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Side Story – The Little Sister Airi’s Big Brother Observation Diary[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I, Airi Acadia, former Imperial Princess, have a little daily routine.

That is writing a diary.

Since no one knows when what misfortune may befall him, and also for the sake of my only brother, I must constantly leave records behind.

I sit at a desk in my room of the girl’s dormitory where everyone has fallen asleep, and I am silently writing down characters on paper.

“Airi is really meticulous as usual.”

When I am writing a diary in front of a lamp, I heard Nokuto’s voice from the top of the bunk bed.

“Sorry. Were you not able to sleep?”

I looked back in the direction of the voice and turned my face to the black-haired girl.

My classmate Nokuto Leaflet is my roommate who perfectly gives off the impression of a “calm maid”.

“No. You do not need to mind me. But, staying up late is bad for the body.”

“It’s all right. Just a little more and I will finish.”

While being thankful for her consideration, I straighten my back and turned to the diary.

“Anyway, is that story true?”

I was a little concerned by a certain rumor which I heard from my classmates during the daytime.

『––It seems that Lux-senpai, the only male of the academy already has someone he likes.』

No way, was what I answered then.

When it comes to Nii-san, that blockhead and ignorant of a girl’s goodwill, there was no way that such a thing is possible.

Well, appearance-wise, I also think that he’s kind of cool and gentle, but in my opinion, he has many troublesome sides.

He is a person who cannot turn down a girl’s request, he is relatively defenseless and easily deceived and when push comes to shove, he acts without thinking of prior consequences.

Therefore, it is necessary that I look carefully at him.

What a worrisome brother. Even being set up with a strange rumor that he has someone he loves in the academy––

….No way, there isn’t really anyone, is there?

That Nii-san, having someone he likes…

“––That’s right.”

It may also be good to observe Nii-san for two or three days in order to confirm this rumor.

Yes, let’s do so.

I should exercise tact as much as Nii-san is careless.

I decide so and ran the pen in the diary continuing the record.

With a slightly mischievous heart, I decided to write the title of the next day ahead.

Nii-san observation diary

Part 2[edit]

Early morning of the next day. I went to the room where Nii-san is staying.

This is –– just in order to observe Nii-san who is in the academy, it is not something to feel ashamed about.

It is an assignment which I chose on my own.

Doing investigations, analyses and recordings is the work which I, a civil official, chose on my own.

“Nii-san. I’m coming in.”

After lightly knocking twice, I said so.

This is in order to check Nii-san’s attitude, so there will be no meaning if it is not a surprise attack.

When I pretended to not have been on time and opened door, I came across an outrageous scene there.


A lightly dressed girl who is sleeping under the bunk bed and Nii-san who extended both his hands to her body.

For an instance, it looks like Nii-san is playing a prank on the sleeping girl, and my face cannot help but get hot.

“U-Um––, Airi. Errr, this is…”

Seeing Nii-san who became incoherent, I settled down at once.

“Were you trying to wake Philphie-senpai?”

I, who arrived at that conclusion, speak amazed as usual.

“Ah, yes. That’s right… Philphie doesn’t wake up at all––”

“I will wake her, so Nii-san, please go look out the window and stay still.”

Saying so, I shake and wake the half-asleep Philphie-san.

On a closer look, her pajamas are messy and her bare breasts also shook.

Even I of the same sex had my eyes attracted by their overwhelming volume.

I wonder why they are so big…

“Fuhaa… morning, Airi-chan.”

As she notices me, Philphie-san lightly rubs the corner of her eye and does a small yawn.

Her slow gestures, even seeing from me (point of view) who is younger, is very lovely.

No way –– is Philphie-san the rumored “lover”?

Philphie-san is Nii-san’s childhood friend.

Besides, by Principal Relie’s arrangement, they are living while sharing a room like this––

“…Nii-san. You don’t do strange things with Philphie-san, do you?”

“W-We don’t do such things! There is no free room right now, so we have no other alternative––”

Nii-san, averting his eyes from us, says with his face red.

“Ah, Lu-chan, morning, too.”

On the other hand, Philphie-san was also leisurely as usual.

I feel relieved inwardly.

There was no lovers atmosphere between those two yet.

“Well then, I shall take my leave. I had business with you, but it looks like I am in your way now.”

After Philphie-san finished changing her clothes, I say so and leave the room.

I don’t think that those two currently have a relationship beyond that of childhood friends, but they are a young man and woman.

Yes. From now on, I should also be careful of them after all.

Taking note as such in my mind, I attended the class on that day.

Also afterwards–– from the short break between lessons until after school, my “observation” continued.

Though there is also no end to the students who request odd jobs to Nii-san, he is so overly busy that there are few girls who can spend intimate time with him.

However, while advancing my investigation, I found several people who require attention among them.

The Drag-Rides’ atelier located in the school premises.

I peek into the place where Nii-san is doing the odd job of Machine Dragon maintenance and confirmed it.

One of them is the New Kingdom’s First Princess, Lizsharte Atismata.

She is a second-year senpai who ties her blonde hair to the side, and a Princess with an outstanding talent as a Drag-Knight as well as an engineer.

She is quite fond of Nii-san since that incident (incident of the Abyss surprise in vol.1) and she bears good will towards him.

During the absence of the third-years, she tried to persuade Nii-san to join the “Knight Squadron”, and has also taken various assertive and conspicuous actions using her power as a Princess.

Even so, since she is not very understanding of the essential approach part of love, it is probably all right.

Trying to attract Nii-san’s attention, she does it only about Drag-Ride’s development… I wonder what she has in her mind.

However, from what I see, she is deeply in love with Nii-san, so I must pay attention to her.

Another one is a daughter of an Earl, Krulcifer Einvolk.

She is a very beautiful person and I am sometimes fascinated by her.

She is a foreign student of the religious country Ymir, and a talented woman who possesses both a refined demeanor and a high ability in literary and military arts.

She also often teases Nii-san and he is completely sucked up into her pace.

And for some reason, she also seems to be interested in Nii-san; and she comes speaking to him whenever she finds an opportunity.

Since she is a clever person, in a sense, she may be the most dangerous.

But, she does not seem to have that much interest in Nii-san as a member of the opposite sex, and since there is no way for Nii-san to be able to court her, it’s probably all right, I guess.

“…Phew, so I guess that’s it for the time being.”

I confirmed all the possible candidates likely to be Nii-san’s “loved one”.

It was just a rumor after all.

I heave a sigh of relief and returns to the girl’s dormitory.

However, when I share a table with my classmates for the supper of that day––

“Ah, speaking of which, Airi-chan. Yesterday, I saw Lux-senpai buy a present.”


I was so surprised that I almost spat out the water I was drinking.

That was really close. The impression of an Ojou-sama that I have built so far was about to be ruined.

“…Wasn’t it something purchased due to an odd jobs request?”

Nii-san has the obligation to receive the requests of students in this academy.

It seems that there are so many requests that he can’t readily receive them all now, but––

“No, it seems to be for a present. The shopkeeper is from the personnel of my mercantile house; he said so.”

“I-I see…”

Nii-san is basically poor, so the problem is how he managed to get the money. Though I have an idea of people who will lend him money–– the possibility of it being the Principal is the highest right now.

No –– more importantly.

“So, what did my brother buy?”

“I heard that it was a rose perfume. And –– it looks like the person he will give it to is Sharis-senpai. Ah, I’m envious. To get a present from Lux-senpai––”

“…Is that true?”

I ask while being inwardly shocked.

Through my relationship with Nokuto who is a friend of Senpai, I know that the third-year Sharis-senpai really loves rose flowers.

When coupled with the borrowed money, there seems to be a child who accidentally heard Nii-san asking Principal Relie (according to me) about what Sharis-senpai likes.

So, is Nii-san's loved one Sharis-senpai?

Though she is from a family lineage of soldiers and tends to go out of control easily, she is a serious person who has a sense of justice.

She is a beautiful person and she also has a nice figure.

She is an acquaintance of Nii-san due to the first uproar, and they are also both in the “Knight Squadron”, but –– That can’t be.

I quickly finished dinner and rushed to Sharis-senpai.

When heading to the first floor of the girl’s dormitory, near the entrance, I saw the figures of Nii-san and Sharis-senpai.

When I hurriedly hold my breath and prick up my ears, I hear the two of them talking.

“Something Tillfarr likes? Let’s see… If I remember correctly, that girl liked to collect accessories.”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

“I see, you can’t also be underestimated, eh Lux-kun. I’m a little jealous. Please take care of my protegee.”

Sharis-senpai laughed with a slightly complicated expression.


Enduring that which almost leaked out from my mouth, I saw the two part.

He pretends his loved one to be Sharis-senpai––, it is Tillfarr-senpai?

Since Tillfarr-senpai is Nii-san’s classmate, they have many points of contact.

She has a candid character unlike a noble young lady’s and she is a spirited cheerful person who can get close to anyone.

Though I think that it will not be strange even if Nii-san comes to like her––

No way, does he intend to two-time? …That Nii-san?

While being confused, I’m walking a corridor with a red carpet with unsteady steps.

What to do. If I do not quickly confirm which is the real one––

“Ah, Airi, can I get a minute?”

“Eh––? N-Nii-san?”

Being suddenly called out by Nii-san from behind, I panicked.

“W-What exactly do you want…?”

While being slightly flustered, I pretend to be calm as usual.

“Um, it’s about Nokuto, but–– do you know anything about what she likes?”


“What’s wrong? Being so surprised.”

“N-No… More importantly, why do you ask such a thing?”

“Ah, errr… I just want to ask, can’t I?”

In a tone as to dodge the issue a little, Nii-san says so. It becomes more and more suspicious.

“It’s fine. But is it for a present? I see that Nii-san really got good at handling a girl, too.”

“D-Don’t tease me. More importantly––”

While looking embarrassed, Nii-san heard about Nokuto’s preferences from me.

After Nii-san left, I confirm the recent events while being driven by impatience.

He bought a present for Sharis-senpai, and had asked about Tillfarr-senpai and Nokuto’s preferences.

Does he really intend to confess to the three girls of the Triad?

Such a thing is impossible, but––

Then, the holiday of the next day, my uneasiness became reality, and Nii-san bought two presents in the Fort City.

The bad presentiment swelled up rapidly.

『––It seems that Lux-senpai, the only male of the academy already has someone he likes.』

Even if Nii-san confesses to the three girls and it becomes a three-timing, it will be bad; in the first place it will be unpleasant if he confesses to even one of them.

After all, Nii-san does not belong to everyone, but my only––

“Ah, everyone. You came just at the right time––”

Nii-san, with the presents in hands, heads towards Sharis-senpai who is having lunch in the courtyard of the academy.

“S-Such a thing, absolutely not!”

I unintentionally shout and break in between them.

“A- Airi!? Why are you here––?”

“N-Nii-san, too, please stop it! Confessing to multiple women is immoral! Besides, about me too–– huh?”

Then, I notice Tillfarr-senpai and Nokuto whom I did not see before as they were hidden by the tree.

It seemed like he was going to give the presents to the three girls all at once.

“…What is the meaning of this?”

“Errr. I just want to return the three of them the favor for when they had visited me last time.”

After Nii-san answered so, the three girls of the Triad smiled wryly.

“Hahahaha. Sorry. It looks like your little sister has been worried needlessly.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect that you would take it seriously… How serious are you, Lux-cchi.”

“Yes. I am glad for your feelings, but please do not force yourself too much.”

It seems like the three girls have demanded a return gift as a joke due to the visit when Nii-san had fallen due to fatigue before.

Then, Nii-san was seriously troubled about returning a present…

“I am amazed by you, Nii-san… It’s the usual thing though.”

“No, I also understand well that kind of not common sense after all… But, I’m indebted to the three of them in a lot of ways––”

“If you do these kinds of things, you will be asked for a present by everyone in the academy one day, you know?”

When I warn him like so, Sharis-senpai smiled wryly.

“It’s as your little sister says, Lux-kun. You’re slightly too good-natured. ––But well, if you say it’s just for this time, I am very glad for the first time in a while. Thank you.”

“Me too –– thank you for the ribbon, Lux-cchi. You’re really a serious Prince.”

“Yes. Frankly speaking, I am also happy. Since practical articles such as handkerchiefs are to my liking.”

After Tillfarr and Nokuto respectively also said with a smile,

“However, after having given us good souvenirs, it’s irritating that there is nothing we can give you in return, eh. Next time, the three of us will have a sleepover party, but –– if you’re fine with it, why don’t you also come?”

“Eeeeeeeeeeh!? W-Wait, that’ll be bad––”

“…Nii-san, right after saying that, can you honestly not accept their request now?”

I coldly retorted to Nii-san who was blushing in panic.

“Oh, half of it wasn’t a joke, but –– you shouldn’t let your little sister worry too much. Well then, take care of us again in the “Knight Squadron”, Lux-kun.”

After parting from the three girls of the Triad, I gave a sermon to Nii-san.

That since his situation is very special, he should be careful not to get caught in strange rumors.

––Thus, my investigation this time came to a close.

While feeling a little relieved, I reconfirm Nii-san’s unreliability and his good nature.

It looks like a periodical observation is still necessary.

Therefore, I should also write such a conclusion in this diary.

『As expected, Nii-san is useless without me.』

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