Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 14 Prologue

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Prologue – The Past That Arrived to Farewell[edit]

──A certain day five years ago.

Lux Arcadia who was still twelve years old opened his eyes from sleeping on the desk.

He finished exercising enough in strategy procedure and repeated it many times inside his head.

Before he realized it he was exhausted and fell asleep.

His condition wasn’t so good, but he couldn’t complain at this climax phase.

Lux had resolved himself in order to destroy the old empire, but he was a nervous wreck until the time the plan was carried out.

「Finally, this day has arrived……」

A small mansion at the outskirt of the castle town.

It had become the base for refining the strategy for the revolution and for preparatory meeting.

A total of three weeks had passed since several great nobles starting from Count Atismata incited uprising and skirmishes with Arcadia Empire’s army began.

The empire was losing patience that the rebellion couldn’t really be suppressed, and finally they mobilized the main force of Drag-Knights that were scattered to various places abroad.

It was in order to intercept the rumored assault to the imperial capital by Count Atismata.

Of course Lux was also participating in assistance to the revolution while hiding his true identity.

Even in the empire, Drag-Knight who was making top notch activity in things like capturing Ruin and the like was very few.

At present, just by wearing Drag-Knight it would become a proof overwhelming battle strength, that was why truly powerful people who even polished their skill didn’t even reach twenty percent.

Thus, Lux believed that he could breakthrough after he acquired strength from Fugil’s lesson in Drag-Ride.


He traced inside his head once more, the plan of the assault to the capital that he polished together with his elder brother.

The essential point of this strategy lied in making 『Count Atismata’s revolution』 a success.

The count was already raising many military gains together with the other great nobles who were harboring will of rebellion toward the empire.

Later they would finally invaded toward the castle, then Lux and Fugil would take advantage of that opening and invaded inside the castle through a secret passage and suppressed the inside.

They would capture the imperial family, then they would concede the control of the place to the force of Count Atismata that would arrive later. That would be the flow of events.

With that the remaining force of the empire wouldn’t be able to move and the battle would be decided.

「…..It will be soon. Airi, just a little more and this country will──」

The case of his little sister who should be sent out to a place of a remote region’s noble became delayed due to the intensifying battle against the revolution army.

Lux muttered with a blank expression, in addition he also turned his thought toward his childhood friend.

Philuffy who was taken away for the sake of human experiment was safely surviving.

He thought of her as dead after he went to save her the other day was just his misunderstanding.

If she couldn’t be saved, just what would happen to Lux?

The equilibrium of his mind would crumble from excessive despair and resentment, and after that he might head to massacre the imperial family of the old empire.

But, the girl returned back without anything happening to her as though such fact didn’t happen.

As though the original course of destiny was corrected to the direction that Lux was wishing for.

「……Course correction? Just what am I thinking? Isn’t that impossible, such thing──」

He smiled wryly and talked to himself.

Surely it was Lux’s misunderstanding because of his shock that Philuffy was kidnapped for human experiment.

That’s right. If not, then that sight was──.

「-……!? U……!」

Suddenly there was a prickling pain in his brain, his sight was covered with static that was like sandstorm.

Since that day, something that felt out of place was born inside Lux.

His perception──was feeling strange distortion toward this world.

「──My younger brother. Lux, are you there? Soon it will be our turn.」

Fugil’s voice that came along with knocking sound caused Lux to be taken aback and he lifted his face.

He didn’t notice because he was in a daze, but when he saw the clock, it was already dusk.

In the capital, the battle against the revolution army that was led by Count Atismata was already starting.

After this Lux and Fugil would take advantage of the darkness to launch surprise attack, removed the Drag-Knights protecting the castle, and guided Count Atistmata into the castle.

With that, it would be over.

This long period of tyrannical rule, the history of Arcadia Empire, everything would end.

「Yes. I will be there right away.」

He had piled up training for the sake of this.

Now that he was able to perfectly used Divine Drag-Ride Bahamut, he would be able to execute this plan without a doubt.

The only drawback was the Drag-Ride’s operation time. It wasn’t like he would face all the Drag-Knights of the empire that numbered more than a thousand, even so if he was asked whether he would be able to bring down that much Drag-Knights in less than ten minutes with certainty, than the answer was no.

It seemed that Fugil was preparing a secret plan for the sake of compensating for that.

「Looks like there is no problem with your body. Then I will grant you the plan that I told you since long ago.」

From behind Fugil who was entering the room, a girl wearing beautiful dress entered.

She had silver hair and grey eyes just like Lux and others of the imperial family. However Lux had no recollection of the girl’s face at all.

From the head of the beautiful girl who looked like a doll with her lack of vigor, two small horns were growing.

「That girl, who is──?」

Lux was bewildered seeing the strange looking girl who he met for the first time.

But, for some reason he felt like he had seen her before.

Lux had met with a girl whose appearance was really similar with this girl somewhere, he──.

「Arshalia Rei Arcadia. Now this Automaton will perform Baptism to your body. It’s to prolong the time you can fight while wearing Bahamut and so you can use Over Limit.」

「Baptism……? No, more importantly you said Arcadia……!?」

At that instant, a distortion suddenly appeared inside Lux’s mind.

The inside of his head became hazy, and he became unable to recall anything.

The sight that Lux was looking at was distorted, and he collapsed with a thud.

And then, Lux opened his eyes.

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