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Those who have already finished reading, as well as those who are planning to read this later, thank you very much for taking this book into your hands. I am Uesu Tetsuto.

Firstly, I want to tell something to everyone! Thanks to the efforts and assistance from the people involved, and more importantly the support of our reader friends, the decision has been made this quick – the manga version will begin serialization in『Monthly Shounen Ace』! The artist for the manga version will be Miyako Kashiwa-sensei. It is scheduled to begin serialization in early summer this year, everyone please keep an eye out for it!

Now, the first manuscript draft from a light novel author cannot directly be sent to be printed into a book. It has go through an acquisition and proofreading, and can only be published after making corrections to some inappropriate areas. At the same time, regardless of it being the first or second volume, the feedback from the primary stages of the review has been 「Too Many Pages」 and 「MC’s[1] fanservice scenes need to be more erotic」. Putting aside the former, the latter is the equivalent of saying 「Your erotic narrative is too bland! 」. Hence, I did whatever I could to rectify that request, and the related staff gave the following feedback after reading the results:

「Very Interesting. However, I wonder will everything will be fine if Sneaker Bunko publishes this :)」

「You have written something this erotic, yet have been able to preserve an unexpected seriousness :)」

「Very aggressive. It led to me suddenly thinking 『What am I even doing? 』 after looking at the first draft :)」

「Very erotic, it even made me smile :)」 「Aah, it is just erotic :)」

What can I say, is this the so-called feeling of winning the race yet losing someone?  :) Incidentally, the main fanservice scene in volume 2, I had wanted to settle it during the drafting stage, but yet was requested to edit it during the acquisition. Thus I had brought out 2 versions with the levels 「Passionate」 and 「Super-Passionate」. The preliminary decision was at first on 「Passionate」, but the final decision was made to be on 「Super-Passionate」, which is the end-result that everyone have seen. This work is the product of the all the firepower me and the acquisition committee.

Next is the thanks to this book’s related staff. Thank you Ookuma-san from Nitro+, in charge if the illustrations, for drawing so many excellent illustrations! The designs for the new characters in this volume is really splendid, amongst which, Zest’s is really amazing! And including all the related staff involved, thank you everyone for your help. In the future, please look after me, everyone.

Also, the most important people are you, my readers. A thank you to everyone for once more accompanying Basara and the rest on this journey. Okay, let us meet in the next volume.

Uesu Tetsuto


Shinmai v02 302.jpg

(Larger Text): Congratulations to Volume 2 going on sale!

Thanks for buying Shinmai Volume 2!

I am Ookuma Nekosuke, in charge of the illustrations. Hello everyone!

This time, all of Mio-chan : ‘Ahn ♥ Ahann ♥’.

And thus, it seems like the afterword had Pomp

But volume 3 will still be ‘Ahn ♥ Ahann ♥’, definitely (○ˊ∀ˋ○)

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Main Character

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