wanted to make sure the editors wouldn't change it ^_^

Chapter 2[edit]

a) In Japanese, Aika calls Jin "Onii-chan," which is used when referring to one's own elder brother. This is why Yuuya assumes she's his little sister at first.

b) Yakiniku...You Just DON'T Feed This To A Baby.

Chapter 5[edit]

Underworld/maid Both words are pronounced 'meido' in Japanese, hence the pun.