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Epilogue: The Scenes Caused by the Dream[edit]

Part 1[edit]

When Basara regained his consciousness, he noticed a pair of worried eyes looking down at him.


Hearing him calling his name, his cute friend responded as if finally being able to relax…

"It’s great... It seems like you finally returned to normal."

"? What do you mea-"

Basara suddenly sat upright upon remembering what happened.

"Where’s Kurumi? What happened to Sakazaki?!"

"D-Don’t panic… Kurumi's fine, look over there."

Tachibana looked towards the wall of the room where Kurumi was leaning on. Seeing that she had no injuries and that her breathing was normal, Basara released a sigh of relief, and only then did he realise that the space that is the domestic housekeeping room had returned to its normal state. So, that means--

"The barrier already disappeared… Which means that Sakazaki--"

"You couldn't have forgotten everything, right?"

Tachibana then continued:

"As you should know, after Kurumi was taken by sensei, your hand was severed by something like his magic. You lost a lot of blood, and I thought that you were done for already… Do you remember that much?"

"Yes… I do remember to that point. But--"

In the part of Basara's memories that are blurry, he seemed to remember hearing the voice of someone else. And after that, his memories were blank.

It’s like there was a fog in that part of his brain, making him unable to recall those memories.

"After that… Your body then suddenly released a light, and your arm then regenerated. And then, as if you had become another person, you went for Sakazaki and--"

"It was me…who defeated Sakazaki…?"

The opponent was someone who had no qualms in dragging unrelated people into unrelated situations and had even taken Kurumi as a hostage. If he had let him escape, he might have also made a move against Mio, Yuki or Maria, taking innocent people as meat shields. Thus, he was similar to Zolgear, someone who must be taken down. However--


Basara looked down at his right arm thatsupposedly been severed, and tried to materialise Brynhildr.

Brynhildr possesses the valkyrie who hunts spirits on the battlefield, holding the spirits of everyone who died from it, and indeed, Sakazaki’s spirit was present. Which means that what Tachibana said was correct.

…Which means, that things have probably come to an end for the time being.

This realisation allowed Basara to put his heart at ease. With such a strong spirit, it shows that Sakazaki had considerable power. Additionally, it seems that the spirit had something else mixed in, meaning that the spirit wasn't from just a human. It brings about the possibility of the procession by evil spirits. If that was the case, then it might explain how someone like that had slipped under the radar of Takigawa and Yuki.

Having said that -- it still brings about a crucial question.

…Just how did I even win?

Like Tachibana said, Basara had the feeling of having fought with Sakazaki. However -- even if the recovery rate of heroes is faster than the average person, instantly regenerating a lost limb was still impossible; while it might be a possible feat for high level healing magic, it was something that even Kurumi, who was a spirit magic user and much better versed with magic than Basara, can even think of doing. Then, the next most likely explanation would be--


"? Did you say something, Toujou?"

"…It's nothing." He shook his head to answer Tachibana’s question.

--The weapons used by heroes were named according to the spirits residing within them.

As [Sakuya] and [Byakko] had spirits residing within them, they were known as a spirit sword and a spirit lance respectively. Similarly, weapons like [Brynhildr] who sealed evil spirits, were known as cursed weapons.

Since [Brynhildr] could suppress the S-class evil spirit that caused the tragedy in the [village] five years ago, regenerating a human body part would not be difficult for it at all.

…It couldn't possibly be that, right?

Like how Yuki was chosen by Sakuya as its user, when the person and the spirit in the weapon had the same will, and through pure-hearted training, the person would be able to use the spirit’s powers. But for people like Basara and Takashi who only see [Brynhildr] and [Byakko] respectively as weapons, they wouldn't be able to use the powers of the spirit. Additionally, the voice he remembered hearing before losing consciousness was also a cause for concer—


Since Sakazaki was able to manipulate the consciousness of many people at once and that he saw his arm being severed, it might perhaps be only illusionary magic at work here. He might have also created the voice he remembered. This way, it would all make sense, with nothing else that was out of place--

"…What are you thinking about?”

"Tachibana… Do you remember what had happened after we were shut in by the barrier?"

"? At the beginning, the both of us were fighting each other. But I was no match for you…"

"…And after that?"

"After that… We both realised that we were only fighting each other out of a misunderstanding--"

Taking a breath, Tachibana continued:

“Right at that time, Sakazaki-sensei took that opportunity to attack us. I was defeated right from the start, but you just kept on fighting him… In the end, he took Kurumi hostage. And what happened after that was just like I have said before.”

"…...I see."

Tachibana’s explanation had no abnormalities and there were no signs of lying, and it matched what he could remember. So it was likely that what Tachibana said was the truth.

It’s just -- what was this weird feeling? It was like he had forgotten something important, yet the situation and his memory dictated that he was the one who defeated Sakazaki.

Just why -- why was the feeling of having been protected by a certain someone, so strong?

Could it be…

Basara took out his phone from his pocket and tried manipulating the screen. BUnfortunately, there was no response.

It seems like his insurance he made as a precaution had broken down from the battle.

But the audio recordings might still be there, so he would have to try to retrieve them when he got home. Basara kept his phone, then via the master-servant contract's locating ability, he tried to ascertain Mio and Yuki's safety. The result was that the other party was faster than him, as he felt the response of his location being ascertained. They must be worried about him right now. Although this made him happy, there were still some things that must be settled before they get here.

"Tachibana -- can you listen to what I have to say?"

And so, he decided to call over Tachibana. Ten seconds later--


The door was slammed open, and both Mio and Yuki rushed into the room.

--What Basara had asked Tachibana to do, was to pretend to be unconscious.

Although he wanted to tell them both the truth of what had happened, Tachibana wanted him to help hide the truth of Tachibana being a vampire, hoping to continue living peacefully as a human. As a friend, he had naturally happily accepted his wish. Both Kurumi and Tachibana hadn't met each other within Sakazaki's barrier, so, as long as he keeps quiet about it, the secret would be kept. So, when Mio and Yuki arrived, he would help Tachibana with a made-up story: Tachibana was trapped within Sakazaki's barrier, and he had fainted immediately because of that.

"--So, are both of you fine?"

"We're alright…"

Yuki immediately answered Basara’s question, while Mio said apologetically from the side:

"It’s just… We found Donoue and the others unconscious just now. They had probably been knocked unconscious by Sakazaki behind our backs, and they had only just started to wake up."

"…...I see."

They had lost consciousness before Mio and the rest had arrived. So, what should be taken care of was Kurumi.

It was a bit weird that Sakazaki hadn’t taken Mio or Yuki hostage too. But it might be to not arouse his suspicions.

Just then, screams came from the direction of the sports field.

"! What’s it this time?!"

"Don't worry… The Sports Festival is still going on, and that must have been a cheer."

Those words made the 'unconscious' Tachibana have a reaction, but it seems like Mio and Yuki didn't notice, which made Basara release a sigh of relief, and said:

"You said that it was still going on… So it wasn't suspended?"

"That's right. Although some tents and equipment were spoiled from the effects of the wind, no one was hurt. Since it appears that the wind has stopped, the school deemed that there probably wouldn't be any more problems, and let it continue. Right now, I would guess that the class cheer leading competition is starting…"

『--Firstly, let us welcome class A! Please give them a round of applause!』

And that announcement came after that. Which means, the time for class B to report was soon. Hence, --

"I see… Then you two should probably go first. We might be able to make it."

"Uh, but--"

"Sakazaki is already defeated, and if we were to make the class forfeit just because we weren't there, I wouldn't be able to accept it. We had already spent so much effort, and just what was it all for?"

Basara continued:

"If the Sports Festival was called to a halt in the middle of the obstacle race, then I guess that I would have been able to accept it. But right now, that isn't the case. Didn't you tell me to [wait for it]? If you did, then let me see the fruits of your labours. I'll re-join you later after taking care of Kurumi."

The both of them first looked towards each other, before turning back to him nodding with smiles.

--He then waited until they had left the room and the sounds of their steps had faded.

Taking Kurumi onto his back, he then began to secretly move towards the sports field together with Tachibana.

Tachibana seemed to be very happy. After all, he and Kajiura were part of the organising committee and were one of the core members. Knowing that the event he had helped organise wasn't cancelled must have brought him much joy, surpassing Basara’s.

“Well then… I guess I'll be leaving for the headquarters first.”

Tachibana said after they left the school building. During the period of time that they were within the barrier, they were likely assumed to be missing outside of the barrier. Thus, it would be for the best if they were to avoid returning back together. Otherwise, it would probably lead people to believe that they were doing 'something' [1] together.

Tachibana then began walk, but stopped after only a few steps, and turned around to say:


"…What is it?"

Drooping his two eyes, he said:

“It appears that I still haven't formally apologised to you yet… Having suspected you of sabotage, I sincerely apologise to you.”

"……. Don't worry about it. I'm sorry too, for not trusting you."

"Don't… I know that I'm being thick-skinned, but I would like to ask you about another thing."


"Are the two of us…still friends…?"

Tachibana’s two hands were gripping the hem of his sports attire tightly, while looking at him with tearful eyes.

Basara strongly nodded, and gave an affirmative reply. Although his words were coincidentally covered by the cheers from the field, he was sure that his feelings had been communicated to Tachibana’s heart.

Tachibana was smiling happily with tears rolling out of his eyes, while nodding furiously.

Just as Basara entered the field, Class A’s performance just ended.

…..Looks like I've made it just in time.

Relaxing for a bit, he then went towards the headquarters with Kurumi on his back.

Sure enough, Kajiura had a few words to say about his AWOL. But it seems like that Tachibana had said some things to her about Kurumi, so there doesn't seem to be any anger in her words. In addition, Tachibana who had returned first seemed to have volunteered to care for Kurumi, requesting for him to go to the front seats for the performance.

[Since it seems that you had already promised each other, how can you not properly enjoy their performance?]

Under the urging of Tachibana who said that, he was now poking his way through the crowd, and soon enough, he arrived at the front row.

After managing to find a place to watch the performance--

『Alright! Next up, let us welcome class B!』

Upon hearing the announcement, the first year class B girls enthusiastically ran onto the stage.

--And at the same time, the crowd immediately went into an uproar, undoubtedly because of their clothing.

What the class B girls were wearing was race car girls’ costume. [2] Its workmanship was solid, with no signs of sloppiness at all. With colourful umbrellas in hand, it appeared to be a prop used while dancing. According to rumours, the reason why they were able to procure this clothing, was because Aikawa’s elder sister had contacts. But still--

"Just what does Aikawa’s sister work as…?"

When the simple question came out, the music began, and the performance of class B started.

This piece of music wasn't one of those that had recently came out and if his memory serves him right, it was a prestigious award winning song by a western singer. Perhaps to stimulate the atmosphere, the song was also sped up a little.

Basara had immediately found Mio and Yuki. Actually, there wasn’t even a need to look for them. They were at the front of the stage, leading the rest in the dance.


The girls moving vibrantly under the autumn sun, had instantly hyped the crowd to a boiling point.

An amazing performance. With the help of the umbrellas, their movements were very lively. And what's most surprising, are the uniformity in all of their movements and timings.

The two teams first split to the left and right, occasionally using the umbrellas to enhance their movements. There was no sign of chaos in their movements, and their coordination as a team was definitely not something that could have been achieved overnight. At the resolution from this performance, the hype-level of the crowd had exceeded limits, and everyone had also began to move along. With the audience being so into this--

"…Haha! Amazing!"

Basara couldn’t suppress his inner excitement anymore.

What Mio and Yuki hoped to show and had hoped for Basara to see, is right in front of him now.

--They must have practiced a lot after school before the performance. Although Mio, Yuki, Aikawa, and Sakaki were in the organising committee, the other girls had also put in a lot of work. And yet they were hiding their exhaustion, smiling broadly while performing.

Just then, even though he was surrounded by people, he felt Mio and Yuki looking at him.

It wasn’t an illusion. Those two had just looked towards him, and even winked at him.


They must've used the ability of the master-servant contract, making Basara smile.

Hadn't they agreed to try not to use it, for each others privacy?

Nevermind… Today’s a special day. And so, Basara slightly raised his hand to give them a response--


The two of them then became even more happy and energetic, and even more passion could be felt in their movements.

At this scene, a feeling welled up in him.

…I had almost forgotten about it. I myself should also work hard too.

Under the conditions of exhibiting superhuman-like abilities, they had experienced the joy of the sports festival after working behind the scenes.

And they had even made a few more friends… Wait, among the many reasons, that must have been the most important.

And that was why, he himself had boldly raised his hand, volunteering for the organising committee.

--Within Toujou Basara's heart, there was a wish he desired to fulfill at all costs.

And that was a wish made for Mio, who was the daughter of the former demon lord, and Yuki, who was a hero.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to enjoy everyday life and peace.

And, being able to enjoy that was something he wanted to never give up. Thus, Basara hoped that those two would be able to enjoy school life.

That was all that Basara wanted. His ascription [3] for this isn't clear cut right now. Other than fighting side by side, he had thought that there wasn't a lot they could do together.

But now, he believed that wasn't the case.

--The fruits of his labour is right before him now.

In this moment now, both Mio and Yuki are part of a performance in a normal school life.

It is neither an illusion nor a misconception. It wasn't just Basara alone, everyone else here is also currently witnessing it now.

The rhythmic clapping along with the song, the high spirit of the crowd, and everything here right now was proof of that.

Just the word [youthful] wouldn't be enough to describe the situation now.

Everyone's hearts here now seemed to be linked together, and it feels like that this moment might last forever.

But soon enough, the changes in the tunes signaled the end.

The moments of happiness seemed really short. Although there was still the performances of other classes, the next one would only come up onto the stage in the afternoon. And from tomorrow, everyone's daily life would begin again.

And that is why, this moment will not be forever remembered by a lot of people that are now here.

--But for Basara, he will never forget it. No matter how difficult his future battles will be, these memories will definitely be cherished at all odds.

After that, he must accompany everyone here back to the same place next year.

Part 2[edit]

After a busy afternoon of competitions, the games have come to an end.

Way too many events have happened, and the snowballing fatigue is beginning to have an effect on him.

But today -- amongst the many events, his pride to be part of its organising committee bloomed when he saw the smiles and heard the cheers of the students, teachers, and audience.

Having tide over many problems including the tornado that had temporarily suspended the event, it finally came to the last stage. Seeing the closing ceremony starting, Vice-President Kajiura and Tachibana from the student council had tears in their eyes. This mood subsequently spread throughout the countless members of the organising committee, including Mio and Sakaki.

--On the other hand, Sakazaki's disappearance caused some disturbance amongst the teachers. But as someone saw him after the tornado, it wasn't believed that he had came to meet an accident back then. He was assumed to be just missing, and it was believed that there would be news from him in the future.

Only -- what genuinely made Basara surprised, was coming to know about Tachibana’s past and truth. Vampires are very rare in Japan, and upon asking when he found a good opportunity, he found out that Tachibana’s mother was related to the lineage of the feared [Red Lotus] Remilia Scarlet, known as the two strongest vampires in history along with [Pitch-Black]. While having such great powers inherited from his mother’s bloodline, Tachibana is totally inexperienced with battles.

When the closing ceremony ended and the students began to return home, the teachers and the members of the organising committee began to pack everything used for the event. When it was done, it was already dark.

Since the celebration for the organising committee was set at a later date, everyone scattered and returned home.

The Sports Festival had ended safely after a bumpy ride, and the assailant in the shadows has also been defeated. Thus, it can be said that things have settled for now. At least, that was what he had thought…

"......How did it even turn out like this?"

He couldn't help but to sigh. The bathroom of the Toujou Residence was filled with moans and gasps.

In front of his eyes, Mio, Yuki and Kurumi were lying side by side on an inflatable plastic mattress on the bathroom floor. Mio and Yuki were wearing the racing girls’ clothes worn at the performance and Kurumi is wearing the previously used vest and pair of dog ears and tail.

What the three of them have in common is that they have wet eyes, red blushes, and they were releasing hot and sweet breaths.

On Mio and Yuki’s necks, were the collar markings from the curse.

And now, the three of them were deep within their aphrodisiac state. And from the bathtub--

"—Come, Basara-oniichan ~. It's time to administer paradise. Please show off all your techniques and experience!"

The culprit that had created the situation – Maria, who only had a towel on her, said so while extending her hand holding the periscope-like camera.

--As for the starting point of all this, one has to go back a few hours before Basara returned home.

Even after Basara had called beforehand to tell her that the attacker Sakazaki has been defeated, Maria had still come out of the door to welcome them happily.

After all, she had remained at home alone. When he apologised for making her worry, she only smiled warmly while saying [Don't worry about it], and served up the prepared dinner.

But after dinner, everyone had gathered in the living room and while enjoying every moment captured by Kurumi's filming of the event, disaster struck. It seems that Mio and Yuki’s performance that hyped the audience hadn't been filmed. She can't be blamed, after all, she was unconscious at that time even after defeating Sakazaki. The problem was that that particular event that happened was a hot topic at the dinner table, and their choreography and attire that had became the main focus of the discussion at the table.

In the end, Maria lost it, shocking every one of them while telling them that she was so looking forward to looking at the recording of that.

This had made Mio and Yuki feel guilty, and they performed it one more time in the living room for Maria. But as it was an older piece of music and that the effects of the umbrellas wasn't as good in their home, they couldn't achieve the hype from that time. And so, the unsatisfied Maria made a proposal to give Kurumi the same succubus magic that was administered on her the last time. And the grounds for that was that the agreement between was also a form of contract, and it was a punishment for the breach of the contract.

Although there were signs of Maria being vexatious [4], the moment that she said [the high and mighty hero broke a promise], the rule-abiding justice-based Kurumi immediately agreed to it, accepting the succubus’s baptism. After Basara began to help lift it, as per Maria’s plans, Mio and Yuki tripped and activated the curse. And so, the situation has evolved into him subjecting the three of them again. But when tried to remove their clothes, Maria said that this was a rare opportunity, and he should just leave their clothes as it is, and thus--

“---It would usually be done in the living room, so why does it have to be the bathroom this time?”

"Does it really matter? I only wanted to test out this inflatable mattress I bought online. And compared to the living room, wearing clothes in the bathroom just totally feels wrong, thus bringing about more excitement. Well then, Basara, please use this."

"…..What’s this?"

He asked after Maria passed him a jar filled with a pink liquid.

"Don't think about it too much, Basara… Of course this is an excitement-raising lubricant! Since a 'mat' has already been laid, it wouldn’t be the same without this!"

"What are you trying to do this time…? Also, applying lubricant while they're still wearing those clothes, wouldn't that…"

"Don't worry about it. Not only their underwear, I will definitely clean their clothes thoroughly and even iron them. So for now, don't worry about those little things, and start playing with them!"

And Maria’s talking became even bolder.

"Comecomecome, Basara~. Who should we start with first? Shall the first one be Kurumi again?"


Though Basara seemed to prevaricate [5], after thinking about it carefully, Kurumi should indeed be the first one again this time.

Seeing Basara subjugating the Kurumi who wasn't bound with the master-servant contract first, both Mio and Yuki will strengthen the curse with their jealously. If he were to subjugate either of them first before Kurumi, they might trip the curse again from jealously.

Hence, his line of sight went towards Kurumi. Just then--

"! …..W-Wait!"

A voice suddenly sounded out to stop him. It wasn't from Kurumi who was nervous from being the first one, nor was it from Yuki who was normally aggressive towards Basara.

It’s Mio.

Due to the effects of the aphrodisiac curse, her whole body seemed to be possessed by the sweet heat.

...Why, why did I…

Seeing Basara turn to look at her, Mio then realised what she had done.

---The usual Mio, would've chosen to be subjugated after both Yuki and Kurumi.

It wasn't that she had wanted to wait until the end. Mio who was ashamed to admit that she was in love with the body-shaking pleasure, still wanted to quickly absolve [6] herself. She had given herself the excuse of not wanting to lose to Yuki and Kurumi to make herself accept Basara’s caresses.

And so, even if she had to wait until the end as the last one, she had to endure it.


Just this time, she was unable to endure it. Why? That day when Basara was attacked and Kurumi had come to this home – in order to express her yielding to Basara, she had dressed up like a dog and licked Basara's leg. But when she realised that it was seen by Kurumi, she had ran away to hide from the embarrassment.

And in the end while she hid in her room, Yuki and Kurumi had abandoned her, to be subjugated by Basara’s hand. Although it’s not such a big matter to her, since she already had Basara's exclusive attention on her in the school shower room. But then, following the same logic, it was possible that Basara might have subjugated Yuki behind her back.

The both of them weren't in the wrong at all, as after all, the both of them had already made the master-servant contract with Basara.

However, the two of them had the same master. So even if Mio had jealously over finding out that Yuki have had Basara’s exclusive attention, it wouldn't set off the curse. So in the end, it would only leave behind envy.

Which then made Mio think. If she waited until she was the last one this time again, watching as Yuki and Kurumi receive Basara's attention and 'treatment', problems might occur over trying to suppress 'it' too much. And that is why--

"Please, brother, let me be the first… Let your family be the first in line this time, okay…?"

She decided to let go of her embarrassment this time, and pleaded Basara. She wouldn't care if the rest have any complaints and only wanted to be the first this time. Which made Maria become surprised.

"Well, this is indeed really rare, to think that Mio-sama would raise such a request of her own accord. But then, Mio-sama… If you were to be appeased first, I wonder how you would feel when you see Kurumi’s turn?"

"! …..That, I……!"

She wasn't able to say out that she would feel jealousy, and only showing her feelings through her tearful eyes. But then--

".........I understand. I'll start with Mio first."

Saying that quietly, it even made Maria shocked.

"I won't stop you anyway… But then, it'll happen twice."

"If it’ll have to twice then so be it. As long as it makes Mio happy, the number of times doesn't matter as after all, it'll be because of the curse of the master-servant contract… Doing these sort of stuff is for deepening the relationship between us. If the calculations for efficiency were to be brought in into these things, then it’ll have already lost its purpose."

And hence--

"Yuki, Kurumi, both of you wait for a while first… After Mio’s turn is done, what you'll receive won't be inferior.”

"! ………Ah…..Understood."


Yuki nodded strongly at his words, while Kurumi shyly averted her eyes.

At that moment -- it has already been decided between all of them that the first one to be subjugated would be Mio. Following that, Basara embraced Mio's waist while she laid on the mattress.

“'nn! ………….Ah……….'

Arching her body with her two breasts shaking, she watched as Basara unscrewed the bottle. Then in a position where they were facing each other, he poured its viscous contents directly onto her body.

"Ah! ……Aaa…. Fu…ah… A! ………….Aaaaaoooooooo…….!"

The lotion flowed down the sides of her neck and gathered in a pool in the uneven area that was her clavicle [7], which then slowly flowed onto her breasts. The smooth natural liquid pulled by gravity did indeed made Mio feel a sensation, that of being caressed by the lotion.

From the moisture, the race girls’ attire turned slightly transparent, revealing the tip of her breasts that was slightly pink.

Soon, Mio's sensitive breasts were completely wet and slippery. Emphasised by its weight and size, Mio's breasts displayed heavy panting at a level never-seen-before.

……Oh god…..

Previously, Basara had used maple syrup as a lotion and caressed her breasts violently. The her back then had reached levels which she couldn’t believe she had. From that day onwards, when she had felt pleasure from the time after time that he had subjugated her, her body’s sensitivity had been raised a lot. Of course, she had been slightly prepared for what was to come just now.

However, she quickly realised that she still wasn't prepared enough. The one who had changed wasn't only her – compared to that day, it seems that Basara had learnt many more techniques to stimulate her. Thus--

"I’m beginning…"

With that, he then began caressing her breasts through what she was wearing--


Suddenly – her vision turned white, and she couldn't able to hear any anything anymore. And even though she had experienced orgasms to the point where her sight and mind went blank before--

…W-What is this…?

This time, the paralyzing of her senses lasted especially long, and she could only feel a weird sensation of floating.

With her senses not returning, her uneasiness gradually turned into fear, and she couldn't help but to scream for Basara.


But yet she couldn't make any sound. No, that might be the problem from her hearing not working.

Soon – her hearing began to return from a faraway place, and what she could hear began to get louder… That was--

…..The sound of waves crashing……..?

The volume of the crashing of the waves suddenly increased, and what she could hear suddenly became surging powerful waves. She could also instinctively feel something massive approaching, and with that, she finally understood what was going on.

….No way, this can't be………..?

There's no mistake. What Mio was hearing, was the sound created from the explosive climax exceeding her pleasure capacity.

Shit – It’s already too late to think about that. That sensation is about to catch up to her consciousne—


The incandescent [8] wave of pleasure suddenly swallowed her, and she suddenly became violent in the midst of her climax.

"Ah! …..Ya…aaaa…..HaaaaaAAahh! ……..Ahhh! Aaaahhhhhhfffffu….!"

Her whole body became paralysed, while she then leaned on Basara, her breaths were coming very fast. That amount of pleasure was already enough to make her yield twelve times. But then, the Mio who was hugging Basara's chest while totally immersed in her climax, suddenly realised that Yuki and Kurumi was staring intently at her face--

"Ah! …….No, Aahh…. Ah! Don’t…. Look…..!"

She then buried her face into Basara's chest from the shyness.

"Ohoh~…. What should we do, Basara? Mio-sama seems to be embarrassed in her current self being seen by others…. Hmm~?"

Basara remained silent at Maria’s giggles and suddenly raised her body from her waist, changing their positions.

Unable to summon any force, Mio now had her back facing Basara.

"Yaa~! Brother… Why, did you do thaa….Ah!"

In the position and posture as if to show Mio to Yuki and Kurumi, it made her shyly turn her head back.

"--Sorry. It’s because I think, that this would be the best way and method to subjugate you."

Finishing his line, he then grabbed Mio's breasts through the clothes, in preparation to rip the clothes apart.

"Wait…. That’s something borrowed, you can’t… What will happen if it’s ruined…"

"I'll reimburse Aikawa when the time comes...right now, subjugating is of utmost priority."

Basara then forcefully ripped apart her top, exposing her huge breasts.


The shiny breasts covered in the lotion felt incredibly sensational and provocative. The tips of her breasts were already swelled to its limit, and just having them in contact with the air was already able to make her lose her mind.

It wasn't only just Mio; Yuki, Kurumi and Maria all clearly saw it. Basara then brought his hand up to caress the sensitive tips. And in the next moment, the actual event of subjugating Mio then finally began.

Basara's hands began to massage her breasts, and an lewd sounds followed.

" ! ………..Aahh..Ah! –Fuuaaahhhh…. Woa…. Haahhh… Fuaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

Mio’s shook violently while she sat on Basara’s thighs, completely immersed in pleasure. Basara’s every movement created lewd sound effects with her lotion-covered breasts, bringing her even more stimulation and pleasure from the auditory stimulation. Not only that--

"Ya, What this…. Haaa, it's so pleasurable… So scary… Aaahhhhh!"

"Of course it's pleasurable, Mio-sama… Maple syrup can never even hope to compare with the succubus-made excitement raising lotion. But don't worry, Mio-sama, you can put your heart at ease."

She smiled towards the Mio writhing in pleasure, and said:

"This stuff has aphrodisiac effects. When coupled with the aphrodisiac effects of the curse, you won't be able to think about anything pretty soon."

"Y-You – Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

After only managing to utter a word, an overwhelming wave of pleasure then made her body convulse again, and shake non-stop.

" !..........." "Oh, God…….."

Both Kurumi and Yuki who were looking at this scene, swallowed their saliva in high anticipation. And that was just how shocking Mio’s state was.

Following that, Basara released Mi'’s breasts and as she was unable to put any strength into her spine, she fell forward from her position on Basara’s thighs, lying flatly face down on the mattress. After that, she felt the hook of her skirt being undone, and then the sound of the zipper being pulled down came to her ears. After that--

"No….. You can’t……….."

She then tried to wriggle and crawl away to escape. But in the eyes of those watching from the sidelines, it was interpreted as sexily swaying of her hips. Immediately, Basara's hand grabbed onto the skirt, and he pulled it off her forcefully.

Feminine scents immediately filled the bathroom. As her underwear was already wet from the lotion, it has already became transparent – her crotch area was also even more wet with her own hot lotion.

"A..h! …..Aaaahhhh!"

The facts have already been placed in front of everyone’s eyes, and it couldn't be denied at all. From behind her face flushed red from embarrassment, he whispered into her ear:

"--Don’t worry. This is all the fault of the curse."

His voice was unbelievably gentle… This made Mio who heard it immediately obey him, giving up her last shred of modesty, letting go of all of her resistance to the pleasure. And with that, she was then moved back to the original position – face to face. Even though Yuki and Kurumi were looking at her, with Maria’s camera being pointed at her, she didn't try to resist Basara’s actions anymore – frankly exposing her all.

The lotion has already made Mio’s body sensitive everywhere, and each and every unimaginable area was able to make her climax, sparking off a new chain of erogenous zones.

Following that – in her current condition, Basara then again began to attack her erogenous zones. Right now, he had his mouth on Mio’s right breast, his hands violently caressing the left breast and her butt. Her breast that was being sucked by Basara gave her so much pleasure, that it almost made her mind collapse, causing her to pant heavily. Her hips twisted obscenely, due to that hand in her panty, with the five fingers deeply digging into the flesh. This gave Mio so much pleasure that she was shaking while her butt was moulded into various shapes--

"A…….aahhh, Ah…. Fuahh…Woo! …Fuah… Aahh, Haaaaaaaahhhh!"

Her hasps and shaking hadn't stopped all this while. And at this moment, he suddenly released her right breast.


Changing the position of supporting her body slightly, he brought the tip of that breast to beside her mouth.

Those watching from the sidelines held their breaths, and Mio immediately understood his intentions --

"No… That’s too… Brother, don’t……….."

SMnK v04 296.jpg

Her lips shook from the pleasure, causing her speech to be impaired. Basara’s action -- meant that he wanted her to suck her own breast, which flushed her face even redder.

……………! ….Definately, cannot…. N-no… If, she did that…………..Ah………!

She began to tell herself that, but the moment she saw him having those eyes he had during that time when he was alone with her after the battle with Zolgear – her lips betrayed her will and obeyed Basara. Mio's lips geot closer and closer to that tip, wanting to suck the tip that was covered with the lotion and his saliva; it was as if like kissing Basara's lips in this insanity again. That strong reaction within her body--


The pleasure that was as overwhelming as just now – once again immediately pushed her to its peak.

--Later, Mio was laid down on the mattress, letting her assume back her original pose.

Mio, who was brought to a whole brand new world by Basara--


Immersed in the waves that refused to subside, her breasts continued to quiver while she laid down, and moans continued to escape her mouth. Basara then took a deep breath, attempting to calm his mind that was already at the brink. Just then--

“ !.............” “…………A-Ahhh……………”

Yuki and Kurumi, who had watched the whole event then swallowed their saliva again for the umpteenth time, mostly in the anticipation of thinking that it would be them in that position soon…

Maria, who had recorded down Mio in that state, turned around to the two. And said:

“—Alright, you two are up next. Basara… Yuki-sis and Kurumi just saw Mio-sama’s state are now reasonably prepared and waiting for you now… Please do what you need to do now!”

“……….I got it.”

They had waited for so long while under the effect of the aphrodisiacs, and must be wanting to be free of it as soon as possible. Just when he turned towards the sisters leaning their sensitive bodies against each other--

“--Ah, please wait for a moment. Basara had just been somewhat merciless with Mio, and had just used up over half of the lotion… I’m afraid that what’s left won’t be enough to use on both Yuki and Kurumi. If they were to use an amount less than Mio-sama, they would think that you’re stingy, making them harder to subjugate, right?”

“Is that even the case….?”

Even if the emotions over the amount of lotion used didn’t exist, still--

“How could Basara be so oblivious to a woman’s feelings? Yuki-sis is the same as Mio-sama, they both are your slaves in name only… Also, what about Kurumi who is her sister? If they’re treated unequally, it’ll create jealousy between them. And since they have already waited for so long, you have to use even more stimulating methods just to be able to subjugate them.”

“Even more stimulating… How should I go about doing that?”

As if saying [Good question] with her expression, she then nodded at the clueless Basara and said:

“Please leave that to me, Basara. I know of a very dependable one for these situations. Come, be at my side now – Sledge!”

After putting down the camera, a magic circle appeared on the ceiling, illuminating the bathroom.

And within it, a large blue sphere with a eye in its centre appeared.

She stretched out her hands to catch the ball in its descent, and said:

"Come forth, Sledge… Show off your power, and devastate those two thoroughly!”

After rubbing what’s likely to be its head and saying that, the spherical monster called Sledge seemed to become happy and squinted its eye, and pink slime then flowed out from all around its body.

“……….!” “What…. What the hell is that?!”

At the unexpected situation and scene, both Yuki and Kurumi seemed to misunderstand and shrank back their bodies from it. Unable to stan it any further, Basara then said:

“I say, Maria… Taking the play to the level of using Slime is taking it a bit too far…”

“What are you even talking about, Basara? Having heros who have noble spirituality being abused by the low-level monster Slime – isn’t such having such guilt great?”

“Why would I even care about guilt… What I don’t want to see is Yuki and Kurumi being humiliated by Slime.”

"I see – So you mean that the only one who can humiliate them is only you, right?”

“……………Please do.”

What’s with your arrogant way of speaking, are you trying to emulate a certain someone? Maria then smiled and said:

“Rest assured, Basara. Sledge is something from my arsenal, it has no other ability other than inducing oestrus [9]. Additionally, don’t make any assumptions from its appearance – this child here is a girl. Ah haha!”

“It’s a girl…”

Who would even be able to discern that… Also, a monster like Slime doesn’t even have any genders, right?

“Although this may seem shocking, the lotion Basara just used generously on Mio was made with the Sledge’s glial [10], you’d know? Since the final results will be the same, there wouldn’t be any difference in using either the lotion or Sledge to play.”

"Hold on right there, how can you say that so easil--"

Basara stopped his sentence mid-way. Sledge had already expanded to an unbelievable state. Seeing this, Maria then moved her hand to her face and said:

“Ara ara, Sledge, is it because that I haven’t you called you out recently, that you’ve become so excited already? Becoming so big after sucking in the water in the Bathroom… I guess even dried kelp buds would even get shocked at you, right?”

“You idiooooooooooooooottttt! What are you going to do now, now that it’s about to spill out from the bathtub?!”

Basara took a step back while scolding, to which Maria clicked her tongue and replied:

“Since it has already become like that, then there’s no other way – let's all give up any resistance, and be happily abused by Sledge, isn't that right?”

When she finished saying her words, Sledge’s body immediately expanded to several times of its size. Seeing her about to make her attack, Basara made a defensive posture. But then, Sledge’s body suddenly froze over, and then exploded into pieces.


Suddenly seeing her scatter into pieces like diamonds, Maria’s scream sounded throughout the bathroom.

“Boohoohoo, s-so miserable…. It was such a miserable death! Just who would be so vicious!?”

Just as she trembled with anger at the miserable death of one of her magical arsenal, --

“--Maria, you are currently on probation… Shouldn’t you be more diciplined?”

A cold voice suddenly sounded out from within the bathroom, and from a teleportation magic circle on the wall, a woman walked out slowly from it. She was wearing a maid’s dress, and looked very beautiful.

Seeing a beautiful woman with a beautiful body proportion, Basara couldn’t help but to gasp. ………Strange, she….

That face, it was familiar. And the answer to that then came from Maria who had a white face.



He couldn’t help but to say that, and the beautiful maid whose gaze seemed to be able to freeze hell looked over at him, seeming with something to say.

And following that, that cold voice once again sounded out from within the bathroom.

“I am here to convey a message from our Moderate faction. We cordially request those present to make a journey to the demon realm.”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Dating, to be exact. A pun is used here
  2. The kind where the pit girls wear in the big name races like Formula 1?
  3. the attribution of something to a cause
  4. causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry
  5. speak or act in an evasive way
  6. declare (someone) free from guilt, obligation, or punishment
  7. In human anatomy, the clavicle or collarbone is a long bone that serves as a strut between the shoulder blade and the breastbone
  8. full of strong emotion; passionate
  9. The estrous cycle (also oestrous cycle; derived from Latin oestrus and originally from Greek οἶστρος meaning sexual desire) comprises the recurring physiologic changes that are induced by reproductive hormones in most mammalian therian females.
  10. Glial cells, sometimes called neuroglia or simply glia (Greek γλοία "glue"; pronounced in English as either /ˈɡliːə/ or /ˈɡlaɪə/), are non-neuronal cells that maintain homeostasis, form myelin, and provide support and protection for neurons in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.
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