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Chapter 1: Doing what is Possible for You[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Today, within the grounds of Hijirigasaka Academy, a lot of people were gathered in a certain space.

Classes already ended, yet the audio-visual room was filled with noise and activity.

--Right now, a group of people charged with a task have gathered in the AV room

The sports festival will be held next month, and they are the organizing committee. Before the foldable table in front of the blackboard, are the seats for the students in the committee. The purpose of this meeting, was to plan for the preparations that have to begin before summer break begins, and for the consolidation of the information on hand that was to be handed to those who were at the table for the first time. With the meeting about to start --

「Say... The percentage of boys here seems to be much too exaggerated to be real... 」

Sitting near front left of the seats was Basara Toujo, who let out a sigh upon hearing that from the row before him.

Sitting with her legs spread apart while looking at Basara's back -- the one who had just said was near the back of the room, Basara’s classmate Aikawa Shiho. Following that, Sakaki Chika who sat beside her also nodded in agreement.

「Hmm... So it’s really because those two are here that they're here…」

With that, their sights moved towards Basara -- or rather, his left and right sides.

And the two that were the cause of it spoke:

「They're giving it too much thought. It’s not set in stone that we are the cause. 」

「Agreed, there probably isn't that much of a link between that and us. 」

The ones who spoke so indifferently, were the two「Princesses」adored by the male students of Hijirigasaka Academy -- Naruse Mio and Nonaka Yuki. However, their words seemed unconvincing in light of the situation; though the ones who would join the committee just to fool around were mostly boys, there was just too great a disparity between the number of boys and girls.

--At the beginning, it was Basara, Yuki, and Mio who volunteered to be the ones from class 1B in the organizing committee.

Originally, the ones to be on the committee was to be decided a the day before yesterday, but no one came forward. Sakazaki-sensei, wishing to respect the individual wills of the students, had in the end postponed the decision day after day until the morning of the first meeting. But still, the decision was still not made. Hence, the three of them saw it as an opportunity, and raised their hands.

Because they already had a discussion about the sports festival back at home.

And this matter should have ended right there, but calls of「ME TOO! 」and「I'll join too!」suddenly stormed the place. In the end, Sakazaki couldn't stand it any longer, and the matter was concluded after reducing the final number to five persons via balloting.

So, the ones who were chosen, are Toujou Basara, Naruse Mio, Nonaka Yuki, Aikawa Shiho, and Sakaki Chika. Although there was the problem of the proportions of the genders, the drawing of the ballots was fairly, and Sakazaki rejected the other students. Just like that, the ones to be sent were decided. But still --

The news had definitely spread too fast...

Through communications with phones and the internet, it seemed that within a few hours, the news that Mio and Yuki were on the committee had already spread around the school. Just then, Shiho said with a sly smile:

「Toujou, why don't you take a look behind you? 」

「…Please spare me. Since just now, the gazes that’s already on me will definitely cause balding on the back of my head. 」

The back of my head right now is definitely more sensitive towards the looks from boys than the sensitivity of the breasts of the girls.[1] This definitely somewhat implicated the safety of my life. Basara said with the tiredness from the bottom of his heart:

「Ah haha, it sure is hard on you, Toujou…」

Seeing Sakaki trying to comfort him with drooping brows, he then released another sigh.

--Recently, Basara had been able to chat with Aikawa and Sakaki at close range like just now.[2]

Both Aikawa and Sakaki had their minds controlled because of Zolgear's plan, now they had forgotten about what had happened during that time. But having part of their memories completely muddy had made them uneasy, and so on the next day when they had returned to normal, Yuki explained to them about the gap in their memories. With their number of chances for chatting increasing, the two who were close with Mio, closed the gap they had with Yuki.

But since Yuki wasn't the type to chat a lot, she was just reading her book while Mio was chatting and laughing together with the others. And since Aikawa and Sakaki knew clearly what her personality was like, they didn’t think that anything was wrong, and continued chatting. It wasn't too long after that Basara who lived together with Mio and Yuki began talk with with Aikawa and Sakaki. Thinking back on the changes in their relationships in the past few days, Basara couldn't help but to sneak look at Sakaki who was chatting with Mio.

「Please, Toujou... Notice me more... 」

When Sakaki's mind was controlled, she said some things that had showed her affections towards Basara.

It’s unclear if it was instilled into her during the brainwashing, or if it was really her hidden real feelings. While the situation truly bothered some people, it wasn't an easy matter to pursue. Basara only knows that Sakaki was a warm and kind girl; being able to rescue her unharmed -- he was satisfied.

--However, it seems that someone wasn't happy that Basara was looking at Sakaki.

A fine hand suddenly showed up, feeling up Basara's thigh under the table.

" ! ---?"

This sudden unexpected situation caused Basara to stiffen his body.

「? What’s wrong? 」

「No-Nothing... Really.」

Mio asked with doubt from his side, and Basara answered evasively. Though she felt that something was off, she turned back to continue chatting with Sakaki and Aikawa. Only then, did Basara turn to look at the one feeling up his thigh -- Yuki.

Not only Mio who was sitting on his side, Sakaki and Aikawa who was sitting in the row in front him had their sight blocked by the table. Thus, they didn’t realized what just happened under the table.

--After the battle with Zolgear, Yuki, Mio and even Maria had kissed Basara's.

Since then -- Yuki had become even more bold in her advances at Basara.


When Basara tried using his line of sight to signal Yuki to stop, she moved her line of sight back to her book, acting like she didn’t understand. Just like that, she’s using a hand to flip the pages of her book, while her other hand wandered about Basara’s thigh.

…Oi! Stop playing around, Yuki!

Reading a book by J. D. Salinger, while secretly feeling someone else's inner thigh. Since when did Yuki become such a lustful bookworm girl?

--Oi, stop… If you continue, something will happen in my cornfield…

…Wait, what is my cornfield referring to?

He carefully grabbed Yuki's hand that was on his thigh, to not let the other three find out about it. Yet Yuki took the opportunity to cross her fingers with Basara.


It certainly has turned into an even more dangerous situation. But if he were to let go of Yuki’s hand, who knows where she would touch next. Thus, Basara could only helplessly surrender his left hand to Yuki. Just then, -

"-- Hello, Princess Mio."

A male student suddenly said that to Mio, and just sat down at the remaining empty seat beside her. Mio gave him a glance, and coldly said:

"Donoue-senpai... Hello."

Basara also recognised that face. In the past when the supporters of both Mio's and Yuki's camp had surrounded him behind the school building, he was the leader of Mio faction. Right, his name is Donoue Shouhei.

"...Wasn't it because that the year threes had to prepare for their graduation that the committee was to be made up of only year ones and twos?"

Mio hadn't even bothered to look at him when she asked this question.

"Well, that’s how it is. But, it wasn't said that it was an absolute rule. Since Princess Mio has come, how can we not come – isn't that right?

Donoue turned his head to look behind, and behind him was a row of people from Mio faction whom he had met before.

"Princess Yuki --"

This time, another voice came from his other side.

So it's him this time...

Hozumi Kaiji, a year three and leader of Yuki faction, also one of the ones who had surrounded behind the school building back then. But this time, he seemed to have more respect than Donoue, standing at the side like the other Yuki supporters. Basara then carefully let go of Yuki's hand, in order to not be found out, and then --

"We have also joined the committee – Please guide us in our work."

Yuki took a glance at Hozumi who looked like a model student with a soft expression, and let out a 「Humph~」, expressing her displeasure, and ignored him. Yet after seeing her reaction, Hozumi had a happy face, and then returned to the side of the other Yuki fans.

On his other side -- in contrast to Hozumi, Donoue continued to occupy the seat beside Mio, refusing to leave.

"Of course I know that studying for graduation or for future education are all important; however, I value the time spent with princess even more.”

He is indeed handsome, and those were some pretty nice words, but why does it sound so ridiculous?

Basara thought while looking at Donoue, but he was glared back at by him. Hence, he then moved away his line of sight. Right now, , Aikawa and Sakaki was also present and they seem uncomfortable from being surrounded by fans from the Mio and Yuki factions, trying to avoid conflict with them. Just then --

"Oi, Donoue... It's about time you return to your own seat, or else how will we start this briefing?"

A saviour has appeared. It was one of Basara's teachers, Sakazaki.

"These are the seats for the first years, the ones for third years are behind. The school had respected your wishes in making an exception and letting you participate. But still, you have to follow the rules, being the role models for your underclassmen, okay?"

Donoue's face visibly changed, but he still maintained his hearty smile.

"Tch... Fine fine, I get it. See you later, Princess."

Smacking his lips together[3], he then left Mio's side. Hence, --

"Thank you teacher... You saved me."

"Don't worry about it... You didn't do anything wrong."

Basara expressed his gratitude, and Sakazaki had a bitter smile on.

"But teacher, what are you doing here? Wasn't supervising the committee the task of the second years' gym teachers?"

"That originally was the case... But it seems that teacher Gotou suddenly received a hip injury, and since the other gym teachers are busy with the Association Advisory, the task has then fallen onto me, who was free.

"Haish~... Taking upon himself a task which no one will thank him for... Good grief~."

Aikawa then jokingly said to the helplessly shrugging Sakazaki.

"It can't be helped. This sort of job was to be done by the rookies after all."

With that, Sakazaki headed towards the student council members who were currently organizing the documents. After that --

「You really were just saved back then, Mio... You too, Yuki. After all, those seniors…」

Upon hearing Sakaki who had remained silent up till now expressing her concern for the two --

「Don't worry about it. That person back then, while I do not know how much self-confidence he has, it seems that he thinks I'll hook up with him if he were to act like he’s a good friend of mine. Really, what an idiot... There's got to be a limit to stupidity, even him... 」

「I'm fine too. I’ve already told them that I have completely no interest in them. 」

「Woah... You two really are cruel. 」

「Am I? What I just said was just the truth though... 」

「Exactly. Isn't unwanted expectations from other people troublesome? 」

Just as Mio and Yuki, were cutting ties with Donoue and Hozumi in broad daylight.

A female student wearing the student council armband stood up from her position at the table before the blackboard.

"-- Please take your seats now. The briefing for the first-time organizing committee members of the sports festival will be starting now."

With the announcement, the other council members also began moving, passing out notes for the briefing. After confirming that everyone had received a copy of the notes --

"I am the vice-president of the student council, Kajiura Rikka, and the chairperson of the organizing committee for this year's sports festival. Nice to meet you."

Finishing her portion, applause filled the room.

--In Hijirigasaka Academy, the school celebration was held in spring, while the sports festival was held in autumn. The school celebration is the biggest event for the students, and it can be said that it was the brainchild of the student organizing committee. Setting the Cultural Festival in the spring, was to let the third year students in the committee organise themselves an unforgettable celebration. And the sports festival can be said to be practice for the smooth preparation for the school celebration. Hence, the third years will not interfere in that, to allow the second years to gain experience. Thus, the vice-president Kajiura Rikka is the one responsible for overseeing this sports meet.

"Firstly, I'll be talking about the committee member list that the teachers have given me. It would seem that the number of volunteers this year have almost doubled from last year. However --"

Kajiura said seriously, as if giving a warning:

"Although having many people will make things easier, I would like to give everyone a reminder. If there seems to be too many people in a department, the student council will transfer some people to another department. And due to the number of volunteers, it will be more difficult for the persons-in-charge of each department to take command of everyone, increasing the overall difficulty of coordinating various departments together."

With her serious announcement, a small commotion started in the room.

...Heh, it can't be helped after all...

Kajiura should already know that the majority of the people had impure motives in coming. This time, the third years Donoue and Hozumi even came, adding to the abnormality of the situation; this also means that the third years will be ordered about by second years. Thus, the overall-in-charge, Kajiura, will definitely need considerable mental preparation and determination to perform her duties well.

"-- We shall now start with having everyone choosing their desired departments. On the second and third pages of your notes are the details on the various departments. You have ten minutes, so please take this time to learn about the responsibilities of the departments, and decide which one you would like to volunteer in"

Sitting down after saying [You may begin now], an uproar started in the room.

「-- So, what shall we choose? 」

Aikawa who was in the row in front turned back and asked, and Mio who was beside Basara raised her sight from the notes, and replied:

「Um... What shall I choose... What about you, Basara? 」

「That... 」

Being asked that question, Basara flipped through the notes again.

<Overall planning and management> In charge of planning the competitions and the itinerary

<Advertising> In charge of the production and updating of the information on the flyers

<Equipment management> In charge of preparing the applications for the equipment needed for the sports meet

<Accounting> In charge of the management of the budget allocated, and the auditing of all transactions

<General Auxiliary> In charge of the making of the archway over the main entrance, setting up of the decorations, and assisting in the assembly operations of the equipment

Logically speaking, the ‘hottest’ department[4] would be <Overall Planning and Management>, followed by <Equipment management> that has the least work, which is then followed by <Advertising>.

And giving the top management headaches are the <Accounting> and <General Auxiliary> departments, that will undoubtedly be the ones lacking enough manpower. Thus, most of the people will probably be transferred to either of the two departments. To Basara, he would be fine with it if he got transferred to a department in need of manpower, but --

...If any trouble were to come up.

While knowing that some people would come just because Mio and Yuki came, he had never expected Hozumi or Donoue from the third years to be one of them. If he were to be sent to the same department as one of them, it will result in a bad atmosphere. But if he were to be in the same department as with either Mio or Yuki, while they were in some other department, it will undoubtedly bring about resentment.

But what Basara wants to avoid most of all, is both of them being in the same department with either Mio or Yuki, while he himself was in some other department.

If anything comes up, it'll cause the whole committee a lot of trouble. While he was thinking seriously,

"Umm... May I interrupt you for a while?"

A voice suddenly came from beside him, causing Basara to raise his head confusedly, and --

SMnK v04 047.jpg


When Basara saw the owner of the voice, his mind suddenly went into a state of confusion. The person, was a considerably cute female student -- sporting short hair, with big eyes under her glasses and giving off the feel of a timid puppy, inducing the instinct of protecting someone. There were no problems from him with this.

The problem was that the uniform the person was wearing was the same as Basara's, a male school uniform. Four more people also had the same expression as Basara – filled with doubt and confusion. While everyone had no idea on how they should respond --

"Eh... Why are you wearing the boys' uniform?"

Aikawa bluntly said aloud the conflict in everyone's hearts that had silenced them.

"About that... I apologise if I caused any misunderstandings. I am really a boy."

That person answered while scratching his face in embarrassment:

"I am Tachibana Nanao from the student council. Umm, you are Toujou, you are Naruse and you are Nonaka, right? Sorry for disturbing you while you're trying to make a decision."

No matter which angle you at it, Tachibana has quite the feminine charms.

"Our vice-president would like to talk to you three about something… if it is fine with you?"

After that, they followed Tachibana to the preparation room next door.

The room was approximately four square metres large, with the shelf by the wall densely packed with devices and documents -- Vice-president Kajiura, was standing in the center of the room waiting for them.

"Um, vice-president… I have brought them.”

"...Thank you, Tachibana."

After thanking Tachibana, Kajiura then looked at Basara and the others coldly, and let out a slight sigh.

"There isn't much time, so I'll be blunt -- are you not planning to leave the organizing committee?"

And told them her reason for wanting to see them without a shred of hesitation.

...Aah, I guess so too.

Basara wasn't particularly surprised. When Tachibana said that Kajiura wanted to see them, he had already guessed what it would be about. Kajiura suddenly lowered her eyes, and said:

"Sorry... I had no intent to blame you. But as I've said before, there are too many volunteers this time, and there are already enough problems brought about by the number of people. The motivation of majority of the volunteers are completely unrelated to the sports festival itself, and even the third years are present. While there isn't a way to not let everyone go out of control, we can't really afford to expend the extra effort doing that."

"......I see."

Originally, the organizing committee should be comprised of only year one and year two students. This is because the sports meet was organised and executed under the directive of the second years, in order to create an environment to ensure the smooth handover of orders within the organizing committee, to smoothly integrate everyone into the committee as a whole. But if the third years join in, and with ulterior motives to boot, it would cause anomalies in the chain of command within the committee, leading a collapse.

Kajiura and the other members of the student council were different from the organizing committee members, having started on the preparations before the summer vacation began. For organizing a successful sports festival, they wouldn’t hesitate working on this even over the break.

...While I had really wanted to stay, it just doesn't seem possible.’’

Basara’s thoughts are that he doesn't want to bring about trouble to the people around him, and Mio and Yuki likely felt that way too. Hence --

"I understand. Although it would be a pity, --"

When Basara was about to voluntarily leave the committee, the door of the room opened. The one who came in, was Sakazaki.

"What's wrong, Kajiura, it is almost time... --Wait, what's wrong?"

He felt the strange atmosphere in the room, and asked surprisedly.

"Sensei, I apologize... It’s regarding the students from your class."

Kajiura showed no intention in hiding it from the teacher-in-charge Sakazaki, and told him of her request for them to withdraw. Sakazaki remained in thought for a while, and said:

"Perhaps this may cause those who came just because of Mio and Yuki to leave too... But as the organizing committee is also one of the extra-curricular activities, it would be problematic for me to allow them to withdraw."

"But if this continues..."

"Additionally, this may also give the others an excuse to quit the committee."

Kajiura raised objections from a student's perspective, and Sakazaki raised points from the perspective of a teacher.

"Amongst the members of the organizing committee from the various classes, there are many who volunteer because they wanted to; they are here as a result of methods like voting and balloting. If an opportunity to withdraw were to show up, they would immediately take it."

"Then at least... --! ...Nevermind, forget that I had said anything."

Kajiura suddenly held back with what she wanted to say, and lowered her head while biting her lip. What she wanted to say was probably [Then at least we could ask the third years to withdraw?]. But Donoue and Hozumi were the leaders of the Mio and Yuki factions, and they would undoubtedly bring about trouble from sabotage because of the resentment brought about if they were to be too coarse in trying to get them to leave.

"If it's like this..." Basara chimed in:

"Umm, Kajiura-senpai... If there's problems with us withdrawing, how about making use of us instead? It would more or less make the preparations smoother..."

".....That would bring about some situations that are against you though."

Kajiura said worriedly.

"It can't be helped. After all, we didn't join the committee to have fun."

"I’m... mentally prepared for that."

Listening to the bitterly smiling Mio and the indifferent Yuki's answers, Kajiura lowered her head for a while, before mumbling "All right..."

"Then I would like to request for Naruse to join <General Auxiliary>, and for Nonaka to join <Accounting>, would that be fine? These departments are those where it’ll be better the more people there are, and there would definitely be enough manpower if you are there. If I remember correctly, there are two more girls from your class, right? I'm afraid that something will happen if there’s only one female in a department, so I'll need to trouble you to ask them to join these two departments. I will be appointing people from the student council to be in charge of the two departments, and will definitely not allow the third years to do as they wish."

Mio and Yuki nodded to show their agreement, and Kajiura then said apologetically:

"Sorry... I will be keeping an eye on them and will try not to put you into any troubling situations.

One could see from her expression that her original request for them to withdraw was not so that they could easier manage the committee, but in fact for their well-being. Thus, --

"I will join another department in that case, to avoid any unnecessary confrontations."

Basara said to Kajiura, but --

"There is no need for that, Toujou. I would like to invite you to join the student council and assist in the management of all the departments."

"Joining the student council and giving my assistance, you say...?"

Basara responded with repeating the question. Kajiura nodded and said:

"That’s right, joining the student council I said. If anything comes up, there won’t be the problem of interfering in a department’s work. When the time comes, I will tell you what to do, so put your mind at ease and give your assistance to Naruse and Nonaka.

Part 2[edit]

After that, the assignment of the volunteers to the departments went as anticipated.

Mio had joined <General Auxiliary>, and Donoue and the others from the Mio faction followed her to that department; Yuki had joined <Accounting>, and Hozumi and the others from the Yuki faction followed her in; Aikawa and Sakaki and listened to their explanation when they got back, and had readily joined the two departments. As most of the volunteers who had joined the committee only cared about the fate of only either Mio or Yuki, the announcement of Basara joining the student council to help had apparently went unnoticed. With that, the first briefing for the organizing committee for the sports festival came to an end.

Basara then separated from Mio and Yuki and went towards the infirmary alone. It was because he had an unfulfilled promise. Although they wanted to walk home together after he was done with his work, however --

...Today's been really inconvenient.

Making enemies at the briefing, letting the two of them into the limelight, and not knowing how to go home together with a low profile? Such behaviour that stimulates their surroundings, definitely needs to be avoided.

...After all, we had only managed to remain in the committee with difficulty.

In Basara's heart, there are <special reasons> that made him to want to make the sports festival a success.

Although he had wanted to be friends with more people, this was only his second try. His only friend right now is Takigawa.

Thus, he wanted to be on the organizing committee no matter what, and work hard until the end of the sports festival. Reviewing his determination while walking through the corridor, he then arrived at the door to the infirmary.

"--Sorry for interrupting."

After a voice telling him to come in came through the door, what greeted him immediately was a burst of refreshing soft air.

--No matter how many times Basara came here, he felt that the infirmary is the place that he can relax the most in.

Was it because that the air here is especially fresh? -- Of course there’s equipment for air conditioning and filtration installed in the infirmary, as the main purpose for the infirmary is for the treatment of injuries. Still, this is the place where the people that were sick or were down with injuries gather, so the depressing mood that’s supposed to be here should bring about a heavy atmosphere, just like how most people feel that the atmosphere at the hospitals were not good. However, this infirmary managed to maintain a sanctuary-like atmosphere. But --


Looking around the room, the person in charge of the room wasn't at the office table by the window; the person was at the sick bed by the door instead, and had pulled aside the white curtain a little.

"--This voice, is it you, Toujou?"

"Yes, it is me... Sensei, you can tell?"

"Is that strange? I had talked with you quite often, so it should be normal for me to able to recognise your voice, right?"

"Eh, if you say so...."

That was different from a homeroom teacher remembering the voices of their students... A teacher in the infirmary had to take care of all the students in the school; it’s scary how good her auditory memory is if she’s able to recognise a person just by hearing the student's voice through the door. Additionally, --

"…Are you thinking of indecent things?"

"No, why would I?"

Her intuition is unbelievably accurate... As Basara was thinking this, --

"Actually, you came at just the right timing -- Toujou, there’s something that I need your help with. I'm sorry, but could you come over for a moment?"

"? Eh, okay..."

He originally thought was that his help was needed in taking care of an injured student -- but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Hasegawa appears to be alone on the other side of the curtain. If that's the case, didoesd she need my help in changing the sheets? Once he went past the curtain,--


He froze with a stupid look on his face the moment he saw Hasegawa.

"--Eh? What's wrong, Toujou?"

Hasegawa had a dazed expression on after seeing Basara’s reaction -- she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, with a white coat over it.

He had seen Mio and Yuki both wearing dazzling one-piece swimsuits countless times, and had already developed a considerable degree of resistance to it. But still, the get-up Hasegawa was in still managed to halt Basara's thoughts.

-- Toujou Basara, had never seen Hasegawa wear anything other than her usual clothing.

Still, he knew clearly how beautiful Hasegawa was, with her breasts grander than Mio's and butt fuller than Yuki's. In short, her body proportions were definitely amazing.

Yet – he hadn't understood just how strong the charms of a beautiful mature woman was. With his paralyzed mind, he then barely managed to understand the situation --

"Se-Sensei! What are you doing!"

Excitement and confusion caused Basara’s voice to be raised.

"Well... There’s a class having a swimming class in a few days, apparently there is a student who has a relatively weak body in that class. I will be going with them to observe the boy.."

Hasegawa said truthfully.

"I had advised him to not participate as usual, but he had insisted on joining in no matter what. Since the student had wanted to join the class so badly, I as a teacher attempt to fulfil his wishes. And so I had given him permission to do so, on the condition that I'll be observing at the sides."

But still --

"It seems that there are currently no school swimsuits in my size... While I might have been able to fit into a two-piece, it seems that the dean had said that it wouldn't be good to wear that during a class. And so, I could only have one custom-made for me from outside the school. As for the product..."

Stopping here, Hasegawa then moved her hand towards the zipper that was only done halfway in between her cleavage --

"Unluckily, the zipper seems to be stuck, not budging even after I pulled on it. Sorry, Toujou -- can you help me undo this zipper?"

"Eh... That probably won't be good. While ignoring the status as a teacher or student, it would be better if this kind of task was done by a female..."

Only a teacher will ask a male student to take off her swimsuit in a pornography, right? No, one should already be surprised when she said that her swimsuit had to be custom-made since her breasts were too large.

But right now, Basara could only tentatively bring his sight to the side, trying to avoid looking at Hasegawa.


Only to see another thing which he shouldn't see. Her clothes that had been taken off to put on the swimsuit were folded nicely on the sick bed by the side; while that would still be fine by itself, what’s problematic was the small stack beside it -- the black lacy lingerie that’ll instigate indecent thoughts. With all these in this small confined space, it just seems too unreal. Just then --

"I understand that. Just like you said, I should be asking another female for help... But as I already have great strength amongst of the females, I doubt other females can do it if I can’t. Therefore, I can only ask a male for help, right?"


Ignoring a protest, Hasegawa continued:

"It’s a good thing that you appeared at this timing. I was originally even considering calling for you for your help."

"Ah...? Wh-Why me?"

"For no special reason... When I was thinking about asking for help, you just naturally came to my mind."

Can't I, Toujou?

"Well, I'll say it from my viewpoint then. Since it's a request of this nature, of course I'll prefer someone I'm closer with."

"You do have a point there, but still..."

Just why did it have to be me? Upon seeing Basara's confused and fearful look, --

"It's okay if you really don't want to..."

Concealing her disappointment, Hasegawa then said while pressing her hand against her breasts:

"Then can you help me find another male to help? I don't really want to use scissors since I've only worn this once."

Hearing these words, Basara finally gave up on declining and made up his mind --

"……I understand. Please allow me help you."

He replied after taking a deep breath. Basara had borrowed the infirmary every time Mio activated the curse of the master-servant contract and Hasegawa had helped him multiple times when he had trouble with his school life; receiving a request from Hasegawa was honorable regardless of the circumstances, and since he has a chance to repay her kindness, he couldn't voice it out even if he wanted to reject her.


Hasegawa had specifically asked for Basara’s help, and thus finding another male to help her can’t really be justified. Hearing Basara’s reply, Hasegawa smiled and said:

"Is that so? It’s really great that you're willing to help."

"...It's nothing. After all, there isn't any other way other than doing it myself."

Basara moved beside Hasegawa who had a smile on, and said:

"I’ll try not to touch you in any other places..."

"Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I'll prefer it if you focus on zipper. It'll all be for nought if the situation turns worse when you hesitate too much, so just focus on the zipper for now."

Basara nodded, and let her sit on the bed.

He then stood in front of her, observing the structure of her swimsuit.

...I see.

While it had the appearance of a one-piece swimsuit, it had no shoulder straps; the material was supposed to cover the area around her neck and shoulders like a standing collar, with the zipper in the centre. From the looks of it, it might not be possible to first pull down the top opening to her shoulders, and then removing it entirely by pulling it downwards.

"Umm... Sorry, but could sensei release your arms? I'll like to see the condition of the zipper head."

"Like this...?"

Hasegawa slowly released her arms that were holding up her breasts. Seeing its overwhelming volume and softness, his heartbeat rose wildly; he continued honestly, inspecting the zipper head that was now visible, trying not to touch her breasts while moving the zipper about to test it. The zipper head was really stuck, not moving at all. To try resolving this situation --

"...Please wait for a moment."

Basara left the side of the bed after saying that, and brought over the bottle of milk soap by the sink.

"May I use this? I would like to try lubricating the zipper."

"Of course you can... You can do whatever you want to do."

Obtaining her permission, he pressed on the pump, squeezing the soap around the zipper head.

The whitish viscous liquid stained Hasegawa's breasts bit-by-bit just like that. Not only on the outer visible surface, Basara also brought the head of the pump into the swimsuit, and squeezed it carefully. Just then, --


As if she felt an itch, Hasegawa twisted her body a little while breathing heavily.

"! ...I-I’m sorry..."

"Ah, don't worry about it, I was just a little surprised. Speaking of which, Toujou... While this will give the zipper lubrication, wouldn't the head also become slippery?"

Her question was to be expected. And so Basaras replied:

"Yes, but it wouldn't matter -- because I'm not pulling it."

"Is that so? Then how do you plan to--"

Hasegawa stopped here as both of Basara's hands had then grabbed the parts above the stuck zipper on both sides. After that --

SMnK v04 062.jpg

"----I'm pulling it now."

Without waiting for a response, Basara forcefully pulled the two sides apart, as if wanting to pull the swimsuit into two pieces.

Because he had applied forces equally from both his hands, the stuck zipper moved downwards with a sound effect -- Hasegawa's breasts to her belly button revealed itself, her overflowing breasts popping out boldly to celebrate their freedom.


At the same time, a sweet aroma filled his lungs. It probably accumulated within the swimsuit, the scent of Hasegawa’s body – Hasegawa’s feminine scent.


Thus he had forgotten to close his eyes in that moment, and found himself staring at the large breasts in front of him while his mind was overwhelmed. At that moment --

"...Your method appears to have been slightly more aggressive than I had expected."

"I-I’m sorry!"

She said nonchalantly while letting her breasts be looked at. Basara panicky turned his head, and turned around so that his back was facing her.

"I wasn't blaming you. I was the one that had asked for your assistance, and you had done what was asked of you. There were just some mishaps along the way, that’s all."

Hasegawa’s giggling voice came from behind him, and she quipped:

"And to think that you would be so rough in taking off a girl's clothes."

"I wasn't, and I didn't mean to..."

With conditions like the state of the zipper, saving time, and avoiding touching Hasegawa, he thought it through and chose the method he deemed most suitable.

"Well, thank you. Thanks to you, I don't have to cut up this new swimsuit anymore."

"Well... I guess it's good if I managed to help you."

“You did -- speaking of which, Toujou, help me with one more thing."

"Wh-What is it this time...?"

Hasegawa said to Basara who had an eyebrow raised tensely:

"It's nothing big. I just wanted to ask you to help bring over the wet wipes from the medicine cabinet and towel from the drawer underneath it from the other side the room."

She smiled and continued:

"Well, I am on a bed right now with a whitish viscous liquid on my breasts, it's as if like I had helped you『Do it with my breasts』. It just feels inappropriate." [5]

"I-I'll bring it over immediately!"

Saying that -- Toujou Basara panicky moved to get the requested items. A few minutes later --

"--Sorry to keep you waiting."

Hasegawa pulled the curtains apart and got off from the bed after cleaning up and putting on her clothes.

Wearing high heels, she walked to before the small movable stool Basara was sitting on – and sat down on the chair by her office table, putting her leg up on the table and turning towards him.

"Well then, what did you come over for today? From your looks, there doesn't seem to be any uncomfortableness, right?"

"Yes. It's about... It's the promise I had made with you before."

Basara extended his left hand. On the ring finger, was the bandage Hasegawa put on due to the injury from the basketball game during last week's gym class.

"After sensei helped me with the injury, I hadn't experienced any pain since then. My reason for coming here was to ask you if it would be fine to take it off already."

Hearing Basara's explanation, Hasegawa took his extended left hand and examined the affected area, and said:

"...I see. It appears that you had listened to me and didn't move it too much."

"Well, I did promise you after all..."

To tell the truth, the only reason the bandage is still on was that it was unexpectedly tough. After Hasegawa dressed it, it had survived through the abduction by Zolgear, the fight with Takigawa, the event with Maria, and finally the fight with Zolgear; the bandage was undamaged after going through so many events and remained on his finger.

Perhaps Hasegawa’s skills was just that great.

"—So, is it fine to take it off yet?"

"Well... It'll be fine to take it off already, since its purpose has been served."

With that, Hasegawa undid the bandage on his finger and used wipes to clean the area, and asked:

"There isn't any pain with this, right?"

Basara nodded.

"I see... Then there shouldn't be any problems with it. However, it doesn't mean that it has completely healed even if there isn't any pain, so don't go putting too much a burden on it."

She then released his left hand.

"All right -- thank you teacher."

Just as he was about to leave after giving a slight nod --

"Ah, Toujou... Do you have anything on later?"

"No, I'm planning to go straight home after this."

It was already almost six when he had come over after the organising committee briefing ended.

As it’s October right now, and the sun had already set, so it should already be dark outside.

"I see... Then please accompany me later, if it’s all right?" [6]

"Accompany you, teacher? To where?"

Hasegawa giggled, looking at Basara having a misunderstanding, and said:

"—Have you forgotten? There was another promise between us."

Part 3[edit]

After organising committee briefing ended, Naruse Mio and Nonaka Yuki did as Basara asked and returned home without waiting for him.

They stopped by a nearby supermarket on their way home as Maria had called, asking them to buy some groceries while on their way back.

"Right... That should probably be all."

"It is. Everything in Maria's text message is already here."

Yuki pushed the cart alongside Mio, and nodded after checking her mobile phone screen.

Finally leaving the supermarket after waiting in line at the checkout for a long time, their phones received a text message at the same time. They originally thought it was Maria asking for them for get some more groceries, but the sender turned out to be Basara. Thus, they checked its contents – only to fall silent at the same time.

"Is the sender Basara on your side too?"

"…...It’s probably the same message."

Something cropped up, thus he would be home late, no need to prepare his share of dinner, and ending it with an apology. Having looked at the contents, Mio and Yuki looked at each other and sighed. Just then --

"—Hi, good evening to the both of you."

A familiar voice caused them to turn around and look, and standing there was a male wearing the same school uniform as them.


Mio said out the youth’s name, her voice sounding stiff; Yuki's expression visibly thickened, and became slightly nervous. Seeing their reactions, Takigawa smiled bitterly and said:

"You need not look at me with those eyes. After all, I am not your enemy."

With Zolgear as his predecessor, he is currently Mio's observer; His name is Lars, and his real identity is that of a spy sent by the Moderates faction into the Current Demon Lord faction -- that is all that Mio and Yuki knew about Takigawa. They were told that Takigawa had provided a lot of help from the shadows during the events with Zolgear. He had also given Basara information about the characteristics of Zest's magics, helped him infiltrate Zolgear's lair, and helped Maria save her mother; he protected Mio while keeping her in the dark, similar to Maria. Hence, to Mio and the others, Takigawa should be called a saviour. However --

"I have already said this before – I am very grateful to you, but I still cannot forgive you."

Takigawa had attacked Mio and Basara in the past. Basara was just a hindrance in his eyes back then, hence he killed him before Mio, forcefully awakening Wilbert's power that was sleeping in her body which pushed the Moderates faction to increase Mio's protection.

Of course, Takigawa was protecting Mio from the shadows as a demon from the Moderates while being a spy in the Current Demon Lord faction responsible for observing Mio. He has his own viewpoint and concerns.

But still, Mio and Yuki hadn't forgotten that Takigawa had bedevilled Basara about his past while playing the enemy – forcefully reopening the wound in his heart and giving him major injuries. And so --

"If you ever hurt Basara again, I will definitely never forgive you and kill you a hundred times, even if it means returning kindness with ingratitude."

"Ah haha... to be hated so much..."

Takigawa shrugged while facing Mio's murderous intent.

"So... what are you here for? Didn't you say that you will think of a way to report to the Current Demon Lord faction about Zolgear, and hence left for the demon realm?"

She continued with a fierce expression, paying no heed to the people that would be entering and leaving the supermarket. There weren't a lot of people who would eavesdrop here, so even if there were people who would, they would guess that they were talking about a computer game.

"Yeah, you're not wrong about that..."

Takigawa said:

"But for everyone's safety, I'll like to give you some advice first before I return."


Yuki raised an eyebrow and asked, to which Takigawa nodded and continued:

"Yes. It's something about Basacchi..."

Those words caused Mio and Yuki to become silent. Since he mentioned that name, it must be something very important.

Takigawa continued solemnly:

"His ability to eliminate... It’s especially unique and very strong; it can eliminate anything and everything completely. If used well, it would be an even larger threat than you training to use the power inherited from the previous demon lord Wilbert."

The points raised by Takigawa were things that they all clearly understood. Basara's [Banishing Shift] has astounding power -- to the point where it could defeat the enemy and cause damage to their own side, it is a double-edged sword. Basara had lost control of that power in the past once and created an irreparable situation, causing his exile from the <Village>.

“Naruse was the one who lost control of her power when we fought... Hypothetically, if Basacchi was the one who lost control of his power, would you be able to save him?"



Mio became speechless, while Yuki remained silent with a pained expression. Takigawa had hit the nail on the head.

Helping Basara while his [Banishing Shift] was out of control -- if they couldn't do it, the tragedy five years ago will happen again. And they currently wouldn’t be able to help him.

"He had grown up in the <Village>, an isolated place. It was only until recently that he had used it a few times and since I hadn't reported it to the Current Demon Lord faction or the Moderates faction, the number of people who know about it should be small. The ones who know about it are Zolgear, who isn't in this world anymore, and Zest, who was taken by the Moderates faction, but she would probably say nothing about it to them."

It's just--

"If the news that he has that sort of ability spreads -- there will be many people going after Basacchi's life. He is a threat to the current demon lord faction who wants to take you and the Moderates faction who wants to protect you; and amongst them might be ones who are like Zolgear, wanting to take you for themselves. I will spin out a story on the matter with Zolgear, making his death unrelated to you; but Nonaka -- the spirit lance user from the Hero tribe killed the demon that was sent by the Current Demon Lord faction as reinforcement before, right? The Current Demon Lord Faction will increase the surveillance, and it will be just a matter of time before someone makes the link with you to the events before and after the matter with Zolgear. On the Moderates faction side, there is also the matter about Maria, so a change in the current state of affairs would be inevitable."


"Basacchi seems to be aware of these dangers, and I have warned him about it just in case... But he will probably use that ability if it’s the only way to protect you – just like the past few times."

Mio and Yuki remained silent. What Takigawa had said was completely true. If either Mio or Yuki is in danger, Basara will use [Banishing Shift] without hesitation even if it means putting himself in danger.

"I've heard, you two have made the master-servant contract with him already, right?"

But do you know?

"The ones waiting for protection from the master aren't subordinates -- they are a burden. Let’s say that you wish to remain by his side in the future or to maintain status quo; but as the one who got him involved in this and made him use that ability, you should probably think of some way to get stronger if you have any sense of responsibility -- just in case, you have to be strong enough to eliminate your enemies."


Both of them gasped after hearing him say it so ruthlessly. With that, Takigawa turned and left with a [Bye~].

Mio and Yuki only stood there, unable to say anything

Part 4[edit]

To be actually sitting in such a high class car.

It was a Yama sports car that had enthusiasts worldwide.

--After Basara and the infirmary room teacher Hasegawa left the school together, they had gotten into her car.

The two of them had encountered each other at the Yakiniku restaurant in the past, and an agreement was made when they parted -- to let Hasegawa treat him to a meal.

After going onto the highway for a while, the car then stopped at their destination. Basara who was in the passenger seat had remembered Hasegawa saying that she wanted to show him her favourite place, and had been thinking of the possibilities while on the road. As it’s Hasegawa, and what he had gotten into was a high-class sports car,

Would it be a restaurant operated by a renowned chef, or would it be high-class kaiseki-ryōri? [7]

If not, then could it be a high-class sushi restaurant? Or how about thinking about it from another direction... Did she want to drive an expensive high-class sports car to a public restaurant or a ramen shop? --It seems possible... From what she seems like, Hasegawa looks to be like a woman who wouldn't think too much over formalities like the time and place; she would just show off her beauty no matter the location.

--In the end, Hasegawa who seemed to not care about the time and place had brought Basara to her home.

It appears Hasegawa didn't intend to bring him to a restaurant as she wanted to treat Basara food that she had personally put together. A high-rise apartment building -- she lived on the highest level of the building, and there doesn't seem to be anyone living with her. Arriving at the living room used also as bedroom --

...Is this really fine?

Basara drank the tea Hasegawa gave him uneasily, while waiting for the dishes to be done.

Just having dinner with Hasegawa alone was already enough to make him nervous, but he was also invited into her home. Having such a close relationship between a teacher and a student, was it really fine?


From the kitchen, a melody being hummed mixed in with the sounds of food being cooked.

He had saw her take off her usual white coat and putting on an apron, which gave off a new feel to her, like another charm.

...I've never seen her like that.

Hasegawa had seemed quite excited about it. For her to be looking forward to their meal together, it was indeed a honour; but after giving it more thought, he could no longer calm down.

Just what does she want? Unable to grasp her intentions, Basara became more nervous. Just then --

"Sorry for the wait, Toujou. Come and have a seat."

"Oh, okay..."

Upon hearing her calling him, he finished the red tea and got up from the sofa, and took a seat at the large dining table. Hasegawa then served the dishes--

"...Sensei, you are really skilled..."

He couldn't help but to give praise. While the food was being made, good smells kept wafting from the kitchen. Adding on that Hasegawa was the chef, it made one not only nervous, but expectant of the food. And the result, what Hasegawa had served had far exceeded what he had expected.

-- What Hasegawa had made for Basara was what one could normally find on the table in households, but from the dishes used to the seasoning used, the quality was clearly of high quality. What had made him even more surprised was the quantity of the dishes, which was definitely not made with balanced nutrition in mind. Radish patty, curry rice, potato stew, caesar salad, ginger roast pork, beef omelette rice, chicken nuggets, and miso soup. That had occupied most of the space on the table. Please, she has overdone it... Other than the salad and miso soup, four of the dishes was meat, and additionally, there were curry rice and omelette rice. Was she really an infirmary teacher? It was totally unbalanced nutritionally.

"—Come, please begin."

"All right... Then I'll start now." [8]

Basara put his hands together facing Hasegawa who sat opposite him, and asked:

"Umm... Where should I start...?"

Every dish seemed to be a great option, though she may have more attachment towards a particular dish, so it would probably better to ask first. Then--

"These dishes were made for you, so just start from wherever you want."

She replied as such, smiling shyly.

"To tell the truth, this is my first time cooking for someone other than myself... As I didn't know what I should prepare, I just made what I thought what young boys like you would like to eat."


Listening to her words, he then realised how the unbalanced nutrition meal on the table came about. It was because that these were made with one thing in mind. Not dishes that she was good at, not dishes she had wanted just anyone else to eat, but dishes to make him eat happily. And so--

"...I'll start now, then."

He then gave his thanks once more, and then started with the radish patty. Cutting it into bite-sized pieces, the juices immediately emphasised how tasty it is, so Basara then put it into his mouth. While the flavour was spreading in his mouth--

"...How is it?"

Hasegawa asked with a slight trace of uneasiness, and with that, Basara couldn't help but laugh foolishly with food in his mouth, with only one answer to that.

"Sensei... This is ssooooo delicious."

This made Hasegawa calm down, and smile.

"Is that so... It's a good thing. Don't stand on the ceremony, and have some more."

Basara nodded, and began eating.

--The dishes Hasegawa made for Basara, every single one of them was extremely delicious.

A large variety, coupled with a large quantity, were the reasons that originally made him think that it wasn't possible for him to finish everything. But unexpectedly, he couldn't put down his chopsticks, and just like that watching the smiling Hasegawa, the various dishes were finished clean within an hour.

His stomach was full, and he was satisfied with his meal. He had wanted to help wash the dishes but was rejected with a 'If you want to thank me, I want you to help me with another thing'. Hence, he agreed. And right now--

"Umm-- Is this really okay?"

"Yes, just do it."

"Uh... then here I come."

After confirming with Hasegawa who was currently washing the dishes, Basara wrapped his hands around her from behind.

--She had wanted to experience the scene commonly seen in TV series, where after cooking for a man, the man would give the woman a sweet look from behind her back.

To not restrict her movements, Basara had his arms around her waist and their body close together. Immediately, he felt her softness, warmth and fragrance. But what's dangerous wasn't this...

...It 's too dangerous from this angle...!

Originally, the difference between Hasegawa and Basara's height of their line of sights were not so big as she usually wears high heels. But now in her home, she obviously wasn't wearing her heels, and she is now slightly shorter than him. What he saw -- between two of the buttons on her shirt that weren't done were her top halves of her overflowing breasts and her bra.

"Ah ha, this is quite nice. It's a breath of fresh air to hear Toujou's voice coming from a different angle."

Simply continuing washing the dishes, Hasegawa happily smiled and said:

"What is it, Toujou? You seem very nervous... Since you live together with Naruse Mio and Nonaka Yuki, I guess that this isn't your first time doing this, right?"

"Ah, well... You're not wrong."

Correct. This wasn't his first time doing this sort of action. Yuki had often forced him into doing so, and the unyielding Mio would also have the same request. Maria who often did the cooking had also prepared a step chair to make up for their height differences, making it easier for him to also do it to her. But still, those were for Basara and them to lay the groundwork for bringing their relationships to the next level. He was not so close to Hasegawa to the degree to start doing that kind of stuff, since they have a student-teacher relationship after all.

"How it feels when you are doing it with Naruse and Nonaka, could you tell me that for me to think about it?"

"Feel? ...What do you mean?"

Hasegawa stuck out her hip, as if to say 'This is what I mean' . Her soft buttocks were then touching his crotch area, which caused his body to become stiff.

"For someone of your age to be thinking about such things, it probably wouldn't just end with just some dishes being washed, right?"

"! -- ...No, nothing of that sort."

For now, it really ended with just some dishes being washed. But sometimes, the washing was also brought to Mio's or Yuki's body.

"Is that so... All right, since you say so, I'll just believe you. A good teacher should always believe what her students say after all."

"A good teacher shouldn't joke around with her students... Really, something might really happen one day because of this."

"Hehe... Just you wait and see"

She let out a cheeky smile, then turned back to face the dishes, and said:

"--Well then, Comparing with the dishes that I made, how does it fare against what Naruse and Nonaka usually makes?"

"Eh, well..."

Since the topic on hand had somehow turned back to normal, he then started to compare what he had just ate with what he normally ate everyday in the Toujou household. What Maria usually makes, was comparable to Hasegawa's dishes; Yuki and Mio sometimes also cooked and while it also tastes great, the best chef in the Toujou residence was still Maria. However, the dishes were still worlds apart from what Jin could cook up in terms of flavour and variety. Thinking nostalgically about the tastes he are familiar with, Basara himself would occasionally whip up something simple as supper; the Nonaka style steamed egg or miso soup whipped up by Yuki, would sometimes stir up memories from his childhood. In comparison, what Hasegawa made were standard dishes in households, with each and every one being made with much care. Although the quality of the ingredients used had somewhat helped, it was still her preparations of the ingredients that had brought out the authentic and great flavours of each and every ingredient. The level of the careful control of the fire and the seasonings were superb, even to the extent of the appearance and presentation of the food. So--

"Sensei's dishes... Every single one of them are exquisite, just like the food from a restaurant specialised in making this sort of food. They are definitely very well done and delicious. So..."

"......Is it not to your tastes?"

Hasegawa hadn't looked back while doing the dishes, and her voice was slightly lowered.

"No, it is indeed to my tastes... Towards the exquisite and delicious dishes sensei cooked for me and you, saying such words are definitely inappropriate--"

Recalling the flavours of her dishes, it also gave him the feeling of being reborn, and he said it out.

"It was obviously my first time eating dishes cooked by sensei, but for some reason, it somehow is [nostalgic]... The only tastes that I should know of are those done by my father, and those of what I had eaten in my childhood friend Yuki's home..."


"May I ask... Is sensei's seasoning learnt from a relative or your parents?"

Basara noticed that Hasegawa had remained silent up to now, and thus he fearfully thought that he had made her angry. However, her answer was--

"......Yes. In the kitchen related stuff, it was learnt from a distant relative who had lived with me -- she was just like a sister who was a lot elder than me."

"I see..."

"Ah, I had really liked her at that time, just like how I liked what she cooked up. And so, knowing that you like it too, it really makes me happy..."

Hearing her words which carried much meaning, it gave Basara the feeling that that relative was no longer in this world, and so he dare not ask. Just then--

"—I'm sorry, Toujou."

Hasegawa suddenly closed the tap and said:

"Just one more time would be fine... Hug me even tighter."

Having taken off her white coat and heel, and now in Basara's embrace, she seemed no different from just like Mio and the others, just like a delicate woman. Hence, Basara listened to Hasegawa's request, and proceeded to hug her even tighter -- in his own way.


Hasegawa let out a sound of surprise. He turned Hasegawa who had her back facing her around, and hugged her tightly intimately. After a brief silence--

"...Remember that the relationship between us is still that of a teacher and a student."

"Don't think about that for now."

She felt uneasy and said, but after Basara's hand went towards her back to hug her even tighter, she let her hand go towards his back, and proceeded return his hug. Thus, he decided continue hugging her, until she felt satisfied.

Just like that, the second hand on Hasegawa's watch carved out a period that belongs to only the two of them.

".....It's fine already, Toujou."

Hearing this, he released both of his hands guiltily. And she began smiling wryly.

"Sorry... I got your shirt dirty."

"Just some foam is noth--"

He then realised that there were some red marks too.

It's lipstick. Looking at Basara who just noticed himself not noticing it, she smiled and said:

"Allow me wash it. It wouldn't take much time to just wash and dry one piece. Why don't you make use of the time to also take a shower?"

And attempted to take off his shirt. Basara hurriedly retreated in surprise,

"It's fine, there's no need to help me wash it. It shouldn't be visible with a jacket on."

"But after you reach home, how will you then explain it to them?"

She's right... He could never tell them the truth, or there will be much trouble. If he confesses what had happened, their curses could activate from the jealously that they will have. If so--

"Then I'll say it had got on in the train while on my way back, just like the perfume--"

"—Hey, that is my perfume. Naruse had come to the infirmary quite often, so she will definitely recognise it."

For real? He became speechless, making her giggle.

"Don't try to push it, hurry up and go have a shower, Toujou -- don't worry, I'll just send you home if it gets too late."

Worrying over it for quite a while, he finally decided to accept her kindness and entered the bathroom.

It was because, he had a worry.

--Around four days after the fight with Zolgear, Basara had made an attack on Mio in his room.

Mio has always been very important to Basara, and he had always been able to manage his self-control. But upon remembering that Zolgear had almost taken Mio away from him, his rationality disappeared. If he hadn't gained back his senses in time, the one who would've violated Mio would be him instead. Having lived a normal daily life together with Mio, subjugating her when the contract was made and releasing her from the curse multiple times after that -- he is already at his limit.

...Under these circumstances,if both Mio and Yuki both simultaneously trigger the aphrodisiac curse,

What that happens, he would very likely cross the line. Even though Mio says that it would be fine, it's still something that couldn't be joked about -- even if he did cross the line, he hoped that it wouldn't be because of Hasegawa.

White mist was rising about in the Hasegawa's bathroom, and Basara who was soaking in the bathtub while staring upwards--

"...I really need to find time to relax and let go of some stress."

He said so in a depressed mood. Just then, a voice came from behind the door to the bathroom.

"Toujou – It'll take about one and a half hours to remove the lipstick stains and the perfume and to dry it. Eh... you should be able to catch the last bus back."

"S-Sorry, I caused sensei trouble... Thank you."

With this, he'll probably wouldn't attack them. No, it wasn't for certain that it'll be like that...

"Umm, you're welcome... Also, I'll like your help with another thing. Is it all right?"

Oh... Yes, it's all righ-- "

Basara sat upright in the bathtub, thinking about what Hasegawa's request would be this time, when the door suddenly opened.

She had already taken off her clothes, and wasn't wearing her glasses any longer, wearing only a bath towel.

"Is that so. That's great..."

And Hasegawa walked into the bathroom while giggling.

" ! --Ho-Hold on for a moment, Sensei, why are you coming in?!"

He quickly turned the other way in panic.

" ? Didn't i ask for your help with something? To tell the truth, probably because that I'm the infirmary teacher, students would very often talk me about some things very close to them... Like when the vacation period ends, there would be a lot of them coming to me with questions about love, giving me a lot of headaches."

"Oh... Then, what does that have to do with what you're doing now?!"

"It makes me a little guilty saying it... Up till now I haven't dated anyone, so I am unable to give those students some useful advice, causing me some regret. So, today I had invited you over to my home to have dinner, in hopes of experiencing their feelings. It was thanks to you, that I had the chance to cook for a man and experience being hugged while washing the dishes. I really am grateful."

"So that is your reason for doing things that seemed like they were from a dramas site..."

He said, suddenly understanding. She continued quietly:

"Yes. I had originally thought that that would be enough. But you hugged me so tightly that in the end, I washed a man's shirt, and finally, you even came into my bathroom. And so I was thinking, why not just also experience the feel of bathing together with a man? I guess there should be no problems with that, right...?"

"Of course there is a problem, and a big one too! Isn't our relationship that of a teacher and a student?!"

"But when I said that just now, you told me to not think too much about that..."

"Ah! That...!"

Teacher is also a human, she has some worries in her heart and is in need of support, it would be too sad that one would need to endure the <torture> because of one's position. Like how Mio thought she wouldn't be able to get anyone's help just because she was the former demon lord's sole daughter; like how Yuki had to face a painful decision to give up her mission as a hero; like how Maria was constantly worried alone because her family was taken hostage. In order to save these suffering women, he had always been worrying his mind, and the one who was lighted his way at crucial moments, was Hasegawa. How could he just leave her as she is just because of what their relationship should be? Just then--

"Is it really not fine, Toujou?"

From behind his back, came the disappointed voice.

"Who knows, you might really be the last man to be allowed into my home..."

"Eh... It probably wouldn't progress to that stage, right?"

Refuting, he suddenly then remembered what happened in the school infirmary after school.

--When she couldn't take off her swimsuit, he had wanted to reject her request. But then she wanted to ask for other men to help. Her actions would probably be the similar as inviting him into her home, which was probably to try to quickly resolve those love issues. But--

...To think that Sensei would have such a delicate side.

He had thought Hasegawa was a woman with no flaws, but if she had never dated, it can be explained. She was so beautiful to the point where other men wouldn't dare to get close to her. Also, she drives an expensive sports car and lives in a condominium, which shows that she was likely to be the daughter of a wealthy business person. If her masculine way of speaking was picked up from the disciplining from her strict father, it would be reasonable to say that she would be relatively inexperienced about love between a man and a woman.

--And yet Hasegawa was a serious teacher who gave much care to her students, even to newly transferred students, and was someone who would probably be the type to worry about someone else. Hence, right now, it was likely that she really wants to accomplish something on the issue of the students' love. If that's the case, if for some reason he rejected bathing with her here, she would likely invite other men to do it with. But having tasted the marrow, the longing for its savouring grows, and they might take advantage of her weak point--

Having thought up the worst case scenario, Basara then shouted:

"..........~ ~ ~! I'll take a bath with you!"

And he turned his body around slowly. God knows what kind of man she would ask, and he decided not to take that risk. She brightened up, answering with a [Thank You].

"Well then, Basara. I'll start with your back first. I'll like to try washing a man's back."

"Oh, please do..."

And so, he got out of the bathtub, and sat on the plastic chair with his back facing her.

From behind his back, came the sounds of squeezing of liquids. It probably should be the soap. Following that--

"...Sorry to keep you waiting. I'll begin now."

And after finish her words, both of her hands appeared from both sides of his body.


Wasn't she going to wash his back? Why did she did her hands go past his body? While he was thinking this, she then hugged him from behind, applying pressure while pushing her breasts up and down her back.

"Wh-Wh-What are you doing, sensei?!!"

"Do you still need to ask that question?... I'm currently washing your back, using my breasts."

Hasegawa using her breasts to rub against his back, as if like it was a normal thing to do--

"S-Shouldn't you be using a towel instead?!"

He had shouted while in a panic, which caused Hasegawa to smile and say:

"What are you saying?... Only after experiencing how it feels to do this, then I'll probably be able to help resolve their love problems... Would there be any meaning in just washing using the usual methods?"

"Um, it might be just like you said... But ---- WHAT Happened To The Towel On Your Body?!"

"It was unnecessary, so I took it off. Naruse and Nonaka have also done the same thing with you, right?"


She was spot on. But, Mio was Mio, and Yuki was Yuki, and Maria was Maria. Their feelings, those mutually shared feelings between them and him, and their reasons for doing those stuff, were totally different from Hasegawa.

...This is bad...!

Between them and Hasegawa, there was a crucial difference -- Hasegawa was the first mature woman to do this kind of stuff to him. Mio and Yuki were of the same age, and they were just like sisters to him; even if Maria with her child-like appearance were to change into her amazing adult form, he wouldn't lose his rationality since he clearly knew what she's like.

--But, Hasegawa is different. She was clearly older than him, and she was someone who can be generous and mature.

She claimed that she has had no love experiences, but since the relationship between the two is that of a teacher and a student, he was not daring enough to resist due to hierarchy. In addition, in order to make Mio and the others yield, he usually had a proactive stance, rarely being passive.

...This isn't good. I need to quickly seize the initiative...!

Something might really happen if this continues. Just as he was wrecking his mind in thoughts, --

"Toujou, does it feel good? ...Comparing with Naruse's and Nonaka's, how does my breasts' movements fare?"

It was with luck that he found an opportunity to seize control of the situation in her question.

"...There's a big difference ...They have much better skills."

That was the decisive push. And the result--

"There is a very big difference? Then -- can you give me some suggestions on what I should do?"

"--! Su-Suggestions? ...Um ...Well, firstly--"

It was all just to seize the initiative. Compelled, he could only teach her the knack in using her breasts in washing someone.

Hasegawa followed his instructions, and was no longer just sliding them up and down, but was moving them about in various patterns and ways, also varying the pressure applied. Basically following his every word, she was incisively using them to rub against his back. Soon after, there were some swelling at the tip of her breasts, emphasising their inappropriate presence on his back.

"Ah! Toujou... Amazing, my body is getting hotter and hotter...!"

Her voice was beginning to fill up with feminine sweetness, and he could feel parts of her body attached to him rising in temperature.

...Sensei, she...!

That Hasegawa had gotten so excited from using her breasts to rub, and he could begin to feel a woman's excitement -- this fact gave Basara some conflicting excitement. If he turned around now, he would see -- Hasegawa who had her makeup off, her face filed with pleasure that had hardened the tip of her breasts. So, while clearly knowing that he shouldn't--


Toujou Basara gave in to the temptation, and slightly turned around to look. As a result--


As she was only thinking about using her breasts to wash his back, it was difficult for her to process any changes in the situation. And so, she toppled into Basara's arms. He quickly caught her in panic, and they toppled over together as a result.



Seeing each other at close proximity, Basara finally saw his longed-for desire.

SMnK v04 090.jpg

--Hasegawa was naked, her body hot from womanly pleasure. She was stunning.

That bright red skin of her body dyed from pleasure was totally different from the usual her in the infirmary. Those cute wet flirtatious eyes, and her hot breaths. The Basara who saw this, involuntarily swallowed.

In the next moment, Hasegawa showed Basara the expression Mio and Yuki definitely wouldn't have in this situation.

She smiled. Feeling womanly pleasure for the first time, she was also showing everything of herself to him in this situation. Following that--


She slowly moved even closer to him, put their lips together, and kissed him.

He didn't make any movements, and showed no resistance.

"Ah! ...Fuah.. Ah... Fu! ...Ahh... Hahh...Ahha!"

When their tongues crossed, their kissing got even more ferocious as time passed by. After quite a while, she parted, and while looking straight into his eyes, she said:

"Ohh... To think that I would also experience my first kiss at this time..."

Following that, she gave another charming smile. That expression – caused Basara to let loose his self-restraints.

He immediately forced his way into Hasegawa's mouth, grabbing and rubbing her large breasts. Her breasts overflowed obscenely through his fingers.

"Haa~~! Chi... Ahah, Toujou... ChiFfuuu.. Haa... AAAA!"

Just pushing around her breasts on his back had already made her this excited, and she cried out again and again from the unforgettable pleasure caused by him. Her reactions filled with ecstasy increased Basara's desires, which in turn made her be on the receiving of even more pleasure.

It doesn't even matter if they were covered with foam -- Basara's mouth latched onto Hasegawa's right breast. Just like the food from before, the taste and flavour of her breast spread within his mouth. He didn't use his teeth to stimulate them, but the moment he found the tip of those large breasts, she quickly raised her voice.

"Haaaaaaaaa.... No... Toujou... Don't... use... so ..much ... strength... Ah--...?"

Hasegawa wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his head and suddenly stiffened, trembling. She obviously wasn't under the effect of the aphrodisiac curse -- for her to climax when he had only made his moves on her breasts, it showed just how sensitive her body was.

"Ah... W-What was that... Ah! ...Did I just... reach orgasm...?"

Now, Basara wanted to let her who is now in a trance due to her first-ever orgasm to experience the ecstasy from her butt. While continuing to suck her breasts, he grabbed her buttocks, and began kneading them violently.

" ! --Ahhh. Wa-Wait... Tou...jou... If you do that........Aaahhhh---!"

Hasegawa who had already become more sensitive due to already climaxing once -- her waist began trembling violently. However--

...Not done yet.

You want to understand a man more? Allow me to teach you in full depth. Basara continued to have his arm tight around her waist while bringing up his other arm to make contact with the tip, to clean away the foam--

"Aah! ...W-Wait, Toujou ...Ah! I-I still want to help wash you..."

She kicked away the plastic chair, and pushed Basara towards the floor.

After that, she brought her foam-covered body towards his body--

"Be a good boy and don't move... I'll also use my breasts to help you clean this place..."

Hasegawa said while smiling, and then applied pressure. She began using her breasts to rub against the top of his body.

Compared to just now, the movements of her breasts can now be felt even more clearly.


Basara quivered a little. Hasegawa's soft breasts moved about provocatively on his chest; with every movement, the foam on her breasts would create obscene sound effects. Soon, she moved lower and lower -- until finally, she reached the edge of the towel on his waist. However, the particular part of his body that was already standing up due to a psychological reaction--


Hurriedly slid out from under Hasegawa -- with that, Basara was sitting at the edge of the bathtub.

He had managed to keep his last shred of rationality and not cross that final line. But--

"Do you really think that I, as the infirmary teacher... would really let you go with that sad look on your face?"

Hasegawa let out a wry smile at the sight of him testing his self-control, and unscrewed the head of a soap bottle, pouring its contents onto her breasts; the high viscosity liquid smoothly covered her foamy breasts, and a small pool formed in the center of her cleavage. She then knelt down in front of Basara and said:

"Come, Toujou... You have to know, having a older sister's love is really blissful."

Those lovely words captivated Basara, robbing him of capacity to make any movements.


His vision suddenly blurred. Blood was probably rushing to his head due to staying too long in the bath. [9] It appears that Hasegawa hadn't detected it and on her face, emerged the wryest erotic smile since she entered the bathroom.

"--The joke made in the infirmary, is about to come into reality."

Hasegawa then supported her soap-covered breasts from below, and began to slowly advance inwards under the towel around his waist -- into the depths.

--Hasegawa's breasts, brushed Toujou Basara's body part under the towel.

"! Uh----?" [10]

His strength suddenly left his body. Just like that, Hasegawa propped up the towel with her breasts and began moving her upper body up and down, robbing Basara of any capacity to think -- he could sign himself over, handing his all over to her.

When he opened his eyes again -- he realised he wasn't looking at the bathroom's ceiling anymore, but the changing room's instead.

...Str-ange...When did I...?

His consciousness was still blurry, and his thoughts were in a mess. Just then--

"--Are you okay, Toujou?"

As a voice entered his ears, a patch of white came into his view.


Recognising the voice but unable to see the person, Basara began to look around, and then understood the current situation.

He, was using Hasegawa’s thighs with only a towel on as a pillow, and the white patches he had thought was the ceiling, were actually her breasts. [11]


He rolled over in panic, and jumped up. Suddenly--

"Woow… Oh!"

The towel around his waist loosened, and he then hurriedly pressed it down, hiding his important parts that he had never shown to anyone before. Only then, did he pat his chest, feeling ease.

"I'm really sorry… I'm supposed to be the infirmary teacher, but yet I didn't notice your condition."

Hasegawa then apologised profusely while sitting beside him.

"It's fine. I should be apologising instead, since I laid on your thighs for so long…"

He then kneeled down on the floor, and kowtowed. [12]

"...............Um, Sensei?"

"Mnn? What is it?"

She answered with her usual tone upon hearing his question. Thus--

"Did I... really just have had a bath with sensei?"

He slowly raised his head, hoping that it was all just his imagination. She then said it as-a matter-of-factly:

"What, Toujou… Was your memories jumbled up when up fainted?"

"! ...Haha, how could that be? …How could I ever forget that sort of thing?"

Smiling while twitching his mouth, he realised that his hopes of it being just a dream was just a disillusionment.

"......So, just now, where, were we, when we, stopped?"

Basara asked choppily, praying heavily.

"Ah, that's right… You probably won't remember what was happening in the final moments when you lost consciousness. What happened was that I used my breasts to wash your body. Thanks to you, I managed to gain some valuable experience."

"----! T-That's great…"

His facial muscles twitched, and he thought -- it's not over yet, there’s still hope. Thus--

"T-Then where was the last part that sensei was washing…?"

He specifically asked for the location. If it had stopped at any point before that place, everything might still be fine. He sent out his last glimmer of hope and--

"Well… Do you remember the incident with the soap this evening in the infirmary?"

"--Eh? Y-Yes… It was to lubricate that stuck zipper…”

Basara only squeezed out such an answer with the sudden change in the topic. Hasegawa then pressed her hand against her large breasts, and said while teasingly smiling:

"So, comparing the you back then and the you from just now -- who do you think released more white viscous liquid onto my breasts?"

Hasegawa's words, completely obliterated Basara's last glimmers of hope. Only just understanding that it was all real--


Saying that in a very small voice, Basara heavily put down his head once more.

Part 5[edit]

Later, Basara waited without anything on his upper body while waiting for his clothes to dry.

He once again thanked Hasegawa for the delicious meal, but decided to remain silent about the chain of events that happened in the bathroom.

By the time Basara left Hasegawa’s residence, it was already past eleven.

...It's already so late.

He couldn't help but sigh while waiting in line on the platform at the nearest train station.

Hasegawa wanted to drive him back, but he strongly rejected. While waiting for his clothes to dry, he watched Hasegawa who was dressed in a sexy bathrobe going about while worrying over whether what Hasegawa said had really happened; if the two of them were to be alone in that narrow space in the car, he wasn't sure if he would be able to suppress it.'s already dangerous enough going along with her this far. If Mio and the rest were to see him being dropped off, things will become very troublesome -- the aphrodisiac curse will definitely be set off from the jealousy towards Hasegawa. And so he fiddled with his phone--

"......All right."

Basara had already sent a message to inform them that he was going to be late while his clothes were being dried, and now he sent another one saying that he was currently on the train on his way back.

He kept his phone, and looked towards the arriving train.

...Ah, it's likely to be crowded.

After nightfall, this service line would already be filled with commuters returning home from work, and the amount of people boarding at this station were a lot; right now, he was part of a very long line. It was likely that Hasegawa, who used this station everyday knew this, and thus wanted to send him back herself. But even if he was to be packed into this [sardine can], accepting her offer was definitely not a viable option.

Just then, the announcement that the train was arriving sounded out. However--

『The express train will be passing through the station via platform 2. Commuters pleas--』

I see... So the express train doesn't stop at this station.

Just as he remembered that the workings of this station are different from the one nearest to his home, something happened.

--The whole station suddenly became dark. All of the lights in the station had suddenly went out.

Basara originally thought that the sudden change of events was a blackout, but--


He tilted his head to the right and redirected a punch directed at him from behind by sweeping his left hand.

"What the hell is going on...--?"

Basara had originally wanted to turn around to face the assailant that he thought was a drunkard or a robber taking advantage of the darkness, but he was forced to jump aside. It wasn't just behind him, but all of the commuters on the platform rushed towards him with their eyes appearing abnormal.

...! Could this be...!

Just as he thought of a possibility, the dim emergency lights suddenly disappeared, along with the sounds from the nearby streets. It appears that he was caught in a space distortion barrier.

Hence, Toujou Basara believed -- he was under attack.

...Damn! Just who, had even dragged civilians into this...!

Along with Basara, those commuters who were attacking him were also within the barrier; but he couldn't harm them as they were just under manipulation. Even though he had to face the barrage of punches and kicks while surrounded, he made use of the space he had to dodge the attacks, and retaliated when they missed him by hitting their necks or torso with enough force just to make them lose consciousness. Then--


Many dots of light suddenly appeared, making Basara gasp. Its impossible to restore the electricity within the barrier, so there shouldn't be any light at all; around Basara appeared countless points of light, illuminating the darkness -- it's magic.

...No way! The people manipulated by magic can use magic too!? While this feat stunned Basara -- the barrier was suddenly dispelled, returning the space to normal.


Basara was rendered speechless. The people under manipulation are casting magic. If it is an attack magic and if it were to successfully activate, much damage caused to the station itself.


The lights approaching from the other side of the track gave Basara much anxiety. Although there was a blackout in the station, the express train was originally supposed just go past this station in the first place. If these people here were to release the magic and cause damage to the tunnel or make a direct hit on the train, there will definitely be many casualties.

Thinking about the outlook, Basara stiffened his body -- using this opening, three of the bodies around him rushed towards him. Basara couldn't react in time, and the three bodies that kept very close to the ground grabbed his waist and legs and propelled him into empty air.

Crap -- When that thought came up, they were already falling towards the tracks, right in the path of the oncoming train. In that moment, the barrier was put back, as if the enemy doesn't want a catastrophe happening. Temporarily dispelling the spell was probably to make him show an opening. However--

...! Even dragging the train in this time...!

Even within the barrier, he could still see the train moving towards them. Casting a space dislocation type first, then a space replication type? It replicates every thing within it, and the incoming train wasn't an exception. When Basara and the three under manipulation landed on the tracks, the train was already right in front of them. Hence--


He decided quickly and gripped Brynhildr in reverse, sweeping it outwards with all his strength, forcefully throwing them off into the emergency evacuation space under the platform; since he couldn't avoid the train, he crouched down -- and jumped upwards at the train.


He stepped lightly on the windshield, and proceeded to do a somersault upwards. In his sight, he saw the express train rushing past under him. As he was about to make another step and release the breath he was holding in--

Arrows of light shot out towards him from the magics on the platform.

...Shit! So they were aiming for this right from the start...!

His actions were completely predicted. He was in a position in mid-air where he was unable to dodge the attacks.

Thus -- facing the countless points of lights, he made the decision to engage the incoming attacks.

[I'll just deflect all that I can manage...!]

Readying himself, he assumed a stance to engage them--


But before the attacks entered Brynhildr's range, a wall made from water suddenly expanded out in front of him, deflecting all of the attacks. Following that--

"I had came over to take a look after sensing a space-distortion, but I wasn't expecting to find such a situation..."

The moment he heard that familiar voice -- a gust of wind wrapped around Basara, holding him in the air. Turning around, a young girl was in front of his eyes. She was wearing the combat attire of the hero tribe, with her left hand wearing the gauntlet needed specially for using spirits. This girl is very cute, but her expression showed unhappiness. This girl was--


Yes, the one in front of him was Yuki's sister, the spiritual magic user Kurumi.

"Really... Having to save someone who had managed to defeat me..."

Sighing, she flipped her finger, and the wall protecting Basara scattered into droplets, wetting the entire platform. Changing the element for the gauntlet from water to wind, she stretched out her hand towards the ground, and large-scale magic burst at the target's vicinity.

"Hold on, those people are under manipulation--"

"I can see that. Don't worry -- I'll control my power."

She calmly responded to Basara asking her to stop and after that, thunder and wind filled the station, with lightning being channeled over the wet platform.

The people being manipulated, were then instantly paralysed.

Part 6[edit]

--It was unexpected, that Kurumi would use area type magic to paralyse those people that were being manipulated.

But it was thanks to her showing this card in her deck, that dealing with the aftermath wasn't so complicated.

The incident happened in a space created by the barrier, and thankfully the entire station had a blackout before he was attacked, causing the security cameras to stop working. Even if the cameras cannot record magic and the other abilities, it can still record what happened before the spell was set up. It was really a good thing that it had went the way it had.

Soon -- the civilians regained consciousness, and no one could remember what had happened while they were being manipulated. The normal people who didn't know about the existence of magic -- basically will not remember anything that happened while under the control of magic. Still, Kurumi had also brought along the forgetting incense for normal humans who had seen a battle and could remember it. But right now, it seems that it wouldn't be necessary.

--However, there was something that quite worrying. The people being manipulated, could use magic.

In the past when Zolgear had abducted Mio, using the case of Aikawa and Sakai, the people who were being manipulated by magic can temporarily see the fluctuations of magic, but they definitely cannot use magic. As a precaution, he had asked Kurumi to evoke spirits to check for traces of residual magic on their bodies, but there wasn't any positive results. Because of the lack of clues, the two of them would only leave the station just like that.

Hence, Basara asked Kurumi to send him home with flight magic. Once a magic barrier was set up, there wouldn't be any danger of being seen by normal people. Right now--

"...I see. So it was because of the periodic reports that Yuki gave the village."

Hugging Kurumi's waist whilst flying in the night sky, he listened to her reason for coming back here this time, and he said while showing his comprehension of the situation:

"So those elders couldn't just ignore it..."

"Of course. Not after causing such an incident with two S-class high-class demons -- such an incident had never happened even once after the war had ended."

She said snappily.

"Although you had stabilized situation for a bit by defeating the high class demon'll probably be too much for just my sister alone in the future, so they wanted to send reinforcements."

「I see...」 He murmured. If the hero tribe wanted to eliminate an S-class demon, would normally send a team of five like last time instead of just Kurumi. With only Kurumi coming alone, it shows that--

...So those elders want to wait and observe till the end.

They probably wanted to see what would happen if they let no harm come to Mio while not getting themselves involved in the dispute over her between the Demon Factions. In other words, after they found out that a S-class demon had gotten involved, they sent Kurumi on a surveillance mission while clearly knowing that surveillance will be difficult to maintain, in light of their position as a bystander changing.

If that's the case,those elders would probably ask the Nonaka family to take responsibility over Yuki's past actions if Kurumi didn't voluntarily accept this mission. Anyway--

"So that is why you came... Thanks to that, I was saved. Thank you, Kurumi.

Basara had became nervous when he saw Kurumi use thunder magic, but it seems she had controlled its power. Hearing Basara's thanks, she then said unhappily:

"Make no mistake. I had come for my sister, not to help you or Naruse Mio."

But still, her cheeks had become slightly red. Hence, his answer was a [Alright, I understand.] whilst nodding his head and smiling.

"--Ah, that's right. Basara, do you know anyone who might manipulate ordinary people to attack you?"

"Well... After you appeared, the other party retreated. It feels as if like they don't want to be involved with the hero tribe, so it might be another demon who wants to abduct Mio..."

According to Takigawa, the Current Demon Lord faction and the Moderates faction will not make any movements for now. When Zolgear was killed, the current demon lord faction, who has much power and determination, must've increased their monitoring of the situation to prevent anyone acting unconscionably [13] on their own -- if so, their odds [14] won't change much even with Kurumi here. Also, attacking Basara while he was alone instead of directly going for Mio was something to be concerned about. Was it to eliminate him, or was it an attempt for his [Banishing Shift]?

...Currently, Takigawa was on his way back to the demon realm.

He had returned to make his report to the current demon lord, so it would be best to not make careless contact him now. Of course, if the one Basara was looking for was his classmate Takigawa to have a chat with instead of the demon Lars, there wouldn't be any problems; but since he didn't know his whereabouts and who would be listening in, he can't contact him just because he wanted to know of the demon's movements.

...Having said that, I can't just sit around and do nothing...

This time was different, since the other party involved innocent civilians without reservation. This was the situation that Basara was the most unhappy with. Apart from just the psychological shocks that it would bring, once there would be any sort of adverse impacts on ordinary people, there was no guarantee that the [Village] wouldn't turn Mio into an elimination target. Even if Basara was the enemy's target, predicting the decisions from the [Village] would be equally difficult; it would be great if their decision were to designate the Basara who they had exiled as a target for protection, or to continue protecting the dangerous element Mio. Hence--

"All in all, let's return first to ask Maria. Right now, there are too few clues."

Part 7[edit]

A few minutes later -- they arrived in front of the house.

The [Village] is currently aware that Yuki is living in this house together with Mio and Maria; even if Mio is a demon, she is also a protection target, so Kurumi likely wouldn't attack her for no reason. Just as the two of them opened the door and were about to take a step inside--

"Ah, welcome back, Basara~"

Maria left the dressing room and came to them with a hearty greeting. In that moment--


A gasp filled with misunderstandings came from behind Basara, causing him wrap his hands around his face with a [Crap].

That was because, Maria was donning the look of being-naked-with-only-an-apron-on look again.

"Oh? Isn't that Yuki's sister? ...What did you come for this time?"

Seeing Maria running over with small steps, Kurumi's face was already pale.

"Yo-You... Why are you dressed like that?!"

"--Not really, Kurumi. This situation isn't really what it seems to be. Maria, turn around once to show her."

"? Like this?"

Maria spun around once on the spot and contrary to Basara's expectations, her side boobs, side belly, and bare butts were visible; needless to say, her back was also completely bare. Basara froze for a moment, and then--

"Oi! Why are you not wearing anything underneath?!"

"It's to make you think that I'm posing and pretending to be naked with only an apron on, when the truth is that it's a psychological trap to make you think that. Ahaha! Basara completely fell for it!"

What the hell are you even doing... Can't you just take a look at the situation you're in right now? Just then--

"S-So it's really like that! What the hell are you even trying to do, dressed like that?!"

Kurumi was already at her limit, and had shouted out with her face totally red.

"Oyaya~?" Could it be, that this is your first time seeing someone dressed like that~? Ah...then look as much as you want. After all, this will forever be a man's dream -- a naked apron!"

"You're an idiot! Who would even want to see such a thing!?"

Maria put her hands on her hips and swaggered [15], causing Kurumi to uncontrollably shout at her. This is bad... They had just came in through the door and the air is already thick with gunpowder, all it would take is just a single spark. He needs to quickly defuse the situation. Just as Basara began to panic--

"Ah, that's right. Maria, where's Yuki? I haven't heard from her and Mio so far...?"

He hurriedly asked this. Since it has already come to this, he could only ask Yuki to placate Kurumi, and ask Mio to dispose of Maria. But still, they had already made such a ruckus, and yet both of them had yet to show up.

"Ah, that's right, I almost forgot. Both of them are waiting for you in the living room, so quickly go over."

"? In the living room? I got it."

Was there something that they need to talk about? He then took off his shoes, and said:

"Kurumi, you also should make yourself at home. Quickly come in."

".........I'm coming in." [16]

She gave him a dirty look, and proceeded to take off her shoes.

"--Ah, that's right. Basara, please take off your socks here too."

Maria said while stretching her hands towards him. Since Maria just came out from the dressing room, she's probably doing laundry now. Although he felt that it was a little too late at night to be doing laundry, all of the housekeeping stuff was managed by Maria; thus he decided to not touch that matter, and obediently handed his socks to her. He then opened the door to the living room and said:

"Sorry to keep you waiting for so long -- well, is there anything yo--"

you want to talk to me about...Basara suddenly froze mid-action.

In their underwear -- with only a single vest on, both Mio and Yuki were on their hands and feet, shyly looking up to him.

At their neck and butt area, a dog's collar and tail were there.

Nonaka Yuki, and also Naruse Mio, had dressed themselves up together as a pair of dogs, awaiting his arrival home.

-- After Takigawa had gave them advice, hoping that they wouldn't become a burden to Basara

The both of them had been silent on their way home while thinking -- how can they supplement Basara's power while staying by his side. Of course, as Takigawa said, increasing their power was most important. When fighting Zest at Zolgear's place, the both of them had attacked simultaneously. Since then, the both of them had tried practicing combining their powers, but they definitely still need more practice and experience. However, just that wasn't enough. All possible methods need to be utilised.

After reaching a consensus in the discussion, they had decided to let themselves be subjugated by Basara. Under their master-servant contract under Basara, deepening their trust and dependence to each other can increase their battle potential -- that was what they can do for him.

Once they got home, the both of them had a discussion with Maria. From that, she had proposed what they are currently doing and wearing now.

Before Basara reached home, Maria had even done the fine-tuning: how they should crawl, how they should shake their butts to make men excited, how they should do their licking to make it sensual, etc.

In addition to these, she also made them completely understand that being able to obey this orders is something to be really happy about. Just like that, the both of them had become Basara's dogs. So--

"Sorry to make yo--"

In the moment Basara entered the living room, Yuki's heart filled with happiness.


She suppressed her urge to rush up to him. She definitely cannot be so rude, doing things without her master's orders. It was for Basara, that she had become a dog.

"! ...You....?"

He had shouted in surprise upon seeing them, then suddenly stopped.


The both of them began to slowly crawl towards him. wagging their butts all the way, which also made the tail shake and rub against their thighs and butts. They were doing it so naturally and comfortably.

Reaching the position beside his leg, the both of them raised their eyes to look at him.


There was such a big gap. Basara's face seemed so far away. From this angle, Yuki understood what the relationship between the current her who had became a dog, and her master Basara. Then, the both of them began rubbing their heads against his knee, all while thinkin--

...With this, that from today onwards...

Just by putting on this pair of ears and tail, the both of them could anytime become real dogs.

Oh god... The pleasure even made their butts shake even more, and those actions brought her own self lower and lower to a real dirty dog's level.

Upon self-realisation of what they have become, the sights of Mio and Yuki met, and bringing their heads lower--


The both of them began licking Basara's feet. This action, made the both of them into real dogs. With the saliva-covered tongue, the texture, warmth and taste of his foot, were all transmitted to them. So--

"! ----"

Nonaka Yuki shuddered, with a sweet feeling running through her body, raising her body temperatures. What just happened, was that just by licking his foot, gave her a small minor climax.

Similarly, by her side, the same thing also happened to Mio. A light then covered the three of them.

The contract had recognised that they had advanced another step, and raised their battle potential.

Their master Basara had became stronger, and this has also increased their combat power.

Which also means that the chances of Basara being under life-threatening conditions has also reduced. Hence--

...God, to think that I could yield to this degree...

This had made Mio get a sense of accomplishment.

-- Originally, she had wanted to entrust her all to Basara. However, the reason that Zolgear had created Zest was to own the power in the virgin demon girls. So similarly, right now Mio couldn't do that particular act with him.

Reason being...

Before Zest returned to the demon realm, she had said that Mio had inherited Wilbert's power because he wanted to protect his child before he died. And so, the instant she loses her virginity, that power may deem that she has already become an adult, and just vanish from existence.

On Yuki's side, in the hero tribe, there was also something similar. The spirit sword [Sakuya] that had chosen her, was just like the [witch] in Shinto; once a girl loses her virginity, the [witch] would also deem that she has lost her qualifications. Which means that if Yuki were to lose her virginity, [Sakuya] would reject her as it's user. While for men, they were the ones that had to battle regardless of whether they had a family, so whether they were still a virgin wasn't important. However, after Yuki's mother had given birth to her, she practically couldn't use her original amount of power anymore.

And so, if they were to lose so much power in a moment's error, there will definitely be heavy consequences. With the current relations between the Current Demon Lord Faction and the Moderates Faction, they definitely can't lose their power in the heat of the moment and become a burden to Basara.

The only one who could possibly do the [act] [17] with Basara without losing their power might only be the succubus Maria. However, her ability to turn into her adult form seems to use a magical <key> to transform her to give her a large amount of power. Doing the [act] could be the equivalent of causing her to be an adult, causing her to be unable to turn into her adult form ever again.

-- But then again, as long as they do not lose their virginity, they could do anything.

And that was the reason why both Mio and Yuki decided to push aside their feelings of embarrassment, and to turn into dogs.

To maximise their yielding to Basara, to raise their powers. Just then--

"Oi oi oi, you two...that's enough already!"

He then managed to put together why the both of them are doing this. But, despite Basara trying to get them to stop, Mio still kept licking his leg while Yuki kept sucking on his toes. Yuki was even letting her tongue run over every corner of his toes, making lewd sounds while having a deep lustful look.

I don't want to lose to her Hence, Mio also moved towards his toes with her tongue out--


She then saw an unfamiliar pair of feet behind Basara's. It wasn't Maria's, as she had seen her's while learning how they should crawl. If it isn't Maria's, then whose feet was it? When Mio looked upwards in puzzlement--


She realised that that pair of feet belonged to a girl which she had seen before.

Nonaka Kurumi, who was completely stiff, met Mio's eyes. And this caused Mio's determination to become a dog to intensify, to be one in front of Maria, Basara and Yuk--

" ! --------Yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

That high-pitched scream turned them back into humans.

Dressed as a dog, Mio then turned to run, and locked herself in her room.

" ! ...Oi, this situation, hurry up and give me an explanation!"

After that, they were scolded by the very annoyed Kurumi. Sequentially from the right, Yuki, Basara and Maria were all kneeling in a row.

...No wonder she's so angry.

Even Basara who knew what was going on now, had only understood after seeing the light to signal the increase of battle potential. And so, first was a general introduction about the master-servant contract, followed by a detailed explanation on why it was done and necessary.

Even though Kurumi had some knowledge about magic, she was unable to accept it, but she still tried to understand.

"In other words -- all that just happened was to deepen the relationship with Basara as the master and raise their battle potential?"

"...Yes. Because Mio and I dressed up as dogs and expressed our subjugation to him, we managed to become stronger together again."

By his side, Yuki explained the attire. From the start, she was the one who gave her the explanations while Basara and Maria remained silent. Considering Kurumi's personality, it was best if Basara and Maria remained silent and leave it to Yuki. However--

"W-Wait... What do you mean by [again]? ...Don't tell me that this isn't the first time you have done this sort of thing...?"

She then nodded towards Kurumi who seemed to be misunderstanding something.

"That was my second time being strengthened. The first time was when the contract was made, when Basara subjugated me while I was under the effects of the aphrodisiac curse."

Oi... Could letting Yuki explain be a mistake? Kurumi's anger level was clearly rising without any sign of stopping. Sure enough, she became even more furious and shouted:

" ! --What the hell were you two even thinking! How could you use the demon's magic to just get stronger?! What would you do if [Sakuya] rejects you?!"

"Um, about that--"

"Ah, no need to worry about that."

While Basara was still thinking on what to do, Maria interrupted from the sidelines and said:

"When [Sakuya] chose Yuki as its user, did it happen after the both of them here separated in their childhood? So, the spirit chose her because it saw her strong will to help and protect Basara, and gave its strength to her. The Yuki right now only wants to help Basara, and she linked her soul to his, so the spirit basically wouldn't reject her."

" ! ...Even if it's like that, you being like that... It's just too weird!"

Maria then squinted both her eyes, and said towards the red-faced Kurumi:

"Weird in what way? If the both of them hadn't done that contract, then we all would probably already be dead in that fight. Our opponent Zolgear was classified as an S-class high-level demon by you Heroes, he had a lot of power. Let me guess, you want both Yuki and Basara to die?"


Seeing her exposed pained expression--

"Maria... The decision whether to support it or not was made by the elders, you can't solely blame Kurumi."

Basara then continued:

"Additionally -- I had also said that something happened on my way home. When I was attacked, it was Kurumi who saved me. That was separate from the decision of the village to send her as reinforcement in the surveillance mission, it was of her own free will."

So you can't blame her too much, since--

"Even I was shocked when I entered the living room... For Kurumi who didn't know what it was for, her being able to remain calm must be weirder."

Hearing Basara trying to keep her calm, Kurumi's attitude somewhat softened a bit. However--

"Ah ah, so that's what it's all about... Actually, what we are doing, it is just too shocking to the kid so new to things between adults, and the reason why she was so angry was to hide her embarrassment, right?"

Maria's provocation once again set fire to the atmosphere.

"D-Don't treat me like a kid... I will be in high school next year!"

"Hahaha, was there any relation to age in my words? What I'm talking about is you, your mentality. It's just like a kid's. Really, such a big difference from the mature Yuki...are you two really sisters?"

" ! ...A kid's?! Speaking of which, my development began earlier than my sister's, so I'm already mature! Even for that special day for a woman, it would definitely come earlier for me!"


Strange, did Yuki just tremble? Just then--

"Hoho... Even more mature than Yuki? Since you said so, then let me actually see it for myself."

"S-See what... Why even bother about you."

"O~ya~ You have no confidence? Yayaya~ then I think that you better give up hope. The city is for mature women, so the kids better go back to that [Village] in the countryside for a few more years."

"Who's the one that has no confidence! Fine, I'll prove it to you!"

Basara could only watch as Kurumi shouted in front of him, thoroughly taken the bait.

"Oioi, Kurumi--"

"! --Basara you remain quiet!"

And she just tyrannically stemmed Basara's protest.

...Come at me! What's there to be afraid of about you...!

How can a hero make herself as a joke in front of a demon over such a trivial matter... Even if she has no experience with men, after she had returned to the village after fighting with Basara in the past -- Kurumi's body had undergone changes. In these past five years, a corner of Kurumi's heart was frozen from that particular tragedy. After she found out she wasn't that different from him -- no, that he was even more tormented than her -- that part of her heart finally thawed.

That's why, recently those aunts close to her in the [village] had suddenly told her that she had suddenly became more mature and that she may have even more feminine charms than Yuki, and things related to that.

"Come, just do whatever you want."

"Alright, I'll help myself then--"

Maria stood up and came to Kurumi's side, and began to grope her left breast, closing her eyes to carefully analyze its shape and size. She then opened her eyes. What Maria looked at -- wasn't Kurumi's breasts but her eyes instead.

"W-What are you planning to...?"

She couldn't help but to ask.

Just then, demonic magic suddenly appeared in Maria's eyes--


In the next moment, Kurumi suddenly found herself with her butt to the ground. What just happened -- when she thought this, a wave of sweet numbness suddenly flowed over her, rushing over her from her lower abdomen.

And that -- was the shocking pleasure that Kurumi had never experienced before.

" ! ...Yaaah! W-What is this... Aaaooo! W-What did you do!"

"Nothing much. I only just slightly used my succubus power's baptism to let you enter into that state."

"D......Didn't you just only wanted to only check my breast size?........Aah!"

Red-faced, Kurumi raised her wet eyes, but Maria answered without even lifting an eyebrow.

"What's wrong? What I was expecting was a Kurumi that had an even more mature image than Yuki; so of course what I wanted to check, was whether or not you can be even more lewd than Yuki.... Come, Basara, come and check if Kurumi is really even more mature than Yuki."

"W-Why me...?"

"What why? Kurumi here claims that she is even more mature than Yuki, so if we don't get the same person to test it, wouldn't it be unfair to her?"

The sudden order caused Basara to be in a mess, while Maria then said as-a matter-of-factly:

"As tonight isn't a full moon, the master-servant contract can't be made tonight. But still, I can set the intensity of her state, as well as the method to lift the current state to be like it. When I groped her breast just now, it wasn't to check its size but to check her body's sensitivity to pleasure, and properly set its intensity so as to let her feel the same intensity. If we start from Yuki's level, a beginner to this won't be able to take it. However--"

She put on a devilish smile, and continued:

"Since Kurumi has already said that she was more mature than Yuki, I guess that this level shouldn't be enough to see it. It isn't enough to make you grit your teeth yet, right?"

"Y-You... Ah! Wh-..ahh!"

At the sight of Kurumi trying to talk while gasping, the sound of Basara's sigh was heard. Following that--

"You said that the method to lift it is the same as the what you mean is...that I have to subjugate her, right?"

"That's right -- but then, Basara, why not also ask Yuki to help you? A younger sister claiming to be even more mature than her, it must've made her unsatisfied with you.... Isn't that right, Yuki?"

Hearing Maria's words, Yuki suddenly stood up and walked towards Kurumi.

Unnoticed from just now, the collar-like markings were already on her neck. It seems that the curse was already triggered from the events just now.

Yuki slipped behind Kurumi's back, and said:

"As my little sister, you are nothing special... I'll let you know right now that I'm the more mature one now."

"Ah! ......Big sis?"

With that, Yuki mercilessly took off Kurumi's shirt. Although she tried to resist, Kurumi couldn't due to the sweetness of her climaxes, and she was then left with only her underwear.

"Hurry up, Basara....let us see which of us is the more mature one."

"! .....Nooo.........! -Fuaahhhh!"

Although she wanted to resist, her climaxes' sweetness yet only allowed little movement to do it.

"Don't worry, Kurumi...very soon, we will make you yield..."

With that, Basara then stretched out a hand, towards the breast still being held up by the bra. That moment--


The sweet feeling which then burst out over her, told Kurumi what it really feels and means to really orgasm.

From then onwards -- Kurumi was unable to believe what followed actually happened.

Yuki and Basara, the two of them then worked together to roam and explore every corner of her body. What Maria had done to her had raised her body's sensitivity by a lot; even through her underwear, she still climaxed multiple times just from being rubbed there violently, and soon enough, her mind began to blur. When the both of them stripped off her bra and directly caressed her breast, and her ability to feel embarrassment was also almost eliminated. Following that--

"Ah! ......Ahhhaa... Brother, Basara......... Ah......ah! ......Aahhh...!"

"Ah..... Basara..... Don't focus on Kurumi only and forget about me.....!"

Basara's caressing of Kurumi had caused the strengthening of Yuki's curse from jealousy, which then caused the entanglement of Yuki and Basara's limbs. Seeing her sister's lustful look, Kurumi suddenly remembered a scene with the three of them playing from their childhood. Unconsciously, she began to feel happiness from starting to be tangled with the three of them together--

"Kurumi, put both your hands together above your head..."

"! ...Ah, like this...?"

SMnK v04 124.jpg

Kurumi then straddled Basara waist who was lying down facing up. After that, Basara put his hands into her panties to directly rub her butt. At the same time from behind Kurumi, Yuki began to rub and massage Kurumi's breasts that has already become as sensitive as hers. Additionally, Yuki also brought her tongue towards her right armpit. In that moment--

"! --Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aahh! Sis.... That place, don't........!"

"What a cute armpit....ah...this taste..."

As Kurumi started quivering, Yuki then began licking her armpit again, satisfied at her reaction. Wanting to avoid the overflowing pleasure originating from her armpits, she tried to twist her body; but then Basara suddenly raised his upper body and took her breast into his mouth--

"Ah! ....Basara... W-Wh—Ah... Ah,Ahhh! --Aaahhhhhhhh!"

The tip that has already become very sensitive from all the sucking -- when she tried to call him while gasping, she suddenly trembled strongly. From the sides while holding a camera, Maria said:

"The hero sisters drowning in pleasure..... Ohh~, what a beautiful scene... Oh feast your eyes on this!"

"...........Say, Maria, once I subjugate her, it will be lifted, right?"

While giving pleasure to Kurumi, he asked the excited succubus.

"Normally when removing Yuki's and Mio's curse, it didn't even take this long..."

"Aahh... I would guess that it's probably that Kurumi's weakness isn't her breasts or butt. But then, seeing the reactions caused by Yuki, I would guess that it would be--"

".........I see."

"? Basara, wh-........-A,Ahh!"

With a sudden change of their positions, Kurumi was lying on the ground, and Basara came up above her.

"Yuki... Help me to hold her hands in place."

"Ah.... I got it."

Yuki grabbed both of Kurumi's wrists, and brought them above Kurumi's head. With her movements restricted, Kurumi saw Basara looking at her while stroking her cheeks--


Seeing the tenderness and determination in his eyes, Nonaka Kurumi finally understood.

Her intuition told her -- from now on, she will be subjugated forcefully. With that--

"--I'm starting, Kurumi."

Those words made Kurumi swallow her saliva in anticipation and nervousness. But--

"Mnn... Let Kurumi be subjugated, Basara..."

Upon hearing Kurumi saying it with her tone she used specially for Basara in their childhood, he then immediately brought his mouth to her defenceless armpit.

「! ----------------」

A tsunami hit Kurumi in the next moment, and the pleasure almost swept away her consciousness.

Toujou Basara witnessed the moment her whole body shook.

Having tasted enough pleasure to break up her consciousness, Kurumi was both intoxicated and happy.

But nevertheless, her breathing remained stable, which let Basara let out a sigh in relief.

"Thanks, Basara... Leave the rest to I."

After subjugating Kurumi, Yuki's jealousy seems to have subsided and the curse seemed to have already faded. After watching Kurumi carried by Yuki into her room--

"--Maria, what were you even thinking?"

With only the two of them left in the living room, Basara gave Maria an accusing look.

"The master-servant contract hasn't been done between Kurumi and me...was there a need to do that?"

With that, Maria then smiled bitterly and said:

"Sorry... But since Kurumi coming here was to help Yuki, doesn't it mean that she will be living here from now on? And so, I was thinking that it would be better for her to know what sort of thing the contract was. If she could accept it like Yuki did, then things would be simple... However, as expected, her reaction to seeing it was really sharp and sudden."

"Uh, isn't that supposed to be a normal reaction...?"

"About that... Kurumi being shocked and then resisting is just like Basara said, normal. But from my viewpoint, she actually wants to be on the stage. And so I thought that it would be for the best if she were to join us. I had no intention to emulate uncle Jin, but this will make Kurumi see me as the enemy and accept all of your decisions."

"Perhaps what you said is logical..."

Hearing Maria's intention, Basara had a solemn expression and said:

"Since it's like this, there isn't a need to just collar everyone up, right? Regretfully, we need the assistance of the master-servant contract, and this is a problem for all of us. Unless... you feel that you might be sent back to the demon realm, to be a scapegoat?"

"How can that be? I hadn't thought that... It's just, I also have a sister too..."

Maria then continued:

"Just like how I had explained it when the Demon Realm sent people to fetch my mother back, my sister is currently the subordinate of Ramusas, the current leader of the Moderates Faction. She has a strict and stubborn personality, so she will definitely never forgive me for doing those things for Zolgear... So at least, I was hoping that the Nonaka sisters could at least maintain their good relationship together."


"Just kidding you... I was just following my instincts was a succubus--"

Suddenly, Basara tightly hugged Maria who had a smile that seemed to be hiding something. While in his grasp--

"...Haish~ [18], Basara is such a lolicon."

The immature succubus then chuckled.

"How am I one... I'm just only showing you my love."

With that, Basara applied even more force in hugging that petite body.


Maria then smiled and sighed again, and returned the hug.

With no one else in the living room -- the two of them just silently hugged each other.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The back of Basara’s head is now more sensitive to looks at from the boys than the sensitivity of a girls’ breasts towards looks at from boys
  2. Something like telepathy, I guess?
  3. Motions for a imaginary/air kiss
  4. Most popular one
  5. Referring to a boob job
  6. This had been said in a way that can be interpreted with a sexual meaning to it, something similar to [Can you come with me to my room to help me with something?] , in a sense. This results in the following lines being the way it is.
  7. 会席料理, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, a set menu of select food served on an individual tray (to each member of a gathering)
  8. itadakimasu
  9. Hyperemia?
  10. È
  11. The breasts were lined up vertically in his vision
  12. He's doing it very seriously with very strong feelings
  13. not right or reasonable
  14. odds/chances of winning
  15. a very confident and arrogant or self-important gait or manner
  16. A customary phrase to be said when entering someone else's house is said here
  17. sexual intercourse
  18. A sigh

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