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Episode 4 – Assault, and…[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It is not just against a fellow Drag-Knight that a Drag-Knight should look out for as an enemy.

No, more importantly, humanity’s natural enemy to which they must be very careful of, entered this world just now.

It is a mysterious mythical beast which has come to appear occasionally from the ruins where the Drag-Rides were discovered about ten years ago.

There exists countless species and it was said that they would indiscriminately attack humans and animals once they came across them.

What separated them from common beasts was their strength, their mysterious mode of life and their unique abilities.

Therefore, the majority of powerful nations placed forts, barriers and fort cities near the several ruins, and deployed Drag-Knights in preparation for unexpected circumstances.

Even those fort Cities, located between the capital and the ruins, were cities catered to defensive positions.



“W-Why is an Abyss suddenly appearing in a place like this––?!”

“Is that… a Gargoyle type recorded in the books!? Why didn’t the alarm ring!?”

“Everyone, calm down! Lower-class students, do not draw your Sword Devices! Gather without panicking and take shelter in the school building!”

Screams rose one after another from the female students in the audience seats.

Besides Officer Candidate Drag-Knights, there were very few students who had combat experience.

Though the appearance rate of an Abyss was quite low, they are basically several times stronger than Drag-Knights.

Furthermore, since they originally flew from the ruins, which were dozens of kilometers away from the Fort City, a notification of its appearance would generally come from the forts or barriers.

In addition, if it happened that Drag-Rides were deployed in crowded areas like the audience seats, it was a foregone conclusion that the deployment would be delayed by the summons.

When suddenly coming across a wild beast in a downtown, one would not have the time to leisurely load bullets in a gun in front of the beast.

Even the eight student Drag-Knights who were deployed to stretch the barrier of the audience seats were completely petrified in face of this sudden occurrence.

“What on earth happened…?”

A female instructor, Raigree stared at the sky while gathering the students and put her hand on the Sword Device at her waist.

The habits of an Abyss are quite similar to that of a carnivore.

The tendency of counterattacking what attacks it first or running after a prey trying to run away was a typical behavior that belonged to these monsters.

If someone were to make a careless move from the ground, the Abyss which was in the sky would react and might start to attack the audience seats below.

Therefore, Raigree hesitated in her decision.

But, at that time––,


The mechanical type Abyss with a winged person shape, the Gargoyle howled.

At the same time, from a part of both its wings which were spread apart, it scattered feather type light bullets.

The shooting direction was below.

In other words, the audience seats –– in this practice field.


At that moment when the instructors and students held their breath.

Lux Acadia sliced the Gargoyle in the sky.

Part 2[edit]


The moment when Lizsharte had her attention attracted by the Gargoyle high in the sky, Lux Acadia accelerated further.

He sharply raised his partially destroyed blade in a posture to thrust it upward.

He passed across Lizsharte and further closed in upon the Gargoyle in the sky.


Immediately after, from both wings of the Gargoyle, feather-type light bullets were released directly under.


“Drag-Ride ROAR (Howling Roar)!”

On the front of Lux Acadia’s <Wyvern>, a spiral shock wave was developed (unfolded).

It was a Drag-Knight’s basic technique which flipped the enemy throwing attack by means of a shock wave generated from the Force Core.

The attack’s trajectory was deflected by it and the light bullets poured down not on the practice field, but over the surrounding vacant landscape.


A moment later, a roaring sound and a shock wave burst in succession.

The blast wind blew down trees, stirring up violent sandstorms.

From the audience seats, female students’ screams could be heard.

“What is the meaning of this!? Why did the Abyss suddenly appear––”

As Lizsharte, greatly shaken, was going to set up the <Seven HeadsSeven-Headed Dragon> of her <Tiamat>,


Lizsharte could hear Lux Acadia’s voice directly within her head.

It was the communication ability between fellow Drag-Rides –– Dragon Voice.

While sending his voice, Lux Acadia blocked the Gargoyle’s way.


Long and slender arms, and claws which shone purple.

Lux Acadia parried high-speed consecutive blows drawn out from there with his partially destroyed blade.

『With my <Wyvern>’s fire power, I cannot destroy the Abyss. So, please, go down to the ring on the ground and aim at the enemy.』

『Do you intend to order me around? To begin with, can you hold back the Abyss all by yourself––』

『I will somehow manage. The signal of the bombardment will be immediately after I brandished my sword.』

『H-Hey! Wait a minute!? Lux Acadia!』

*beep*, he selfishly cut off the dragon voice’s communication, and Lizsharte gritted her teeth.

But, the fact was that, due to <Tiamat>’s extreme consumption, her operation limit was approaching.

Certainly, there was only enough spare energy to release one more shot at the maximum output.

Lux Acadia’s judgment was correct.


“Is he crazy!? Even a kingdom army’s Drag-Knight alone can’t do anything––”

SaijakuBahamut v1 087.jpg

When Lizsharte, who went down to the ring on the ground, looked up at the sky, she saw this scene.

Part 3[edit]

Shortly after the Gargoyle scattered the feather-type light bullets, triggering numerous explosions.

The audience seats and its surroundings were wrapped in panic and confusion.

“Hey, hasn't the permission for drawing swords been issued yet!? W-We must either run away quickly or fight––”

“Backup hasn’t come yet!? What are the guards doing!?”

“W-Why did the third year students have to go for practice at a time like this…”

“Everyone, listen carefully! All students armed with a sword, draw your sword! Deploy a barrier with 70% of power overhead and help students without swords to block attacks! We will dispose of the enemy! Don’t make a move on the Abyss now!”

In an actual combat situation held just before their eyes for the first time, the instructor scolded the confused female students.

While looking at that from afar, the three girls of the Triad and Airi gathered.

Since Airi had a weak body, she applied as a civil official; thus, she possessed neither Sword Device nor Drag-Ride.

Therefore, so as to protect her, the three girls wore Drag-Rides on their bodies and set up a barrier overhead.

“Good grief, they are still knight candidates after all, so they are vulnerable to a sudden disturbance.”

Airi sighed while surveying her surroundings.

Nokuto who saw it nodded slightly,

“Yes. ––But, you can’t blame them. In the case of a fight against an Abyss with a general-purpose Drag-Ride, it would require at least three high-class or seven middle-class renowned users. It’s said that in the case of low-class users, a battle only for withdrawal or base defense is possible with about ten renowned users. What’s more, in this situation when we were caught off guard––”

“Certainly it is.”

The dignified blue-haired girl, Sharis looked around and agreed.

“It was also the right decision to order the standby and defense to the students who can fight. The students who were shaken after seeing the Abyss’s strength will become useless. A soldier who has once been corroded by fear must not participate in the battle then. It’s what my father once said.”

“More importantly, Lux Acadia-kun. Will he be all right?”

To Tillfarr who whispered nervously, Sharis also nodded.

“The “Weakest Undefeated”… He seems to be really good at defense, but, it’s useless against an Abyss. If other instructors don’t come quickly––”

“It looks like there is only one enemy, eh.”

To Sharis’ voice tinged with tension, Airi looked up to the sky and muttered.

“Then, he won’t lose. If it’s Nii-san––”

Part 4[edit]


In the sky of the practice field, light was dancing.

The Gargoyle drew out claws at high speed from both arms, and Lux Acadia flipped and parried them with his blade.

Not only did he perfectly prevent one by one the consecutive blows drawn out with a momentum as to not let one breathe, the power of each blow was enough to make the receiving armor creak each time.

On top of when he lost his balance by the shock, he struck them regardless.

Chasing Lux Acadia who reduced the distance and drawing the trajectory of an arc, the Gargoyle gave pursuit.

The black of the Abyss and the blue of the <Wyvern>.

The traces of the two colors intersected on countless occasions in mid-air and intense sparks scattered.


But, while overwhelmed to the extent that his armor was cut down little by little, Lux Acadia’s mind was not confused.

He could assume only minimal evasive action.

If he was to take a too large distance, the Gargoyle might change its attack target.

To the audience seats where there was his younger sister Airi and –– the powerless students without Drag-Rides directly below.

Thus, it was a situation where even his defense options were restricted.


(It was about time to see through its intentions, huh)

The ability which could be called the essence of Lux Acadia suddenly broke its equilibrium.

The life-or-death crises which he had overcome on countless occasions.

The Drag-Ride’s armor which he was familiar with to the extent that it was mistaken as a part of his body.

His body moved even beyond thinking and reflexes.

At this moment –– Lux Acadia’s scenario was completed.

By a hairbreadth, he slipped through the alloyed claws drawn out and casually stabbed his blade to the Gargoyle’s chest in perfect timing.


To the sudden counterattack of Lux who had been devoting himself into a one-sided defensive battle, the Gargoyle showed agitation for the first time.

On its hard body, a wound the size of a finger.

That was only it, but the Gargoyle’s mechanical expression turned harsh.

Lux Acadia’s combat experience was not only that of the tournament of the capital.

There were also many times where he handled jobs of the defense of ruins and fought against Abysses.

Among the frightened female students in the audience seats on the ground, Lux Acadia’s ears also heard that a big stir occurred.


The Gargoyle’s movement stopped for a moment and it raised a cloudy roar.

It could not be determined whether it recognized Lux as a powerful enemy as it was an opponent that could not speak, but Lux suddenly braced himself.

The Gargoyle belonged to the species with high intelligence even among the Abysses.

It was said that not only does it launch a surprise attack like a wild beast, but it also knows how to use a tactical level retreat.

『Lux Acadia! Reinforcements are coming! They are preparing for the siege! Wait only a little more!』

A communication by dragon voice came from the instructor Raigree on the practice field.


When Lux, just for an instant, focused his consciousness on the communication, the Gargoyle kicked the sky and charged.


Lux reflectively set up his blade.

But, the Gargoyle passed through Lux’s side and nose dived to the practice field directly below.

At the same time, it greatly spread its jet black wings which wore a purple light.

The omen of the bombardment which it showed first.

The aim was–– the audience seats!

While moving to take shelter, the female students who were watching the development of the fight slightly gasped as they were taken aback.


Lux switched his <Wyvern>’s propulsion output to maximum and pursued the Gargoyle.

Catching up with its back, Lux brandished his blade overhead. At that time,


The Gargoyle suddenly stopped its attack and turned around in the air.


The Gargoyle kind was an Abyss with high intelligence.

During the brief offense and defense, he grasped Lux’s ability and saw through his intention of fighting.

Lux’s action purpose –– was to move in order to protect the students of the audience seats.

The Gargoyle which recognized that pretended to aim at the students and lured Lux.


Lux’s slash packed with all his energy fruitlessly cut the sky.

Lux Acadia became wide open in front of the Gargoyle.


From below to above, a flash of claws.

It pierced the barrier and flew off the armor covering Lux Acadia’s shoulders.

In the sky of the practice field, a spray of fresh blood danced.

“Ku, ah…!”

The <Wyvern>’s system shut down and Lux Acadia started a free fall.

But at that moment––,

“…I see. I understood.”

Lizsharte’s smile was reflected in the eyes of Lux Acadia who turned his face.

“If you give an opportunity to someone with a solid defense, you will bring him down even if he applies all his energy––. It is certainly a standard strategy, monster. I’m the same, too.”


The Gargoyle’s agitation was drowned out by a very large flash of light.

<Seventh HeadsSeven-Headed Dragon>.

The strongest main armament that the Divine Drag-Ride <Tiamat> which Lizsharte drives, possessed.

The light pillar of the seven lines released from the muzzle pierced the Gargoyle’s strong metal body and pulverized it.


Spreading an echo of death agony, the Gargoyle burst and scattered.

Lux Acadia fell inside where black metal debris was pouring down with a clattering sound.

To the peace which returned after the beast’s defeat, cheers of relief rose from the female students who had taken shelter.

“However, what a man… you are.”

Lizsharte who caught Lux Acadia cancelled <Tiamat>’s connection and laughed.

How many humans were there in this place that understood of the fearful Lux Acadia with the current offense and defense?

『––the signal for the bombardment will be after I raise my sword.』

The first words which he said with the dragon voice’s communication.

In other words, that bargaining itself where it was thought that the Gargoyle outwitted Lux Acadia was the scenario which Lux Acadia had drawn up completely.

Even the fact that he applied an attack on the enemy and attracted his attention to him (Lux) by making him think “this guy is dangerous”.

Even his fighting action in order to protect the audience seats below was also included.

Everything was to drive in a blow with all his might and to make Lizsharte attack at that opportunity––

“However –– you’re a fool after all.”

With a pure smile cleared of all malice, Lizsharte looked up at the sky.

And, towards the students who could not settle their great joys and excitement, Lizsharte inhaled.

“Listen! Everyone who is in this place! I, the New Kingdom Princess, I have something important to announce!”

Lux Acadia’s fatigue and stamina was already beyond their limits.


The wound on his chest did not seem to be that serious.

Airi, the other students and Lizsharte were safe, too.

(It somehow went well, I guess…?)

After ascertaining only that, Lux Acadia finally lost consciousness.

Part 5[edit]

After a mock battle, taking a bath was Lizsharte’s daily routine.

Her fighting spirit was highly strung after a battle.

Of course, she could not boil the water for the whole large public bath in the evening, so she only drew hot water for herself alone in a bucket and only washed off her sweat lightly in the washing area.

It was not necessary; however, warm water drops ran down over the skin of the young girl with some ups and downs.


As she lightly sprinkled hot water on her whole body, Lizsharte’s face flushed and she leaked a long sigh.

Elation just after a battle and the feeling of satisfaction of the victory.

The girl had many times tasted such things until now.

(But–– what is it? This feeling…)

However, today’s feeling was different from any of that.

“To think that there was a man of the same generation that could put up such a fight against me… Besides––”

She thought that this was the first time.

(A man who also tried to help and protect me…)

That time when the Abyss had assaulted, Lux Acadia turned his back to the enemy and protected her who had not enough remaining power; and he engaged the enemy without hesitation.

(This was the first time. That I thought I “lost”…)

The New Kingdom was established and for Lizsharte who became its Princess, she had thought that the “man” who was the symbol of the Old Empire was her enemy, or an existence which was at best a stepping stone.

Even from her father who planned the coup d’état to overthrow the Old Empire, she had never felt affection.

She had never once held something like romantic feelings.


(It might have been fortunate that this had been seen by that guy.)

While touching her lower abdomen, just below her navel with her fingertip, Lizsharte felt anxious.

Even though it was a secret which must not be known, the fact that she thought that she was glad now was strange.

The girl wiped her body with a towel soaked with hot water.

“Hmm, phew…”

When her hand casually touched her chest, *badump*. She felt such a sweet throbbing.

“Lux Acadia… huh”

The girl’s shapely lips naturally smiled when she muttered that.

“There is also a reliable guy even among the men, huh…”

With these words, Lizsharte noticed her feelings.

That for the first time, she had found what she wanted in a “person”.

Part 6[edit]

He had a dream.

Six years ago. One year before the coup d’état occurred, the scene when Lux Acadia headed to the Imperial Court.

The world’s largest country, the Acadia Empire.

A detached mansion of the royal palace in the Imperial capital.

In the courtyard where greenery overflowed, Lux Acadia was looking up at the sky.

“Even though you didn’t come to the imperial capital for a long time, that’s a fairly long face. Dear little brother.”

A silver-haired young man who was standing with his back leaned on a marble pillar–– the First Prince Fugil smiled wryly.

He was Lux Acadia’s eldest brother born of a different mother, but he had already retired from the front lines because of injury and disease due to an accident.

Thus, he had a really close relationship with Lux Acadia who had similarly been expelled from the Imperial Court due to circumstances.

“Was I wrong?”

As his gaze fell to the water’s surface of the pond, Lux Acadia muttered.

The expression of the youth who wore the imperial family’s mantle on his body was cold and stiff.

“No, you did well.”

Fugil answered in a calm tone.

“The Honor of being the youngest in the empire history to have obtained the license of Drag-Knight. Using the opportunity of having been invited into the Imperial Court for that commendation, your ability to report to Father –– to His Majesty the Emperor was splendid. It was hardly thinkable of you who have just turned 12.”

The Reinforcement law of the system of androcracy. The heavy taxation due to military expansion. Human experimentation of powerful drugs using poor citizens.

Lux Acadia had carried out the statement of wanting you (the emperor) to cancel all of that.

“But, His Majesty the Emperor didn’t even take the trouble to hear you out. Your doubt is also justifiable. This empire has completely accelerated (grown) in the wrong direction.”


Even to his eldest brother, Fugil who held the same opinion, Lux Acadia did not change his complexion.

To his younger brother who showed neither resentment nor disappointment even after he was deprived of his greatest chance, Fugil continued his words.

“It seems to have been decided that your little sister will also go to the remote region in two months. Poor child, even though she is still bedridden due to illness after losing her mother in that incident…”


“I wonder whether it was to boost the morale of the army of frontier guards as well as a diplomatic purpose. His Majesty’s way of doing things is candid. Once you oppose him, he will show no mercy even to his relatives.”

“What do you think, Nii-san? About the situation of this Empire.”

Lux Acadia turned his face to Fugil and asked.

It was not the expression of a pretty boy where childishness remained; it was a different look.

It was an inhuman ruler’s smile.

It was the transcendent smile of a person who cleared away ethics and emotions.

“The Empire now is smeared with depravity. Corruption, disparity, tyranny, heavy taxes and oppression. The gear which once went amiss accelerates without stopping. His Majesty the Emperor and the ministers did not even listen to my report.”

Lux Acadia spun his words with a calm tone.

“––Despite this, no one tries to stop it. No one tries to correct it. Let alone the people of lineage that hold authority, even the other chief vassals and feudal lords.”

“…You’re right.”

To that fact which was indifferently spitted out, Fugil agreed.

“He neither takes the populace’s life into consideration nor corrects injustice; he doesn’t carry out his duty, either. Nobles, who only steal, force and covet. They have certainly lost the pride of “Standing above others”. Even their subordinates and dependents are so. The current nobles themselves should know their depravity. However, once he turns to the side which exploited –– to the side which receives benefit, he will never consider going as far as to cast away his profits and position in order to save the people. He can permit as many times as he likes the “irrational misfortune of others”.”


After Lux Acadia slightly nodded to Fugil’s words,

“Yes… That’s why this empire –– the world doesn’t change anymore. It can’t be changed. As long as the empire's army monopolizes the Drag-Rides, revolt will only be the final coating of tragedy. I’ve heard about many stories of resistance and even uncalled massive slaughters.”

“Yes. But, there is nothing we can do now––”

“––No, I don’t think so.”

Interrupting the words of Fugil who resigned himself, Lux Acadia said clearly.

“So, there is something I have to tell you. Will you hear it? It’s for that reason that I came today to the imperial capital.”

Lux Acadia’s smile which wore a shadow and Fugil with a perplexed face.

That scene became dim and disappeared.

And Lux Acadia regained his consciousness.

Part 7[edit]


The setting sun burning madder red came in through the window.

A small wooden private room which smelled of medicine and flowers.

Lux Acadia woke up on the bed of the room.

A bandage was wound to his chest which was cut. It looked like the wound was shallow.

“This place is––?”

“Ah… D-Did you wake up!?”


Hearing a voice nearby, Lux Acadia, startled, sprang up.

A blond-haired girl, the Scarlet Princess Lizsharte was sitting on a chair immediately nearby, watching over him.

It looked like this place was the academy’s medical office.

“D-Does your wound hurt? U-Um, the skill of the doctor here should be pretty good, but––”

With a somewhat settled appearance, Lizsharte looked into Lux Acadia’s face.

She seemed to be extremely worried about him.


After grasping the situation, Lux Acadia looked downward for a while,

“Um––, thank you.”

He said so with a smile.


Lizsharte cocked her head in puzzlement and looked at Lux Acadia

“For having taken care of someone like me––”


For a little while, Lizsharte blinked her eyes as she was taken by surprise––,

“Lux Acadia. You’re a guy whom I don’t know whether you’re modest or arrogant. Was everyone in the royal family of the empire like that?”

“I don’t know. I had been immediately driven out of the imperial court when I was a child.”

As Lux Acadia smiled wryly, Lizsharte muttered in a low voice “I see”.

“D-Does that have anything to do with your heading towards the Abyss without hesitation?”

She continued so in a slightly awkward tone.


“An ordinary human can’t do it and wouldn’t. Facing an Abyss with a general-purpose Drag-Ride is… Why did you save me––?”

Showing a somewhat shy aspect, Lizsharte asked.

“…E-Errr, I don’t remember well.”

Lux Acadia honestly answered while smiling wryly.

“However, I just think that I have to do it. I’m often scolded by my little sister. “Nii-san does what he thinks right away” she says.”

When he said that troubled, after Lizsharte folded her arms and showed a thoughtful look,

“I see. Well, it’s fine. It's my principle not to think about bothersome things after all. You protected me –– us. I will leave it only at that.”

“You’re quite a frank person, eh. Princess.”

As Lux Acadia said with an awkward smile,

“Yes, that’s right. I’m a very lenient and generous Princess to those who are competent.”

Lizsharte happily returned a lovely smile.

The caution and hostility which she had towards Lux Acadia until very recently seemed to have completely disappeared.

Rather than childish, her pure and honest attitude was refreshing.

“Yes. You might be a very useful guy, fallen Prince.”

As Lux Acadia breathed a sigh of relief to the princess who slightly blushed and nodded,

“Okay, Lux Acadia. I will believe you completely. So, I will fulfill my promise.”

Lizsharte suddenly stood up and said such a thing.

“A promise?”

“I-I said it, didn’t I? The reason why I challenged you to a duel. Since you had seen that, I couldn’t let you off like that. S-So––”

“Ah. U-Um –– sorry, I saw everything… But, it was beautiful.”

“D-Don’t remember it, stupid Prince! What I want to talk about is––”

As a towel was thrown out by Lizsharte who turned red, Lux Acadia blocked his view.

Have I said something rude?

As usual, I don’t really know how to interact with girls.

As Lux Acadia thought so and took the towel in front of him––,

“U-Um––, it’s this.”

An unbelievable sight spread out before his eyes.

In the evening sun coming in through the window, Lizsharte’s skin could be seen.

She rolled up the uniform blouse until above, grated her skin, lowered her underwear only just a little and stripped off.

As if saying that “I wanted you to see”.

The cheeks of Lizsharte who averted her eyes turned red not only because of the setting sun but also because of shyness.

“…It’s like that. This is the real reason why I challenged you to a duel. You had seen this in the bathroom at that time, so––”


SaijakuBahamut v1 107.jpg

The girl’s fresh rotundity which showed signs of clear growth on her figure where childishness remained.

Lux Acadia was completely captivated by that immature beauty.

“W-Why don’t you say anything!? How about you say something?”

“…! U-Um, errr––”

While completely forgetting himself, Lux Acadia thought.

That’s right. I will use the art of talking that I learned in the bar where I did odd jobs at that time.

When you praise a girl, you should first praise the affinity of the person herself with cloths––

“Um, it suits you very well. That white underwear––”

“Uwaaaaaaaah!? Are you an idiot!? Pervert! Die!”

I failed again! Let’s forget already the knowledge I acquired when I worked there…

While Lux Acadia was regretting, Lizsharte who spouted fire from her face hurriedly raised her skirt.

But, everything else was fairly visible to Lux Acadia.

“Is that crest… possibly –– the Old Empire’s?”

“…D-Did you finally notice? ––So that means, you haven’t told anybody about this, right?”

As Lux Acadia nodded, Lizsharte who put back on her clothes sat on the chair.

The Old Empire’s crest which modeled a black dragon.

That brand was on the lower abdomen under the navel of Lizsharte.

“Why in the world––”

“I can’t tell it yet. But, don’t speak about this crest to anyone. Please. Will you promise?”


The body of the New Kingdom Princess has the mark of the Old Empire.

It was either the proof of betrayal or the false statement of lineage.

Certainly, if it was known, it was a fact that might cause groundless doubt, but Lux Acadia, even before the doubt, was concerned about Lizsharte.

Lizsharte who kept quiet and looked downward, desperation was transmitted.

It was not “I want you to overlook it”… but rather “I want you to believe in me”.

Right, he felt like she was saying it in her heart.

Surely –– it was not a guilty, simple secret.

Even Lux Acadia himself had such a past.

That’s why he understood.

This child had probably not done anything bad.

“It’s all right. I won’t tell anybody.”

“Really? Can you swear it?”

“Yes. I swear on the Sword Device I possess.”

Lux Acadia straightened himself and bowed his head.

Lizsharte who saw it leaked a breath of relief and showed a smile.

“Thank god. At first, I intended to interrogate you in various ways after I confine you in the underground prison by that duel, but––”

“Eh… Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?”

So, you intended to confine and interrogate me after beating me into a pulp and sending me to the medical office!

As expected, it wasn’t the way of thinking of a Princess.

She’s pretty rough, this child…

“Okay. Then, this matter is settled. With that said, I will have you officially come to this academy from tomorrow.”

“Ah, there was such an agreement. From the start––”

The duty of Drag-Ride mechanic apprentice requested by the Principal Relie.

Many things had happened, but he finally returned to his original odd jobs.

When Lux Acadia was relieved so,

“Ah. By the way, the work of mechanic apprentice was cancelled. From tomorrow on, you will come as an officer candidate student to our academy.”

“Ah, yes. Understood.”

Several seconds after giving a half-hearted reply, Lux Acadia reflected on that meaning,

“––Wait, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?”

He instinctively screamed.

“I-It’s a joke, right…? I mean, in the first place, I’m a man––”

“A-And, call me “Lisha” like my classmates. This is a promise, too.”

It looked like she was completely serious.

Seeing Lisha’s bashful smile, he felt like the wound on his chest got severely worse.

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