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NOTICE: Yen Press has licensed 'Rokka no Yuusha', with the first volume being released in April 2017.

Rokka no Yuusha Volume 1 Cover

Rokka no Yuusha (六花の勇者) is a novel series written by Ishio Yamagata and illustrated by Miyagi. An anime aired from July to September 2015, adapting the first volume of the novels.

Other Languages Italian

Story Synopsis[edit]

When the Majin awakes from the depths of darkness, the Gods of Destiny choose 6 heroes, granting them power to save the world. The young man who calls himself "world's strongest person," Adlet, is selected into this group of six, the Six Flower Heroes, and ventures forth to battle to stop the Majin's resurrection. However, at the appointed gathering place, why are there seven people? Right after, the Illusion Fog barrier is activated, shutting the seven right in the forest. They fall to the suspicion that one of them is an enemy. And then, the one whom that suspicion is most directed at is Adlet..

Novel Summary[edit]

When “The Majin” awakes the goddess of fate will choose six warriors and bestow them with the power to save the world. Somewhere on their bodies a crest in the shape of a flower will appear and as a result the warriors are called “The Heroes of the Six Flowers”. As the day of The Majin’s revival nears, Adlet, a boy who calls himself the strongest man in the world, is chosen as one of the “Six Flowers”. But when the heroes arrived at their designated location, they found that there were seven heroes present. Which meant that one of them was an imposter and an enemy. Confused by the impossible situation, suspicion and paranoia spread among the chosen. And within a thick forest, the heroes’ fierce battle begins!

The Rokka no Yuusha series by Ishio Yamagata[edit]

Series Overview[edit]


  • 六花の勇者 1 - August 25, 2011 ISBN 978-4-0863-0633-1
  • 六花の勇者 2 - April 25, 2012 ISBN 978-4-0863-0671-3
  • 六花の勇者 3 - November 22, 2012 ISBN 978-4-0863-0710-9
  • 六花の勇者 4 - July 25, 2013 ISBN 978-4-0863-0745-1
  • 六花の勇者 5 - November 21, 2014 ISBN 978-4-0863-1008-6
  • 六花の勇者 6 - July 24, 2015 ISBN 978-4-0863-1056-7
  • 六花の勇者 archive1 Don't pray to the flower - March 25, 2016 ISBN 978-4-0863-1105-2


  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, Vol. 1 - April 18, 2017 ISBN 978-0316501415