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Prologue: Respective Nights[edit]

This is a goal I must accomplish no matter what it takes.

Even if – these hands had to be stained with foul blood, I will still not hesitate.

Part 1[edit]

The most majestic castle in the Demon Realm, its name was Lundvall.

The Current Demon Lord Faction that the young Demon Lord Leohart led, used it as its base.

Not only was this castle a primary military powerhouse, it also became a political centre after the new Demon Lord had ascended onto the throne.

But however – the Current Demon Lord Faction’s decision-making power, does not consist of just Leohart himself.

That is because of the Council – the existence of the group of living history of high-class demons.

--In this night where the moon shone light this late into the night,

Alone, Leohart walked through one of Lundvall City’s silent corridors.

With every step he made, chilly sounds echoed over and over again in that spacious area.

His destination, was West Tower.

Other than Leoheart himself and those he had given permission to, no one else was allowed to step inside this place.

After being transferred into the central passage, the wall was replaced by a large window.


Under the pale moonlight shining through the window, Leohart continued walking forward with a long shadow following him.

Before the entrance to the West Tower, he stretched out his right hand and started the soul recognition, and after that he walked in after the heavy doors opened; after opening the double layer of protection which required the matching of soul and Demonic Power, the automatic elevating equipment began to start up, and a giant magic circle appeared on the ground.

The next moment, the magic circle began to rise upwards while supporting both of Leoheart’s feet. Although its speed was increasing, Leoheart’s long hair did not move even once due to the wind. The reason for that, was that a field to prevent winds was set up when the elevating device started up. Thus, Leohart closed his eyes, and began thinking deeply.

Today Leohart – had received orders from the Council to utilise the recently excavated spirits and attack the Moderates Faction’s Wildart City, which also happens to be the previous Demon Lord Capital.

Objective? To capture the sole daughter of the previous Demon Lord Wilbert, Naruse Mio.

The one who took command of the attack was Gardo who was once closer to the throne of the Demon Lord than Leohart and the high-class demon Nebula was sent by the Council to supervise the attack.

---However, the attack had ended in failure in the end.

As for how it had happened, Leohart had already received a full report on it.

Just like who the Moderates Faction had sent people to monitor the situation, Leohart too just in case had also placed a compatriot he trusted to take care of it – Lars, to keep himself updated on the latest developments of the battlefield.

Once he found out that Gardo had been taken captive, he ordered Lars to rescue him and thus sent out a final proposal.

The contents of it were, to have a decisive battle in this Lundvall City, to settle this once and for all.

Leohart firmly believed, that this was the correct choice.

Naruse Mio who had inherited Wilbert’s power, had already begun to awaken it. Toujou Basara’s fighting potential had exceeded expectations to the point of being able to rival Gardo. As for the rest, they would be enough to deal with the spirits army that Luca had prepared. Also, on the first time Ramsas had appeared on the battlefield, he had shown power able to eliminate a high-class spirits in a single attack.

Furthermore – Toujou Jin who had crossed swords with Leohart not long ago was rumoured to have also joined them.

Although his own side has the advantage of an overwhelming army, it would take too much to just defeat the Moderates Faction; even if he was able to cross the giant hurdle of defeating them, the enemy that was opposing Leohart wasn’t just the Moderates Faction alone, so there is a need to maintain their military strength. The Current Demon Lord Faction led by Leohart and the Moderates Faction led by Ramsas were simply just the Demon Realm’s two largest forces, so obviously there would be countless other smaller forces in existence that cannot be crushed all at once.

…More importantly,

There were still the annoying toxic roots known as the Council. Those old leeches were an even bigger obstacle than the Moderates Faction that needs to be removed as soon as possible to try to reduce sacrifices and losses.

--From Leohart’s point of view, there were two important things in this few-participant decisive battle between the Factions. Firstly, it was completely different from a large-scale fight where he could push the chances for the Council's intervention or a spy mixed into them right to the minimum. Secondly, this method would be more advantageous towards the Moderates Faction – for the Moderates Faction whose troops were inferior, a representative battle between the Factions would be preferred over an all-out war.

In other words, this was just to accommodate the Moderates Faction’s weakness – and in order to not let the Council do as they please, it was a necessary sacrifice. In order to create a battle where the Council could not interfere, this is the only possible way.

Hence, Leohart had made this choice, and had sent the message while Gardo’s rescue was in progress. Thereafter, he used a video recording crystal to record the proposal for the battle and used demonic energy to mark his official stamp on the crystal’s surface, and then used Wyvern to have it delivered to Wildart City.

As of now, the crystal should already be in the Moderates Faction’s hands and having its contents being looked through. Since his proposal would push the current war situation towards a better direction, they most probably would agree to it.

…With that, I would say we’re now a step closer.

Thinking that, Leohart then opened his eyes, and the elevating device also began to slow down. When it came to a complete stop, a heavy door was there before his eyes.

At around eye level of this door, there was an ornament which seemed out of place with the door’s solemn colours – a wooden board with a red-coloured heart shape. On the wooden board, there was something written in chubby handwriting[1]:

『Be ready for a spanking if you forget to knock, okay? ♥』

Seeing the wooden board, Leohart smiled slightly, and knocked on the door as the sign told him to.


However, there was no reaction from behind the door.

It’s already this late, so maybe she’s asleep?

Thus, Leohart tapped on the door a few more times, and after making sure that there was no response, he opened the door slightly and silently, and entered the room.

Part 2[edit]

Wilbert, was hailed as the strongest Demon Lord in history.

Ramsas who had continued after his great brother’s work, was currently in his office watching the contents of the recording crystal Leohart had sent over.

“—the recording ended here.”

With the display of the recording on the wall getting smaller and smaller, Lucia reported, and then began to think silently.

After receiving the attacks from those giant spirits, the situation between the Current Demon Lord Faction and the Moderates Faction had changed rapidly. Leohart’s proposal need only few representatives from each faction, and the one-on-one battles will take place will become the decisive battles.

…It isn’t actually all that bad.

Although it was a suggestion from the enemy, it was one that was advantageous for the Moderates Faction who had the disadvantage in overwhelming military force, and there was no reason for the conflict to turn into an all-out war; moreover, although they had the assistance of Basara and the others and had successfully withstood the sudden attack with the giant spirits from the enemy, the number of their troops who had died or sustained injuries aren’t small.

“…So, what do you plan to do, Ram-chan?”

As Lucia was in deep thought, a man addressed the Ramsas she respected and loved in a unimaginable way, breaking the silence in the room. Usually, Lucia would never allow for anyone to show disrespect to her own master. And yet she kept her silence. It was because she understood all too well, that just what kind of man that person was.

Toujou Jin, the scary figure of the one called God of War back in the last Great War. He had once fought with Wilbert who was also similarly known as the strongest Demon Lord, and they had fought neck and neck with each other. As that battle had happened secretly, no records of it were left at all.

…Not only that.

Lucia had heard her mother Sheera say before, that despite their positions as enemies, they were very heroic, bold and loyal, and after going through many different twists and turns, an unbreakable bond of trust and brotherhood had been born between them; reportedly, even Wilbert’s decision to withdraw his troops from the Human Realm and end the Great War, was all because of a secret promise between the two.

And now, Ramsas had inherited the bond Wilbert had with Jin. Thus, if Lucia were to scold Jin for his disrespect, she would be the one not knowing her place.

…Speaking of which,

Jin was currently sitting on the sofa opposite to Ramsas, shaking his legs while smoking as if without a care in the world, and there was a certain strange charm unique to him to it. Lucia who had already pledged her allegiance to Ramsas of course can’t fall for him; but amongst the servants serving Jin, there was already someone head over heels over him.

“—we don’t really have the option of rejecting.”

Just then, Ramsas opened his mouth and let out a low voice.

“For them to suggest a decisive battle tailored to cover up for our problems, I’m afraid that there’s a inside story that’s no trivial matter. Even if it was truly a trap, this suggestion raised is still not bad to us.”

Lucia had no objections towards Ramsas’s view. Rather, she was still expecting for Leohart to change his mind and raise the request for them to decide the results with their military mights.

“Well, I guess that how it is then…”

Jin replied.

“Ah, that right, what about that old man Klaus? Did he say anything about this?”

“The spy he had sent into the Current Demon Lord Faction and saw as a trump card… it seems he had taken a large blow at the news of Lars’s betrayal, and had voluntarily took up the responsibility for the robbing of the captive and its consequences and wanted to let everything be decided by us for this battle.”

“Lars is Basara’s best buddy with the alias Takigawa, right? I had heard that his mind was very sharp… To be bitten by one of his cards, it really does seem the Virtuous Elder has really become old.[2]

Jin sighed while making a bitter smile.

“However, things would originally not go as one had planned… Like with Wilbert’s death, it was earlier than planned by two years, and now even Mio had returned back to the Demon Realm. Just where had their judgements went wrong?”

“The reason for bringing forward Wilbert’s death, was that the number of people in the Moderates Faction who had had stupid dreams exceeded expectations.”

Ramsas answered Jin without any hesitation.

“As for… calling Mio back to the Demon Realm, it was because the youth the Council had brought out as the new Demon Lord had gained much more influence than we had expected.”

“I see… Nn, well that young man called Leohart, did indeed look very much like his role.”

Jin then said with a hand on his chin, as if completely understanding:

“Before coming here, I had first dropped by over at their capital to see how he looked like, and while we had fought for a while, judging from his looks, he is definitely qualified enough to get the title of the Demon Lord.”

“In any case, he is indeed the one chosen by the Council to succeed the throne of the Demon Lord. Tch, I was expecting for them to choose someone who would listen to them obediently while toeing the line, someone easily manipulated.”

Those guys in the Council probably saw that the influence of Wilbert hadn’t died down, and had done something like this out of fear. If they didn’t have the power to counter-balance it, the whole chain of power would collapse……. Really, how ironic.”


Hearing Jin say that, Ramsas, remained quiet.

“However, since things are going to be settled like that now, it just shows that no matter how much their plans are going to change now, it still wouldn’t have much impact on the whole script at all.”

Jin then continued:

“Let’s change the topic. Speaking of which, I had went to the meeting spot we had agreed on if something happened, but there was not even 『Her』 shadow there… Is there anything on your side?”

“…None, I don’t even know of her whereabouts.”

Towards Jin whose tone became slightly serious, Ramsas shook his head and said:

“If she really wanted to hide, not even the Council will be able to find her… But as the situation already turned like this, I don’t understand just why won’t she come and look for us.”

Just then—

“Actually… I feel that Safia-chan isn’t even in the Demon Realm at all.”

An innocent immature voice cut into Jin and Ramsas’s conversation. Turning to look, sitting beside Jin on the sofa, was a very small succubus who had appear since some time ago – Sheera.

“Okaa-sama… Haven’t I advised you multiple times to go through the door properly when entering Ramsas-sama’s room?”

Although Sheera was like Jin, having a close relationship with Ramsas, Lucia was unable to be accommodating to that extent to her own family. [Stop being so strict~].Sheera shook her hand while trying to appease her. While Lucia sent an accusing glare at her, she thought—

Speaking of which, why are they bringing up Safia-sama’s name now?

Lucia knew clearly who that person Sheera had mention was. Other than her, it seems practically no one else in the Moderates Faction knows about her existence.

However, she was unable to comprehend why Jin and Ramsas’s conversation had brought up Safia.

Most probably – it had contained something that couldn’t be leaked to Lucia.

“—what are your thoughts, Sheera?”

“I can’t make any guarantees… I can only say that it’s a woman’s intuition.”

“Your intuition has always been accurate…”

Jin said while casually scratching his head:

“Shucks, nothing over here too… Never mind, in any case we have to deal with the problem before us first, or things will turn bad. So, regarding the battle – what are you plans for that?”

“At the very least, it mustn’t be completely left to those kids.”

Seeing Ramsas say so with a heavy expression, Jin sighed.

“Oi Oi, Ram-chan… I held myself back despite wanting to make a move badly and came to look for you, you know? At least try to help me in that department, okay?”


“Well it is correct that Leohart was much stronger than expected, the situation now has to be left to those runts. If we were to stupidly run out into the open, the situation might turn into one much worse than we expected, making it impossible for us to advance to our goal; Besides, the you right now can’t really fight, right?”

“I’m fine either way. If those kids were to lose, all of our efforts made in the past would just go to waste.”

“I too know that. Going by the current situation, they will indeed have much difficulty in defeating Leohart and his subordinates, but… isn’t there still a few days before the decided battle? Though short, before they go over to their territory, we can use our way to teach them a little – on a way for them to achieve, one that they can possibly do. It still wouldn’t be too late if we were to defer making our conclusions to until then, right?”

Jin gave a crooked smile to Ramsas, and then sighed a few times going: [Uuahh].

“Alright, that’s all for today, I guess. I want to go and take a rest now. After doing such a long trek, I am slightly tired now. How’s Fio doing?”

“The boy Jin-dono brought along? He’s probably resting in one of the guest rooms.”

Hearing Lucia say that, Jin stood up from the sofa.

“While we do have an empty bed… however, wouldn’t it be better to use the same room as Basara-dono? I’ve heard that you two haven’t seen each other in a long time, don’t you two have a lot you want to say to each other?”

The God of War of the Heroes – Toujou jin, smiled at Lucia’s caring vision, and said:

“Forget it… For today, it’ll be better for me to sleep in a different from.”

Part 3[edit]

The situation is as Jin had predicted.

Basara was currently in the room we was lodging in – busy subjugating Mio.

Mio is currently facing Basara, straddling his thighs in only her panties.

“Yaah! Aaa… Onii-chan, oniichan~… Haa-aaaaahh♥”

She had her hands wrapped around Basara’s head like a spoiled baby while he was kneading her breasts which had become extremely sensitive and sucking on those tips; every movement, caused her cute face to be intoxicated with confusion, while sweetly calling out 「Onii-chan!Onii-chan!」.

This reaction, would earn affection from people. With countless climaxes from Basara’s hands, Mio’s uninterrupted feminine reaction from Basara’s relentless attacks at her breasts caused her to subconsciously begin twisting her hips and push her panties stained with her lewd secretions, causing the only piece of clothing of his body, briefs, to gradually get wetter.

At this moment, Basara suddenly opened his mouth and bit the hard tip on Mio’s left breast.


Mio immediately clamped her legs around Basara’s waist, and climaxed abruptly while her upper body reacted.

And then, with the breast that was so hot to the point of almost melting, Basara once again sucked fiercely and caused the breast to stretch.

“ !! ….Aahh…♥”

Stimulating Mio to an even higher peak, her hips continued to shake uncontrollably on his thighs. The moment Basara released the breast with a ‘Chuu~’ sound, Mio collapsed backwards, exhausted, laying on the bed.

“Haah… Haa, nn…”

With her eyes completely unfocused, Mio leaked sweetly hot pants. However--

“—Basara-san, that’s nowhere near enough.”

Despite Mio’s current state, the small loli-succubus watching from the sides side so. The reason Maria is currently only wearing a pair of striped knee socks, is to assist in helping Basara subjugating Mio even more.

--After all, this is currently happening because Maria had started it.

During the day, in the battle along with the Moderates Faction over Mio, the Wilbert’s power that she had released had crushed the high-class spirits, and the recoil from the powerful attack had caused her to lose consciousness on the spot.

When Mio regained consciousness, the joy from finding out that Basara and the others were safe did not last long. The thought that enter her mind soon enough, was that her own existence had brought about a lot of destruction to the Moderates Faction’s soldiers and the city, and had also caused Yuki and the others to receive injuries from the battle, causing her to blame herself.

Zest who had been fighting until the end of the battle, as well as the succubus Maria who had strong self-healing powers had already recovered to the extent of being able to help out the the current state of emergency; and as for the Heros who are affected by the Demon Realm’s demonic power – Yuki and Kurumi, despite being treated with magic and various medicines, they are to be confined to bed to recuperate until tomorrow.

As for Basara, while his injuries weren’t as serious as theirs, fatigue is taking its toll on him.

Despite everything… Everyone managed to return back from the battlefield alive, that’s the silver lining to this cloud.

Of course, even before coming to the Demon Realm, she had understood that things such as this happening were very hard to prevent and thus had done some mental preparation for that… but actually seeing soldiers die left and right before her eyes still dealt a large blow to her.

Thus – After asking Zest to look after Yuki and Kurumi, Maria had brought the depressed Mio to Basara’s room, hoping that he would be able to comfort her pained heart.

--Basara had originally planned to just simply tell her some words, but it was common for depressed people to take things way too hard. Mio had seemed to think that him comforting her is just troubling Basara, which thus activated the curse of the Master-Servant Contract even before she had walked past the door to Basara’s room; actually seeing the injuries Basara had sustained, deepened her self-blaming and had brought her state of arousal deeper to the next level. And the choice Basara had made in the end, was to team up with Maria to subjugate Mio and forcefully drive away the pain in her heart.


So, if Maria had said that it wasn’t enough, then it definitely wasn’t enough at all. Hence Basara tipped Mio’s lying down body, making her breasts which were originally pointing upwards to be pulled downwards to her side by gravity – and after that, after lying down sideways too behind Mio’s back, he picked up Mio’s breasts within his hands and began kneading.

“Fuaaahhh ♥ Yaa….onii-chan, fuu… Nn! Aahhh♥”

Mio gave a reaction immediately, and began twisting her body around within Basara’s arms; however, this is not the end yet. Hence—

“Maria—“ “Okay, leave it to me♪”

Maria giggled while answering to Basara’s call, and laid down too on the bed sideways facing Mio. After that, Mio’s breasts that were being kneaded – maria then proceeded to suck the tip into her mouth.

“Don’t… Maria – aa – aahh…… Fuaaaahhhhhhhh♥”

Caught in a pincer attack on from the front and back, Mio could no longer control herself… And after climaxing time after time from their pincer attack, the marking of the Master-Servant Contract finally disappeared from her neck.


After helping Mio by covering her up with a bathrobe so that she won’t catch a cold, Basara went down from the bed and looked outside the window, and Maria helped Mio into the attached bathroom wash off the sweat on her body. Amidst the sounds that came from the bathroom, Basara began thinking back on the battle with the Current Demon Lord Faction that had happened during the day while looking at the broad night scenery.

About how much of a threat the giant spirits were, as well as how valiant the high-class demon Gardo was.

The one who had rescued Gardo from the prison, was Takigawa who possibly had become his enemy.


The fact that he will have to fight with the Current Demon Lord, Leohart.

Under the current conditions that there were hostile relations with the Council, he must help Mio to break free from her fate as the Demon lord’s sole daughter and help her live a normal girl’s life. There were still many obstacles he needed to overcome, and the current situation appears to be grim.

Though finally reuniting with Jin brought him a much-needed lucky break, it’s still very likely that he wouldn’t personally come forward to the frontlines.

After all, Jin is a hero of the hero tribe, the equivalent of the number one scourge to the Demon Race. If he were to openly attack both the radical Faction and the Conservative faction that had merged to become the Current Demon Lord Faction, just a single mistake would very much anger the masses of the Current Demon lord Faction and thus bring the situation to a large-scale war.

…I’m probably thinking too much into it.

Even if his fighting power was unable to be obtained, he would still likely to be able to get some advice from him. Historically called the God of War in the previous Great War, he most probably should be able to give him some suggestions to help him in breaking through the current situation.

“Basara-san~ Would you like to join us here in the bathroom~? We can help you wash your back, you know~?”

Just as Basara was thinking that, a naked Maria opened the door and invited in. Mio who was wrapped with the bathrobe, her face redden and pleaded him with misty eyes:

“Please, Basara… Come…”

“Alright, I understand.”

Basara agreed while nodding, and walked towards them slowly.

While calm as usually – he also pondered over what he should do tomorrow.

Part 4[edit]

Leohart stepped into the room that was the closest to the sky in Lundvall.

In the wide room in the shape of a semi-circle, high-class furnishings and decorations made by experienced craftsmen were everywhere.

Other than the canopy bed and a luxurious dresser and other furniture that would usually attract one’s sights, there were also many houseplants that relieved the mind that would also usually attract one’s sights too.

In this multipurpose room that functioned as the living room, dining room and bed room at the same time, there wasn’t an element at all which would cause trouble to anyone living in this room for a long time.

As the room’s position is in a tower much high than a watchtower looking out at the city’s wall for enemies, one can see the horizon and see the setting sun from this room; but under the hidden cover of the barrier here, the view isn’t visible from inside the room.

Leohart who had just entered this room, headed straight towards the large bed located right in the center of the rom.


Upon not seeing a certain someone who should be there on the bed, not on the bed, he frowned and began looking around.

But just then, with the sound of something dropping, the door on the opposite side of the room from the door Leohart entered from suddenly slammed open, and a black shadow jumped out from within, running towards Leohart – a hellhound. It curled up at Leohart’s feet, as if sobbing, appearing as if having risked its bones despite its age.

“…What is it, why are you so drenched?”

The hellhound’s body was thoroughly wet, with its appearance much smaller due to all the water. When Leohart noticed the foam on its body and came up with a rough guess of what happened—

“Hey~! Don’t run away, I’m not with done washing you yet! If you don’t listen to me, I’ll have you neutered, you know?”

While saying that slowly, someone ran out from the door that the hellhound had ran out from.

That someone was a beautiful woman with translucent white skin and flowing golden hair and an appearance rare for female demons. Probably, she was having a bath behind that door just now. Just like the hellhound, the body of the stark naked female was drenched, and there was still some foam on her hair that was sticking to her body.

“Ah~ Leo-kun~… Waa -- It’s really Leo-kun~~♥”

The girl originally looking around the room to look to the jailed hound with a foul face, suddenly became very happy upon seeing Leohart and extended both her hands, and began running towards him while leaving behind wet footprints. The jailed hound received a big shock, and immediately hid behind him. Seeing this, Leohart covered it with a cloak, and then slightly opened his arms, letting that beautiful girl run into him and ignoring the wetness spreading onto his clothes.

Because he had even more important things to attend to.

“I’m back, aneue[3]

After saying that while lightly hugging her, his elder sister rubbing her head cutely on his chest – Riara, then looked up at him.

“Welcome back, Leo-kun. Thanks for working hard today again.”

With smiles and happy eyes, she welcomed him back lovingly.

Leohart’s expression, hence became naturally relaxed.

Taking off the mask of the young demon lord, it became one that is of loving the elder sister before his eyes – that of an ordinary young man.

–Demon Lord Leohart, has got a very important huge secret that is only known by his close confidents.

And that secret is, before he was adopted by Riara’s family, he was just living in an orphanage as an orphan who had lost his parents due to war.

Riara is from an extremely prestigious Duke house who had produced quite a number of Demon Lords. For an extremely prestigious Duke house to adopt an orphan like Leohart simply just like that, there was of course, a reason behind it.

It was all due to – Riara’s appearance. White skin, as well as golden hair… it was the appearance of those who had caused the greatest pain to Demons in the past by exiling them from the God Realm, the god race, and it just had to be that of the daughter of a Demon Race’s Duke family, Riara. However – Riara didn’t have that appearance right from the start. When she was born, she possessed the all that the appearance of her parents had; but as she gradually grew up, her appearance slowly became more and more like that of one from the god race.

It was a cruel and odious[4] atavism[5].

In order to protect her, the duke and duchess who had lied that their daughter had suddenly died tragically, had hidden Riara’s existence from society and even their family; they had understood that if anyone where to know that they have had a daughter with an appearance that is so symbolic as akin to taboo, an impending massacre would be looming over all those related to them. After that, the family then requested them to give birth to a new heir, but for some unknown reason the duchess was unable to become pregnant again – and so they adopted an orphaned male in secret and with deceit, while announcing publicly that he had born a little later, brought up to be the eldest male in the family.

And that male orphaned boy, was Leohart.

The situation where he had learned of Riara’s plight soon after that, was still fresh as yesterday in Leohart’s mind. That beautiful young girl of similar age who had appeared before the young Leohart – as well as her sincere hug that she gave him when he was very anxious due to their sudden meeting, all of it are completely unforgettable.

Her own self being regarded dead, and being forced to live a life where she was not allowed to take a step outside – from a certain viewpoint, it was even more tragic from Leohart’s life as someone orphaned dur to war. But yet, Riara was much more cheerful and innocent than anyone else he had ever known… Very soon, Leohart became attracted to her.

“Mou… Do you even know how late it is already, Leo-kun? It’s already past midnight…”

While still warmly hugging Riara, he said to that pouting face:

“Sorry… I got caught up in the work that had suddenly came up and returned back late.”

“…Leo-kun, onee-chan hates excuses.”

Riara increased her pouting.

“While Leo-kun left onee-chan all alone for so long, can you even begin to fathom just how lonely onee-chan was? It was sooo lonely, that it was onee-chan-could-not-take-it-anymore-and-had-to grab-Pero-along-to-take-a-bath-first lonely!”

Just then, Riara then said as if suddenly remembering something:

“Aah, listen to onee-chan, Leo-kun – Pero was really naughty! It was a really rare opportunity for onee-chan to be the one giving him a bath, but then he suddenly ran away mid-way with its tail tucked between its legs while wailing! That damned dog… it couldn’t take it any longer after being stroked a few times with a metal brush, how unmanly. Hurry up came come out now, Pero~~. It’s time for you to be neutered~!”

Hearing Riara say angrily, the hellhound hiding behind Leohart trembled heavily.

“Aneue… I understand how you feel, but neutering Bearu is just…”

After Leohart finally said out loud the name of the hellhound Riara had been calling [Pero][6] up till now—

“Leo-kun… You’re not taking Pero’s side, are you?”

“I’m not. However, Bea-ru, is, a, girl. So technically she can’t be neutered.”

“Onee-chan’s needlework skills are super great, so that’s not a problem! I’ll just have to find a billy club[7] from somewhere and sew it onto his crotch area, scold him ‘Why are you so wild, you’re practically no different from an animal!’, and then just amputate it with a saw!”

“…Aneue, there aren’t any billy clubs or saws in this room.”

Riara’s kinks cause Bearu to tremble greatly, causing Leohart to have a bitter smile while tryig to console her.

“Just ignore Bearu for now, you said you were in the middle of bathing...? You might catch a cold if you continue to expose yourself to the cold air. So return back to the bathroom first.”

“Muu… Leo-kun, then you will carry me there.”

Leohart nodded, and then gently carried Riara with his arms.

And just then, Riara wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him.


However, Demon Lord Leohart wasn’t surprised.

Because he had already kissed his non-blood-related elder sister countless times.

And even had a much deeper relation with her.

“Nn…Chuu. Leo-kun, its Leo-kun’s turn to kiss now.”

Under the urging of Riara’s sweet fawning voice, Leohart used his lips this time to answer his elder sister’s request. Just like that, while kissing each other, he carried her into the bathroom.

The reason the duke and duchess had adopted him, was not just simply to help the Duke family to find a heir.

They also asked Leohart to have children with Riara in the future, so as to not cut off the blood lineage of the Duke family just like that.

But as Riara’s existence cannot be revealed at all, Leohart needed to find a wife for a cover, and then thus exchange the children of the mothers… That was the plan that the duke and duchess had thought up.

The time when Leohart had received that request was when the signs of the previous Great War between the Demon Race and Heroes ending appeared – when he had temporarily returned from the battlefield.

As parents, the duke and duchess wished to protect Riara’s life no matter what, but they still had to worry about the matter of the duty of children inheriting the Dukedom’s bloodline; hence on day, they told Leohart the reason of why they had truly adopted him as if confessing, as well as telling him – at the moment they adopted him, as Riara’s parents, they had already planned out what they would do.

The truth was just this cruel. But Leohart harboured no resentment towards them at all, because they had given the unrelated by blood him the love a blood-related child would receive – and he knew that they also loved Riara just as deeply, or perhaps much much more.

Not only did Leohart wish to fulfil his adoptive parent’s wish, he himself actually harboured a secret crush for her from when he was little. When he found out that Riara was willing to accept all that – when he asked her whether she would accept this younger brother whom she grew up with and she nodded as if it was natural, Leohart’s will to repay his adoptive parents multiplied.

The Demon Lord Wilbert back then despite the opposition and resistance from within the Moderates Faction and around him, his example of successfully bringing his daughter who has strong Human blood within her to the backseat, brought him much confidence.

Times have already begun to change… Who knows, society might very soon accept Riaara’s existence, and he might not need to find a wife just for show. Thus, he told Riara’s existence to Balthier and Lars who were his closest comrades and let them meet, and requested for them to fight alongside him for Riara’s freedom when the Great War ends.

Finally, Leohart had promised with Riara and his adoptive parents that when he returned from the war, they will discuss and come up with the method with the best possible endings for everyone before going back to the battlefield – carrying solid hopes for the future, he returned to the frontlines of the war.

However – those hopes were shattered by the extremely bad circumstances.

What awaited Leohart’s return from the War, was the notice of his adoptive parent’s deaths.

It said that they had died from illnesses. From then onwards, staying true to the saying that 'it never rains but it pours', another piece of bad news came to him – Wilbert’s wife Ashe had passed on. With that, it would seem that Riara will never be able to receive society’s recognition and approval as his relative.

--But, Leohart didn’t give up. No matter what happened in the end, Wilbert still had left behind the past example of leaving behind a daughter with Human Blood within her. Leohart had earned countless achievements in the Great War, and his fame had spread far and wide; with that as a foundation, he fervently sought out many materials, with the intention of shutting up his relatives who saw the face of the Dukedom as a lifeline and breaking the prejudice of Riara’s appearances being taboo, never once bowing his head to anyon.

At around half a year ago, when the news of Wilbert’s death shocked the entire Demon Realm, Leohart finally found an opportunity. When the Radical and Conservative Faction united as a new force in the Demon Realm – the Council revealed themselves and crowned him Demon Lord with their power.

After bathing with Riara, Leohart immediately headed for the bed the moment he got out of the bathroom.

For a man and woman who had tied their vows and entering the bed naked together, is something inevitable.

As if fearing wasting this alone time with each other, Leohart and Riara hugged each other and kissed on the bed. The speed at which their tongues intertwined increased gradually, and they started to seek for each other passionately, enchanted.

Roaming every single spot on the body with the mouth and hands, and taking turns to stimulate each other’s most sensitive spots, and after that, Leohart’s and Riara’s body and soul finally conjoined together.

The coitus[8] engaged by a male and female completely aware of each other’s sensitive spots, brought the both of them immense pleasure.

The two of them lusted for the peak of the climaxes again and again, and in the end the both of them collapsed on the bed – still connected together.

It was only until their breathing and heartbeat had settled down, then did Leohart pull himself out from Riara and embrace her with his left arm.

And told her, the reason why he had showed up this late.

Receiving an order from the Council to attack the base of Moderates Faction, Wildart City, which had ended in failure due to resistance from Basara and the others, the Council’s scheming to assassinate Gardo, Lars rescuing an injured Gardo, his proposal of a decisive battle with only the few elites from each Faction – Leohart told Riara everything slowly.

“I see… Then I guess it’s about time.”

When Leohart finished, Riara gently smile while snuggling up against him.

“That’s right – it’ll be over soon.”

Leohart lightly nodded while looking up at the ceiling too.

Once he defeats the Moderates Faction as the new Demon Lord and further reunite the Demon Realm, he would be able to openly marry Riara – at the beginning, Leohart who had planned this from the start was grateful to the Council.

--But however, some secrets will only be realised after one took up a high-up position.

Not too long before he received the throne, Leohart found out the reason he would be getting the throne of the Demon Lord was not only due to his achievements in the Great War – it was also related to the deaths of his adoptive parents.

They had not died from illnesses. When Leohart returned to the battlefield of the War, the Council had found out about Riara’s existence, and had decided to take her, who possessed a rare and unusual appearance, as a toy to pass time; the duke and duchess had obstructed them with their all – only to be met with hostility from the Council.

The reason the Council had found out about Riara’s existence was due to the background checks the Council conducted into the successor candidate Leohart, when they began to be unhappy with the Moderates Faction’s Wilbert. To this, Leohart’s anger was unimaginable; but what angered him even more, was that the Council was originally just after the duke and duchess’s lives, using Riara as an excuse.

The death of his adoptive parents, pushed Leohart further to fulfil their wish of the two of them marrying and having children. In order to fulfil that wish, Leohart has got no choice but to become the new Demon Lord and unite the Demon Realm, which means not defeating the Moderates Faction is not a choice.

Everything – is happening as how the Council had written the script.

Additionally, the reason the Council had not touched Riara after causing the deaths of the duke and duchess, was simply because they can use her to clamp down on Leohart.

--The one coordinating this entire script, was Belphegor.

Such an unforgivable truth – was swallowed by Leohart, and he became the new Demon Lord whilst harbouring intense hate.

After becoming the new Demon Lord, he will make them pay for snatching away Riara’s future and prove that he is more than a simple Dukedom heir. Of course, as he closed the distance with the Council, he must further increase security to protect Riara; in the end, it was still the same as when she was still with the duke and duchess, living a life where she can’t step out of the house at all.

…How ironic.

Although he had wanted to dispel the traces of Wilbert’s phantom and become an absolute Lord who accomplished the reunification of the Demon Realm and give Riara a normal and safe life… what Leohart is doing right now is no different from Wilbert who had deprived himself of his freedom with his marrying of someone with mixed Human blood.

However, to want to protect a loved one… and give her happiness, is originally something that is just so difficult.

…I must succeed.

No matter what, I must surpass Wilbert…and accomplish what he was not able to.

And change the Demon ream to such that Riara will be able to naturally enjoy happiness – a world which is tolerant and forgivable. With that, the bullying because of things like weakness, birth, origins, blood, or appearances will be reduced.

To this day – the first step to fulfilling this dream, is about to be completed.

Finish the decisive match with the Moderates Faction.

--Demon Lord Leohart, has got something he wished to attain no matter what.

It was not something rare, but something everyone, no matter how big or small, will possess.

Even Wilbert’s daughter and Jin · Toujou’s son. Despite how common it is, Leohart will not make any concessions for it. As long as anyone obstructs him in eradicating his sworn enemy, the Council, and truly granting freedom for Riara, no matter if it’s Naruse Mio or Toujou basara, or even Jin·Toujou – all of them will be my enemies.

Just like—

The Council who are known as the living histories of the Demon Realm.

…That’s right.

Leohart put even more strength into his hands holding Riara’s shoulder.

Anyone who dares to get in my way, even if it’s a god, I will kill them without mercy.

All for the dream he had envisioned when he first met Riara – the future with the two of them together.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. go google it. It’s something similar to a person’s handwriting when he/she began to learn how to write
  2. Making a joke with his nickname
  3. elder sister
  4. extremely unpleasant; repulsive
  5. Atavism is the tendency to revert to ancestral type. In biology, an atavism is an evolutionary throwback, such as traits reappearing which had disappeared generations before
  6. SFX for lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lcik lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick (you get the idea…)
  7. A baton or truncheon (also called a cosh, billystick, billy club, nightstick, sap, blackjack, stick)
  8. sexual intercourse

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