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To new readers, as well as to those who already know me, thank you for reading this book. I am Uesu Tetsuto. You might feel that you have never seen my name in Sneaker Bunko, and that is correct. I made my official debut with the other light novel imprint HJ Bunko, and I am very happy to have this opportunity to publish my work with Sneaker Bunko. My – it really is something to celebrate about… Eh? But if I remember correctly, the editor-in-charge that scouted me, is one that is from an imprint other than Sneaker Bunko… Nonono, I’m definitely overthinking it. So, in the future with Sneaker Bunko, I will definitely work hard! Everyone please guide me.

As this is a new series, I will do some introduction for the work 《Shinmai Maou no Testament》. This piece of work includes the grand kingly elements such as 「Heroes」, 「Demon Lord」, 「Imouto」[1], and many more, even including 「Amorous[2] Service」 – in short, the content is really deluxe. But as the content is focused on being ‘easy to understand’, I hope everyone can read this piece of work easily. I do not know if this will be classified under the normal ‘Younger Sister’ works, but the younger sister character in the story – Mio, has become a fairly great character with the editor’s guidance. Just because 「Usually she will be super tsun, but when the ‘H’ curse activates she turns into an imouto that shouts 『Onii-chan』 fervently and coquettishly」is the reason! The potential is just too great!

Now, I will now give my thanks to the persons related to this work. Firstly is Ookuma-san from Nitroplus responsible for the illustrations. Thank you very much for such great illustrations! I cannot describe how touched I am for always consistently providing such super quality work ever since the setting was first given to you. Also, let me thank you for providing me with various creative ideas from the viewpoint of designing. And thank you to the representative from Nirto-san, Tobori-san for your cooperation. And also to everyone from the editing department of Sneaker Bunko, thank you all for giving me various kinds of guidance. It’s thanks to you all that this work that’s way beyond my ability could meet with real people. There’s also the wide range of support like art editing, proofreading and business meetings that have smoothly let it go on sale. Although those processes are mandatory in the workflow, light novels are still books. It will require an author, illustrator, and editor leading the staff all working together to finish a book. This piece of work is born from everyone bringing out the best of their abilities, one that has been really lucky. And to the readers who are currently reading this book, please become one of the people who has a part in this – it’ll make me very happy.

For those who have read to this point and have not bought the book yet, take this book directly to the counter and pay immediately!

Now then, let us meet in the next volume.

Uesu Tetsuto


Shinmai Vol1 0170.jpg

(Text in box): Thank you for buying this book!

I’m in charge of the illustrations, and my name is Ookuma Nekosuke! Hello! My… This is my first time taking on a job for a light novel, I’m really nervous! (*Doki Doki Dokun* sfx) There are many things to reflect on, but I feel that I was able to bring out a whole new possibility within me. (Erotic elements)

The coming developments in the story is really exciting, and I will work very hard to deliver illustrations that I think won’t lose to Tetsuto-sensei’s descriptions! (Mainly erotic elements!)

Translator Notes and References[edit]

  1. Younger sister
  2. inclined or disposed to love, especially sexual love

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