Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha:Volume 3 Afterword

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Readers who have finished reading this book, as well as readers who started from here, thank you for reading this book, I am Uesu Tetsuto.

Firstly, let us continue the topic from last volume’s afterword! The advertisement for this series’ manga serialization drawn by Miyako Kashiwa-sensei was in 《Monthly Shounen Ace》 on 26th April, and officially started on 25th May. There are some pages on advertising after the afterword, please don’t miss it, and please give the manga version the same support and encouragement.

Let’s bring the topic back to this book. The leading characters in Volume 3 is Maria and Mio whose parents were murdered. As the focus was mainly placed on Maria, the first half had the happiest mischief and fun service to date; but in fact, the editor had told me that this volume does not have enough liveliness, thus I mustered up strength to increase the flavours, is it to everyone’s tastes? But, the real question is not on tastes, but that is this content really okay? Comic serialization? That magazine is 《Shounen Ace》, not 《Seinen Ace》, right? [1]

Speaking of which, from the middle of this volume onwards talked about Mio and Maria’s past, which was scantly mentioned before, causing the atmosphere to become more depressed; but because of that, the strong personalities of the girls which weighed on Basara who was fighting finally showed some of their individual character. At the end of the first volume, Basara had been working together with Takigawa behind the back of Mio and the others with some traces of omens or foreboding here and there; from now on Basara can tolerate those he loves as much as he can, and for how cruel he can be, it’ll be much related to many various things. From this angle, Jin who has been through much more turbulence than Basara, but yet am still able to smile so arrogantly – one can easily see why he’s the strongest Hero.

Next, I’ll give my thanks to the related staff on this book. Illustrator Ookuma-san from Nitro+, thank you for once again drawing so many beautiful illustrations! It’s great to be able to have such heated discussions with you on the tight body-form race swimsuits, and I hope that you would continue providing various precious ideas. And to all the parties involved this time, thank you very much for your cooperation and great efforts.

At the end of this volume, Jin challenged the Current Demon Lord with a smile and Basara and the others defeated a strong enemy, bringing the story to a new page. As for now, readers please take a look at the advertisement for the next volume behind and patiently wait for Volume 4. It will finally be that person making a debut! 「White coat + Swimsuit + A beauty = Justice」 Will that equation be completed? Please look forward to it~

Uesu Tetsuto


Hello everyone!

I am the illustrator Ookuma Nekosuke(·ω·)ノ

Lately when drawing illustrations for Shinmai Maou at the company, a nearby colleague asked this:

Colleague A: 「Which H-Game are you drawing for now? 」

Ookuma: 「It'sfor a Light Novel(°ω°:)」

Colleague A: 「(;°ω°)!?」

I’m living my days causing misunderstandings like this, as expected of Shinmai Maou…

Ookuma Nekosuke

Shinmai v03 318.jpg

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. One is youth, other is adult

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