Seikai no Senki:Danshou-Camping with Dusanyu

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星界の断章 野営~ドゥサーニュの場合

Danshou short story: "Camping with Dusanyu"


For the Abh, speaking about school, it is the military academy(Kenru).
Aside from the engineering military academy(Kenru Skem) and administrator military academy(Kenru sazoir),
the purpose of the military academy is mainly to train and shape those who are qualified to be flight staff officer(Lodairl Garerl).
The Abh don't have elementary schools. While they are young, they principally to receive homeschooling.
An educational facility could be provided in a multifamily housing, but it would be a private school, and not a public school.
Enrollment to the military academy is not bound to age, but many enroll in their later teens.
The Abh have many lifestyles. However, the typical Abh chooses to live as an army officer(Bosnal) or as a trader/merchant.
And most experience both in their life.
Naturally, it is necessary to graduate from the military academy to become an army officer in order to become a trader/merchant.
As here is the only place in the Empire(Frybar) to learn about the technology and the theory of plane-space navigation theory(Klofer Fatoth) that would enable navigation between the stars.

Thus, in this case the majority of people having the spatial-sensorXXorgan(Frosh) in fact begin to learn about independent life at the military academy(Kenru).
The elected motive can be categorized into three types.
The first type is a person who enrolls purely out of duty.

The klabœrh sosr is the largest planet in Count Abrial's territory (Doryuhynh Abliarsar).
[TL note: klabœrh sosr = artificial planet]
Even though the diameter is about 2 sedagh(=2000km).
However, it is an artificial planet with an atmosphere unlike the rest of Count Abrial's territory outer planets.
Earth and rock cover a powerful gravity control system(Wameria) in the core.
Most of that earth and rock were harvest from small celestial bodies.
Once there were a lot of rocky asteroids in the earldom.
However, all mineral resources including those now in the outer solar systems were already queezed/wrung to exhaustion;

and the residue(zanshi) had been used as the building material for such as klabœrh sosr.
First, fertile soil from land world(Nahen) was laid on the surface, and a rich ecosystem is being maintained.
The orbital tower(Arnej) and the klabœrh sosr as they are called, are but different from other artificial planets.
Land worlds aren't something unusual, but then over here, in the Count Abrial's territory(Doryuhynh Abliarsar), it is different.

As most of the population of Count Abrial's territory are concentrated in the Imperial capital Lakfakalle, and the buildings in Lakfakalle are ships without engines, they have neither the necessity to install an orbital tower nor the room to do that.
The klabœrh sosr orbits the star Abriel at a different position than Lakfakalle.
The reason why it is not inside Lakfakalle was because there are concerns that its gravity field could have affected the other buildings.
The reason to build such a dangerous object especially in the vicinity of Lakfakalle was to let people experience a land world. Abh rarely come down on a planet.
Some land worlds in particular, do not permit that due to religious taboos. so they are recreated.