Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi: Volume 6 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - The return of Rebecca Randall

Part 1

In the dragon workshop, a special realm where dragons made their creations. Many creations of the ancestors were hung on the walls and the floor was like a checker board with black and white tiles. On the ceiling was a chandelier made from bright dragon crystal shining brightly.


Suddenly, someone groaned in the mysterious space. The person frowning in the middle of the space was none other than Eco. Right behind her stood Navi with a whip.

“Can’t you concentrate?”

With a silverish pink hair, rubies like eyes and snow like white skin, Navi's features were similar to Eco’s. Just that she had a more mature body and pointy horns compare to Eco whose horns were round, just like a young dragon. The most obvious difference was their breasts. Navi's would shake once every few moments while Eco’s looked just like a washboard.

“It is not like I don’t want to!”

Eco was now sitting with her legs crossed. It was similar to the monks of the east when they meditate. According to Navi, that was the best way to concentrate. Eco with an unsatisfied look on her face could no longer keep her position.


Navi swung her whip.


Eco felt a jab of pain on her shoulder. Even though she was in her spirit form, she could still feel the pain.

“Hey… That hurts!”

“This is all for the training. Didn't you want to use that bracelet?”

“About that…”

Eco was feeling down.

Part 2

It had been a month since Eco started training with Navi. She had been training nonstop for a month without rest for three to five hours a day. All the hard work was for her to make good use of the Avalon Bracelet that Mother Dragon gave her.

I will never allow anyone to use my powers as Avalon’s Daughter ever again… That was Eco’s resolution. Right now, the use of her bracelet was to only control her transformation. But after the training, she should be able to use it as a device to control her transformation. Currently, Eco still wasn't able to control her transformation. But Navi told her that she could freely Dragonise or Humanise with the use of the bracelet.

For the time being, Eco was grateful to have Navi. Without Navi's knowledge, Eco wouldn't even know where to start her training from. Mother Dragon also probably knew that Navi was always by Eco and that’s why she had never further elaborated on the training.

“Are you still angry about what happened on “That Night”?”

-That Night.

Eco’s shoulders trembled just as Navi mentioned about it.

“Exactly! Silvia she… Right in front of me… She did that thing to Ash!”

“Haa… How many times had I heard you grumbling about it. Even callus is starting to grow in my ears. What happened was Silvia confessed to Ash and kissed him, right?”

“I won’t forgive her!”

“For the Imperial Princess of the Avalon’s holy dragons' imperial family to become jealous for only a mere kiss, it is a disgrace to the family.”

“I am not jealous! This is pure anger!”

“Well, isn't jealousy the source of your anger?”


Navi sighed when she saw Eco turned speechless.

“Since this is what had turned out, I will pass this information to you. This happened before the wise dragon magic Albion changes the reproductive system of the dragons…”

“I have no interest in the past.”

Eco refuted but Navi ignored her by continuing.

“Polygamy was common among the dragons.”

Eco’s body had gotten hot the moment she grasped the meaning.

SnRK V06 030.jpg

“You mean…”

“That’s right. A male dragon will form a pledge with numerous female dragons.”

“That’s downright low!”

“Ara, even the nobles who had a legal wife in the Chevron Kingdom located next to us at the same time are surrounded by numerous mistresses. Even the Chevron King, Zacherias III had hundreds of mistresses.”

“…What are you trying to imply?”

“I won’t say a thing if you are trying to become Ash’s lawful wife. However if you are getting angry every time because he had some business with the other girls…”

Navi crossed her arms and tried lifting her breast casually as if she was trying to point it out. She then took a look at Eco’s breasts and sneered.

“Isn't your worth as a woman is as small as your breasts?”


Eco’s scream was echoing around the mysterious dragon workshop.

Part 3

It is almost the end of the month of Virgo. There was only about ten days left in the two months long summer holiday. It was almost time for the students to return to the school dorms. The quite dorm which felt like a ghost house probably would be able to return to its usual noisy state by the end of the month. Ash was passing time in his renovated room.

“What a peaceful day.”

Ash mumbled while he was looking at the flowerbed through his window. His days of trouble had continued since Eco’s birth. This was the first time he actually appreciated the peaceful days.


However, it was different for Eco. After her training in the Dragon Workshop had ended and had returned to the real world, she was suddenly in a bad temper. She most probably still held a grudge on what happened ‘That Night’.

“Arrrgh! I can’t stand this anymore!”

Eco was kicking around on the bed. Her slender looking bare legs made Ash’s heart skipped a beat.

“Hey, Eco. Shouldn't you calm down?”

“It is not like I can control my anger!”

She sat up with her face red from anger. Her right fist was trembling. On her right wrist was the Avalon’s Bracelet that Mother Dragon gave her. Somehow, it seemed like it lacked luster.

“Haa. I didn't know Eco was the type to hold a grudge…” mumbled Ash.

“What did you say!?”

Eco immediately gave him a sharp glare. Even though it was from a beautiful girl, the glare itself was terrifying. Not to mention that Eco was a dragon. The sharpness of her glare was similar to the glare of a dragon.

“N-No. Nothing at all.”

Ash shook his head in terror. Ash could still vaguely recall the things that happened on ‘That Night’ that had caused Eco’s ill temper.

Part 4

It happened about a month ago. Because of Mother Dragon’s request, Ash, Eco and Silvia went visiting Albion Forest’s Novitiate. On the day where Eco received the magic tool, Avalon’s Bracelet from Mother Dragon to control her Dragonization, Silvia had confessed to Ash on that night itself. Then she robbed off Ash’s kiss. It all happened in an instant and Silvia was not acting like her usual self. Ash’s stomach started hurting whenever he thought about the return journey from the novitiate on the second day. Ash was sitting in the warzone between Silvia and Eco while they were on Lancelot’s back…

Part 5

“-Hey, are you even listening to me!?”

Ash returned to his sense after being shouted at by Eco.

“… I am listening.”

Eco walked towards Ash after she jumped down from the bed. She was looking at Ash with her puppy eyes. Her ruby eyes bear a hint of tears. This was how she looked like even though she was angry just moments ago. Ash felt as if his heart was being grabbed. Their shoulders touched each other first. Their faces were so close that they could feel each other’s breath. Eco then tried her best to express herself:

“You’re… You’re mine! That’s why I will transform and crush you if you keep on thinking about Silvia!”

Eco touched her Avalon Bracelet when she spoke. Her expression changed from sad to an evil looking face.

“You shouldn't be able to control your transformation yet, right?”

“Want to try it? I had been training for a whole month you know.”

But those words were just to intimidate Ash. In fact, she was facing difficulties in her training. She still couldn't control her transformation without the bracelet. Those were the words told by Navi to Ash a few days before. That being said, Eco was seriously going to remove her bracelet. But as her owner, Ash could not allow her to do as she please. Ash told her with a serious look.

“Eco, stop what you are doing right now. Do you want to disappoint Mother Dragon?”


Eco felt guilty. Ash’s words were really effective.

“Hey, Eco, please listen to what I am going to say carefully.”

Ash placed both his hands on Eco’s shoulders. After being stared at, Eco blushed. Her cute look almost had Ash lose his self control.

“I too am surprised about princess-sama's actions. Even I have not yet mentally recovered from that shock… Anyway, that kiss was unavoidable, please try to understand.”

“Even so, I am still angry! Since… That kiss is unavoidable, you should be able to forget about it. If that’s the case, I will forgive you!”

Ash turned speechless. In times like this, a skillful guy would definitely answer with ‘I had already forgotten about it’. However, Ash was far from skillful and he was bad at lying too. His memories about Silvia’s hot breathe, her soft lips and her honey like scent were deeply engraved into his mind. Eco had gotten angry again when she saw Ash stuttering.

“As expected, you still remember them!”

“No… But no matter what, she is still a princess. Being confessed by a princess…? Isn't it hard to forget? Rather than that, isn't it rude to princess-sama if I forget about it?”


The next moment, Eco was clenching her teeth while tears started flowing from her eyes. Ash begun to panicked.

“Uwaa! Sorry, Eco!”

Ash tried to pat her on her head. But his hand was pushed off.


Eco was clenching both her fist.

“Even I myself…. Wanted to kiss you at that time!”


It was an unexpected confession. Just as Ash was surprised, Eco leaped on to her bed. She then grabbed on to her stuffed toy and covered her head with a blanket. Then, she remained motionless like a stone.

-That stuffed toy initially belonged to Silvia.

Even after she knew that, Eco never had the intention to return it to its owner. On the other hand, she treated it like her child. She was actually using it to protest against Silvia.

“Hey, Eco…?”

However, she didn't reply. Even after he tried to lift the blanket slowly, she didn't do anything to stop him.

“Could it be…”

Ash realized what was happening after he saw her sleeping face. Rather than sleeping, Eco was actually in her spirit form.

“…So she is at the Dragon Workshop again.”

Ash sighed and sat on the bed.

“That being said…”

Ash recalled the moment before being confessed by Silvia. He had obviously forgotten about the moments before Silvia appeared on that night. The shock from Silvia’s actions was too great from him to digest them. He remembered that he and Eco were having a good, calm and sweet atmosphere. They were just a step from kissing…


On that night, Eco was on the verge of kissing Ash. However, Silvia’s sudden appearance had interrupted her chance. That being said, Eco’s anger towards Silvia may be worse than Ash could even imagine.

“What should I do to calm her down…?”

“Isn't Eco upset because of that kiss? Why won't you try forcing a kiss on her? Who knows if it is the key to solve everything.”

“No, no, no… It just couldn't be this easy… Uwaaaa!”

Ash almost fell when he tried to turn around. It was Rebecca Randall who was sitting on the window frame with her red hair waving in the wind. Her dazzling appearance suited her name Scarlet Empress well.

How long has she been there…?

Outside the window stood Cú Chulainn, Rebecca's Pal. It was well known as the academy’s strongest and most famous Maestro. But in front of Rebecca, it was like a quiet cat.

“Huhu. It had been a long time, Ash.”

Rebecca with a devilish smile on her face changed the way she crossed her legs. Ash immediately averted his eyes.

“Back to the topic, who would have thought your relationship with Eco and Silvia would progress greatly during my holiday in my hometown.”

“Wha… How come you know about it!?”

Ash was shocked.

“Just days before, I received a letter from Cosette. All the interesting stuff that had happened around you were well written in it. I read about your arrival at Albion Forest’s Novitiate and your meeting with Mother Dragon. Huhu, it is like a romance novel. Do you want me to read it to you?”

Rebecca took out a cute looking letter from her uniform’s pocket.

“I strongly reject!”

“Aaah… By the way, I was surprised that you met Silvia on your Orphan Ceremony when you are seven. Who would expect that she would confess and kiss you. That doesn't sounds like her.”

“Rebecca-san, please… Speak no more…”

Rebecca continued to speak as if she was toying with Ash:

“That’s right, I was even told that you even exchanged kisses with Eco… Huh, what’s wrong, Ash?”

“What else can I do? My strength had reached zero thanks to you.”

Ash was sitting on the floor with both his arms around his knees. He was totally spiritless.

“Haha… Sorry. It is just that I am happy to see you after a long time and I just had the urge to tease you.”

After Rebecca gave him a wry smile, she left the window frame and walked towards Ash. Right after Ash noticed a fragrant scent, the sunlight was hidden behind Rebecca. Rebecca's shadow had overshadowed Ash.


Ash’s body immediately froze. Rebecca's breasts had his entire sight covered. They had her uniform stretched to its limit and they looked soft. Just like how a person hugged a puppy, Rebecca embraced Ash. He could feel Rebecca's body heat and her fragrance through her breast. Ash’s mind had gone blank.

“What's wrong? Do you feel better now?”

The sound that brought Ash back to his sense was a voice like a gentle mother.


Rather than feeling better, Ash was actually in a shock. He was truly excited from being embraced by the Scarlet Empress.

Did I just use up my entire life worth of luck just now?... Ash was worried about it. Rebecca released Ash. Then, she spoke to the blank wall even though there was no one.

“…Did you had that scene recorded… Cosette-san?”

“Of course. Huhuhu...”

The voice that came from the ceiling almost made Ash’s heart stop beating.


He saw a maid on the ceiling when he looked upwards. How much training had she gone through to hide her presence… Ash had a hard time figuring it out. Cosette who witnessed the entire event jumped from the ceiling without even feeling sorry about it. After she landed, she gave a graceful bow.

“Right now, Ash-sama is a potential candidate to become princess-sama's bridegroom… I would do anything…”

“Hold on, you are trespassing!”

“It is alright. It is legal as long as I am not seen ♪.”

Cosette said while she twinkled an eye. Though Ash was almost entranced by her mischievous looks, but he just could not back down.

“It is no use even if you act cute!”

“Ara, it is a pity. Does it meant that Ash-sama like perverted girls more than cute ones?”

Sweet scent emerged from Cosette’s wet lips. In just a split second, Cosette looked a lot more adult like.

“What are you talking about!?”

“Huhu. I am just joking. That’s right, about princess-sama's confession…”

Ash began to panic when Cosette changed to the main topic.

“This is from me… Please act like what you usually do in front of princess-sama.”

“What I usually do?”

“Exactly. Judging from princess-sama's behavior…. She would run away from embarrassment when she remembers about that confession and that kiss when she meets you. Also, you don’t have to give her a reply immediately.”

You don’t have to give her a reply immediately- Ash gave a sigh of relieve once he heard about it. He was always worried about not replying Silvia but he now knew that his answer was not at all important.

“I understand.”

Cosette smiled in satisfaction once she heard his reply. But just as she was leaving, she was stopped by Rebecca.

“By the way, Cosette-san, there will be a meeting for all student council members at one in the afternoon tomorrow. Please inform Silvia.”

“Certainly. Then, I shall take my leave.”

Cosette bowed and leave. Then, Rebecca glared at Ash.

“Ash, you too must attend. I came here to tell you this.”

“I understand. But what about those who are still on their way home?”

“Don’t worry. Regarding that, I had sent them a mail to their home to inform them about it. They will probably arrive by noon, tomorrow. Even Jessica had departed earlier than me just to meet you.”

“I see, she hasn't changed at all…”

Ash had the chills when he thought about Jessica. Right now, she was probably riding on her Hydra Rhiannon that was swimming its best along the flow. Even so, Rebecca was the first one to arrive. Ash was truly amazed by its, by Cú Chulainn's speed.

“By the way, Ash.”

Rebecca spoke in a serious tone.

“There will be an important job next month. As the student council president, I don’t want to see student council’s job being affected by your personal matter.”

The next month is the month of Libra. Ash immediately figure out what the important student council’s job was.

“Is it the Libra Dragon Riding Festival?”

“You are only half correct.”

Rebecca crossed her arms in front of Ash who was confused.

“I see. You had totally forgotten about it. This Ansarivan Dragon Riding Academy is going to celebrate its five hundredth anniversary. To be more specific, we are celebrating it next month.”

“S-Sorry. I totally forgot about it.”

Five hundredth anniversary-

“Ash, listen carefully. This year’s Libra Riding Festival will be changed to Ansarivan Five Hundredth Anniversary. It will be done grandly. It will be an honour for me to witness it as the student council president.”

The way Rebecca declared made her looked a lot more magnificent in Ash’s eyes

Part 6

“Aaaaargh! I can’t believe this!”

Eco who had entered the Dragon Workshop had borrowed Navi's power to look into the real world. A single wall had transformed into a screen and Ash was shown on it. Eco who was staring on that wall the entire time stomped around once she saw Rebecca left.

“This time, it was Rebecca who had turned mellow. Don’t tell me that even she had her eyes on Ash!?”

“Huhu… Who knows if she would become a powerful rival to Princess Silvia.”

Navi who was standing behind Eco smiled.

“Don’t tell me that… You are enjoying this!?”

“Ara, is that how I look to you?”

In regards to Eco who pointed her finger at her, Navi replied with a smile.

"The Bracelet of Avalon ~A.S.B.1365.9~" is closed.

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