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Sierra, was in an unfamiliar room.

Dust was piled on a great deal of old books, and there were boxes of bowls and heaps of newpapers.

"Wha, what is this....some kind of warehouse? How did I, come to this kind of place?"

"Y....you, who are you?"

Sierra turned her suprised eyes towards the bewildered voice. She was met with flashing eyes, which belonged to Jin. In front of the him, a dull golden container in the shape of a water kettle tumbled away.

"Y, you're, Araki Jin! Why, are you here?"

"Why you ask, this is my room!"

"Eh....your room? W, why....?"

"By the way, how come you know my name?"

"What was that? We're in the same class, so it's obvious right?"

"Eh....the same class?"

"No way, you don't know me? Me?"

"I transferred here from another high school, that's why."

"That's not the problem! April is over and yet you still don't know the names of the girls in your same class? I mean, why does someone not know me in the academy?"

Sierra angrily slapped her hand against her hip, then suddenly narrowed her eyes.

"......Ah, I see. This must mean, your eyes are bad? I thought it was strange. It's because you can't see me, that's why you're not making a fuss. Then it's agreed."

"Nope. Both my eyes are one/five."

"Hah? What's that, I don't believe it!"

"Why when my eyes are so good, are you getting so mad. By the way, who are you really?"

"They're plain clothes, but when you look at this uniform, you still don't understand?"

"Uniform? It's okay but, our school prohibits part-time work."

"Part-time work? You, ever since before you've been saying things that I don't understand."

"But, isn't that an Akiba Maid uniform?"

"Maid you say!? Saying that I would every be a maid, is the biggest insult ever! Now apologize!"

Angrily facing Jin, Sierra glanced at her hands, and was shocked. On her hand, she was wearing a white glove. Realizing something also felt different about her hair, Sierra lifted her hand to the top of her head. A lace headress was pinned in her hair.

"W......what is this?"

Losing her calm, Sierra looked down at her body. She was wearing a mini apron dress, with long knee socks. There was also a mini skirt, just revealing her white bottom. Normally Sierra was a very conservatively dressed Ojou-sama. So wearing the mini skirt, she blushed deep scarlet. She tried to pull tighter with both hands, and managed to conceal her bottom a bit more.

"What's......with these clothes! Why am I wearing maid clothes!?"

"Idiot, you're too loud! After coming here, do you want everybody around to see you?"

"Besides caring if someone sees, why am I even here, I have no idea how I got here myself!"

"Stop yelling so loud! In this dorm, the rules are that no girls or pets are allowed. If they find you, I'll get evicted."

"Myse....don't compare myself to an animal! I didn't realize until just now, but I've had enough of your impoliteness!"

"I said your voice is too loud!"

"Could I request of you a little manners?"

"I'm begging you, please lower your voice."

"Will you do something for me?"

"If I can do it."

"Then die apologizing!"

"Sorry but, I think that exceeds the limits of what I'm capable of."

Jin said this in a harsh voice, devoid of emotion.

"Anyway, before somebody sees you, hurry up and get out of here."

"Until you die apologizing, I'm not moving."

Sierra had seated herself in traditional Japanese style, with her face looking straight.

"Geez, seriously just give me a break."