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Names & Terminology[edit]

Translators who encounter a recurring term or name not listed here are encouraged to update this list. If in doubt, discuss in the forums for input from other Japanese raw readers.


There's no known official Romanization for some of the names of characters, so below is just an estimate of what sounds/looks best. Discussion among translators/editors is of course possible.

ルクス・アーカディア - Lux Arcadia

Lux1 crop.jpg

Prince of the Empire of Acadia which was destroyed

A Drag-Knight which is called the “weakest undefeated” and also the Black Hero (黒き英雄)

User of the Divine Drag-Ride <Bahamut (バハムート)>

アイリ・アーカディア - Airi Arcadia


A survivant of the old empire’s Imperial Family

First year and Lux’s younger sister

リーズシャルテ・アティスマータ - Lizsharte Atismata

Lisha crop.jpg

Nickname: リーシャ - Lisha. Princess of the New Kingdom of Astimata. She is called the Scarlet War Princess (朱の戦姫)

User of the Divine Drag-Ride <Tiamat (ティアマト)>

フィルフィ・アインクラム – Philphie Aingram

Philuffy crop.jpg

Second daughter of the Aingram Financial Conglomerate. Lux’s childhood friend and the younger sister of the Principal

User of the Divine Drag-Ride <Typhon (テュポーン)>

クルルシファー・エインフォルク – Krulcifer Einfolk

Kuru crop.jpg

A classmate who is a foreign student from the religious country Ymir, a powerful nation in the north

User of the Divine Drag-Ride <Fafnir (ファフニール)>

ノクト・リーフレット - Nokuto Leaflet

Nokuto crop.jpg

Airi’s roommate. First Year

One of the “Triad (三和音)” who are the famous trio of the Academy

セリスティア・ラルグリス – Celestia Ralgris

Celestia crop.jpg

Third Year knight leader of the “Knight Squadron”. She was said to be the strongest of the Academy

A young woman of the Duke House of the four Great Nobles and famous as a man-hater

シャリス・バルトシフト – Sharis Barthshift

Sharis crop.jpg

Leader of the famous trio “Triad” in the Academy

Her father served as the Vice Commandant of the New Kingdom Army

ティルファー - Tillfarr

Tillfarr crop.jpg

Second-year student in Lux's classroom

One of the “Triad”

レリィ・アイングラム - Relie Aingram

Relie crop.jpg

Principal of the Royal Military Academy

Philphie’s older sister

ヘイズ - Hayes

Hayes crop.jpg

A girl that is called a black marketeer and feared in each country

She seems to be currently working as a strategist in the Heiburg Republic

フギル・アーカディア - Fugil Acadia

Lux's big brother of a different mother

バルゼリッド・クロイツァー - Barzeride Kreutzer

Also called: 王国の覇者 - Title Holder of the Kingdom. A young man of the Duke House of the four Great Nobles User of the Divine Drag-Ride: <アジ・ダハーカ> - <Aži Dahāka> Divine Raiment: <千の魔術(アヴェスタ)> - <One Thousand Magic (Avesta)>


  • 機攻殻剣 (ソード・デバイス) - Sword Device

  • アーカディア旧帝国 - Old Empire of Arcadia

  • アティスマータ新王国 - New Kingdom of Atismata

  • 幻玉鉄鋼(ミスリルダイト) - Illusion Ball Steel (Mithril Dite)

  • 幻創機核(フォース・コア) - Force Core

  • <七つの竜頭> - <Seventh HeadsSeven Head Dragon> - <Tiamat>'s auxiliary armament: possessed a huge gun barrel with seven muzzles

  • 空挺要塞 (レギオン) - LegionAirborne fortress - <Tiamat>'s special armament: they are huge arrowhead-shaped throwing weapons for long-rang attacks

  • 遺跡 (ルイン) – Ruins
    • Seven ancient ruins were discovered in the world. Because Drag-Rides were excavated, as an important existence which influences national power, turf wars occurred between each country.

  • 機竜使い (ドラダナイト) - Drag-Knight

  • 機竜 - Machine Dragon
    • Ancient weapons excavated from the ruins. There are rare species even among them, and the ones who possessing high performance were called Divine Drag-Ride. In addition, user of Drag-Rides are called Drag-Knights.
    • Basic armaments:
      • 息砲 - Breath Gun
      • 機竜爪刃(ダガー) - Machine Dragon Claw Blades (Dagger)
      • 竜尾綱線 (ワイヤーテイル) - Wire tail

There are three types of general-purpose Machine-Dragons:

    • 飛翔機竜 (ワイバーン) - Flying-type Machine Dragons (Wyvern)
    • 陸戦機竜 (ワイアーム) - Ground-type Machine Dragons (Wyrm)
    • 特装機竜 (ドレイク) - Customized-type Machine Dragons (Drake)

  • 装甲機竜 (ドラゲライド) - Drag-Ride

  • 神装機竜 - Divine Drag-Ride

  • 装衣 - Dress Gear
    • Exclusive clothing in order to equip with a Machine Dragon.

  • 幻神獣 <アビス> - AbyssPhantom Divine Beast
    • Mysterious mystical beast which emerges from the ruins. It was a threat to the mankind and only Divine Drag-Rides can oppose them. There are many species of Abyss
    • ガーゴイル: The species with high intelligence even among the Abyss
    • 終罵神獣 <ラグナレク> - Ragnarok: There are seven Abysses which concealed paranormal power and which one said that there exists only one for each ruin.

  • ヘイブルグ共和国 - Heiburg Republic

  • 王立士官学園 - AcademyRoyal Knight Academy

Bahamut's skills[edit]

  • <暴食 (リロード・オン・フアイア)> - <Reload on Fire> : <Bahamut>'s Divine Raiment. Its ability is a 10-second magic called Compression Strengthening. A Divine Raiment of seal and release. Or, restraint and liberation.

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