Shinrei Tantei Yakumo:Volume 2 Chapter 1

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It started to rain at the crack of dawn. It was well past noon and yet the rain showed no sign of stopping, not only that, the rain also gradually increased.

The pitter-pattering sound of rain could be heard, and it created a thin layer of mist.

Although it was the beginning of March, and the weather was getting warmer, but this rain would hinder the long-awaited spring.

She really shouldn't have gone out in this weather! Mayuko regretted as she walked near the riverbank. Rainwater soaked into her shoes, making her feel uncomfortable.

It was all Miki's fault for calling her out in this kind of weather!

"I just broke up with my boyfriend, and I feel so lonely......" Thinking about it, this was Miki's fourth breakup this year. She broke up before a season ended then started dating again once a new season started; she was just that kind of person. Anyhow, she was just going to date a new person after spring came.

The more she thought about it the more she felt stupid. After seeing Miki she definitely was not going to comfort her, she was going to give Miki a verbal beating, Mayuko thought.

Mayuko stopped in front of the river; she placed her umbrella between her neck and shoulder, and breathed warm air to her hands. It was really cold! Even her breath was white. Her red fingertips trembled slightly.

At that moment......


She heard a beast like gurgle. Mayuko stiffened, her eyes widened as she scanned her surroundings, yet the only thing she saw was the river, the apartment on the other side, and the bridge. She didn't see anything suspicious.

After surveying her surroundings, Mayuko let out a sigh in relief. She didn't know where the gurgle came from, but it must've been the sound of the speeding currents.

The surge of water made the river rush forward like a herd of cattle; Mayuko was dazed by the rapid currents swallowing each other.

Whoosh! It was the sound of the rushing wind.

Shoot! Once she came to she realized that it was too late, a strong gust of wind from below blew her umbrella out of her hand.

Mayuko's plastic white umbrella spun in air. It continued to spin before finally landing on the levee.


Mayuko cried out, she wanted to chase after her umbrella, but the grass was too wet causing her to suddenly lose her footing. She tumbled down the levee.

"Ouch! Shoot...... shit!"

Mayuko's embarrassing position made her want to cry.

Mayuko blinked back the warm tears that were already forming and stood up. Her butt and arms stung, she probably scraped a bit of skin when she fell.

The wind swayed her umbrella, drops of water dripped down her forehead. She was already wet, an umbrella wouldn't make much of a difference now, Mayuko thought and started to walk away.


She heard a person's voice.

Who was it? She looked around in panic, but there was no one around. Was it an illusion? Mayuko sniffed, walked back, and bent down, preparing to pick up her umbrella.

Whoosh! It was the wind again.

Ah! Mayuko hurriedly tried to grab her umbrella, but was too late, her fingers grazed the umbrella, but it was swallowed by the river and sank.

Mayuko was crestfallen as she watched the scene.

Today was not her day!


There it was again! As if there was a whisper against her ear. She wasn't hearing things.

"Who is it?"

Mayuko turned and asked, but there was no answer, there was no one in sight.

Who was it? Where did it come from? Mayuko looked out, looking for the source of the voice. Her heart beat faster. She had an ominous feeling.

Mayuko stopped looking, the sight before her made her unable to breath. At the center of the river, in the midst of the rushing currents there was a girl. Was she in junior high?

The girl was chest deep in water, she was being pushed around by the waves, her arms stretched upward; she looked like she was struggling.

The distance between the riverbank to the girl was about fifty meters, and to Mayuko who had no confidence in swimming, the distance was too far away. Even if she was confident in swimming, swimming in these conditions would endanger them both.

"Someone come quickly! There's a girl drowning!"

Mayuko shouted, encouraging the girl in the river.

At that moment, the girl's body seemed to float out of the river. At first Mayuko thought she was hallucinating, but she wasn't, the girl, starting from her shoulders, to her chest, and then her waist, was floating out of the river.

Then the girl stood above the river.

"Holy shit!"

The girl was pretty, big eyes on a well proportioned face, cute dimples, black hair in a ponytail, she was also wearing a western style uniform.

Mayuko watched this incredulous scene before her, the image of the girl burned into her mind.

The girl slowly walked across the river and towards Mayuko. It was impossible for a person to walk on water! How could someone walk across this rapid flowing river.......

"Oh my god---"

Mayuko stiffened unable to move.

"Stay back! Don't come any closer!"

The girl disappeared just when Mayuko started screaming, leaving only the raging river's turbulence.

Pop pop---

There was a sound near her feet.

Pop pop pop pop----

An air bubble immediately popped after floating above the river.

What's going on? What was that?


Something touched Mayuko's feet. So cold! It also felt smooth...... it couldn't be! Mayuko shifted her fearful gaze to her feet. A decayed pair of hands was reaching out of the river, seizing Mayuko's ankles.


Mayuko's horrifying cries of anguish was covered by the sound of rain......