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Episode 5 - Reunion with a Childhood Friend

Part 1

“––With that said, he is Lux Acadia who will be attending this school from today. Everyone, there are probably many things which you aren’t used to, but I hope you will get along with him.”

The next day ––.

The school building: second floor, second year’s classroom morning.

Receiving the introduction of the female instructor in charge of the class Raigree Balheart, Lux made an expression showing that he did not know what to say.

Raigree, while being a woman, played an active role as a Drag-Knight in the Old Empire Era, and she also took the New Kingdom side as the ally of women in the coup d’état.

In addition, including her beauty and dignified personality, she seemed to boast of great popularity among the female students.

It might have been some sort of fortune that he was put in the class which such an instructor took charge of.

That’s –– if Lux was a female student officer candidate though.


Last night, since there was no vacant room in the girl’s dormitory, Lux ended up staying at the drawing room for visitors and spent a night where he was not able to sleep very good.

However, it was because of that Lux’s stomach hurt.

After the New Kingdom establishment by coup d’état, Lux who was working as a chore Prince was used to busy and hard work.

What was the most toilsome was that when seeing the classroom, he was strongly feeling out-of-place.

It's impossible.

Even more than Lisha’s coerciveness, as “a test entrance which considers a future coeducation”, and frankly speaking, he did not know at all about what Principal Relie who also permitted it, though it was a temporary enrollment was thinking.

(How can she easily permit it even though it’s a girl’s academy…?)

Lux knew that Relie had such a character from a long time, but as expected, she had too much freedom.

By the way, since it seemed that a substitute capable person would be arranged by the Kingdom to do the other miscellaneous jobs, which Lux was scheduled to do, he was relieved for the time being.

“Errr, I’m Lux Acadia. I hope to get along with you…”

For the time being, he made an awkward greeting.

By the way, Lisha who was in the same class, probably due to yesterday’s fatigue, far from offering a lifeboat to Lux was sleepily rowing the boat.

Small buzzing and whispering voices filled the classroom.

Well, it’s no wonder.

He was a Prince of the Old Empire which laid out the trend of androcracy for many years, so although the system changed five years ago, it was still the object of caution for girls.

Moreover, that a person like him was the only one admitted in a young ladies’ academy––

(Haa…, I want to go home.)

Everyone probably hates it, too, and honestly even I don’t know what to talk about––

“…Ah. It’s Lu-chan.”

As Lux was inwardly shedding tears, he suddenly heard such a voice.


A pink-haired girl who was in a seat on the window side of the classroom.

Her fluffy hair was brought together with two ribbons, which properly suited the girl’s absentminded atmosphere.

And, her rich chest which greatly pushed up her uniform brought about a mysterious charm to the girl’s face where traces of childishness remained.

SaijakuBahamut v1 115.jpg

“Long time no see.”

In a soft voice, the girl smiled at Lux.

Her slow way of talking and peculiar atmosphere rang a bell to Lux.

“Errr, are you by any chance, Philphie…?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

To Lux’s question, the girl nodded and confirmed.

Philphie Aingram.

She was the second daughter of the great mercantile House, the Aingram Financial Conglomerate, and also Lux’s childhood friend.

Furthermore, she was the Principal –– Relie Aingram’s younger sister.

It had actually been seven years since the last time they met.

At that time, the Aingram House was associated with the Old Empire and there was also the fact that they were the same age, so Lux remembered that they played a lot together when they were children.

“So you are attending this school. I’m glad. Please, take care of me, Lu-chan.”

With a tone which did not seemed that much happy, Philphie said.

Though, Lux knew that Philphie was originally a girl who was not very good in expressing her emotions.

And, the fact that she was not so talkative and also that she had an honest personality.

Therefore, even though she looked like this, she was probably really happy.

“Ah, yes. Likewise, take care of me.”

As Lux exchanged greetings like this, the instructor Raigree pointed and said “okay, Lux. Your seat is next to that child.”

Lux was nervous, but as he sat down next to his childhood friend, he took a breath of relief for the first time.

Thank god.

Even if was a few, there was a friend whom he could speak with.

While Lux who was tired in various ways since yesterday loosened his cheek in relief, he looked at his childhood friend sitting nearby––

(But, we are in an age and position different from those seven years ago, we’re in a classroom, so I should take that into consideration a little, shouldn’t I?)

“Um, would it be better that I call you Philphie-san?”

The moment Lux said so, suddenly (in a bad mood) Philphie turned away with a serious look.


Lux was perplexed to that reaction.

Did I say something rude?

(But, I have memory that it was rare that Philphie got angry about something, but––)

“It’s Phi-chan, isn’t it?”

As Lux thought so, Philphie said that while still looking away.

“…Eh? Can I call you like that here!?”


Philphie affirmed as she nodded.

(N-Now that I think about it…!)

Lux remembered with cold sweat.

Philphie had since olden days demanded a relationship where she and someone whom she took a liking to called each other by their nickname.

Lux was also doing so since they were very close when they were children, but––

“I-I’m happy you say that, but as expected, I can’t call you that here… I mean look, we have already grown up, also we’re officer candidates, and we’re in the academy…”

Or should I say, it was very embarrassing to call you so in front of unknown classmates.

“Would you consider the situation at that angle?” Lux expected so, but––



Looking at Lux who made excuses, Philphie looked away once again.

The noisy stir of the classmates could be heard.

“Everyone, don’t make noise. I'm starting the lesson.”

With Raigree’s voice, the classroom regained calm instantly.

But, since it was a sudden admission, Lux had not yet have a textbook at hand.

“Philphie-san. Can I use your textbook together with you?”


He was ignored.

“Ph-Philphie. T-This much is all right, right? H-Hey, we’re in class now…”


There was no reaction.

I soon wanted to cry.

“…Hey, Phi-CHAN.”

“What…? Lu-chan.”

As Lux somehow squeezed his voice, Philphie turned towards him and said so.

“M-May we read your textbook together…?”

“Yes, all right.” At that moment, laughter leaked from all over the classroom.

“Cute” “Phi-chan he says” “Did those two have that kind of relation?”

Hearing many such voices, Lux’s face turned red.

Ha, it’s too embarrassing…!

What is this!?

What kind of situation is this!


Incidentally, even the serious instructor Raigree was trying to suppress her laughter.

Lux endured the urge of wanting to run away right now and somehow took the class.


Lisha who woke up looked at this as she seemed to be in a bad mood.

And, Lux did not notice another female student’s gaze

Part 2

However, unexpectedly his embarrassing exchange with Philphie seemed to bear fruit as Lux’s classmates seemed to have dispelled their caution towards him.

“Hey, hey, were Philphie-chan and Lux-kun by any chance fiancés?”

“What kind of jobs does the chore Prince usually do?”

“Speaking of which, why can you fight against an Abyss alone? Isn’t it great!?”

“Are men that good at using Drag-Rides? I heard that the aptitude rate was originally above for women, but––”

And then, the number of female students assailing with questions and gathering in front of his desk, at every short break during lessons increased like a festival.

The duel with Lisha who was the Princess, and the repulsing of the Abyss.

For good or for bad, the bad impression of having intruded into the bathroom was completely wiped out and it seemed that only interest and favorable impression towards Lux remained in the students.

Just before the lunch break, a large number of onlookers flocked from other classes.

(Somehow, it’s different from what I’ve imagined…!)

Knight candidates’ academy which noble young ladies attended.

As Lux was perplexed to the atmosphere which crumbled too much regarding it––

“Lux-kun. That reminds me, you’re still doing the miscellaneous jobs, aren’t you?”

“Errr. Yes, well… it’s my duty after all.”

As he replied so being asked by one of the girls who surrounded his desk,

“So if I ask, Lux-kun will do jobs here. All right, shall I ask at once?”

“Ah, it’s not fair. I also wanted to ask!”

“Lux-san. More importantly, would you like to have tea with me?”

“Everyone, if you’ve any request, I will collect them. If you approach him all at once, Lux-cchi will be troubled, right?”

Tillfarr who was a classmate came over and began to bring everyone together.

(I’m selfishly given a strange nickname…)

It looked like Tillfarr, who was one of the trio –– one of the “Triad” which seemed to be famous even in the academy, was the mood maker-like existence even in the class.


However, honestly, he felt relieved.

It's a good thing if Tillfarr interceded for everyone––

“Yes, yes. Write your odd jobs requests to Lux-cchi and put them in this box. Carry them. Put in also the appointed date. They will be done in turns later.”


(Somehow, the talk has been settled in a bad sense!)

“Don't worry. Everyone is rich after all. Like this, Lux-cchi’s debt can also be paid quickly!”


As far as he could see the written requests being thrown in the wooden box which Tillfarr prepared to the extent that they overflowed, he felt like he was going to collapse before the completion of requests.

And –– it was lunch break; as Lux who was mentally tired laid face down on his desk for a while,

“H-Hey. If it’s fine with you, how about going to eat meal together? Lux.”


Being suddenly called out to from above his head, Lux jumped.

Standing before him was Lisha.

He had the feeling that she had been half sleeping nearby during the lesson, but she seemed to have woken up before he noticed.

“Errr, do you mean –– the two of us?”

“T-That’s right … Don’t you want to go with me?”

While faintly reddening her cheeks, Lisha looked away.

At that moment, a small stir filled the classroom.

“A-And if possible –– I would like you to become my exclusive care taker from here on. Coincidentally, I also wanted one servant after all.”

As Lisha said so while restlessly twining her finger in front of her chest,


Along with Lux’s scream, the whole class rustled once again.

“Eh? What does she mean?” “If I remember correctly, Lizsharte-sama didn’t apply even a maid for her care as she is misanthropic, right?” “To make him, a ‘man’ her servant is––” “No way…”

From the female students of the class, he could hear such voices from afar.

“S-Such a thing––”

Since he could not reject it in a loud voice, he was troubled.

“This much is fine, isn’t it? At that time, you forcibly saw even my naked body after all––”

At Lisha’s words, “kyaaaaaaaaah” high pitch voices rose from the classroom.

As expected, the incident of the bathroom had become a rumor, but there seemed to be students who did not know the details.

“T-That was –– um”

As Lux completely panicked––,


A girl quietly approached Lux.


It was Philphie.

While already eating something which looked like baked doughnuts silently probably for lunch break, she stood just beside Lux and Lisha facing each other.

She was expressionless as usual, but she revealed a strong presence.

“*gulp*. Lu-chan is troubled. Lizsharte-sama.”

Swallowing the doughnut in her mouth, Philphie said.

“What. I was wondering who it was, but it’s just the airhead daughter of the Aingram Financial Conglomerate, huh. It’s troublesome. Okay, I'll give you my snacks, so step back calmly.”

After knitting her brows only for an instant, Lisha took out paper packages from her bosom and ordered Philphie.

Judging from the faint sweet smell and the package, a golden gloss (luster).

The contents seemed to be bread seasoned with honey.


It was specified in the school regulations that there was no hierarchical relationship between nobles and that they were treated as equal knight candidates within the academy.

But, that was to the bitter end an official stance, and it was not going on like that in reality.

A Princess was after all a Princess.

“It’s not as if Lux himself really asked for help, right? I don’t know about you being childhood friends or whatever, but I advise you not to thoughtlessly poke your nose into other people’s affairs.”

Lisha told so as to persuade her.

Philphie silently gnawed the bread from the package she received like a small animal.

“Ah, so you’re eating it…”

Philphie was extremely fond of sweet things. And, she was doing things at her own pace.

She also seemed to have not changed on that side since a long time.

“Everyone would understand just by seeing that Lu-chan is troubled. So stop. Princess.”

A slow and loose tone.

But, Philphie told so clearly.

One did not know what Philphie was thinking as she was usually absentminded, she firmly insisted unexpectedly and she was the obstinate type.

The exchanges of the two girls became incandescently calmly.

The classmates of the classroom brightened their eyes to that scene and began to get greatly excited.

“I wonder who will win.”

“The New Kingdom Princess and or the childhood friend of the Aingram Financial Conglomerate…”

Lux who became unable to endure being here, hurriedly,

“W-Wait, you two, calm down––”

The moment when he raised his voice,

“––Sorry for meddling as you’re busy, but can I?”

A dignified sound.

He heard a translucent voice in the classroom.

Lux remembered the girl with beautiful features like a fairy.

Krulcifer Einvolk.

She was a fellow knight candidate classmate who was a foreign student from the religious country Ymir, a powerful nation in the north.

It was that girl who made the escaping Lux swoon; flinging him away in the incident of the day before yesterday.

“Krulcifer, huh. If you have business, leave it for later. I’m in the middle of an important talk now––”

Lisha swelled her cheeks (as if pouting) and protested so, but

“I was asked for a little business from the Principal of the school. There is a place that she wants me to guide that child to at lunch break. Understood, Lux-kun?”

“Errr…, ah, yes.”

It was the first time he heard about the matter of being guided, but thinking that it was a lifeboat, Lux rode on the talk.

“Then, it’s like that, so.”

As Krulcifer told so and softly held Lux’s hand, she pulled him to the corridor without waiting for Lisha’s and Philphie’s reply.

“––No way, to think even that talented Krulcifer-san is interested in him”

“It has become interesting.”

To his classmates’ shrill voices which he could hear from behind, Lux walked down the corridor while bearing some anxiety.

Part 3

Coming out from the classroom to the corridor, they went up the stairs.

When they arrived at the rooftop where there was no one, Krulcifer approached the handrail and quietly looked down below.

The scenery of the large school site could be overlooked from here.

A vividly green courtyard and great school buildings.

In a slightly remote place, there were the girl’s dormitory and the Machine Dragon practice field and the fourth Machine Dragon hangar.

And, there were some buildings which he did not know yet.

“Um, thank you. Krulcifer-san”

From the time being, Lux who took a breather thanked her first.

He had heard rumor about Krulcifer Einvolk only a little from his little sister Airi.

A foreign girl who possessed first-class skill in studying, body techniques, and Drag-Ride’s handling.

Including her beauty which exceeded that of an ordinary person, she was a talented woman whos superiority was acknowledged by the people in the academy.

“You helped me… didn’t you? Probably.”

“Despite your childish face, you’re unexpectedly sharp.”

“T-That has nothing to do with it, right!? Why do you say such a thing!? Even though I mind it!”

As Lux unintentionally reddened his face, Krulcifer chuckled.

“The fact that you immediately become irritated like that, despite being a Prince of the Old Empire is what I call childish. Though former, you’re also of a royalty, so I wanted you to return such an obvious provocation with sarcasm.”


(It’s no good. We should be the same age, and yet she completely has the upper hand.)

When Lux was inwardly snubbed so,

“But, other than it, I praise you. You might say that I admire you. For noticing my intention. It saved me the trouble.”

“…Um. Then, as expected, is there something you want to talk to me about?”

“Yes, there several things. But, first of all.”

She said so and turned her transparent pupils towards Lux.

“Why didn’t you give the finishing blow yesterday –– at that time?”

“…Are you talking about Lizsharte-sama? Or about the Abyss…?”

“I think that you could have defeated both though. Only if you felt like it––”

At Krulcifer’s glance as she saw through it, Lux hesitated for an instant,

“…You overestimated me too much.”

After several seconds, he replied so.

“Certainly, I have never lost in an official mock battle of Drag-Knight. But, I never won, either.”

The nickname “Weakest Undefeated” named from the style where he devoted himself entirely to defense and evasion and delivered no attack.

But, as that name showed, all his war records were draws.

Lux had also never won.

“Don’t worry. I don’t intend to force you to speak about something you don’t want to speak about.”

(I-I’m not trusted…!)

As Lux hung his head, Krulcifer said as if reading his thoughts.

“Oh my, there is no way I would trust you, right? You, the peeping tom and underwear thief Prince.”

“L-Like I said! You’re wrong––”

As Lux blushed and became confused, Krulcifer chuckled.

It was a graceful smile hardly thinkable of a girl of the same age.

Lux’s heart throbbed for an instant to that expression.

“I’m a little relieved.”


“It’s because you are a more harmless boy than I expected. Your not that much like the Empire's royalty.”


A tone with which he didn't know whether he was praised or made a fool.

But only a little, she seemed to be having fun.

“It can’t be helped. After all, I’m the seventh Prince, and moreover––”

“You’ve a childish face and you’re also short?”

“NO!? Um…, for various reasons, we were driven out of the Imperial Court when I was child. So, We’re not that much familiar with the Old Empire––”

After the coup d’état succeeded, Lux and Airi were released by the New Kingdom’s amnesty.

With the criminal’s collar attached to their necks and a large amount of debt as a mark of atonement.

And also another deal––.

“Is that so.”

Krulcifer curtly muttered these words without showing any feelings in particular.

“So, Krulcifer-san came abroad to study from the religious country Ymir, to learn about Drag-Knights?”

“Certainly, that’s also one of my goals.”

How to put it, this girl seemed to always like an elusive way of speaking.

“Then, what kind of other purpose do you have? I heard that you’re an Earl’s daughter, but is it in order to connect interchanges with the New Kingdom or something like that––”

“…Hey, do you know about the “Black Hero”?”

Interrupting Lux’s words, Krulcifer asked.


“The monster that destroyed about 1200 of the Empire's Drag-Knights using only an unknown Drag-Knight, and drove the Empire to defeat. Both his affiliation and purpose were unknown. That user’s figure hasn’t been confirmed in the current New Kingdom. Therefore, he is handed down as a demon of destruction for the Old Empire and as a legendary hero for the New Kingdom.”

“…If it’s only the rumor, I’ve heard about him, but––”


At Lux’s answer, Krulcifer said nothing.

She was just overlooking quietly the scenery below in front of the handrail of the rooftop.


“I have one job request for you.”


“Look for the “Black Hero”. I have business with that person.”


The moment when Lux unintentionally gasped.

  • dong*, the sound of the big bell resounded from the clock tower.


“The afternoon lesson will soon start. Next is the Practical training exercise for Drag-Rides, so we better hurry up.”

While saying only that, Krulcifer got down from the rooftop ( you get down from the roof by taking stairs so this sentence doesn't really make sense in my opinion, )and slowly walked to the stairs.

“U-Um… Krulcifer-san!”

When Lux called out to her back, Krulcifer stopped for an instant and turned around.

As Lux was perplexed as he didn't even know what he was going to say,

“Speaking of which, Lux-kun, did you eat lunch?”


(N-Now that she mentioned it, I hadn’t yet!)

It was because he was completely exhausted at the beginning of the lunch break and was rolled up in trouble afterwards––.

The moment he conscious of so, Lux’s stomach growled and his face turned red.

“Do your best. Cute chore Prince.”

Krulcifer suddenly smiled and left just like that.


Somehow, she was too mysterious a person, but there was only one thing made clear so far.

This person is too tough, in various ways…

Lux held these indescribable feelings and his hunger, and took the afternoon lesson.

Part 4

“Haa, I’m already tireeeeeed…”

Night time.

The large public bath linked to the girl’s dormitory.

While strongly brushing the bathtub and floor where he intruded into the day before yesterday, Lux was exhausted.

After finishing the afternoon class, the number of requests of “odd jobs” which dropped into Lux’s hand had increased.

Was the first ever man to move into this girl's academy? –– the Old Empire’s chore Prince that rare (unusual).

Or, did he attract attention in various ways because of yesterday’s duel and incident?

The requests, including those from the academy and students, exceeded dozens of matters only today, and the number of reservations still kept increasing.

Originally, if Lux had not organized the odd jobs which reached a hard schedule, he might have given up long ago.

“Even so, I think that it’s a place like a paradise though.”

About five years after Lux was released by the amnesty of the New Kingdom.

His life as the chore Prince was by no means comfortable.

Of course, there were also good people at the work place.

But, during the countless requests, there were also many painful and difficult things.

He was awfully cursed (abused) by the people who resented the Old Empire.

Conversely, he had also been spoken ill of as the “dog of the New Kingdom” by the Old Empire’s adherents.

“But––. This place is”

While working hard at studying, he could pay his debt and moreover, his safety was guaranteed.

And above all ––daily Drag-Ride training was possible.

It could be said that the fact of the burden of the expensive management, and maintenance fees of his Machine Dragon also disappearing was ideal for the kind of life that Lux aimed for.

However, the only thing which he was concerned about,

“Was it all right for someone like me to stay in such a place?”

In this place where Lux muttered, after a light knock, the door to the dressing room was suddenly opened.

“W-Waaaah!? Sorry! The bath cleaning is already over, can you just wait a little bit now––!?


Have I by any chance forgotten to put the note “under cleaning”?

As Lux raised a voice of explanation in panic––

“I’m sorry for not meeting your expectation, Nii-san. Did you want to see it? My naked body.”

There was his little sister Airi and the Triad’s first-year student who was her friend, Nokuto.

By the way, both of them were properly dressed.

“W- What are you saying!? Ah, Nokuto-san, good evening…”

“Yes. But, it can’t be helped. I hear that adolescent males usually have it tough in various ways. I wonder about how about they lust (crave) for a blood relative, but”

“Why did you assume that I was expecting a naked body!?”

“Well, it’s fine though. Shall we, the only family members, enter the bath together next time? Nii-san.”

“Airi… It’s embarrassing, so could you please not tell such a joke in front of people?”

When Lux’s cheeks reddened and he protested, as Airi was also a little embarrassed, she deceived it by clearing her throat *cough*.

“So, do you have business with me? This bath cleaning is already the last for today’s requests, so if it isn’t a pressing business, I want you to wait a little––”

To Lux who straightened his back, Airi and Nokuto smiled wryly.

“Yes, it’s a little work. Afterwards, please come immediately to the grand hall of the girl’s dormitory. A detour is out of question (prohibited). Well then, later.”

Airi smoothly said and turned her back.

“Understood. I'll go immediately.”

“Yes. Please look forward to it.”

When bowing to Lux who answered, Nokuto also left the bathroom together with Airi.

“Look forward…?”

Lux cocked his head in puzzlement, but in the end he did not understand.

Part 5

The evening when the sun also went down completely.

After having the housemother who made the request checked the cleaning, Lux headed to the grand hall without break like he was told by Airi and Nokuto.

As he walked in the dormitory, wide like a high-class hotel in the capital, he unintentionally smiled wryly to himself who felt that he was “out of place”.

“Speaking of which, I was royalty, too…”

He had lived in the imperial court until 7 years old, but after being deprived of the right of succession to the throne, he lived out of the castle, and it was not that rich (affluent) of a life.

The coup d’état occurred when he was 12 years old, and with a short-term war of about one month, after the Atismata chief officials won, he was imprisoned with his little sister Airi and they were detained for a while.

And––, at the same time as the New Kingdom government was born, Lux became a criminal and it had been decided that he would bear the mission of undertaking odd jobs and a debt with an amnesty.

They were the only two survivors of the Old Empire's royalty.

Although they were almost ousted from the imperial family, to let Lux and his little sister, who had imperial blood live and release them, various agreements were necessary.

Along with another secret which could by no means be said––

“…Errr, was it the grand hall?”

Lux noticed and stopped.

(––But, for what reason would they call me at such a time?)

Even though there are many jobs I can’t do when the night comes.

As Lux was thinking so, he saw Airi’s figure in the hall which was down the stairs.

“You seem to have straightened your appearance. I’ve gotten a better opinion of you, Nii-san.”

“E-Even I will at least do that much! Um, about the request from the girls––”

“Well then, please come here. Everyone is waiting.”

Ignoring Lux’s words, Airi took his hand.

Just like that across the passage, to the cafeteria (dining hall).

“Huh…? If I remember correctly, this place is––”

Even though it was already the time when the cafeteria (dining hall) was closed.

As Lux thought so, looking puzzled and entered,


He heard the girls’ voices all at once.


When looking at the front, many dishes were placed on a big table.

Meat pie with sauce was put and all sorts of sandwiches with vegetables were put.

Pasta with mushroom dressed with plant oil. Chicken sauté seasoned with spice.

Soup with cooked vegetables, drawing out sweetness.

Even a red wine bottle and teapot were prepared.

“Don’t tell this is––?”

“Right, it’s the celebration of your admission. Lux-kun.”

Seeing Lux’s reaction, Sharis of the Triad lightly smiled.

When looking, the dining hall was set like a small party meeting place, and many students gathered there.

Lizsharte, Krulcifer, Philphie.

Sharis, Tillfarr and Nokuto of the Triad.

And, several students of the same class and also the instructor Raigree also sat in a corner.

For a moment, he could not believe that sight.

It was like a dream.

Lux was absentminded for a little while.

“Um, by any chance –– is it for me?”

“…Well, it’s something simple we gathered and planned after all. It might be a little plain to entertain you, a former Prince, but please do with it.”

As the third-year student Sharis said so,

“Uh-huh. The dishes are everyone’s handmade dishes, but don’t get your hope up for the taste of what I made! I’m extremely clumsy after all!”

Said Tillfarr with a face (smile) on her whole face.

“No. I don’t think that it’s something you should say in this (first) place.”

Nokuto threw in a calm response to it.

“Lu-chan. We will be together from now on.”

“I’m expecting various things from you.”

After Philphie and Krulcifer respectively called out to Lux,

“Yo. Ah, um, how to say it.”

Lisha who was sitting on a chair in the back lightly raised her hand and stood up.

“U-Um –– frankly speaking, I’m not very good with such a party or event. Therefore, um, I don’t really know whether you’re happy. But, I thought we should finally do it… Good work… No, it was a great honor on this occasion. Lux Acadia.”

While shyly averting her eyes a little, she muttered.

Her attire was a red dress which Lux saw for the first time.

“Yes. Lizsharte-sama seems to want to say “I wanted to thank and congratulate you, and so I planned it. I will be happy if you enjoy it even a little”.”

“Y-You’re wrong!? Don’t translate it on your own! Even though you’re just a first year!”

Seeing that exchange, the other students suddenly burst into laughter.


Because of too much shock, Lux was stiff for a while, but

“––Thank you. Lisha-sama. I’m happy.”

He said so with a natural smile.

“N-No… Well, um, how to say it. It’s only one, but I also tried and made a dish. Errr…”

  • cough*, with a sidelong glance to Lisha who blushed and began to panic, Sharis cleared her throat.

“Well then, shall we already go with the toast?”

To these words, everyone poured wine in their glasses and raised them.

The lively night wore on.

Part 6

The happy time passed in the blink of an eye.

After Lux’s welcome party ended and they dispersed.

“What to do… I completely forgot…!”

Because his stomach was full, and there was also the fatigue from the jobs and the moving on the first day, Lux wanted to lie down (and rest) as soon as possible, but he had noticed about this time the fact that an important problem remained.

That was –– about the bed (where to sleep).

Lux had been using the drawing room for visitors, but since maintenance was necessary, he just remembered that it was said that it could not be used for a while,

In this academy where there was only the girl’s dormitory, the room where Lux would stay has not been yet found.

Therefore, securing a place to sleep was also a problem for Lux, but––

“I wonder why only this place is the same as the time before the move in…”

Even though there were many rooms, there was none where he could stay.

(I should have consulted with the instructor at the party…)

“It’s no use. I’m sleepy…”

The collected fatigue and the feeling of a stomach full from a meal.

Without fighting against the sleepiness which suddenly assailed him, he genuflected.

“I will rest a little, so…”

Right, on the hallway carpet, it was right after he leaned on the wall.

Lux’s consciousness was immediately swallowed by darkness and he sank into a deep sleep.

Part 7

  • cheep* *cheep*…

The chirps of small birds could be heard and on the back of his eyelids, he could feel the warmth of a dim sunlight.

It’s morning. Thought Lux within his consciousness.

Have I slept on the corridor? It’s a mysterious sensation for it.

(The carpet of this dormitory is warm and soft, huh.)

Besides, it somehow smells really good.

(Until a little while ago, sleeping outdoors or staying in a stable was normal for me after all.)

Remembering such a thing, Lux smiled wryly in a doze.

Before he noticed, he seemed to have gotten used to his fairly poor life.

I should wake up soon; I still have many things to do.

But, I want to stay like this only just a little––

Thinking so, he tried to haul in the blanket in his hand, his eyes closed as it is.


  • funyu*, along with this soft sensation which touched his hand, he heard such a voice.


(I wonder what this is.)

It was fluffy, fleshy, smooth and very soft.

It had elasticity just like kneaded bread dough, and when sank in plumply, Lux’s fingers were pushed back.

As that sensation was comfortable and Lux massaged it several time with his eyes still closed––



The voice before him turned into a seductive one.

As Lux who was surprised by this opened his eyes––,


A girl with fluffy, light pink hair and golden pupils which thinly opened.

Philphie Aingram was on the same bed –– next to Lux.

“Wai…!? Why is Phi-chan here!?”

“…Ah, morning. Lu-chan. Fuhaah.”

In contrast with the confused Lux, Philphie winked sleepily.

Her appearance was one thin shirt, an exposed chest and –– her underwear could be seen on the lower part of her body.

“Wh… What on earth happened!? Why!? Why are you––”

Lux hurriedly sprang up from the bed and looked around.

Bunk beds, a closet, a small table of two cliffs, a desk––

No matter how you think about it, it was a room for two people of the girl’s dormitory.

“…the washroom is on the first floor?”

“Not that!? It’s not that I’m worried about!? I mean, cover it! I can see it after all! I can see in various ways!”

While retorting in a fluster, Lux hurriedly covered his eyes with his hands.

As he did so, Philphie yawned in a cute way and crawled once again under the bunk bed (blanket)

“Hey!? Don’t sleep again! What’s with this situation!? If I remember correctly, last night, I was––”

“Yes. I brought you here. It’s because I found you sleeping on the corridor on my way to the toilet… You’d have caught a cold, you know?”

SaijakuBahamut v1 147.jpg

“T-Thank you… Not that!? This room is a room for two girls, right!?”

“I’m the only one using this room, so it’s all right.”

“Even though there are bunk beds, why did you sleep with me!?”

“It was bothersome to carry you above. And I was sleepy…”

“T-Then, wouldn't it have been better if you have gone to the top, right…?”

“Climbing the ladder was bothersome.”


End of discussion.

“B-But… Um, it’s bad after all, right? In a lot of ways–– You and I are already at this age.”

“I’m all right with it though.”

“Ah, geez… How much haven’t you changed since a long time ago…!”

No matter how much she is a boxed in young lady, as expected, she is a little too off.

I’m greatly happy that we’re close like a long time ago, but the stimulus is stronger now.

Both her appearance and smell let one feel that she was a completely grown-up “girl”.

“Did you change, Lu-chan?”


Quietly getting up and with a serious look as usual, Philphie said so.

“I think that nothing has changed. I think that you’re always the kind Lu-chan of those days.”

And just a little bit, she smiled.

A soft smile to the extent that it could only be noticed by someone who had been close to her since a long time.

“It’s all right. I’m sure we haven’t changed.”


I wonder why.

To Philphie’s smile and her words, Lux almost cried (felt like crying).

After all, I am…

On the last day of that coup d’état, I––

  • tock* *tock*!

At that time, a sound of knock resounded in the room.

“Philphie! It’s already morning. If you don’t wake up quickly, you’ll be late! You’re already late all the time, so if you’re late any more than this –– may I enter?”

The second-year student of the “Triad”, Tillfarr’s voice could be heard coming over the door.


(It’s bad!)

No matter how much there were circumstances, being seen in this situation would be––

“Philphie…, you know? I’m already up, so can you keep it a secret about me being here––”

“It’s fine. Enter.”

Before Lux finished saying, Philphie plainly answered.

“Wai––!? Doe this room by any chance not lock with a key!?”

Tillfarr opened the door and entered.


And, after absentmindedly opening her mouth as she saw Lux and Philphie,


  • patan*

“Sorry for the intrusion!”

“HEY!? You’re wrong! So, please don’t spread that story!”

Lux hurriedly came out of the room and ran after Tillfarr who ran away.

In the end, Lux, Philphie and Tillfarr became late while getting along well.

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