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星界の断章 野営~ノールの場合

Danshou short story: "Camping with Naurh"


Military academy (Kenru) personnel recruitment demographics.
It accepts any person as long as they have a certain academic ability.
Every year about 6-70000 people enter it.
The motivation of those who enroll can be roughly divided into three types.
Royalty (Fasanzoerl) is required to enter the school.
Noble (Sif) must enter the school to obtain special privilege.
Landed gentry(Ryuuk) who are descendants of Knights enroll for the technical department.
Although, it is voluntarily, and they are free to lead a life without the need to even set foot into the school, they still enter.
But once war starts, every person who had not graduated feels obligated to enter.
Therefore, once the war started, more than one million enrolled in the technical department.
The United Mankind, the People's Sovereign Stellar Union, and the Greater Alkont Republic entered into an hostile state with the Humankind Empire by the Abh (Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari).


The widespread opinion that it was mankind's last war caused a new historic record-breaking 128572 students enrolling into the military academy (Kenru).

Aicryac(Ekuryua) Üémh Tlyzr Naurh woke up.
She remembered a strange feeling.
She realized the real nature of that strange feeling immediately. It's a faint unfamiliar sound she's hearing.
The sound had been audible from the back.
Where Naurh was sleeping were the tents of the flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac).
While attending the Military Academy school, the trainee(cénh) is to train for ten days in an artificial planet (klaboerh sosr) in orbit.
During the training period, at the encampment where the trainees live a morning ceremony is held in which
the Imperial Flag(Rue Gla) is being raised.
Flag-privateXX2ndXXclass is a honorary post to manage the raising and lowering of Imperial flag from day to day.

While the flag is flying during the day, she takes part in the same training as other trainees(cénh).
She does not stand guard beside the flag pillar.
The ceremony of raising and lowering the flag was a substantial role as sleeping with it in an exclusive tent during night.
The two flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac) take turns in taking a nap.
Naurh served the first half of the (立哨)guard post and was just sleeping until morning.
Even though the nap was disturbed, Naurh was not especially/particularly offended.
She is used to waking up suddenly thanks to the cats she had been keeping in the old days.
However, it was not a cat that woke up Naurh. It was something more more suspicious looking/fishy(uron).
The tent was made from the same material as the military uniform(Serlin) and cannot be easily cut.
Special equipment would be required. Someone was using that tool.
The cutting was slow. It was probably the limit of the portable tool.


The slit was wide enough for an arm to intrude.
She wished there was a gun to shoot with, but unfortunately there was no weapon.
Star Force officers (Laburéc Lodairh) don't have a habit of carrying a weapon.
Not to mention the fact that trainees (cénh) are only permitted when learning to handle sidearms.
Naurh drew, and put on the alpha(almfac) which she had put aside the pillow.
And she frowned (/made a grimace).
The spatial-sense(Frokaj) did not work. Space-time was featureless.
The Abh only removed their alpha when they take a bath or when going to sleep.
The alpha explores the surrounding by sending radio waves and pouring the information into the spatial-sensor organ(Frosh).
The Abh grasp the four dimensional space-time intuitively by processing it in the field navigation(rilbidoc) section of the brain.
The spatial-sensor organ is what makes an Abh an Abh.
If you compare the spatial-sensor organ to the blue hair it is not such a great characteristic with respect to appearance.
She thought about wether her alpha had failed.
First of all an alpha, which has been technically refined for more than 1000 years, does not break down unless a strong force
from the outside is applied.

Naurh had not such an experience. However, it cannot be a case in which it suddenly stops working one day.
However, she did not think it was a coincidence. Perhaps, the person cutting through the tent did something.
Naurh sneaked out of the tent quietly. At that moment, the spatial-sense(Frokaj) came back to life, and Naurh felt relieved.
She was greeted by the suspicious eyes of another flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac), Koryua Üémh Knapem Sagagh.

"Can't sleep, Naurh?" she asked mockingly.

"I just woke up now."

Sagagh changed her expression, and whispered a question. "Did anyone wake you up?"

"I do not know that person. He is trying to cut through the tent."

"He is cutting into the tent?" Sagagh's eyes widen concerned. "Calm down,

be serious"

"I cannot calm down." said Naurh unexpected.

"So, again, it's this, Ekuryua" Sagagh was irritated by her. "How can you not be calm anywhere?"

"Is an explanation necessary?"

"No, I am good. I have no time for it."

"But, it can't be helped with this problem."

"Even if not, I would not miss it."

A flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac) is chosen among people with a good record or from a family with a good social standing.
As both, Naurh and Sagagh, carry "Üémh" as familyXXnameXXpart(sapenec), signifying/showing that it carried on from a member of the Abh before the time of the Empire's(Frybarec) founding, their family's social standing is not bad. It was extremely common for landed gentry(Ryuuk).
In other words, the two were chosen as flag-privateXX2ndXXclass because of their results.
Though, Naurh's record was not bad, but it was also not good.

She kept being moderate. Having difficulty in communicating, lowered her grades significantly.
However, she may be what is considerably excellent when she gets herself together because she delievers decent records; if you think about it.
Sagagh had unquestionably good results. She was extremely excellent, and it was considered a certainty, that she would receive a
double-winged Alpha(almfac matbrar) in the future.
Of course, that is if she doesn't die in battle, but that's another story.
Sagagh was certainly the pride of the Koryua.
Even under normal circumstances without the increased number of people, it was tough to compete for the top in the Military Academy(Kenru).
It is a special privilege to be chosen as flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac) with results excellence.
One can appoint a partner to serve together as flag-privateXX2ndXXclass.
And it was Naurh who had been appointed.
Koryua and Ekuryua have a bond. Even now there was still interchange between the families which divided about a 1000 years ago.
Naurh and Sagagh were childhood friends.

Even if it seems (the fateful) relationship was the reason for Sagagh's choice,
Naurh's appointment as far as it concerns her was becoming an annoyance.
While talking the shape of the tent had changed. It did not change as far as it concerns the eyes.
However, the spatial-sense(Frokaj) sensed that the tent was being scooped-out. And as a result of that scooping space shrunk(depressed).
Sagagh seemed to have noticed and watched the tent with a startled expression.
And she went silently around to the back of the tent. Naurh followed her.
There was nobody. But a big rip was made to the tent, and there were signs of people. It seems that it was already invaded.

"Disgusting greedy transparency smokescreen (Sebyl Rusela)" Sagagh murmured/muttered.

The transparency smokescreen is transparent to visible light, but it absorbs almost completely the Alpha's (almfac) electromagnetic wave spectrum.
In other words, it does not affect eyesight, but the spatial-sense asset would be useless without doing something.

"As is expected of the excellent Sagagh" said Naurh impressed.


She surely had learned about the transparency smokescreen during class, but had forgotten about it until this moment.

"Thank you. Anyway, let's apprehend/capture them."

They didn't know the number of people nor their true intention.
Besides, they were prepared with special equipment like the cutter and the transparency smokescreen (Sebyl Rusela).
And there, she didn't hesitate to start-off unarmed at the opportunity.

"Honey, are you even an army officer (Bosnal)?"

"It's about the Commander(sarérh)."

Relying on relyable equipment for advanced preparation to gain the upper hand that's plainly something called superior officer's duty.
A commander without small arms when going against intruders is condemned to end up, very likely, overwhelmed,
but it doesn't mean an army officer is bad -----
thus this will cause trouble Naurh would want to defuse, yet for some reason other people would not understand her.

"Yes" but, as is expected of the long acquaintance, Sagagh seemed to have understood it. "But even so we should do it."

"We should report to the camp site commander (sarérh dobol)."

"But, the guard post will be blamed if that is done."
Once flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac) was considered an honorary position, no matter what happens,
the person's punishment is destined to be more sever.

"It can't be helped in that matter."

"Wait with the report."

"What would you do?" Naurh looked puzzled.

"Therefore, I capture the intruder."

"Impossible" Naurh decided promptly.

"You don't know until you try it." Sagagh shook her head. "Let's do it this way.
Naurh, report in with the Commander(sarerh), but without using the wrist computer (Kryuno)."

"Without using the wrist computer?" Naurh asked, not understanding Sagagh's intention.

"Yes. Once it's resolved, you get in touch. Like that, come back without having to report."
Finally she understood. The purpose was simply adjusting with a way around to extend the time.

While Naurh hurries to the Commander's room, she intends to catch the intruders, before the instructors realized (her presence).

"It's dangerous being alone" Naurh noted.

"Then would you go catching with me?"

"Even as a pair it's still dangerous." Zero chance, zero chance even if bringing/musting up guts/ambitions;
using two to double the odds, there is no doubt chances are still zero.

"Then, are you worried? That's surprising, you would worry about me."

"I'm not worried. I only pointed out an objective fact."

"Oh, sure." Sagagh seemed to look daunted.

"I will not cooperate." Naurh declared just to make sure.

"I do not expect that. Besides, I wouldn't be able to face Saguzeru if anything should happen to you."

Saguzeru is Sagagh's older brother and Naurh's childhood friend.

"Saguzeru does not matter." Naurh was irritated about why his name would come up here.

"Oh, that's alright. Geez, Naurh, you are such a fool. Anway, go!"

"All right."

Even if she became flag-privateXX2ndXXclass(glaboriac) by Sagagh's nomination, Naurh was not really her subordinate.
Therefore, there was no reason to be ordered, but Naurh followed obediently.
She followed it directly. Especially because there was no reason to protest.
Naurh left the place quietly.
Although, it didn't cross her mind, saying that she was not worried about Sagagh would be a lie.
Naurh's girl friend was vaguely and hard for her to understand, but she alone was a precious person;
she would be missing her and be lonesome when she's gone.

"Don't overdo it." Naurh said unintentionally while leaving.

"Thank you" Sagagh seemed surprised.