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Translation Phase: 1 (or from Chinese, I'll redo this in Japanese later)

Chapter 2 Clash! Maid Coffee Shop and the Butler Cafe[edit]

Shiera Zadou was really furious.

She told Jin before to call for her, but her high school class break already passed, not only did he not answer her calls, but he did not even went to school.

Shiera is a genie of the lamp, but even so, she's still just a beginner. And as for her to continue to live a life of abundance, she must level up as a genie.

She have to follow the orders of the owner of the lamp, her "master". Her level increases according to the satisfaction gauge of her Master. And as long as her master doesn't call for her, her level won't increase.

"Excuse me ..."

That afternoon, Shiera interrupted Jin's roommate Yuuya in the classroom.

She have an aura of rich princess that is usually not of this world, her long hair and slender physique as slim as the model. Big round and beautiful mulberry colored eyes , that causes both men and women to be attracted to her and as the daughter of a wealthy family exude elegance of the others, she can seen with praise by people around her.

She is surrounded by girls everyday in the classroom, boys can talk with her -if the boy talk, she would respond to him. But very few guys dare to start on their own initiative to speak with Shiera, the hardest girl reach, which they can only worship with their eyes.

Shiera, spoke to him, Yuuya quite nervous, was stiff with tension with his whole body. Even though he's a Music Club member, he still flustered and stammered.

"w-w-what, Ms. Zadou is the problem?"

Cold sweat continue to exude from his body, as he nervously wipe his forehead with his handkerchief. To see Shiera's face up close, her beauty has greater impact, compared from seeing her from a distance, like her deer-clear brown eyes, slender and thick eyelashes... saying it is god's miracle in no way an exaggeration.

He then recalled his dream that one evening, a week ago, this dream of holding Shiera (in fact, indeed, of hugging her ...) that dream, smelling her sweet fragrance, his memory clearly recalled, where he and other people were acting unrestrained.

Because he blanked out Shiera asked, "... um, is there a problem?"

"Don't worry, no problem." He cleared his throat, but also like a business-like, evening rubbing his hands together.

"The boy who is always with you, what was his name... you know, the one who is a fan of archeology, sorry, I forgot his name-"

"You mean Jin? He certainly isn't normal and he isn't popular, quite different from Ms. Zadou."

Of course, Shiera is deliberately lying. In order not to arouse any suspicion, she must feint ignorance, thus, Shiera asked carefully.

"That ... he recently stop coming to school, is there a problem? I'm a little worried as his classmate..

"To even get worried for a guy like him!, Ms. Zadou, is such a gentle angel."

Yuuya placed hands in his chest, moved to tears, which dripped from his eyes.

"But do not worry, it's just a cold."

"He did not come to school for one week just for a cold?"

"Err, that is... he got a forty degrees of fever, aching joints, unexplainable red rash in his body, his tongue turning green, ...hey, ah, it is just a cold."

"Quick, take him to a doctor!"

Shiera's face paled, as she grabbed Yuuya's collar. Yuuya also seems to be very surprised to see Shiera's outburst.

(Ah, it can't get worse...)

Almost a long time before Shiera calm down.

(Mainly, I wouldn't be so worried about that commoner! But if he died, that devil, then my level will be reset to zero and I don't want that to happen! Yes I don't care about that commoner other than that!)

Unconscious of how serious her look is, Shiera desperately wants to convince herself. But the problem is that other party seems misunderstand. Shiera to continue shaking him, his hands were against, red cheeks once again.

"That, Ms. Zadou you're a bit too hasty."

"What too hasty?"

"Suddenly forcing people..."

"You are totally not listening to what I'm saying, right?"

Shiera asked with a smiling lips but angry that the veins in her temple looks about to burst.

"Ah, it really means to be wrong or I ah, I wonder, how could Ms. Zadou, I do like, but until I win the rock band contest, be sure to ..."

"Getting red rash at this stage, it's obviously not a cold. If you don't take him to the hospital, don't you think that maybe even you will get infected?"

Shiera tried every means to be understood, as she regained some of her composure. Yuuya also moved to the chest, said pressing.

"Let Ms. Zadou worry about me, it does not matter if I die!"

"That's inappropriate to say..."

"Don't worry, I couldn't be infected, because the last three days, I didn't stay at the boy's dorm."


"The light music band contest is coming up soon, we may have not yet received the notice for the selection process but we still have to prepare for it, so we have been practicing in the club room"

"So these last three days, you didn't see the commoner, huh?"


"Ah, no, nothing..."

Shiera quickly cover her mouth, and turned her back to Yuuya, and added "Oh, thank you. Please convey to our classmate Jin to take care."

"Oh, sure, after a week."

Yuuya's nonchalant reply, stretched Shiera's worries further.

Jin may die, now what to do... she want to go check his condition, but girls can't enter the male dormitory. Asking Yuuya for help may result to trouble, Jin's secret relationship with her, the genie of the Magic Lamp... exposing her becoming a slave of the lamp's owner would be the worse thing ever. Especially, as the Yuuya is also interested in Shiera and if he ever learns this secret, would do anything to become Shiera's master.

(Well, sorry, I'm not willing to serve anyone, Jin! When, of course, it's not like I want to serve your friends you commoner...)

Who can give her assistance, Shiera grew impatient. Suddenly, an idea struck... that person who knows the secret between them.

(Alf. It would be better if she ask her...)

Shiera, worried about the Jin, does not want to give up any faint hope, can be seen holding her fist in her chest, her eyes wide open, looking up.

There is a figure hiding in the dark staring at Shiera. She is a second-year student, the student council vice president, Himuro Eriko.

(Shiera Zadou... you're really as I thought. Yuuya also has contact with Jin!)

Himuro Eriko is sitting in a seat near the room window, holder her monocular camera with a telephoto lens, has been monitoring the classrooms where two classes of Shiera has already ended. Their high school has a normally shaped school ground, Shiera’s classroom is located just across the courtyard, overlooking Eriko’s. She covered the camera with a textbook, being careful not to let her cover be blown. But just as her body was the turning toward the window.

Puipui vol02 077.jpg

(She’s always putting on a false impression, being an ojou-sama, showing off as gentle and virtuous, but I know that Shiera Zadou secretly went to the male dormitory where girls are prohibited, she went to Jin’s room and also called for a pizza delivery! So I’ll get my proof, and that will be sure to show the president her true character. I’ll get my evidence, you little cat...)

After correcting her glasses, making it’s lens shining from the sunlight, she reveal a shrewd smile.

(To have spoken with Yuuya, I perceive that today she will be sneaking into the boys dormitory to play. Last time you may have escaped unscathed, this time ...)

Himuro Eriko body exudes evil atmosphere. She was oblivious that the female teacher at the podium just finished writing a question on the blackboard, suddenly asked Himuro Eriko for its answer.

"... So, what is X + Y equals to? Himuro Eriko!"

"Yes, yes! The Kamakura shogunate!"

Himuro Eriko answered in her panic, at the same time she also kicked down her chair in her attempt to stand up.

(Miserable, miserable. All of a sudden, even an accomplished student like me...)

Himuro Eriko was silent, the female teacher after some thought, come to a decision, while drumming in her hands a stick, replied.

"Correct answer. Himuro Eriko is indeed right, we all have to emulate her, we all have a lot to learn."

"Amazing Oh, Himuro Eriko! I didn’t know the answer I swear!"

"Oh so cool Himuro Eriko. You’re a genius."

Listening to her classmates praising her, Himuro Eriko sat down with hands on her chest, relieved.

(What a stroke of luck... damn)

But she was still very doubtful of it herself.

After school, Shiera went to an eatery behind the school named "Alf Layla" -which means One Thousand and One Nights in Arabic, is a Persian restaurant. Staring from the school in front of the large imported car, parked in front of the small cheap looking canteen. Driving home is job the chauffeur of the Zadou Family, Nicolai Pavlov. Resembling a butler with his head, wearing a black hat, wearing a suit, a silver glasses pretending to be mature and unilateral, but is actually 21 years old the young butler, watching this cheap canteen where the sun shone color and stuff full of scatter food samples, frowned.

"Ojou-sama, only the underprivileged people patronize this shop, and not appropriate for your someone of your standing. If you are hungry, then let us quickly go home, I will prepare for you an authentic Russian tea and traditional Russian Romanov royal dessert.

Nicoletta's family is ancient serve the Russian Romanov royal butler. He came from Russia with a very tasty tea recipe.


Shiera heart is shaken. The dessert have a special place in her heart She’s now weighting the importance of the two matters on the scales, with only a little gap between the winner, a really slight gap.

(Stop, Stop. My attraction to sweet almost made me leave the commoner)

Shiera decided carry out her objective, and said to Nicolai,

"I ask you to find a parking lot. It may take some time."

After saying that, went into the eatery.

A Persian restaurant... Alf Layla” feels like public canteens operated by the Persians, and today the shop is crowded with students on their way home. The wall posted handwritten menu, shows the price to be very cheap, with used disposable chopsticks lying on the table, inside you can feel the ancient sense of the beautiful 80’s atmosphere.

"Hey, welcome!"

Full of energy today, speaking in pleasant voice to meet the customer is Alf Shamshir, her hand holding a silver tray. The same age as Shiera, she has not see her since then, having graceful figure, light black skin, golden hair tied on both sides, full of energy and vibrant.

Alf Shamshir, blinking mulberry blue eyes stared at Shiera 's face. The students in the cafeteria meanwhile found out that the goddess rich princess Shiera came to the store, and one after another stand up.

Shiera feel their stares and felt very embarrassed, couldn’t ask her question to Alf Shamshir.

"Ah, that, Miss Alf Shamshir... .... One thing I want to ask you."

Looking around the crowd, the subject to ask about specific secrets, so Shiera felt uncomfortable. Getting it, Alf smiled, and patted Shiera's shoulder.

"0K, I understand! Not specifically to what happened, I can talk to you about some things. Daddy, I need to go out!"

Alf Shamshir reach around her back, her hands promptly untied her apron.

Her father the cook who’s currently roasting meat in the kitchen, looked at her and answered like a true Tokyoite.

"Well, be careful? The Shop is busy, you better come back before the sun set!” The too fat shopkeeper, replied, which he turned to after a long time in Japan

Alf pushed on Shiera's shoulders, took her to the back of the shop. They went to a narrow alley as they exit the building and, Alf to sit down in the cemented ground and stretch the legs.

"You sit ah, Shiera."

"Ah ... ... Well, thank you."

Shiera answered, but still continued standing in front of Alf Shamshir. After ten seconds, it looks like she do not want to sit down.

Alf, very puzzled, frowned at Shiera and ask.

"So you want to continue standing?"

"I want to sit. Um, I’m now just waiting for you to cover the ground with a handkerchief for me."

Something snapped, as Alf’s blood vessels in her temple looks like to burst a vein. Alf impatiently stood up, placed her face close to Shiera and glared. Alf's height is relatively higher and she’s looking down on Shiera.

"So you think that’s a funny joke? Missy, what, are you ready to fight with me?"

"You commoner... I’m new to this situation, don’t you know that?"

Even Alf was really infuriated, managed to calm down, spoke, and ask Shiera out what she wants to know. The problem is too surprising, had Alf shocked.

"How can you say something like this matter?"

"What else do you think?"


Alf is a genie of the sword, with particular magical strength as those of the holy ark daemons. She eats demons as a staple food, which for her, is very delicious.

Then, in the dim corner of the alley, something rustled.... Shiera startled, took her eyes off Alfa and looked. Metal trash can on the corner of the alley... it sound like slightly shaking, the next moment, there is a black shadow flew out.


An immense mosquito the size of a crow, the buzzing wings making the sound as it fly in the air. The strength of the wind caused by the wings, causes Shiera's hair, her dress uniform blowing with the wind whipped up. It also blowing up dust, which forced Shiera to put up her hand to protect her eyes.

"... what is that?”

"Demon...Mosquito ... “food"

The mosquito wings making have black and white striped pattern as it buzzed . In its head protrude a sharp long thick needle, like the one used when making tatami mat.

It flew toward Alf.

"Alf, Look out!" Shiera cried.

Alf Shamshir spin in a ballet-like motion, she then did a legs split move to the ground, a stance that evaded the mosquito attacks. The violent attack of mosquito, can’t control its offensive in time, hit straight the storehouse wall. Its needle stuck deep in the hard warehouse walls, like darts in a dart board. Shiera felt her body chill.

"Why is it attacking us?"

"Because the two of us are “genies”, being together they can feel our magic and want to devour us."


Stuck deep in the warehouse, the mosquitoes refused to go back down. Struggling, buzzing their wings, desperately, it forcibly pushed its legs and manage to pull out the beak, leaving deep hole in the storehouse walls. The mosquito first flew up, then rapidly dived toward Shiera.


Although being the genie of the lamp, not having been called for by the owner of the lamp, Shiera is currently just an ordinary girl. As a genie she can attempt to use magic, but it’s impossible right now. Also she is unable to dodge the attack. She will be skewered ...


"Bastard, like hell you can!"

Alf Shamshir picked up a trash can cover, and shielded Shiera. The mosquito hit the shield-like cover, which the mosquito pierced through.

"Buzz!" Mosquito wings buzzed, and once again tried to pull out its beak. But Alf held the lid up, and smashed it hard in the ground.


The force smashed the large tin lid, along with it the mosquito, which got crushed. After a screech – disintegrated into a white smoke. Alf, as before, sucked it.

Shiera, sitting on the ground, stunned.

"Well, I can help you fight these things. With my mentoring, in short of a millions of years, you can too!"

"... Even you are still a physical weak you manage to subdue it, although you know, the units of the calculations are really beyond bad."

"I used Persian traditional martial arts ' Varzesh-e Pahlavani."

"Persian martial arts?"

"In Japanese language is, It’s practiced in a Zurkhaneh or ‘strength house’... it’s just like dedicated gym training exercise, where pahlavan learns out fighting skills, also known as 'Persian martial artist'. It was to free manipulate the strength of the relaxed fighting with the use of floor exercise techniques, isn’t it the best way to gain the most sexy and gorgeous body in the world?"

Alf Shamshir confidently posed her body with her twin tail hair.

(I really don’t get the personality of this overbearing girl and I refute her claim having the world's most beautiful body!)

Shiera thought so, but now is not the time to argue such things, she dismissed her thoughts.

"I am the genie of the sword, strictly speaking, my body is a weapon. Of course changing into the sword form, the attack strength will be higher."

"Seems to me, you’re strong enough now."

"As I am the only one's fighting, to eat the leftovers has been power consuming..."

Burph, Alf burped a little.

I don’t get the genie level-up from eating these weak demons, only from large demons or Holy Arc-level daemons.

That demon, who was controller of the one just right here, she said to Shiera. ... Because they are the demons in the human world take up wicked upheaval, was sealed in the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments which was then sealed in the Holy Arc and hidden in the depths of the Temple of Solomon.

But with the demise of the Kingdom of Israel, It is not known where the Arc disappeared to, from the seal of the Holy ark, daemons have appeared. They hide in the dark depths of the human world, possessing evil minions. To re-seal them, you need the sealing key, "Solomon's Ring" and seal them within the Holy Arc. Solomon's ring is now in the hands of Jin, but the ark is still missing...

"But since the Daemon is in the Japan, and they came from the holy ark, it is likely that it’s in Japan, near Solomon's seal ring. In the legend of Aladdin and the magic lamp appears that at least thousands of years ago, the ring has found in China. Jin has investigated these things, didn’t he told you these things? Asked Alf Shamshir. Shiera is quite worried and said. "The Commoner have not been to school, for three days and no message. I want to ask if you know something."

"Oh, but he didn’t come to our store."

"Can you go and visit to check about his situation? Using the food delivery as disguise to see him?"

"You may say that, but girls are still prohibited into the dorm."

"Don’t you think your skills strong enough that even those boys are no match?"

“You know there are things you can and you can’t do, so what you’re saying is really funny. If I wanted to, I would have eaten you already long time ago.”

Facing the arrogant Shiera, Alf Shamshir, smiled bitterly, with her index finger poking her chest as she speak. Shiera strokes her hair, and turned her face away.

"Then how about we ask your father to help for the food delivery?"

"If Dad leave the store, who’s going cook? It may not look like it, but he’s the only good cook in our family."

"Jeez, don’t you get it. The commoner not only have a high fever, but he also got weird rashes?"

"Oh. That’s common cold, but my friends heard that a rash is spreading among male students now."

"But having green tongue isn’t a normal cold symptom! Isn’t it too cruel, no one’s worried about him? Doesn’t it worrisome if his disease is fatal?"

"Oh, that is quite pretty distressing."

Alf Shamshir clenched her hands to her chest and made a crestfallen look. This caused Shiera to tense a bit.

"For me, Jin, is a very important person... if he really had an serious illness I’d worry."

"Huh, hey, wait a minute."

Seeing the sudden change in attitude of Alf Shamshir, Shiera felt another anxiety.

"Ah, for you, the existence of this commoner is not so important, right? You and I are different in that the commoner isn’t necessarily needed to call out your genie power. Indeed, anyone who can wield you as a sword to destroy the ark daemon, so you can eat the demon needs to be very courageous, but don’t you think anyone can take his place?"

"What nonsense?! To be able to control the kind of magic the ring has, that person has to be special. How can you say its simple replace him? If you are not the genie of Jin, I'd want to make him my master. Oh, Jin I hope your illness isn’t serious... Now I’m really worried, it’s almost heartwrenching."

Alf Shamshir’s hands clasp her cheeks then her shining eyes looked up to the sky. To see her in this innocent manner, consequently gave Shiera a feeling of an endless inner turmoil. Why is there an accumulation of raging fire burning in her stomach?

"I think there no need to be so excessively worried about that commoner."

"Is it my imagination that you just said a minute ago how much you are worried about him?"

"Listen, I am the owner of that commoner! You don’t have my permission to get worried about him and to have one-sided love for the commoner itself is particularly impertinent behavior!"

"I started from my grandfather's generation when we lived in Japan, but I find Japanese still very difficult. My ability to understand Japanese is limited. What did you just said before, I really didn’t understand?"

"Anyway, about the sick commoner, it happens that I own that one, so I don’t need your help, there is no need for you to get involved! So rude!"

Shiera walked out of the alley, got out her phone to call Nicolai.

"Hello? Nicolai, pick me up I'm going home!"

Shiera looked back at Alf Shamshir who watched her with arms crossed.

"... Didn’t you just said that you needed my help, right?"

Shiera completely didn’t understand what her thoughts are; suspiciously, Alf Shamshir happened to enjoyed touting.

"However, Jin's condition is indeed worrying, after all ..."

Alf Shamshir’s pink tongue stuck out gently licked his lips,

"How about letting him taste “vitality” to speed up recovery!"

she whisper this while flashing a devilish smile.

Inside the car on the way home, Shiera was outraged.

(That low class woman! To casually to worry about my commoner, there are limit to vulgarity. I didn’t choose to be saved by her, and having to share these kind of secrets with that thieving cat, it’s very annoying!)

Puipui vol02 089.jpg

Thinking more of this, Shiera suddenly felt angry and embarrassed,

(... I, I do not particularly interested in that commoner, but that was something I dare say ... ... ah, ah, No No, the commoner, he do not belongs to me, no, that is ...)

Shiera just keeps looking for an explanation to herself.

(Right, right! Yes, if the commoner gets taken away by others, my genie level advancement will have a lot of trouble. It so happens that I am worried for my own future and not for the commoner, yes – it’s concern of my future!)

After finding justification in her own reasoning, Shiera was starting to seriously consider how to go visit the cause of this situation.

(Who to ask for help?)

No, if she asked help from a third party, then that will cause misunderstanding "why would be Shiera get worried about Jin." Their relationship with the lamp is a secret. And, she does not want others to misunderstand on their own about the "get worried about" part.

(That being the case, I have to personally...)

Of course, women are prohibited to enter the male dormitory. Moreover, if she is caught sneaking into the boys' dormitory, there would be a big scandal.

(I personally think that the most important thing is not to get caught, is there a method to accomplish this task. How to do it ...?)

It is not easy to find a good way. Shiera sat in the rear of the car seat, deep in thought to think of something.

Nicolai want to know what is troubling Shiera, but he wouldn’t dare start a conversation, but her expression is unusual, so he asked cautiously.

"Er, Ojou-sama. Are you alright?"

"No, no, I'm fine."

Shiera promptly answered that everything is well. However, soon after, the mirror reflects her face to Nicolai, exposing her worried expression.

Suddenly, Nicolai's eyes falls on the roadside open-air cafes promotion. A girl wearing a maid uniform is listening to customers ordering. Nicolai fixed his glasses, wrinkled his brow, exclaimed.

"What a dreadful maid"


Shiera was surprised.

"And the way she’s providing coffee, is simply outrageous. The head should set a good example of how to. We should the notify the master of the house for an extensive training..."

"Nicolai, you have not seen the TV shows about them?"

"Since the start, I Nicolai, would work hard every day at home, and to serve ojou-sama, is the meaning of my existence. There is simply no need to watch the TV. If I have free time, I would read the great Russian writer Dostoevsky's novels. "

Shiera thought about it, Nicolai only have a short time to rest, and Spend that time to read those thick novels. No wonder he do not even know maid cafes.

"Nicolai, that is the so-called maid cafe."

"Maid cafe?"

It’s generally the dream of the commoner to see what it's like to be served by maids. The owner opened this coffee shop so that those can enjoy what its like, when in the store."

Shiera shows the tendency of the maid cafe with quite a different from the original, but Nicolai seems to understand what she said, simply nod a little, added.

"So to say, but that maid is not really a home employed maid."They work there as one of the restaurant staff, so do not chastise them to their superior."

"I really do cannot understand these commoners."

"I quite agree, but now it seems very popular."

"Oh, now that you mentioned that, I think I've heard the maid at home said, whenever going out shopping, they’d wear casual clothes because whenever they are wearing their maid uniform, they get approached a lot. What I would have thought before was an offensive thing, was that simply someone thought they’re working at a maid cafe."

"I’d say even if they’re wearing casual clothing, they are all true maid. Having received their strict training from maid Mary from the British Empire, they maintain the fine tradition of trained maids..."

Speaking of which, Shiera suddenly stopped.

"Is there a problem?"

Nicolai asked with concern. Shiera's mouth, revealed a little smile.

" Oh... I thought of a great idea, Nicolai."

"Huh? A great idea ... ... What do you mean?"

"Noblesse Oblige"

"Noble obligation...?"

During Medieval age, the European aristocracy, with power over the possessions of the people are squeezing taxes, relatively, when something happens it is necessary to protect the possessions of the noble people, burdened with their lives as a knight obligations during wartime. This is called Noblesse Oblige original meaning, in the absence of war took place in today's society, noble and rich people obliged to distribute wealth to the poor... is the so-called charity.

"Do you want to do charity work, ojou-sama?"

"Yes, oh, Hollywood stars or celebrities like Bill Gates, have engaged in philanthropy. Ladies of charity is the best proof, who would dedicate their life for the well-being of the underprivileged commoners."

"You are truly noble, young miss! I Nicolai Pavlov, am delighted from my heart that it’s a very great honor to have served under you!"

Nicolai moved his glasses because his blue eyes are wet with tears. Shiera nodded to him and said.

"Well, why don’t we quickly prepare our scenario...?" She spoke with a smile her face, her fingers gently brushed her hair, dialed her phone.


The male dormitory " Tachibana Dormitory", the center of the territory responsible for dinner, the kitchen, where boarders who are scrubbing huge copper pots and busy preparing the dinner for close to a hundred boarders.

Today's main dish is curry. First-year ice Himuro Keita, wearing a plain white apron, skillful prepared the chopped carrots, peeled and diced potato then the horse radish. He is the brother of high school sophomore Himuro Erika.

The boarders around have express their voice of praise.

"Amazing, Himuro! The previously cooked curry, the ingredients were not even sliced, geez."

"My sister has to study in addition to working part-time, I more or less want to reduce the burden of my sister, so I do so by cooking."

"It's a moving story guys... oh ..."

"You should also add the sliced carrots, right?"

"Yes, but don’t put it yet."

When his fellow boarders circling him thin out a bit, Keita suddenly noticed suspicious silhouette outside their window.

"Huh? what is that?"

Keita opened the window and stuck his head out. The other boarders who have been there swarm around the window too, so Keita was painfully squeezed by the crowd.

The setting sun was painting a golden sunset... and the street filled with fallen leaves, reflect the sun, like golden tears drops like, with the cool evening air, blowing the leaves.

Their quarters is just outside the broad road, in the golden afternoon light was walking to walk. Teapot in his hand maid ... is here to work together is Mary Savant.

Fence erected across the road next to sidewalk, placed above the pure white tables and chairs, arranged in open-air cafes like. Pedestrians walking on the road have been attracted to sit down with tea and scone filled with sandwiches and other food sent up three silver, so that passers-by happily enjoying afternoon tea.

"a... a maid cafe appeared in front of the dorm!"

Keita was quite surprised that he has been rendered wordless.

From the about fifty white tables or so are a dozen maids moving back and forth. Everyone was very graceful and elegant in their movements, the most eye-catching, though, is Mary Savant, whose brown hair tied up. Mary is very proud of the fact that her ancestor having served the British royal family. Elegant beauty, senior of the other maid, looks remarkably calm.

Passing female high school students was sitting in the maid cafe.

"Wow, nice, you can enjoy free coffee maid service."

"I prefer to be served by that lady."

"I’m send photos to brag to my friends!"

To the girl who was sitting at the table was talking loudly in her phone, Mary quickly moved to her side,

"Sorry, but I ask you to wait a little more, my lady."

[Phase 1+2 onward: (or from Japanese & Chinese)]

This cause her to hush in an instant and her sitting posture on the chair stiffen due nervousness. The pressure also caused her face to turn red, sweat and even tremble a bit.

An example. Seems that a first-class maid serving someone can instantly change that person into a gentleman or a lady.

"Ah, y-yes... I-I’ll wait."

Replied by the female high school students with politeness, who normally doesn’t use such tone of respect, but was compelled to.

Mary Savant calmly continues with her work. Placing the content of the silver tray on the table, such as utensils and expensive-looking teacups painted with rose pattern.

"My lady, are you accustomed to using your right hand?"

"... Ah ...a-accustomed to using the right hand?"

Due to nervousness, the female high school student’s replied loudly.

“A Tea Cup is normally handled by your dominant hand, so we place the cup with the handle in the direction facing the hand you're used to, this is the principle we follow."

"Can I ask what is this thing placed beside the cup?"

“That is called a Honey Dipper, it is used to add honey to your cup of tea, this setup was proposed by lady Sie-”


"Oh, it’s nothing."

Mary placed her hands over her mouth. This charitable activity is supposed to come from an anonymous source, and they must never reveal Shiera’s name as she earnestly stressed. She feels deep inside that they must absolutely keep this a secret.

"No, it’s nothing. Would it be black or white tea?"

"B... black, you mean coffee?"

"Black is plain black tea, white tea is tea served with milk. It depends how long the tea is brewed, as it bring out a variety of flavor, so as to follow your taste; before adding hot water or milk, which is of the wonderful British tradition."

"I... I don’t get it, then just the normal."

In that case, may I suggest an afternoon tea or basically speaking, milk tea. As for the milk, we will use our own farm bred Jersey cows*. Will it be with sugar?

  • [ Jersey cows/cattle are breed popular for the high butterfat content of its milk, as high as 6%, and is very suitable for cheese, fresh cream, yogurt.]

“E-Excuse me, the cup is too small, my fingers can’t pass through the handle.”

"The cup handle isn’t for the fingers to go through. Please drink from the cup while pinching the handle of the like how you pinch the saucer the cup is placed on.

The timid schoolgirl drank the tea as Mary instructed. Also the noisy gal before, is now quiet, just like a mouse hiding from a cat.

The moment the tea entered the mouth, a burst of wonderful tea flavor spread out, akin to a symphony playing in harmony.

Mary’s perfect technique of balance of tea, milk and sugar, made the girls feel like riding a time machine back during a Victorian era tea party.

"G... good! I have never tasted a cup of tea this great..."

I’m honored by your compliment. We use Darjeeling tea from the famous Okayti Tea plantation.

“F… famous, is it?-”

Female high school students were greatly astonished. Mary didn’t criticize their ignorance but explained things respectfully with sincerity.

“Darjeeling tea is also known as champagne of teas, because this excellent tea cannot just be grown anywhere else in the world. And since it’s mentioned, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Britain praised the taste of Darjeeling tea and said ‘OK, tea, ‘which became its famous name.”

"Wow... Queen Elizabeth..."

The frequent praise of the British Empire prestigious tradition made the high school girls dream of being wrapped in the fragrance even if they didn’t actually in it.

The Tachibana dorm boarders, after seeing all this, simply left their curry preparation and rushed out.

“Great! So this is what they called a maid café.”

“I have been to several maid cafes before, but I have never seen one as authentic as this.” It’s like we traveled in time back to the real Victorian dynasty.

“C-C-Can, we bother you?” they asked Mary.

The boarders, who have dashed over, can’t hide their excitement.

she replied, smiling politely.

"Yes, of course, master."

"Ma- Master, woah!!"

Puipui vol02 097.jpg

Some boarders was so moved by emotion that they almost fainted. Keita also blushing furiously, suppressed his excitement, while looking intently at Mary, inquired.

“H- how much will it cost? I don’t have that much money.”

"We won’t charge a cent, this is a little noble charity organized by a noble sponsor."

Because of Mary's answer, Keita’s eyes open wide with surprise.

"No ... no charge at all?"

“If you don’t mind, Please invite all the other students in your dormitory to come. The noble sponsor wants to indulge today, you students who are carrying burden of the hope and future of Japan, an opportunity to take a breather.

“I- I can call everyone? Terrific!”

Keita jumped with joy and sprinted toward the dormitory.

Mary holding a silver tray, nodded with a satisfied expression.

Shiera ojou-sama’s charitable heart is so gentle, she wanted these penniless students to experience the prevalent maid café. “I Mary Savant, will offer my life to will fully support ojou-sama’s wish and stake the dignity of the British Empire.”

Mary state, as she gaze the sky, looking very dignified at that moment, as her dress and white apron fluttering from the gust of wind blowing.

At Keita’s announcement, the boarders came out in droves. Among them, the dorm head and student president Ukyou along with his four loyal subordinate, growled loudly.

“What are you guys doing?! Get back to the dorm. This ‘moe’ and other frivolous things are the root of all evil. As Japanese men, you should not get attracted to these western maid cafés and have your Japanese bushido be corrupted!”

(What the, this boy is saying something unpleasant.) Mary glanced at Ukyou’s line of sight. The other maids got scared by Ukyou’s outburst, backed off. At this rate, this would destroy the special maid cafe atmosphere.

(This tea party is organized by Shiera Ojou-sama, there is no way I can let it fail!)

Mary walked in front of Ukyou. A frightened maid said to Mary.

“H-head Maid, these people are dangerous. We don’t know what could happened to ..."

“Damn you! Putting up this outrageous maid café in front of my dormitory, and making a mess of things. Who the person responsible for this ridiculous idea. I won’t go easy on you even if you are a woman.”

Ukyou menacingly pointed his bamboo sword at Mary. But Mary did not even flinched and remained standing firm and dignified.

“This is a so-called charity work, the command is to remain anonymous, and that is imperative. In the glory of the name of the British Empire, I will never tell you my master's name!”

Hearing her commanding answer, Ukyou was speechless.


Just a word, was only moaned.

Taking advantage of the confusion the maid café created, Shiera crept from behind the dormitory.

Afraid of being discovered and her secret revealed, she wore a black sleeveless vest, black gloves, black work pants and black boots... her whole body is dressed in black, also wearing black ski mask. There is no doubt that she is wearing a costume that thieves normally wore.

She looked a few meters ahead, there is no movement. It seems that no one is left inside...

"Things went well. Convincing the maids that it’s a charity act to launch a maid café, and enticing the boarders away from the dorm... I’m simply a genius."

Sneaking inside from the same kitchen window that Keita left open. Shiera found the dorm with no sign of life at all. It appears that everyone left.

Since it’s April, the weather is very warm. Right now, Shiera’s face was sweating hard.

(Jeez, there is no need for this anymore.)

Shiera took off her ski mask and put it in the pocket of her pants, started out for the target room on the second floor.

At this time in front of the dormitory in the cordoned off part of the street, Eriko Himuro is observing the dormitory with interest.

Eriko, wearing heavy round glasses -like the bottom of a milk bottle, her hair tied back in a bundle -a style worn by grandmothers, and wearing a green smock-like jacket, a round hat with green edges and she’s waving in her hand a yellow flag. She’s wearing a crossing guard getup and can be called, “Old Green Woman” safely guiding the school children crossing the road.

(Fufufu... wearing this “Old Green Woman” outfit so as not to raise suspicion when I stay here on this road for a long time. Keita was so cute during elementary school when he was carrying his backpack, as I had to bring to school... so cute)

Eriko fondly recalling the past with closed eyes, she quickly shook her head.

(No! I shouldn’t neglect the surveillance of Araki’s room)

In a little black leather bag in her shoulder, is a hidden digital camera.

Zadou (Fortunately, the curtains are open today... Shiera Zadou, I will expose your true colors today, you thieving cat and open the eyes of President!)

Make ready for this cat burglar! Eriko’s failed to see Shiera sneak inside using the kitchen window, because of the crowd of boarders which diverted Eriko’s attention. However, if Shiera enters Araki’s room, she will certainly be photographed.

Eriko’s noticed the commotion on the side of the road. Looking through the telephoto lens function of the camera, saw something that looked like a maid cafe.

"Huh? What is a maid cafe doing in a place like this?"

Eriko was surprised and couldn’t believe her eyes.

"... However, as I also worked for a time in a maid café, doing promotion such as this is not unheard of."

Feeling something amiss, she again turn the lens toward Jin’s room.

Shiera quietly move through the empty corridor and opened the door of Jin’s room.

"Commoner, are you in there?"

From Eriko's position, she can only see the door being opened. Because she is from the ground looking up, Shiera was hidden from her view, there is no way to see her figure. Eriko gulped and immediately zoomed the camera lens.


(No way, She’s already in the dorm? Please go near the window, Shiera Zadou... so that I can get a perfect shot!)

Her heart pounding non-stop, Eriko’s whole body tense up and began to sweat.

Shiera, having no knowledge of this, entered the room. Looking up from the ground to ledge of the window, one can see the top of her head ...! Erika, impatiently, presses the camera shutter.

"Welcome home, madam [honored grandmother]."

Hearing a man speak to her, Eriko got frightened and turned her head around to look.

Standing behind her is Shiera’s butler Nicolai Pavlov. A silver-haired young man dressed in a black tuxedo, Erika can’t believe her eyes and began to doubt the grade of her glasses. Although Erika herself is wearing a peculiar disguise, this man in here is somehow bizarre.

"W-who are you calling madam [honored grandmother]?"

Erika quickly hid the camera in her bag. Nicolai respectfully bowed his head, and said.

"I'm sorry, young miss, please forgive the faux pas. As an apology, may I invite you for a cup of tea?"

Nicolai politely motioned toward an open-air cafe close by. There are several tuxedo wearing butlers, ranging from an old men with white hair to young men, each butler conduct by greeting any passing women, and provide them with Russian tea and cookies made with honey and spices called Pryaniki.

"B... butler café? Why is something like that in a place like this?"

Erika’s thick glasses increased her disorientation. Let alone the maid café, when did that opened in close proximity to her position.

“B-but this butler café seems rather pricey...”

Nikolai drew a nearby chair quietly. His white face seems slightly red, it appears working in a butler café is embarrassing for him, but being loyal to his master, Shiera ojou-sama, endured it.

"This is a little charity organized by a noble sponsor. Ojou-sama, please."

"Y-you say that... but ..."

Himuro Eriko hesitated because of her concern about Jin’s room. But being invited by a handsome butler in front of her, she relented and sat down.

A golden bell used to call the butler was placed on the white table. Nikolai took from a brass cart a silver teapot whose water was kept hot using charcoal heater and elegantly poured her a cup of tea. The aroma is like... roses and apples, slightly wild yet sweet fragrance.

“Is this really tea?”

Taste like cherry

“It’s tea. Empress Catherine II loved this Russian tea that has a hint of cherry. Please enjoy it with rose jam.”

Empress Catherine II’s tea. Learning a little bit from the narration of her world, it’s like somehow she really just become the celebrity herself, due to a girl’s secret desire to be a princess, would kindle.

The fragrant tea, pinkish red colored jam and a handsome butler, the luxuriant ambiance it all radiates, are enough to halt one’s brain functions.

(I-it’s fine then. I already caught the top of her head in my photo. And I have never been in a Butler café before. Other cafes’ style compared to this one, is like heaven and earth. And even if I want to go to a butler café, booking takes more than a month, and to have a special opportunity for free admission, is a chance hard to come by. This is a rare opportunity; I have to thoroughly enjoy this no matter what.

Himuro Eriko placed her hands on lap and politely bowed.

“Thank you, then, if you please.”

And so, the ambiance captured Eriko, as her fingers began to play with her hair, curling it.

The reason Shiera launched a butler café in addition to the maid café, is not entirely because of Eriko. The boys, on the top of being able to enjoy the maid café, desire to get acquainted with other customers – the girls. Unexpectedly, many girls patronize to the maid cafe. As for the other girls that thinks "It’s embarrassing to go to a maid cafes”, might consider in seeing the butler café.

And so, Eriko lost her interest in Shiera, which gave the later an opportunity to safely go into Jin’s room.

“Wake up commoner! I personally come to visit you! To keep lying still in there without answering you’re exceedingly disrespectful!

Shiera pulled the blanket covering Jin who’s lying on the bunk bed.

Jin, in his sweat pants and sleeveless shirt, have his body curled like a beetle larva. Moaning U-gh, u-ghh, as stir.

He saw Zadou

“Z-Zadou... what are you doing here?”

"Don’t worry, the boarders won’t be back for a while. And ..."

Jin’s body is covered with reddish rash. Shiera began to feel itchy herself, constantly scratching her own body.

Uwa, I feel itchy just looking at you. Don’t display those to me, hurry up and wear long sleeved shirt.

“You visit the sick, but you shout “Wake up,” why... don’t you know that the point of visiting the sick is to show concern and comfort?”

Jin groaned from the bed, looking up the bunk railing to Shiera. He has deep dark circles around eyes, also his cheeks are sunken. Shiera with her finger on his chin shifts his head, examining him.

“Thought, but are you really going to be fine?”

"Thank you for your sympathy. I’m crying tears of gratitude here"

“Isn’t it measles? This is usually elementary kids’ sickness. How childish.

"Actually, I have"

“When I was in kindergarten, got measles, it’ll go away soon after some rest.

“Idiot, adults’ symptoms are quite severe- a high fever that last a whole week.

...Yuuya and the others forgotten.

Gyururu- his stomach made a rumbling sound.

“Are you hungry?”

“After Yuuya left three days ago... I’m too weak to climb out of my bed to go to the cafeteria. I just drink water from this basin to survive.”

“The other boarders?”

“Other boarders take care of it that if someone got sick, he’s sent home, so their family can tend to him.

"The camaraderie between boys is this awful... Why not just go home?"

“I would, if I have one.”

Hearing what Jin said, Shiera suddenly remembered.

Jin’s parents are archaeologist searching for King Solomon’s treasures, they are now in Middle East and can’t be contacted. And to raise funds for their research, they sold their house. Technically speaking, Jin is currently homeless.

Shiera noticed the phone placed near the pillow. It’s screen display is black, apparently the battery runs out, and due to his poor health he can’t charge it up.

“As long as you can rub the magic lamp, you can call me over.”

“Yeah!” She excitedly said.

Calling you out is like directly inviting my funeral hearse to hurry up.

“Fine, I’ll leave and go home then.”

Shiera readily turn her back to Jin. Jin quickly, muster up his weak strength to reach and stop her.


Shiera turned around. Her angelic face, shows a devilish smile.

"You want my help?"


That’s right. If I leave you here right now, you’re going to die. Don’t you think you should be immensely thankful to me for my help? Well?

Shiera opened the front study desk drawer, took the magic lamp and the gold ring of Solomon.

Calling Shiera, means destruction of his room, using the pretext of room cleaning. So, Jin desperately doesn’t want to call her out if possible. During the recent power outage, when she was accidentally summoned, his study lamp, mug and other things in his desk were ruthlessly destroyed.

However, his tummy isn’t supportive. Having Shiera destroy his room is better than dying by starvation.

"Jeez ... thank you, I guess."

Jin groaned.

Shiera grinning, placed her hand on her ear as to listen carefully, asked.

"Strange, did I hear something?"

“... thank you very much! I am extremely grateful!”

A demon

“The satisfaction m-e-t-e-r should overload, and your gratitude should compel a dozen spells be added in the spellbook at once, right?

"I ... I’ll try hard."

“Fu fu. It looks like my good fortune has finally come.”

Shiera laughing in a loud voice, grabbed Jin’s hand that was lying in bed, placed the ring in his finger, and handed him the magic lamp. As he was gripped by Shiera’s soft hands, Jin’s heart was pounding. Jeez, it’s probably because of his illness, and not because of the egotistic Shiera, Jin reasoned to convince himself to endure the unusual tremor that he is feeling.

“Well then, now that you have the lamp and the ring, please wait for five minutes before rubbing.”

“five minutes?”

“I believe I have to remind you of your position. You don’t need to know.”


“Even before a sick person, you just can’t change your nature, somehow your attitude even got more arrogant.”

“Who’re you calling arrogant?”

“Is it fine for you to say I’m arrogant? My dear, I wonder who has the power to decide whether you live or die?”

Jin, because of his weak condition, can only let Shiera do as she wish. Because Jin wanted to live, he better and not say anything he might regret and just shut up.

“Fuh, you finally understood which of us have a relatively higher status.”

“wait.. It’s my impression that I’m supposed to be your master.

“I let you become my master. It’s for my convenience.”

Shiera is never at a loss for words.

“Anyway, my level will return to zero if you die, so I’ll offer my kindness and help you out. Can’t you see the angel wings behind my back?

“A person with black wings.”

“It seems you do not cherish your life a bit. I’m going home, Ciao. ♪”

"OK, OK! I apologize, help me out!"

“Since you said so, I can’t help it then. Remember to rub it after five minutes.”

After Shiera pointing her fingers at Jin, run off to the corridor.

Jin a sick patient with high fever, thought,

"... really now, just who truly is the master."

He feels that his temperature increased.


Watching the wall clock hanging in his room, which shows five minutes have passed. Jin, without any idea where Shiera went off to, is still bedridden under the blanket, now wearing Solomon’s ring in his middle finger of his right hand, rubbed the magic lamp.

Rainbow-colored smoke with star-like sparkling lights drifts out of the lamp’s spout. From the smoke, Shiera the genie of the lamp, appeared, spinning madly like a ballerina.

Genie of the lamp... although, when called out by her master, she’s dressed as a maid, with a sporting short pinafore dress, wearing white gloves and knee socks.

Spinning around like a top, her long silky hair flying in the air, like a gymnast’s ribbon and her apron skirt’s hem carelessly rising in the wind.

“Master, you called”

Shiera stopped spinning and assumed a ballet posture, leaned slightly forward with a foot raised backward and both hands raised.

Jin feel like his temperature doubled.

"This our activity for school festival."

“I like to you to increase the satisfaction meter for seeing the scene for our play. Well, how was my little witch?”

Shiera queried, deciding to hold the pose.

"What little witch, you are a genie, right?"

“Stop calling me a genie. Somehow, the image of a bald macho with a ponytail beard comes up to mind.”

“You are a genie.”

“You’re say this because I have let you witness my brilliant ballet moves, right?”

Since Jin is very weak, he didn’t rebut Shiera’s illogical presumption lest he get’s deprived of food.

“Well, commoner, since you’re my master, I’m showing this as a special advanced screening for our play, you should appreciate this a lot.”

Shiera finally decided to end her pose and brought down her hands and legs. Several items that were floating up in the still spinning rainbow cloud, now fall into the arms of Shiera.

It was a frying pan with rice and a small bottle. Jin’s eyes blinked with surprise.”

“Those... where did you get those?”

“From the dorm kitchen. If you summoned me out within this room, there’s no way I can leave this place. I intend to have you call me after five minutes in order for me-”

Shiera stuck her chest out proudly. Jin, enduring his high fever,

“...to freely take the ingredients from the kitchen dormitory.”

“The dorm was preparing for dinner, so the ingredients were just lying about. It seems the dorm is having curry for tonight. It’s troublesome that I can’t bring finished food, but anyway, making a sick patient eat curry is unsuitable.”

Hearing about dorm’s preparation for dinner, Jin suddenly remembered something very important.

“Now that I think about it, just how did you get in? No one saw you?”

“Of course, Don’t take me for an idiot. Haven’t I said that the boarders aren’t hindrance and won’t be coming back to the dorm? This problem isn’t a challenge for someone like me.”

“Did you killed them?”

“Knowing who I really am, you still bad-mouth me.

Shiera’s temple reveals angry blue veins.

“Forget it, Let me make the rice. I am making you something to eat, I'll work on things while listening to you. Commoner, shouldn’t you be thankful to me for being kindhearted and attentive to you?

Shiera put the rice into the rice cooker, added some water and turn on the electric switch.

(...what is she making for me?)

Jin thinks curiously, as he lay in the bed watching what Shiera is doing.

If you just want to cook rice, the rice cooker should suffice. Jin is concerned about the small bottle that she brought along.

(It can’t be white rice. Rich Shiera’s opulent cuisine... maybe because I normally eat plain rice, I have never tasted any of the rice dishes variations.)

Shiera’s face showed her struggle in stirring the pot of rice. Being slowly getting cooked, it began to give a sweet smell of rice.

(Is it Spanish dish, paella, saffron rice with luxurious mussel and prawns? Or cooked rice with broth, the fragrant ottimo risotto... “the best rice dish”, the Italian version of rice cuisine? Or the Western-style fried rice, which is rice fried with butter, customarily as frozen food that’s not prevalent in Japan, but is in fact is derived from the Persian pilaf? Since the lamp of the genie is of Persian origin, it’s most likely a Persian pilaf... Shiera will do so; adding lobster and plenty of scallops for an extravagant seafood pilaf dish.)

Thinking about it made him hungrier. If you look at Shiera’s serious expression, it may be considerably worth looking forward to.

(Ah- but not eating anything for three days, my stomach may reject buttered dishes. But Shiera will be mad if I tell her I can’t.


And so Jin was troubled and agonized for about twenty minutes. Shiera then scooped the contents of the pot to the bowl and handed it to Jin. Oddly, she said a little timidly.

“It’s ready, commoner... I hope it suit your taste.”


Shiera spoke humbly, which was unexpected, surprising Jin. She’s just like a real maid.

(What happened? This is unusual. Now the genie of the lamp is acting like a real maid and not her usual self.)

He sat up and watch Shiera hand him the bowl and was surprised again.

The food that finished looked like congee. A congee, with a plum in the center, accompanied with a spoon.

“T-this is...!”

Jin took and stared at the congee. He thought that she would make western food, but surprisingly contrary to his expectation, made the best food for the sick – congee.

Easy to digest and gentle on the stomach, accompanied with sour plum that not only to add taste, but which contains vitamin C that increases the natural healing of the body.

Taking a spoonful to the mouth, the rice was cooked just right as it melted slowly in the mouth.

The plum and little salt adds flavor, to the sweet tasteful flavor of rice.

The rice went down to his stomach smoothly, like sports energy drink, it was quickly absorbed by his body without any resistance at all.

Shiera crossed her arms in her chest and looked at Jin with an anxious face.

“W-well? Is it good?


“Oh!... I-it’s terrible?”

Shiera’s eyes downcast and shoulders drooped, badly disappointed. There’s no usual, “you commoner should show some gratitude for saving your life by filling up your stomach!” that she should have said in this situation. Jin, is getting more perplexed by Shiera’s change in attitude.

“Ah, no, that’s not it. The congee is good. I mean that it’s terribly delicious in a sense, that I couldn’t help blurt out.

Jin desperately made an excuse. The sugar in the starch played a role in providing energy to his weakened body. That body is now full of energy, which enabled him to say those words out loud. Though, it feels like that Shiera’s kindness in the carefully cooked congee, dwells in every grain of rice, is giving their power to Jin.

“R-really? I’m so glad, that’s great!”

Shiera who always shows arrogance becomes uncharacteristically modest. Her cheeks are blushing and seems joyfully as she shows a heartfelt smile.

“There’s more congee, eat, oh, I’ll help you another serving.”

"E-er... thank you."

Shiera’s gentle attitude, makes Jin hesitant. Being used to her usual unsympathetic force, he is finding this awkward to handle. Now, the situation is like holding a knife to cut marshmallows, the problem is how to respond to this kind of attitude, bewildering Jin. His face, feels a little hot.


(something is strange with Zadou now...)

Shiera turned around to where the pot is, Jin looked at her and held his breath. Shiera is staring at the pot of porridge.

(Fuu – my my. I wanted something simple to make, like Onigiri but it’s really hard, I though it’s fine, but it’s difficult to cook rice. Anyway, I tried boiling the rice, but why didn’t it turned fluffy? It turned more and more like melted glue suddenly. Somehow, I just drop in it the dried plum for the rice balls I was supposed to make. I wonder what do you call this? Congee?

Commoners seem to have such a dish among them, so I got lucky in the last minute. Well, I do have the skill and talent in my cooking too. Safe, Safe)

These are the current thoughts that black Shiera are having at this very moment, of course, Jin have no way of knowing this.

(But this, after doing my best to make, is troublesome and needless. I myself don’t want to eat this runny food. In the first place it's just like monjaki, but it’s a wonder why these commoner’s food use flavorless water as seasoning. For them to use water, could it be because of their scarce ingredients? Anyway, poor people’s foods hardly suit the refined taste of a person of my standing.)

Since Shiera does not want to be forced to eat any leftover congee, the only solution seems to put it all away in the belly of Jin. Shiera took the bowl and spoon, made a fake a smile and draw closer to Jin.

“Oh, that’s right! Since you’re unwell, do you want me to feed you?”

Jin was taken aback, his eyes widen with surprise.

“I-it’s fine, I can eat by myself.”

“There is no need to be reserved, since you’re sick.”

Shiera took a spoonful from the bowl, pursed her lips and lightly blew on it. Fuu-

Drifting white steam rose and surrounds Shiera’s face. The heat cause Jin’s view to see her blurrily as if viewing through a gauze. She has her head slightly bow down, giving emphasis to her straight nose and long eyelashes. Shiera was blowing the spoon, whose breath slightly reaches Jin. Her soft breath possesses lime scent. Jin’s heart, skip a beat.

“Ok, please."

Shiera was smiling as she thrust the spoon to Jin. Jin suddenly felt very embarrassed, but to decline a rare friendly Shiera may be a bad idea... if she did the usual forceful act, he’d resolutely refuse her, but she had taken such a passive course of action, as an effect, it was difficult to say no. Jin was reminded of Aesop's Fables’ "The North Wind and The Sun". * Persuasion is better than Force.

Jin obediently opened his mouth. Shiera sent the spoon his mouth. Being fed like this made him feel like a hatchling being fed.

"How is it?"

Cute Shiera was smiling sweetly. This is the first time Jin felt this feeling, so he was confused.

From an objective viewpoint, Shiera’s face satisfies all aspect completely: big eyes, shapely and slender balanced look and a long and straight hair that it looks like she’s from a shampoo commercial, an "attractive girl" he thinks. But in their first meeting he only thought of her as a “cute girl”. Eating while imagining this is embarrassing, (maybe about what we're doing, might be a little nice...)

And so, while his heart was pondering, Jin unusual became honest with his feelings.

"Yeah. It’s great."

He replied. Shiera was happy and even though she flashed a perfunctory smile but her cuteness was flawless.

“Oh, I’m glad. ♪ Eat more, there’s a lot. ♪”

Shiera continue spoon feeding Jin’s mouth. Jin → Genuine eagerness to, feed feed feed


“W- wait a bit, Zadou.”

“Here, Jan, Jan ♪”

“How about we do a bowl of soba challenge*?”

Jan Jan♪ Jan Jan♪

"My stomach is already full, wait ..."

“Don’t worry. Commoner can do it! Jan Jan Tara Jan Jan ♪”

“Stop shoveling it in! I also feel you’re going faster and faster...”

“Oh come on, you joke.”

“No, seriously stop! I’m sorry but, the food...”

Well, saying so, Shiera extends before then and thrust of a spoon to his mouth.

“Are you saying my cuisine is inedible –tsu?”

“Wait a moment, that’s not what I mean.”

“Then I don’t get what you’re about. Come on, open your mouth!”

“You’re overdoing it! Stop grabbing my mouth!”

At that time, Shiera was already grappling Jin from the bed, making Jin scream.

Sigh, I should have though, Zadou is the same old Zadou!

Painfully conscious of his adolescence naivete, Jin felt like one who’s suddenly thrown down the pits of hell after experiencing heaven, shining above the clouds.

Well, it’s definitely hell with a demon like her.

At that instance, he kind of had a little insight of her situation, but still, how her thinking his stomach capacity exceeding normal is not possible.

“Arrg– Jeez- Go already! Chin Chin Pui Pui!”

Jin quickly recites the words of the spell as he stretched out his hand and pat Shiera’s head. Shiera’s head and body was enveloped with dazzling light. Shiera, surprised by the intensity of the lights she got from him, stared at his hands.

“Ohh, the appreciation level this time is a lot.”

Unable to suppress her impatience, Shiera retrieved the magic spellbook from her apron pocket. It was paperback sized book with Arabesque patterns decoration on the cover. On the first page of it, sand- or “Lammul” as written in Arabic, can be found. Turning on to the next page, a second spell slowly appeared. Shiera’s eyes was shining brightly as she showed the written text to Jin.

“Look commoner! A new spell appeared. How do you read this?”

Shiera cannot read Arabic. Jin having restored much of his strength, has now cleared his head. Peering into the book, saw the spell is written similarly to the cursive style U, U, I, S.


“Touin? It sounds a little nice, but what does that mean?

Shiera stared at the spell book with great interest. Before Jin could open his mouth to explain-

“I guess, it’s fine. It’s more exciting not knowing what magic will come out. I'll try it right away”

Shiera lifted up the open spell book.

“You don’t know what magic it is, but you’re using someone else’s room to experiment, as usual, you’re a demon.” Not knowing the extent of the magic damage to his room and as he has no strength to clean up the ensuing mess, Jin tried to voice his protest. But it’s more like he's talking to himself, as Shiera pay him no mind.

And then... Shiera, with her hands up, suddenly stops. Jin’s eyes open wide with surprise.


(I’d say, did she listen to me? Now this is something unusual)

But Shiera remained absolutely still where she stood. Far from being unusual, there is something not right. Jin felt an uneasy sense of foreboding in his chest.

It was all thanks to Shiera’s porridge that his strength recovered just enough for him to climb down the ladder of the bunk bed, he taps Shiera on the shoulder.

Zadou... “Z-Zadou, what’s wrong?”

Shiera’s body shook a bit and then fell on the floor with a crash. Her whole body was covered with reddish hives.


Jin held Shiera in his arms. Her temperature is burning up like she's on fire. So hot...... and to be able to feel this, means his fever is gone, thought Jin. Looking at his arms, his rash has vanished too.

"There's a saying that you can be cured of cold if you pass it to someone else... since I was healed, did it transferred to Zadou?"

But it's strange. About Shiera's getting her rash. That is, to have rashes disappear and appear suddenly is truly odd.

(This condition isn't just rash...?!)

Due to her sudden high fever, Shiera have lost her consciousness. She's also breathing hard her hot breath.

"Zadou, get a grip!"

Shaking her has no effect. Carrying Shiera in his arms, he intend to proceed to the dorm's clinic, however, just at that moment as he was about to leave through the open door, he bumped into an invisible wall, thought, Jin can go out but Shiera's body seems to be stuck to the room, she really cannot cross the boundary of his room. Putting down Shiera on the floor, he tried to pull her as he was standing outside his room. Not even a single hair on her head can pass through.

"Damn it!, I guess this wouldn't work..."

Jin tired of his struggle, step back inside the room. He turns to the ailing Shiera, who lay on the floor.

Jin began to think, when he summoned Shiera for the first time back then, she also could not exit this room. If Shiera is in the genie of the lamp status, it’ll be impossible no matter what.

(In that case... I just have to fill her satisfaction gauge again, thus she will be able to return in the Magic Lamp. Once she goes back inside the lamp, she can definitely get outside ...)

Jin tried rubbing or patting Shiera’s head. However, as Shiera was unconscious, means she can’t return. “Damn, it’s not working. Now what?...”

Jin is troubled.

He was thinking that even if an ambulance is called, it won’t change the situation... If Shiera can’t escape the room, she can’t visit the doctor... at that moment, Shiera’s face start to redden.

“This won’t do; with her fever like that, I just can’t stand around and do nothing. I need to lower her temperature, just as our health education subject taught us.”

Jin took a towel and wet it in a wash basin and then went to Shiera who is still on the floor; Jin brushed aside Shiera’s bangs and placed the towel on her forehead.

Jin's gaze up close to Shiera's face, he sweat for unknown reason. "What is this, now my heart throbs; could this some kind of disease? Jin thought while touching his pounding chest.

"Alas, whatever occurrence to your heart now is not my deed." Jin heard an ominous voice over his shoulder.

In front of the dorm, the butler & maid cafe was quite popular as ever.

“Yeah, Shiera is such a wonderful person, making dreams like this possible. I will never ever forget this day!”

Meanwhile, Eriko who was really impressed with the cup of tea that was served to her, was snapping photos non-stop at the butlers like crazy. She seems to have completely forgotten her goal of taking pictures of Shiera.

Nikolai returned to Erika to refill her tea, without any expression on his poker face, he shyly said as he blush slightly.

“Excuse me... Ojousama, I’m pleased to announce that the ball will start soon.


Eriko stared blankly for a while, and, finally getting it, clapped her hand. I see! This is what you declare when the time has come to leave the establishment. So thorough, butler!

Eriko quickly noticed the nearby open maid café as well, and took some photos.

"I feel like trying out next the maid cafe over there."

Eagerly peeking within the viewfinder, she saw a maid suddenly collapse.


Eriko was stunned. Not only the maids but guests also continued to collapse. Every one of them appeared to have develop red rashes. Eriko, overwhelmed, put away her digital camera, shouted at Nicolai.

"Mr. Butler, there’s some trouble in the maid cafe!"

The illness rapidly spread from the maid cafe. Just as Nicolai turned around to look at the direction of the maid cafe, his body also develop red rash, and collapsed to the ground.


Eriko gave a shriek and started running away. Behind her, the butler cafe customers also started collapsing one by one. She felt an invisible peril.

“W- What’s happening?”

As she flee... her brain blanked for a moment as her foot seems to be treading on something, and almost slipped. It was kind of slimy to the sensation.

"whoa... W-what...?"

Eriko curiously looked at her feet to see what she has been stepping on. Insects, looking like wharf roaches. These insects sticking to the soles of her shoes, although crushed, was still alive, their eyes glowing red, giving off a "Chi chi Chi ..." hiss.

Red rashes emerges from her skin.


The moment Eriko scream, her body temperature immediately shot up to the highest point, she then fainted, collapsing on the ground.

The lively noise emanating from the guests of the maid and butler cafe in an instant was replaced by graveyard silence. Even Mary in the maid cafe as well as Ukyo, fainted.

Jin glared suspiciously at the eerie presence that has appeared in front of him. A startling scream echoed. It was the loud scream of Eriko that Jin hear through the closed windows.

"...what did you do?"

Jin asks in a low voice to the one standing in front him. A man whose whole body was wrapped in bandage. It got a sturdy physique and large build. Part of his body that wasn't covered by bandage reveal his body that was as black as darkness itself. It's eyes under the bandage was glowing red.

"Hohoh... to recover from the illness, I’m quite surprised. I see that even though at a low level, that genie still have the power to break your curse."

The mummified man approached as its joints was making creaking sounds. Jin attempted to protect Shiera, who was still senseless on the floor, by trying to pull her up, but then the mummy quickly spring, whose motion now was different from its slow movement before.


In a high-pitched roar, the mummy crash at Jin, causing Shiera to drop again in the ground. He sat down on top of Shiera's chest.


Shiera, still in high fever, is writhing in pain. The mummy sitting on her chest looked down at her suffering face

"Uh-huh, how beautiful. A pretty face red with rash is the supreme charm of a lady."

"Don't mess with me, you damn ark demon!"

Jin attempted to protect Shiera, however the mummy pointed a finger at Jin, and the bandage around his arm unwound and wrapped around Jin's wrist together.


The bandage constrict around Jin. He tried moving his arms but the force constraining him was too strong. The Mummy laughed.

I am one of the arc demons sealed by the ten commandments, I am called Washifu, the disrupter of peace.


"Washi- that being the case..."

" Washifu in Arabic language means unclean"

"Forget that"

"is this illness your doing?"

"The Ring is really something. As expected of the person who possess the ring of Solomon, apparently, one also have possession of wisdom not unlike Solomon's."

"It is, It is"

"Death beckons"

Washifu dryly laugh as his body made creaking sound.

That's right! My opportunity to bestow suffering on humans has been snatch away. Absolutely the whole lot of humans, illness would trigger, as they lose vigor, is my sustenance. Having been sealed for a long time, my power is completely weak. If I absorb the life of this Genie, even if is of a low level, Is much more effective than feasting on human beings.

Washifu grasp Sierra’s face in his hands with its long fingernails. Crawling like worms, hose-like protrusions extrude from his arms. Shiera’s body stiffen and her complexion loses colour as if it was being sucked out.

“Stop that!” Jin shouted

Jin then grabbed a study chair and bash Washifu with it, hitting the side of the chest. It resulted with Washifu being thrown away and crashing at the wall. Managing to remove Washifu from sitting on Shiera, she manages to take a deep breath. Seeing slight reddish tint still remained on Shiera, Jin felt relief.

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