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Volume 01 Illustrations[edit]


A shadow dances deep in the night.

Leaping from one rooftop to another, from building to building. With an inhuman agility and enthralling steps, bathed under the moonlight's glory, any witnesses would have been instantly smitten by her.

Those springing steps, allowed people to imagine her feminine beauty. And to be truthful, a pair of long legs with dancing-like steps, can only belong to a young lady in her prime.

The night wrapped around her snow white skin, further refining her supernatural beauty.

If we were to discuss her figure; a beautiful black dress tightly wrapped around her body, with only her cleavage prominently displayed, her full chest was concealed by the dark.

Her most captivating parts are her ruby red lips.

Dripping with erotic energy, be it a man or a woman, no one would be able to resist being entranced by them. But occasionally, those lips reveal the secret of her nature.

A pair of sharp fangs.

The lips reveal a pair of teeth, abnormally sharp and slender. Even with such alluring beauty, people can still feel the hidden danger.

Danger – with the beauty that almost makes one want to be bitten.

Beauty in the night, with the strength and power to leap from building to building, and the fangs.

Based on this world's legends, it is the truth of her body.

That is – the king of the night.

That is – a vampire.

With leaping skills way above humans, people always thought they had bat-like wings.

While discussing about vampire legends, it is almost certain it is this kind of blood-drinking animal. Maybe because bats can zip across the night like a shadow, thus people imagine these kind of things.

In reality, there are no wings, but certainly eyes like those of a predatory bird exist.

She is thirsty right now.

It is a thirst from the depth of her soul.

The only way to satisfy her thirst - is one thing.

"Found you..."

Whispering in a sexy and loveable voice, the girl stops.

Her eyes flicking a scarlet spark, locking on to the prey.

Her sight locked on to a young man, walking alone in an alley.

He appears to be the same age as her – although it is impossible to tell the age of a vampire – about 16 or 17.

To a female vampire, it's a great catch – a slender and good looking boy.

Slender body, decent looks, with matching tea-colored hair. In the street barely illuminated by lamplight, it is possible to mistake him for a girl. Although not as good as her, his white skin is both glossy and tender.

"He looks delicious~"

Finding such a prized prey, the girl could not resist licking her lips.

In an instant, she lands in front of the youth.

As if stunned by the beauty landing in front of him, the youth freezes.

"Don't be frightened, human."

To the apprehensive prey in front of her, the girl reveals a warm smile.

"I am called, Rushella Dahm Dracula. I am a vampire of the highest class, one of the purest bloodlines. Please be honored, that you were chosen by me."

The boy still does not react.

It is unsurprising.

A human meeting a vampire at night, they would usually react like this.

"I couldn't but help to notice the delicious smell of your blood. I was drawn by your flavor. I thought you might have been bleeding, but it looks like you are not injured. However such a delicious smell still fills my nose – such a sweet, sweet smell."

During her nightly stroll, she suddenly smelled the delicious flavor.

Attracted by the smell, she landed in front of him.

"Come... Come serve me."

She puts her arm around his shoulder, revealing her chillingly sharp fangs, and moves toward the left side of his neck.

No need to tip-toe, no need to bend down. A perfect height.

It is even more delightful.

All one needs is to enjoy.

Rushella pierced his skin with her fangs, and began to drink his blood, drop by drop.


It was beyond "just" delicious.

A bit dense, full of the wonderful essence of youth.

This delicacy is clearly not only for quenching the thirst, it is also definitely the entree for tonight.

Just a few drops, and her thirst subsided.

Such a high class blood definitely cannot be a last meal.

According to vampire legends, after drinking one's blood for several nights, you can turn him into a servant.

Rushella sank into this sweet fantasy, then was brought back to reality by a sentence.

"I say... this really is painful."


She suddenly backs away from him.

Thus perfectly aligning their eyes together.

The youth in front of Rushella stared at her unhappily, with one hand holding down his wound.

"It hurts, it really hurts... what are you doing suddenly? Sucking nonstop... I must have lost at least 500 mililiters... It would have been troublesome if it was someone else."

He has both a worrying and a bitter look, and starts to limp away.

Rushella stares at him blankly as he appeared to resist her, but she immediately recovers, dashes forward with inhuman speed, and grabs his shoulder.

"You, you... who do you think I am!? Such impertinent words toward me...!"

"A vampire, right? Haven't met one in a while... you should be more careful; in such chaotic times, chasing and catching any prey you meet, you could easily get exterminated."

"Insignificant human rubbish! Also, you already received my <<kiss>>, you are now my servant."

Before she even finished, Rushella notices his condition.

His neck already uncovered by the hand, has no bite mark.

But... everything vanished.

Indeed, the mark engraved on his neck - kiss - or the twin holes known as "baptism", had completely vanished.


What was in front of her eyes was impossible to believe, Rushella shakes her head, replying blankly.

Vampire characteristic #1: "Someone bitten by a vampire, will also become a vampire."

However, a complete transformation requires numerous blood sucking and during the transformation, the victim’s body will have an unremovable bite mark.

Draculea V01 - 009.PNG

But... But this boy's body is completely unmarked.

"Why...? I definitely bit you... and drank your blood."

"Haha, that is useless against me."

"Why?! What kind of measures did you use?"

"It is just a physical trait of my body. No matter how much blood you drink, I will never become a vampire."

Lazily explaining such a shocking event, the boy takes another step ahead.

Rushella follows him, as this is impossible for her to accept.

Vampire characteristic #1 amendment: "After having blood sucked, there is no way for a human to escape the fate of a vampire; the only cure is to obliterate the vampire who did the deed before the transformation is finished."

There shouldn't be another way.

"What kind of person are you?"

Facing the question, the youth turned around, replying half-heartily

"Kujou Hisui".

Chapter 1 - Iscariot[edit]


This kiss, that came with blood, tainted Kujou Hisui's first day of high school with red.

Right after the opening ceremony, he was suddenly bitten by a vampire on the way home.

Perhaps other students were going to celebrate with their parents, maybe even going out for a feast, to commemorate this special day. But for Hisui, who was living alone, it wasn't possible to have a party like that.

While he was leisurely walking home, the sky was already dark.

With the cool night breeze blowing on his face, Hisui walked into a park near home.

The lush foliage and trees blocked out the light from the street lamps, so the entire area was extremely dark, even during the day. It was even darker at night, so dim that one couldn't even see his own fingers in front of him.

But why did he choose such a route? ...Even Hisui himself couldn't understand.

If he had to justify it, it would be the scent he smelled.

When he got through the park, he smelled what appeared to be the noble aroma of a rose.

He was drawn in by the scent, and by the time his head cleared, he found himself on a lane that he normally wouldn't be on.

The result of this was a complete disaster.

A vampire from the myths had suddenly appeared in the flesh in front of him. However, before he could even resist, he was bitten.

No, stepping back a bit, being bitten isn't such a big deal.

Although it felt more or less awful to have so much blood drained from him, his life was far from being endangered.

If he was your average person, he would be confronted with the dilemma of bidding farewell to his humanity right before the touch of death. But to Hisui, it was not an issue to be concerned with.

There was the possibility of death from blood loss, but no matter how much blood was lost, he won't become a vampire.

In other words, the issue he was confronted with was about...

“What on earth is going on? Is this some kind of magic? Or a cheap little trick? Answer me, human!”

He was entangled with this stubborn vampire girl.

After she finished drinking his blood, she kept following and yelling incessantly at him from behind.

“It is night time, so could you be a bit more quiet?”

“I am more lively at night!”

“I see, you're a vampire after all...”

Vampire's Special Characteristic #2 - They become active after sunset and retreat at dawn. Due to this characteristic they were called the kings of the night, but to night owls like Hisui it was extremely annoying.

“Why did nothing happen after I bit you? After being bitten you should become my servant and follow my orders!”

“I don't want to.” Hisui categorically rejected her.

“Impossible... to think that you wouldn't follow my orders!? Even though I definitely sucked your blood!”

Truly, to a vampire, for this kind of impossible thing to happen, it was as if the world has toppled over.

Whether it's saints, nobles or murderous thugs, as long as they are born human, being bitten by vampires will trigger the transformation.

Also the people who are bitten, would have their minds dominated by the vampire, where their only consideration was for the master's welfare....but Hisui does not even appear to pay attention.

“What kind of person are you?! What kind of magic is this!?”

“I have no idea, this is not a skill, it is a physical trait, phy-si-cal.”

I have answered your questions several times already, an angry Hisui replies in an unfriendly tone.

“How could such a situation exist? Also, I am a vampire, you are meeting a lady like myself! Thus, you should be like... that right??”

“I am afraid. You are wearing this 'I am a vampire' outfit, I didn't expect I would be targeted by you.”

“Didn't think you were an expert. From the way you talk, this is not the first time you met a vampire?”

“.....Ah, I used to know a vampire, that's it.”

Hisui didn't speak anymore, and only kept on walking silently.

Rushella also realized asking such questions would be futile, thus she remained silent for a few minutes before bringing up a different question.

“Alright, I will recognize the fact that you have an absurd body. And I don't care about those run-of-the-mill vampires; you cannot escape the fangs of a True Ancestor. Confess, what trick are you using?”

Hisui suddenly stops.

Rushella suddenly brings up a certain description that he cannot ignore.

“True Ancestor? Are you joking?”

“Of course not? I am at the apex of the vampire race, carrying the blood of the founder, the mighty True Ancestor!”

As Rushella proudly replies, her full chest puffs up, and Hisui couldn't help but lower his sight.

“In a society like today, something like a True Ancestor is rarer than endangered species. Where are you from? Some place far in the mountains?”

“The way you speak is so impertinent...”

When she replied, Hisui began to sense danger, and suddenly became more alert.

The opponent is a vampire. In this pitch-dark night.

Other than his body, he does not have any special abilities, so there is no way to struggle or win.

And the vampire girl has a pair of short swords attached to each of her legs. Each of her snow-white legs has a sheath bound to her fishnet hose, releasing a dangerous aura.

Against that, the only equipment he has is a high school book-bag.

Naturally, there was nothing in that bag that can be used against a vampire.

Recognizing his own disadvantage, Hisui's face darkens with fear. But Rushella answers him with an enchanting smile.

“Don't worry, I won't use any violence that would harm your body. I just want you to voluntarily offer me your neck.”

Rushella squints her black pupils, changing their shape into something resembling that of a cat's.

Then her eyes--released a beam of scarlet light.

As his gaze met her's, he understood what Rushella is trying to do.

Vampire's Special Characteristic #3 - Mystic Eyes.

People who are weak willed would be enchanted by those scarlet pupils, and their spirit forever trapped in the darkness.

“Although this was not my original idea, but it is more noble than hunting you down. Not to mention that a stubborn person, a person like you, cannot possibly escape my eyes' binding. Kneel before me, and offer me your neck!”

“Ah, Mystic Eyes don't work on me either...”

Hisui scratched his head, and replied slowly.

Based on what he is saying, his eyes were not dazzled by the Mystic Eyes.

Rushella's jaw drops and she stares at him blankly.

Looking at her, Hisui couldn't help but feel sorry, and lowered his gaze.

“So... I'm sorry?”

“....Don't be sorry! This is making me even more mad, why is this? Why are my Mystic Eyes not working?”

“That can also be said to be a physical attribute. You know I would not transform into a vampire, and didn't expect this? Pretty much all vampire abilities don't work on me.”


Rushella's body collapses on to the ground in shock.

Some insignificant human, against whom a vampire's bite and Mystic Eyes appear to be useless.

It appears that her very existence as a vampire is in doubt.

“I am actually defeated by a human?”

Looking at the depressed Rushella, Hisui realizes this is his chance to escape.

Unfortunately, Rushella recovers quickly.

“No...this is impossible. Something must have went wrong. Maybe I haven't practiced enough!”

“What? Using Mystic Eyes should be a second nature to vampires, right? Especially for a True Ancestor, who should have been using this for years right?”

Facing Hisui's analysis, Rushella looks away.

As if she is trying to avoid the other person's question, her eyes falls upon a nearby feral cat.

“Let's go test it on a nearby prey”

Rushella reaches out her hand to catch the cat.

This black cat appears to be a bit chubby, but it is extremely alert. As soon as Rushella approaches, it dashes away.

But in the end, it is only a cat, and thus, no match for the King of the Night. After a fierce struggle, Rushella catches the wild feline, and holds it up by her hands.

“Making me waste my time...hey, look at me!”

But the cat instantly looks away.

Rushella could only use her hand to turn its head toward her, and the scarlet light from her eyes met the cat.

Although she didn't need to use her Mystic Eyes, the wild cat becomes relaxed.

“Shouldn't you quickly greet your master?”

Listening to these words, the cat's attitude does a 180 degree turn, it begins to meow cutely and lick her hand.

“Very good...isn't it effective? It looks like I am not having a problem. Ok, one more time! Human, look at my eyes again!”

She turned around, but there was noone in sight.

Only the night wind blowing across an empty park.

Rushella opens her mouth, speechless.

Only a few seconds later, she realizes that she had been ditched.

“That human...”


Sighing at the night sky, he finally arrives home.

Hisui's home is a western styled two stories house, extremely large for someone living alone. The house's white walls have turned dark and grey due to age and weather, giving it an ancient look. Thus, it is understandable for the neighboring children to claim the place to be haunted.

If this house belonged to someone else, Hisui himself would definitely not visit it or even step within the neighborhood. But this is after all his own home. Even though the night stroll was not peaceful, in any case, let me take a shower first.

After washing his body, Hisui contently dips into the tub, but he still could not stop thinking about that strange girl.

“Vampire, huh? I haven't met one in a long time.”

He murmured while smiling bitterly.

Who would have thought in this era, you could still meet that kind of -- one should say, archetypical or perhaps old-fashioned... in any case, a vampire who so utterly embodied the style of a classic vampire.

He thought he would never meet someone like this again... nor does he want to meet one.

He definitely does not want to have to deal with a vampire again.

Hisui unconsciously reaches out to his chest, which is throbbing a little painfully. A line ran down his chest. This scar blemished his otherwise pale chest, making Hisui frown.

“Couldn't pick anyone else, has to come suck my blood...”

Hisui felt a bit sorry for her. From her look of hunger, she must have been thirsty for a long time. But that was definitely not his fault.

If it was a normal person, they will transform into a vampire after being bitten, or be ensnared by the Mystic Eyes. Of course, for a normal person, the first feeling when meeting a vampire would be pure terror.

But Hisui is unique in this aspect.

From vampire related knowledge and personal meeting experience--the most important part of this is his physique.

Not transforming into a vampire after being bitten and the ability to cancel out special powers was due to this special physique, thus he has no fear of vampires.

However, he can still die from something classic like violence, or massive blood loss like a normal person.

Even so his wounds would close rapidly, and his speed of regenerating blood is borderline superhuman. Other than that, he was no different than the average boy.

Furthermore, this specialty, he doesn't even realize it himself.

Unless he runs into a vampire, he mostly doesn't feel how these traits could be advantageous.

But now, his blood red troubles are over.

Only that girl's features in the dark--the vampire known as Rushella's beauty, is unable to fade from his mind.

“She looked pretty cute...”

Hisui shakes his head, scattering all information related to her from his head and then leaves the shower.

Using a towel to wipe his head, Hisui walks toward the kitchen.

Pulling a milk bottle from the fridge to drink is just perfect, but he suddenly hears a loud banging from the door.

Although there is an intercom on the door, that person kept slamming the door.

A bad feeling washed over him.

An especially bad feeling.

“It can't be her, right?”

Unsettled, Hisui walked toward the entrance hall.

But not only does the banging not stop, it becomes even louder.

“Coming, coming! I heard it, I am coming.”

Hisui puts the towel on his head, then opens the door.

Peering from the door gap, he sees a beautiful girl with her arms crossed in front of his door.

Rushella returned.

And stared at him with piercing eyes.

“Found you, human. Decided to scurry away and escape have you? This time you will become my servant!”

“It is already late, please walk home slowly.” [1]

Hisui then promptly closes the door.

Just when he wishes to forget everything, the pounding on the door becomes even louder. Worrying about the neighbors complaining, the youth could only reluctantly open the door.

“What do you want? And how did you find my house?”

“Even if it does not work on you, my Mystic Eyes can still control animals. So I decided to use them to help me out.”

Rushella hums, and flicks her index finger behind her.

There was a group of wild dogs following behind her awaiting orders.

Dozens of them became her servants, and are kneeling behind the vampire girl.

It appears she decided to use Mystic Eyes to put the hounds under her control, and then used their noses to sniff out Hisui's home.

“Quite impressive...that is an amazing use of your abilities.”

Hisui sighs, but then he notices Rushella's face is rapidly turning red.


“Why, why are you looking like this?! Go put on some clothes!”

Hisui then realizes his appearance.

Having just finished his shower, the upper half of his body is naked, and the lower half is only covered by a pair of sleeping-underwear.

While it could be exciting to the opposite sex, being half naked shouldn't be that shocking.

But Rushella's face is turning utterly scarlet.

“Hey, what? Are you shy? You were jumping for my neck earlier, now you see a naked torso and...”

“Stop talking! Put some clothes on!”

“Why don't you complain inside?”

Hisui opens the door, letting her inside.

Although she could cross inside with a single step, Rushella does not enter.

As if she is stopped by an invisible force, unable to step forward no matter how hard she tries.

“In other can't enter....if you don't have my permission.”

Vampire's Special Characteristic #4 - When visiting someone's house for the first time, they must receive permission or else they cannot enter.

Even though this characteristic is absurd, and completely without reason, but it is the truth.

Rushella standing in front of the door and unable to enter is ironclad evidence.

There is no material barrier, but she is held back by her racial trait—in other words, she was being bound by a supernatural force and thus, a proof of being a vampire.

“Don't look down on me, human. Give me the permission quickly, this is for your own good...”

Rushella coldly warns Hisui with a voice full of supernatural potency, but he is the one with the advantage.

“I can't do that. If I give you the permission, wouldn't you be able to enter?”

“So it is like this? Then I have no choice, boys, teach him a lesson!”

Rushella snaps her fingers; the dogs behind her begin to howl like mad.


The high-tenor dog barks fill the street under the night sky.

Hisui covers his ears, and complains bitterly.

“What are you doing! Neighbors are going to come to me and complain! I am going to get yelled at.”

“Who cares about you. Unto you I say this: don't even think about them stopping until you give me your permission to enter. Don't think your little human intelligence can outfox me!”

After all, Hisui had escaped once, Rushella's attitude became hardened.

Hisui ended up surrendering, sighed, and answered her request.

“Ok, Ok, I under-stand. But, before I allow you to enter, I need to make some preparations, can you wait a few minutes?”

“Don't even think about locking the door and refusing to come out, otherwise they will bark all night!”

“I understand, it won't take long. I need to put on my clothes, right? It is chilly right now, and your eyes are pretty disturbed, right?”

She definitely appears to be uncomfortable with Hisui half naked; Rushella, who is clearly unhappy still nods her head.

“Please wait a bit.”

Hisui closes the door, then vanishes into the depth of the house.

Rushella waits for an untold number of minutes before the door finally opens. Hisui comes back with a pair of black T-shirt.

“Hum, you have put some clothes on. Now, according to our agreement, let me in!”

“Yes yes, please enter.”

As these words were spoken, the atmosphere changed.

As if a tight rope has been snapped, or as if thin glass has been shattered—Hisui has these images in mind.

“Permission received. Good, now offer me your blood!”

Two eyes blazing with fire, Rushella walks straight through the door.

Looking at Hisui's neck, to taste the delicious red blood again...


As she almost reaches the boy's neck, she smells a stench.

Although a vampire's sense of smell is not as good as a dog's, it is significantly sharper than humans' and is able to distinguish the source of the odor.

It is a forbidden smell to vampires.

“You, did you?”

Taking advantage of Rushella's shock, Hisui covers her face with the towel in his left hand.

The great king of the night instantly collapses and faints on the floor.

Hisui stares at her with understanding eyes, and holds out a plastic jar in his left hand.

On the label it's marked:

[Specially made Garlic Powder]

Vampire's Weakness #1 - Fear of garlic.

Even though it is an old fact, it is very effective on the fainted Rushella. Pouring the entire can on to the towel was highly effective.

To be safe, Hisui waits for several minutes, then finally lifts the towel from her face.

A beautiful vampire knocked out from a face full of garlic, looking absolutely pitiful.

But still, her dark beauty remains untouched. Beauty is her greatest weapon, something that Hisui already understood.

If her face came close, it would way exceed the killing power of the Mystic Eyes.

“Now...what do I do next?”

The best way to get rid of a vampire would be to drive a stake through her heart, and the next step is to cut off her head, but Hisui doesn't plan to be that extreme.

Because, he is not willing. Even though she is not human, Hisui is still incapable of such bloodlust. Also, she is a girl with a huge bust; to slam a stake through that--is extremely conflicting.

Or Hisui could leave her where she is and she will turn to ash at dawn.

While considering his options, he realizes there is something often associated with a vampire next to Rushella.

It is something to help her to pass the daytime--a coffin.

It is another old vampire item, but something very critical to a vampire. Pure black at the back with elaborate workmanship, it is engraved with well carved runes. The design could be called a work of art. There is a heavy lock on the side, but Rushella did not appear to lock it.

“She even brought her sleeping gear...but this coffin is really old fashioned, what is she about...”

Hisui with a surprised face opens the lid; the internal design is well made, with extremely soft padding in red.

Carefully placing Rushella into the coffin, Hisui closes the lid.

“This ought to do it. You all should leave too.”

Hisui drives away the dogs, due to Rushella fainting, the effect of the Mystic Eyes ended, so Rushella's groupies all leaves.

As his front door clears, Hisui sighs in relief.

“I'm exhausted. Let's sleep first. I will think about things after sleeping.

Finding a good place for Rushella's coffin, the boy yawns, and heads for his room on the second floor.

Dreaming a highly uncomfortable dream.

Possibly due to meeting a vampire, it is a scenario that one wishes not to be in, a memory that is not to be remembered, but unforgettable. Part dream, part conscience.

It is a sun drenched in wilderness.

Hisui finds himself lying on the ground.

The heat sears his skin, sapping moisture and strength.

Like death is not far--as if one foot has already passed through the gate of hell.

His snow white skin, becoming deathly pale, rapidly losing blood color.

Heartbeat already stopping, the source of life's blood flow, also loses its use.

But his conscience still remains. As if he is watching his body from a different angle, this could be considered a dying experience. Trying to command his own body, trying to scream at his own body.

“.....COME! YOU CAN'T...AHHH!!!!”

Her voice sounded exhausted in the background.

Two hands unable to stop squeezing his chest.

To recover a throbbing pulse, to ignite the fire of life.

“It is...enough. It really is...enough, ahhhhh...”

He wanted to tell her that.

Wanted to reach out for her hand.

But he could not do it, his body unable to budge.

Thus, she never stopped. Doing her best to call back his life.

Behind her is the searing sun, with two hands relentlessly pushing into his chest.

“Stop...if you keep doing this, you will...!”

Finally opening his eyes and screaming.


Hisui finally realizes the dream is over.

His sight returns to his familiar room. was only a dream, a memory of the past.

It is already past...but there is still something heavy on his chest.

As if it is being held down by something.

It has a certain kind of softness, but it's not heavy. It feels like something soft yet bouncy holding him down.

And there is a very high class fragrance flowing into his nose. Maybe this is still a dream.

The alarm clock still had not rung. Lets sleep a little bit more, as Hisui thought. In that instant, there is a sudden sharp pain coming from his neck, and he wakes up.


There is the sound of being bitten from the left side of his neck.


Hisui wants to jump up and hold his neck, but the heavy thing on his chest refuses to move.

“You are finally awake.”


That is Rushella, lying on his body, penetrating his neck with her fangs.

It is especially important to point out her seductive look.

Clad only in a towel, with water droplets rolling and landing on to his chest.

From the look of her steamy body, it appears she just came out of the shower.

“Why, why...”

“Do you think garlic can stop me? Even though my race hate it, but I am a real True Ancestor, something like that will only work short term on me.”

“So garlic has a reduced effect against high class vampires, so now I recognize you are indeed high level. But why go take a shower? Why do you have to use my bath?”

“Because you gave me permission to enter your home. In other words, everything here is open to my use. Also, you can't blame me, because you are the one who sprayed me full of garlic, even my coffin stinks of it! Finally, hot water is really convenient. I was worried about the effect of the running water, but there seem to be no effect. Humans can be really capable too.”

Looking at Rushella's happy face, Hisui couldn't help but think about vampire's other weakness.

Vampire's Weakness #2 - Running water.

Moving and cleansing water- is a dangerous weakness for vampires.

But apparently it is limited to natural running water, or holy water.

Human made water, containing chlorine and different to natural water, shouldn't have any effects on Rushella.

“Thus, after you happily bathe yourself, you came to suck my blood now?”

“So noisy, shut up. But it appears you are really weak right now. Is it because of that? Despite being a human, do you dislike morning?”

Hisui's resistance is indeed weak. To be honest, keep on holding like this is not bad.

“Indeed, I heard certain kind of people, because of low blood pressure will become like this. Let me look how is your current blood flow. I can feel your blood flow by touch. Normally, with some adjustment and blood consumption will be even easier...strange, how come all the blood went to the bottom half of your body?”

“That is a young man's most sensitive area, please don't play with it...but, it is a morning phenomenon, how should I explain this?”

Hisui couldn't explain it properly, so he turns his face away.

But his line of sight still reaches Rushella.

In other words, it is zoomed towards her chest.

Two extremely ripe fruits pushing onto his chest.

Twin snowy peaks, complimented by her impossibly slim body. A valley that you just lose your sight into...

To be exact, her towel was about to fall off, and her pink spot was about to be revealed...


Rushella's face goes scarlet, she instantly leaves the boy's chest, and repeatedly slaps his face in the process.

Draculea V01 - 033.PNG

His face is loudly slapped left and right.

“What are you doing! You are the one who revealed it to me to look at! Your completely unreasonable body, elasticity and softness is what is to blame!”

“So, so noisy!”

Her beautiful face again comes close to Hisui, and her fangs clamp down on to his neck.


“This time you will become my property, offer all of your blood to me!”

Let's suck first then talk later—this is Rushella's new strategy toward Hisui's peculiar body.

Definitely will not let him struggle, with no time to savor the flavor, just finish him off in one gulp.

Against a serious Rushella, the boy's face changes color.

The body's blood is rapidly decreasing—if he doesn't do something, in a few seconds it will pass the critical point, or approximately half drained.

“...Move aside.”

The situation is becoming dangerous, so Hisui had to use extreme measures.

Right next to the bed is the window, Hisui rips the curtain aside, flooding the room with sunlight.

“Damn you!”

That fearless Rushella, for first time shows true fright.

She immediately dives away from Hisui, and hides in the corner where the sunlight cannot reach.

Vampire's Weakness #3 - To vampires, after being struck by sunlight, the area struck by sunlight will turn into ash, eventually leading to total destruction. The total time till death depends on the vampire, but it is definitely a fatal weakness.

“You're really afraid of this...”

“You bastard, you dare to use sunlight against me!”

Rushella became so filled with rage her shoulders shook causing her to let go of the towel, that was covering her naked body, which flutters down to the floor.

Hisui wanted to look away, but suddenly, his male urges exceeded his willpower, letting him look.

In the middle of his sight, is the white tinted with red chest, a beautiful and dreamlike tender body.

The most delicious part, is full and soft chest, fleshy colored and cute peaks, looking up; while following the contour of the body and searching downwards, a small patch of grassland....


Something that was placed over there is picked up by Rushella and flung toward Hisui's head, such that that beautiful image vanished in the ensuing concussion.

“You want to kill me?! Hey, not really right!?”

Looking at the object that struck his head, the boy's face turns dead pale.

It is his own beloved alarm clock.

The front side has a fist shaped conclave buried into it, the minute arrows are completely smashed out of place.

“Oh, that? I don't know why it kept screaming non-stop, so I hit it once. Humans invent such odd objects.”

“This is a necessity! It already rang?”

Hisui's pale face looks at his watch by the bedside, and checking for the correct time his face becomes paler.

“This is bad... even if I break off in a full speed run I won't be on time... and I didn't eat last night because I was going to have a full breakfast!”

Hisui murmured to himself, then starts to strip off his clothes.

Although he didn't want any awards, nor does he wish to become an all-star student, but arriving late on the first day of high school is something that would be totally unexplainable.

“Why are you taking your clothes off?! Could...could it be that this insignificant human wants to do me!?”

Rushella grabbed the towel defensively protecting her own body.

Naturally, Hisui could understand her reaction.

“If you don't want to look, then get out of this room, I don't have the time for you anymore.”

Seeing Hisui about to take off his shorts, Rushella could only dash out of the door.

But due to her own curiosity she still wanted to peek, however Hisui rapidly put on his uniform and dashes out the door, thus the peeking was unsuccessful.

“Where are you going!?”

“Going to school. But let me tell you this first. My body will not be affected by blood sucking. Even if all the blood is drained, I will only die from blood loss, I won't become a vampire.”

“Your constitution is so strange... but you are still afraid of death. That is why you panicked earlier.”

“Anyone would. The average person would hate to get his blood sucked.”

“Only this?”

Rushella chases and asks, twin eyes blinking scarlet light at him.

Hisui moves his eyes away, and impatiently warns her: “If you only want to drink blood... it is OK. A little bit more than this is not a big deal. But don't suck past the point of death, this is for your own good as well.”

“Your request is a bit strange. Are you threatening me? You dare to threaten a vampire like me?”

“To make it simple... you should do it safely. If you drink too much then it will be too late.”

Hearing Hisui's serious tone, Rushella didn't say anything. Only silently sent him to school.

“After dusk you should go back to where you live. I will leave the keys here. Lock the door and leave them in the mailbox.”

Rushella, who is left alone, stands there dumbfounded for a quarter of hour or so, and she continues to think about something while placing her finger on her chin, mumbling.

“School, is it...?”

“I am Kujou Hisui from Akanishi Middle School. My interests reading and cooking. I have no special talents. If you discover one please tell me.”

Adding a bit of witty substance to the end, Hisui finishes his self-introduction, before walking to the right of the classroom and taking his seat.

Right now it is the school's orientation, the self-intro part.

Some people would use this opportunity to give a great speech, instantly attracting everyone's attention, but Hisui is not that kind of person.

Being able to maintain some distance, yet adept enough to talk to anyone about anything, nor making any great mistakes, having a peaceful school life is the best.

All he desires is this peaceful lifestyle.

Following Hisui, came a female student.

Although he already gone ahead, he decides to listen, but as this girl is assigned to his left, so he paid a bit of attention.

“I am Sera Reina from Aishin Middle School. My interests are reading and pastry making, my specialties are tracks and athletics. Please take care of me.”

In that instant, her eyes and Hisui's met.

“Please take care of me...”

“Same here.”

Hisui replied to this shy young lady with a faint smile.

Reina, right after the self introduction, she was suddenly named class representative, this girl is a bit unlucky.

In this kind of prestigious high school, the freshman leaders are usually selected by the homeroom teacher.

Especially the class representatives are usually selected from recommended students.

The class selected Reina as well.

This beautiful girl who looks as if she came out of a painting, but does not appear to be arrogant. Rather, she gives the impression that she is easy to approach, an image of someone who's always doing her best for all the students. Should be a natural class rep.

“This class doesn't seem to have anyone else from Aishin Middle School... eh, that is understandable...”

“Aishin, that is a Catholic school right? So it is a school for ladies from elementary and up. Usually they will be admitted to their high school division, of course they wouldn't show up here.”

“Right, this is true... but Kujou-san's middle school is also very rare?”

“... I think I am the only one here that came from there.”

“Really? Then... I guess we are the same.”

Coming to this high school alone formed a common bond, and the two smiled at each other.

Although they have differences—but, on this busy first day, they were able to find a conversational topic.

Hisui was able to breath a sigh of relief, as self-introductions finally drew to a close.

“Ok, then next is the day schedule.” The short and radish faced lady, of an undetermined age, yelled.

She is the teacher who did the self-introduction, Horie Jyuri.

Apparently her subject is world history, thus she also wears a uniform, which makes her look no different than the students. Her body is completely unexpected, but her curled hair compliments her cute face, which makes her popular with the male students. However, she lacks the fear-inspiring presence a teacher should have. Therefore, there is all kinds of chatter occurring around the classroom.

“Okay, this afternoon there is a health examination, after the noon rest, please change into your gym uniform, female students will meet in the gym, males out in the yard.”

Hisui listens, then grumbles that the first day will be tiresome exercise; just then someone knocks from outside the door.

Everyone became inquisitive of who came, Jyuri as a representative opened the door, then walked into the hallway to converse with who had arrived.

“Ah, Hashimoto-sensei, what is going on?”

The person who came was a strong and proper man that appeared on the opening day ceremony.

He was talking to the homeroom teacher regarding something, and the other person kept shaking her head.

“Ah? At this time...? But, I haven't heard of anything...also, yesterday didn't...”

“Ah, there is none, but this is principal’s, sorry for troubling you.”

The Administrator appeared to be confused as well.

Jyuri-sensei becomes even more mystified, then came back to the podium.

“There is another transfer student, so there is a new friend for everyone.”

“Ah? There is another one?”

“Shouldn't they have come for the opening ceremony?”

“So, they didn't show up yesterday?”

“Ah, but there isn't anyone not on the record.”

This announcement becomes more curious and chaotic, and the entire class begins to discuss and gossip.

Even the teacher herself has suspicions, a face full of confusion.

But, since the person came.

She clapped her hand, indicating everyone to be quiet, and brought in the new student.

“Please come in, um, name... Rushella...-san.”

Hisui slam his face against the desk.

The classroom teacher backs up a few steps, as a beauty in a dress walked into the classroom.

She had come to school not wearing a uniform, but fully clothed in a private outfit.

Her dazzling looks, even attracted the girls, and the boys opened their eyes wide.

“My name is Rushella Dahm Draculea. Kneel before me, commoners!”

Rushella commands with great pride.

With the exception of Hisui, everyone responded with a “Huh?”, while time itself stopped.

“Ah, Rushella-san... ah, rather, using the family name should be Draculea-san... right?”

Ignoring the confused teacher, Rushella begins to carefully scan the entire classroom.

Hisui does not want her to find him, so he lowers his line of sight, hugging the desk to appear to be asleep.


Heavily murmuring his desire to escape, Hisui desperately heads for a world of dreams.

But, Rushella easily finds him, lifts him by the neck and brings him back to reality.

“Found you. Really, causing me to waste a whole bunch of effort...”

“... Why are you here?”

This unending nightmare, the girl in front of him is real.

In that few seconds, Hisui felt like he aged decades. But Rushella beam a smile at him that could captivate any male.

“I have arrived.”

"Is she your girlfriend?!"

Not sure who spit that out, prompting the entire class to rivet their attention on the two.

“What's going on? What are you all looking at?”

To avoid having Rushella cause trouble with the other students, Hisui grabs her hand and leads her to the corner of the classroom.

“... What are you doing? How did you know I was here?”

Draculea V01 - 044.PNG

“I went to a place called 'Administration Office' and asked about where you are. At first they said something like “individual privacy,” or something like 'nothing to do with you', so I stared at them for a bit, and they told me everything.”

“Ah, I reckon you must have used Mystic Eyes.”

“Also, there was a place called 'Principal's Office', I went to meet their head, gave him the order of 'give me your cooperation', then they made me a 'transfer student'.”

“Um, this should be Mystic Eyes too. But you really came to school...”

Because the sun is a great weakness, vampires shouldn't move during the day.

Rushella laughed, happily brought out the parasol she was holding in her left hand.

“Idiot, do you think our race only hides in the dark? Holding this specially made parasol for vampires, I can completely avoid the sun. It also can ward off the rain. For a race that hates rain water as well, this is a real treasure.”

“If I have the strength, I really want to rip your treasure in half this instant...”

“Ah, I brought the keys. Since we are going back together, you can hold them.”

Rushella brought out the keys from the morning.

As a reflex, the boy reaches out, but he instantly realizes the meaning of that action, and begins to furtively look at the classroom.

Everyone was looking at him.

Feeling it is the duty of the class rep, or perhaps because she sits next to him, Reina courageously asked, “Kujou-san, you and her... know each other? In order words, perhaps you... live together?”

“... that isn't a bad development, right?”

He tries to play dumb, but it appears to be futile.

Everyone is now completely focused on him.


“What the hell? That guy knows such an AAA class girl? And they are living together!?”

“Hey hey, this is only high school...”

“She made me all excited, but it seems this flower has a master...”

“The classroom seat is not even warm yet, and something like this happens...”

Facing gossip from the entire class. Hisui begins to sweat, racking his brain for ideas.

Becoming the focus of so many people---is something he seriously does not wish for.

Not making huge mistakes, not to be hated by others, not making enemies, live a normal high school life... he only has this small wish.

“You guys, what the heck are you looking at!? Is it because you are enchanted by my beauty, can't blame you, pitiful humans...”

Rushella would keep on talking, so Hisui reaches out and covers her mouth.


Hisui ignores her, then stammers at the assembled students.

“Sorry, this person... is my relative! She came from far away, always lived in another country, I only met her recently... she received royal education, grew up in another country, a bit... no, it is natural to be a bit strange, everyone please forgive her! She is a transfer student, that, you see, entering from another country requires a great deal of paperwork, very tired, so she had no time to attend the opening ceremony... right?”

Hisui stretching all reason trying to explain, looking at Rushella and begging for her approval.

Of course she does not cooperate, she breaks free, then begins to contradict him.

“What are you rambling on about? I'm a princess, how could I be related to you?”

Before she finishes, Hisui holds out her cheek, and whispers.

“Ok, can you not talk for a bit... please?”

Perhaps from Hisui's pale face, or because of his hollow but forceful look, even a royal princess like Rushella became silent.

Thus, even Rushella unexpectedly nods.

“It is so, my self introduction is over, please continue class!”

“Ah, good...”

The completely speechless teacher, finally remembered her authority as a teacher, claps her hands, and made everyone look at the podium.

“Ok, then, let us continue class. Rushella-san, please sit down, just sit at that empty seat.”

Jyuri points to a seat far away from Hisui, left back corner, but Rushella did not pay attention, instead she walks near to Hisui's seat.

“Then... what?”

She ignores Reina, and looks at the male student with glasses sitting next to Hisui.

“Move aside.”

It was a command impossible to resist.

Only an idiot would follow this order, but Rushella's twin eyes blazed red, the boy gets up and limps towards the empty seat, before finally sitting down.

“What? Sit down quickly, isn't that your seat?”

She cheerfully points at the adjacent seat, commanding Hisui to sit down.

Hisui, feeling hopeless, sits down, then hits his head against the desk.

To an observer, he is among beauties.

In reality, a normal day-destroying vampire is near with her poisonous fangs, which makes him a sacrificial animal on an altar.

All the male students shot envious looks, and most would welcome an exchange of seats with him.

Just right after school opens and his peaceful life is disrupted, it looks like there will be endless trouble.

On the first day while going home he gets attacked by a vampire, now on the first day of classes he has a vampire in the same class and she sits next to him as well.

With his eyes full of tears, Hisui can only stare at the ceiling, holding back the despair within his heart.

Goodbye, my normal and peaceful school life.

Chapter 2 - Creature Born Upon the Earth[edit]

"Why are you so unhappy?"

Rushella lovingly lowered her head and asked, but Hisui did not reply.

He only stared at the sky, cursing the world's change to abnormality and his own life.

Right now was break time, and the location was the rooftop.

It was a symbol of high school life, with the sweet smell of spring, but Hisui's face was full of confusion.

The nightmarish homeroom class was over, Hisui finally finished the morning class.

Because it was the first day at school, the stuff they taught were the basics, only requiring some light attention and it was over. But Rushella's arrogant performance in front of the teachers had completely devastated Hisui's heart.

Even the precious rest time, due to incessant questioning by Rushella regarding school regulation and policies, left him neither peace nor rest.

Not only a transfer student, but also a complete gorgeous beauty, she was popular with both the girls and the boys. But Rushella completely ignored everyone else, only talking to Hisui, thus creating a dangerous aura among the male student population.

Finally break arrived, but... she still followed over.

"I say... can't you be a bit more merciful... just how deep is your hatred for me?"

"Very deep. I drank your blood and yet you refuse to become my servant, and even sprayed me full of garlic."

"But you struck first, right?! And why do you pretend to be a student? High school life has nothing to do with my body, right?"

Hisui's questions were reasonable suspicions, and Rushella looked away.

"Could it be... you look at these young people as prey?"

Hisui's tone became serious.

Teenagers gathered in a high school, so in certain ways it would be an ideal hunting ground for a vampire.

The common knowledge was that vampires loved the blood of a virgin girl the most -- there should be plenty here.

"Wrong, I am not the type that leaves a prey half full and then runs off with someone else."

"Not even one drop, completely dry? I am not going to feel grateful you know, with that kind of logic."

"Isn't it better than abandoning you half transformed?"

"That is vampire logic only."

Hisui sighed, then leaned against the rail fencing.

After being fanged by a vampire, there were usually only two possibilities --- death, or transformation into a vampire.

Death or servitude, this was all the vampire's choice. In certain rare cases during the process for a person to become a vampire, the master vanished.

In a situation like that, the victim that remained behind would be stuck at [Mid-transformation] for the rest of his/her life.

Due to the [Mid-Transformation] the victim might have acquired certain vampire characteristics --- they might have vampiric instincts and a longer lifespan compared to average humans --- and they would carry the curse for the rest of their lives.

"I will carefully select the partner I drink blood from. If I want him to become my servant then the criteria is even more stringent. And in addition, I will not leave until he becomes my servant. It is a (True Ancestor)'s etiquette from the ancient days."

"Then why did you select me?"


"Looking at you, who is so serious on making me your servant, why did you target me last night?"

Hisui was still confused about last night.

When they met last night, Rushella really had wanted to turn him into her servant.

But his body had prevented that transformation, so she had even charged into the school.

Thus... why was she so interested in me?

"Don't you feel honored? I became attracted to you. As if I am really attached to you. To look for someone young and handsome, similar in age to me, a boy with a delicious blood flavor to become my servant."

"...Similar age? What are you blabbering about? Aren't you a [True ancestor]-sama? Although you can't tell from looks, a vampire's actual age must be ancient compared to me. Speaking of that, how old are you?"

As Hisui asked, Rushella's expression froze.

It is almost as if she wasn't feeling offended by having someone ask her age... but as if someone asked her something scary.

"What? Isn't longevity something a vampire should be proud of?"

"I... I don't know."

It was so far the lightest whisper that came from Rushella.

It was the voice of a girl of Hisui's age, feeling totally helpless.

"How old I am... I am really not sure."

"Because you lived so long you forget... apparently not. Then, where are you from... hey, where are your relatives and servants? Why don't you ask them...?"

"I don't have... those people."

"Eh? But..."

"Relatives... I should have them, but I can't remember. Servants... I shouldn't have any. Drinking blood... you are my first time."

"Ha ---- ?!"

Completely confusing.

Ok, now Hisui could understand why her blood sucking techniques were so awful, but the mysteries just got deeper.

"But... aren't you a [True Ancestor]? A royal-blooded Ojou-sama, standing on top of thousands of servants?"

"I don't have... memories."


"For example, when was I born, where I was born.... I completely don't know. Thus, how old I am... I don't know either."

Rushella held her arms together, withdrawing back.

She looked far away, biting her lips.

"Lost your.... memories?"

"Maybe so... The night I met you, I woke up from the coffin. Near the forest outside the city. But, why I was there, or when I was there.... I completely don't remember. I only know my name, that I am a true ancestor, other than that...."

"Some average day-to-day knowledge is there, but nothing about myself. But that knowledge... is a bit outdated."

Hisui finally understood.

Strange fashion, a vampire "style" that is rare nowadays, idiotic blood drinking technique.

Such a strange existence, because she don't even understand herself.

It looked like Rushella was not lying; besides, there was nothing good to gain by revealing her own weakness to humans. It looked like she really lost all her memories.

"You came to school; does that mean you want to learn about the current era? Is that the idea?"

".... Correct. I want to know how this world is like. But.... humanity has definitely changed a lot. Looking at this world during the daytime, really shocked me. Such huge buildings, so many people... and if I think carefully, people work and play in broad daylight. Although it makes me feel uncomfortable, but it is clear that this world's power is in the hands of humans. But it is so strange.... forget about the vampires, I don't even feel the spirits of any supernatural beasts. Why is it like this?"

"Because this is the world's situation right now. Most of the people, even if they know vampire exists, will not believe it."

".... It appears so. When I spoke my name this morning, no one gave any reaction. My name has significant history in the vampire lore. Anyone with a tiny understanding of our history should know who I am."

"It looks like you considered that too..... so that is why you said your name so loudly. Just to grasp the situation."

Hisui's opinion of this outdated vampire had improved a little.

Though her common sense stopped hundreds of years ago, her adaptability was definitely not bad.

"What happened to this world? Why did my race vanish? Why don't the humans know I exist!?"

"Even if you ask this... this 15 year old me, I am still learning the basic common knowledge."

"Tell me quickly. Since you are not surprised of my existence, then you are better knowledgeable than general humans."

She saw through him completely, so Hisui can no longer play dumb.

"I only heard a little from my relative[2]; historically, it should be sometime around the industrial revolution? During that period, humanity's knowledge became more and more advanced. Because of this, our World and the Monster's World's [position] became misaligned."

"Please explain in simple words. What is the Industrial Revolution?"

"..... So I need to explain from the beginning, huh. I think you should learn about world history. To put it simply, it is like wireless communication. When there is a wireless broadcasting station, TV shows become possible. But most of the audience cannot receive the signal. They were meant to match up together, humanity and monsters, which is now miss-positioned. Thus they weren't aware of each other. But now and then they will link up, and the two world overlaps. Those who are sensitive to high frequency.... people who are described as spiritually sensitive, are able to receive effects of the other world much more simply."

"I am completely confused.... wireless what?"

"..... Sorry, my mistake."

Hisui thought his explanation was pretty good, but it appeared she wasn't understanding the critical point. The boy shook his head, and rephrased his explanation so this ojou-sama from another world could understand it.

"In other words, monsters didn't cease to exist, but humanity could no longer feel their existence.... something like that. It is almost as if they were separated into their own world. Thus, even vampires wouldn't be able to find other monsters."

"You should have said this earlier, instead of going around and around."

"..... My mistake."

"I understand. But vampires are special. Vampires are different than other monsters; Vampire still exists in this world, they must completely live in the human world. We are corporeal. And it will be troublesome for us if humans don't exist."

"Indeed. It is completely different than specters who have no body and just floats around. Vampire still exist in this world. You could say they are the representatives of the monsters. Thus, humanity is still alert to their existence."

Hisui's eyes darkened with hesitation, which Rushella did not miss.

"What are you saying? Are you saying humanity expelled my race?"

"My meaning is, such people do exist. They understand this world's true appearance, and consider monsters who coexist in the human world to be their enemies. During self introduction --- You said, no one had any reaction to your name? On the other hand, a few may suspect you are a vampire. You should be careful."

"You don't have to worry, I do not plan to hide my identity. Even if humanity banded together against the vampires, it is nothing special."

Rushella puffed up her chest as she replied.

Such an answer completely met Hisui's expectations, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

"First I must find my memories; if I manage to, I should be able to find other vampires. I want to ask them things. You seem to have a great understanding of vampires, so help me."

"Don't want to, you can do it alone."

"But you are a servant that's meant to serve me."

"I am not your servant; I am not familiar with your race's organizational make-ups, nor am I interested."

"You really are the cheeky type."

Rushella's pride appeared to be wounded, she clicked her tongue then moved closer.

It is day time, thus her physical capabilities are reduced, but Rushella will still definitely win if she decided to play hardball.

The boy was still considering his options when Rushella laughed.

"Although beating you is simple, but in certain ways I would have lost. I want you to surrender by your own free will, kneel before me, then I will bury the hatchet."

"(expletive), but vampires are naturally like this. But you have your fangs and <Mystic eyes>, couldn't you subdue anyone easily?"

"Isn't it useless against you!? But in certain ways, it is still effective. For example.... you worry about me looking for other prey, right? Those people have no relationship with you, but you still care about them."

"Of course I care. If someone around me dies, or stops being human... I definitely don't want to see it happen. If it becomes like that, even me.... I would become a vampire hunter."

To protect his peaceful life, even Hisui would become a cold-hearted foe.

Rushella *hum* (sound), then stands up.

"I don't think you could exterminate me. But, let's stop wasting time. You will still come to help me."

"That, I already said..."

"If you agree to help me, I will not suck anyone else's blood. I can promise that with you. If you are willing to sacrifice your body to me, I will guarantee the safety of other people around you. How is that?"

"This sucks..."

This must be the feeling of a man staked on altar meant for human sacrifice.

It was the first day at school, and the fate of everyone here was on his shoulders.

"So? Decide quickly."

"......... I will serve you."

"I can't hear you, speak louder."

Rushella wanted to show off her beautiful ears, moving it next to him.

"Let me help you."

"Did you forget something?"

"Please allow me to help you.... mistress."

"Hum, you speak well!"

It was clear he didn't lose his humanity, but Hisui suddenly reached a level lower than average humans.

"Damn it... I never thought I would curse my own body one day..."

"Then you will work hard right. A servant who can move during daytime is precious to me. And one day you will become one of my kind. Then, let's perform today's service?"


Hisui looked confused, suddenly his field of vision turned dark, and Rushella's face came close.

In that instant, he found himself on the floor.

What was blocking the sun was Rushella on top of him holding a parasol.

"Then.... Rushella-sama?"

"You went to the 'cafeteria' to buy lunch right? Then I am going to have lunch as well."

Rushella licked her lips, then dove at Hisui's neck.

The boy tried to struggle, to avoid the sweet breathe down his neck.

"Hey, let go! Didn't you suck me this morning?! It should had been enough right?"

"Be quiet, I don't feel well, what is the problem? All I want is to suck a little bit!"

"I said it is not allowed....!"

Rushella's lips came closer and closer, while Hisui struggled.

The two struggled, until Rushella's lips reached his neck.

"Making me waste so much energy..! Ok, I am going to take care of you..!"

"Are you a corrupt bureaucrat who steals people's daughters?"

As Hisui prepared his final line of defense, the rooftop door suddenly opened.

"..... Hisui.... san?"

Hisui recognized the voice, and froze.

There were several people standing by the stairs.

Rushella's lips were still on his neck, while he turned his sight around.

Among the students he barely knew, there was one who had the best relationship with him --- Class Rep Sera Reina.

Judging by the lunch box she was carrying, Reina planned to come to have lunch with Hisui.

"That..... I am sorry for interrupting!"

Hearing Reina's heartfelt apology, Hisui began to sweat uncontrollably.

His own limbs were currently pinned to the ground by Rushella.

It looked like they were about to share a passionate kiss.

Even if he pushed the vampire away, there would still be kiss marks left behind.

"I, I say...!"

Before Hisui could explain, the girls all dispersed.

But their harmless gossip still flow into his ear.

"Hum, they are... really together? They already got it done so early?"

"It looks like they weren't going to just kiss..."

"School just started, and it is broad daylight outside, what the heck..."

"Foreign girls... so open."

Even though it was only whispers, but they felt like a painful roar in Hisui's head.

.... And a stab in the heart.

Draculea V01 - 063.PNG

Hisui stared at the sky soullessly.

Rushella appeared to lose interest as well, brushed up her hair and straightened out her clothes that were messed up by Hisui; she got up from his body.

"Peeking at other people eating lunch, what a bunch of impolite people. Don't you think so?"

"I finally understood what a girl feels like when she is forcefully pushed down...."

Hisui tearfully murmured. His hands became loose, and the plastic bag with the food he brought from the cafeteria fell down.

"Ah yes, what did you buy? Let me look, I want a taste."

"Up to you.... in fact, it would be helpful if you helped me eat it."

Searching through the bag, she finally selected a strawberry milk.

She studied the container back and forth, and after finally understanding how to use it, began to sip its contents.

"What? Such a sweet and pink milk! Perhaps they added blood in it?"

No, the original material was the same thing, no need to mix it... Hisui don't even have the strength to sigh.

Rushella began to suck the milk, and began to release a cute sound. Hisui sat nearby with tearful eyes.

The class's final bit of compassion, was swept away by the wind.

Really did want to go to the afternoon class.

The opposite sex's ability to disseminate gossip was faster than the speed of light.

Just lost the ability to have a normal school life.

Now he had to welcome his "being labelled as strange" high school life.

Hisui was considering a school transfer, while Rushella was blissfully sucking away at the milk.

"This is so sweet! It is only secondary to blood..."

"...... Just kill me."

Hisui replied with a blood-coughing despair, but someone not far away was observing the two.

She was not part of the group of girls earlier, she stood in the shadows behind the roof access door, and focused at Hisui with a laser like intensity.

"Good male, found <3."

"..... Why were you so terrible yesterday? Even if you are hopelessly untalented you shouldn't be this bad!"

"It is only a physical examination, why do I have to go all out?"

After school, in front of the locker-room [3] Rushella was criticizing Hisui's results. His results were mediocre at best.

But Rushella had refused to accept the results, and repeatedly criticized him.

"It looks like you were not serious. You really didn't pay attention, right?"

"Isn't everyone the same? Also, I shouldn't be criticized by someone who didn't participate."

Because Physical Education took place outside the school, Rushella used her mystic eyes to stay indoors.

Even though she was not a teacher, she sat on a chair holding her parasol, while cheering and rooting for Hisui.

To be honest, it was extremely embarrassing. And the men's/women's physical ed was suppose to be separate.

"Why were you looking at my Physical Tests?"

"It is your job to forge your own body so you can protect me. Even though you are strangely unable to become a member of my race, you are able to work under the sun, therefore covering my weakness."

"My principle is not to waste energy, what is so special about physical ed? Just meandering through it will be fine."

"Don't be too proud of yourself; when you were serious earlier, you weren't anything special."

"You really know how to make it hurt, you broke through all of my defensive lines."

"Keep your spirits up. When it is 'class time', you were only half paying attention, right? Why are you so meritless?"

"It is no big deal. At critical moments, the strength in my body will come out."

"Stop spouting nonsense. You are my servant, in the moments when lives are on the line, you should be willing to die for me!"

Rushella showed her "high class" looks again, and Hisui was not going to argue.

He stopped looking at Rushella, and opened his shoe-locker. Reaching his hands in for his shoes, he found a slip of paper.

The message was both mysterious and interesting.

"I will be waiting for you on the first floor of the second building, in the empty classroom."

He thought for a moment, then left the shoe-locker and headed back to the school.

"Wait a second, where are you going?!"

"I have something to do. Why don't you go ahead and go home?"

"Why are you angry? Stop spouting nonsense, you are my escort, take me back to that crude residence."

"You still plan to live at my place...? If you are not satisfied then you can go find a different place, Vampire-sama."

As Hisui complained, Rushella realized she had no argument, and became silent.

Thus Hisui escaped and headed for the empty classroom.

He was still unfamiliar with the structure of the school, so he got lost several times before finally finding the right place.

Hisui opened the door, and it was a mess of chairs and desks.

It looked like the place was unused, because of it being a corner room, there wasn't anyone in sight.

As Hisui stared out the window at the fading sun, he heard a voice from behind.

"Ah, you came."

"..... Looks like it was not a wild goose chase, what do you want?"

Hisui turned around, and it was one of the girls from the classroom.

She looked extremely feminine for a girl of their age. Tea colored hair with ponytails, and he could barely recall her face from the self introduction in the morning.

But he could not remember her name.

"You are..."

"Mei, Sudou Mei."

"Ah, right..."

As Hisui recalled, Mei came closer, no, hugging should be a more accurate description.

With a "growth" rivaling Rushella pressing against his chest, and a button undone, the boy could see her mesmerizing cleavage. Mei also raised her head to look at him.

"Why... are you looking for me?"

Suppressing his male instincts, Hisui pretended to be calm.

"(expletive-in a cute manner).... you really don't understand?"

Sudou answered with a devilish smile.

To be honest, it was sexy as hell.

She sounded like someone who was very experienced, her skirt was also short as hell. And keeping her shirt unbuttoned in a style that would make her #1 in the school.

".... I don't really understand, it is the first day of school, for what reason did you call me out here?"

Hisui heightened his awareness, and began to look around.

There doesn't appear to be anyone around.

"Other than two of us, no one else is around. Who are you looking for?"

"Someone could be lying in wait, ready to mock the fool who naively believed the note, worked up their imagination in excitement, and came here shamelessly... such a possibility cannot be ruled out."

"What? Why are you suddenly saying that? Do you have trust issues? Even if you were caught in the spotlight today, there shouldn't be anyone in the class who would start playing pranks the first day of class, right?"

".... Ok, that is good."

Hisui sighed in relief.

While deep in thought, Mei's excited face came even closer.

".... That is a bit too close?"

"I am intentionally closing in. Hisui-san... you seem a little cold... hard for people to get close to. During the self introduction, I felt you were observing everyone."

".... Do you really have the right to say that? What, is that when you started to check me out?"

"Of course, handsome, white skin, must be the best in the freshman class, must be great at cross-dressing?"

"I would be?"

Hisui reached out to touch his own face.

To be honest he really didn't have that feeling. Even though his looks apparently attracted vampires, but that isn't something to be happy about.

"Handsome boy... no one around you ever told you that?"

"The one who raised me kept telling me I 'look like a girl' and 'don't be a sissy.'"

Hisui mumbled to himself, but Mei became even more interested, and brought her face even closer.

The two of them were so close to each other, they could feel each other's breath and their lips were almost touching.

"I say..."

"If you don't realize how attractive you are, then I am telling you now."

The devil in front of him smiled.

Hisui could not stop his breathing, and kept on shaking his head.

"You should stop playing, and go look for someone else."

"Ahh, so serious? High school life... wanting a handsome boyfriend to pass the day together... is very normal right?"

"This morning was self-intro. Isn't it too strange? It isn't love at first sight.... all I have to do is to be handsome?"

"Do you want to learn about the other person first? No problem, I will tell you."

Mei reached out and entwined her arms around Hisui's neck.

She closed in on his lips.

"You have something with that child named Rushella right? The rumors among girls are scary."

"No, I don't have anything with her!"

He used this opportunity to come clean, but Sudou was still suspicious.

"Really~? She is so cute, and she has a great body."

"Absolutely horrible personality."

Also not human.... but he couldn't say that point out loud. Looking at Hisui's straight face, Sudou began to believe him.

So she began to pursue in earnest.

"Then it wouldn't be a problem if I became your girlfriend. Let me become your girlfriend."

Her lips were even closer now.

As they were about to touch, Hisui finally freed himself from her grasp.

"What are you doing?"

"This should be my line. Stop making these kinds of jokes. These kinds of things.... is very strange right?!"

Hisui had no ill feeling, but this line made Sudou frown deeply.

"Strange... you mean me?"

"Of course. I don't really hate the fact you are praising me, and I feel the way you are doing it is really cute, but suddenly being called out by you, enticing me, and confessing.... no matter how you think about it, it is strange. The fact it is not shocking should be what is surprising...."

Hisui's voice trailed off suddenly.

Mei bit down her lips, and grabbed a corner of a desk.

CRACK! A piece of the desk broke apart.

It is clear that she didn't exert any strength - it was as if she was just snapping a small tree branch.

Then her delicate fingers wrapped around the broken piece --- and crushed it into powder.

No matter how you looked at it, it was definitely not the strength of a normal high school student.

Suddenly being called out to receive a confession -- and then there was her supernatural strength.

Strange. Everything appeared to be strange.

Hisui eyed the young girl in front of him.


Mei's face burst into rage and her teeth began to grind against each other.

Kujou became scared, and took a step back.

"No, I am not saying I am not satisfied..."

"Why can't you do it with me?!!! It is clear you did it with a vampire!?"


Mei lost her voice, then held her mouth shut.

But it was too late, as the boy began to question her instead.

"Did you find out during the self-introduction...! Did you just call me out to confirm?"

"No, absolutely not..."

With her position reversed, Mei took a step back.

Kujou took a step forward, but accidentally tripped her.


"Be careful!"

Hisui reflexively tried to catch her, but it was too late.

As Mei collapsed, she also dragged him down.

PING! The boy's jaw hit the floor, and stars exploded across his eyes.

His sight turned dark, but Hisui recovered quickly.



Even though his eyes were open, everywhere was still dark.

And there was a warm and soft feeling brushing against his face.

Stunned, he realized what he was looking at.

In front of his eyes was a triangular piece of cloth.

It was extremely high class for a freshman student, and also made of high quality material.

That is... the legendary sexy underwear.

The most important part were covered, so Kujou could not see it, but that defense was fleeting at best.


The young man finally understood the situation.

He was under the skirt.

He knew it is already too late, but he still tried to look away as a gentleman, looking left and right, but there were only the sizzling legs.


Scribbled across the peachy skin was a series of black letters.

They were different than tattoos, as if they were transcribed under the skin.

Kujou froze for a moment, as those words -- or rather legs, finally moved out of his line of sight. At the same time, light poured from above, and his ability to appreciate otome garden had ended.


Mei already stood up. It looked like she was not injured in the fall.

The atmosphere became more awkward by the second. Although this was an accident, but Hisui couldn't stammer an explanation.

He prepared himself for an impending slapping, but Mei only whispered.

"..... saw it?"

The boy obviously was treated to eye candy.

Unable to deny, he could only look away, looking for a way out of this.

"Ah, that, it is a bit exciting."

His heart leaping in terror as he stared at Mei, the other person who locked her legs tightly together, with her hands fiercely holding her skirt down, looking extremely embarrassed, thus completely different than before.

Faced with her natural reaction, Hisui naturally made no excuses and could only confess.

"Sorry, it was not intentional. If you want to slap.... me, I will accept it."

"Did you see.... that?"

She repeated it again.

Hisui tilted his head in confusion.

It was clear he would see it in a situation like that earlier.

But, Mei was using one hand to hold her skirt, another to cover her right leg, thus the boy finally understood what she meant.

Draculea V01 - 076.PNG

She was not asking about her panties.... but that line of writings.

"Ah, I saw it, huh..."

"That is... tattoo? You shouldn't mark your beautiful skin like that. A tattoo should be cute right? That kind of English letters and numbers..."

While speaking, Kujou recalled the words in question.

FC-XX07-a machine like sequence.

"Perhaps this is not a pursuit of fashion, but a cypher? Or a Machine Serial?"

Although it was only a joke, the girl's face twitched.

She replied with a complex expression.

"Exciting... will come naturally. In other words, if you don't want this you will curb your interest naturally. Thus speaking.... hateful, something inhuman."

"By getting excited... it will naturally show itself. In other words... to not let it show I must hold back my feelings. Even like this... it's still disagreeable. This inhuman like thing..."


Kujou's brain started working.

There was a extremely beautiful girl in front of him.

But something was different, there was something wrong.

She recognized Rushella's true nature, there was a strange engraving on her leg, combine the two, one can feel something unnatural.

"What are you? Are you human?"

"...So impertinent, of course I am human, a normal human."

"You are wrong, you are not a normal person."

Hisui coldly deduced.

Mei stared back with furious rage, close to murderous intent.

"Looks like calling you inhuman leads to rage, so you are really not human. What are you?"


"You are not afraid of sunlight, so you are not a vampire. But no matter what your strength way exceeds that of a high school girl. I said serial number, did I guess correctly? Are you an android?"

"So impolite. Who is an android? I am a human!... just not from a mother's womb."

Mei let go of her rage, and spoke quickly.

"Then how were you created? Cloned? Or artificially made? We are not in a sci-fi novel... there hasn't been a live example yet, right?"

"There is a live example. After 11 months in a laboratory..."


Kujou frowned, following Mei's words, and suddenly the cover of a famous novel appeared in his mind.

He read a faithful translation of the book once -- and began to recall the content slowly.

"I guess there is no point hiding it. You are a sharp individual, and you did it with a vampire already, I thought you would see through me as well, and that is why I want to win you over. But that vampire never hid the fact who she is, right? And carrying a parasol, anyone who understands vampire lore will know exactly who she is."

It look like she gave up winning over Kujou, so she began to speak out everything in her mind.

"Hum, Hi-kun, have you ever heard of [Frankenstein's tale]?"

"Um. I read it before, and I still can recall some of the details."

It was a world famous sad story.

The young genius Victor Frankenstein discovered the secret of creation, and to prove his theory he created the first artificial human.

However, the plan was supposed to give birth to a beautiful being, but instead it created a monstrous abomination.

That was Frankenstein's monster.

It, along with the vampire, are synonymous with monsters.

According to Kujou's knowledge, like vampires, they exist hidden within human society, rare species of "monsters".

"The original is famous, I heard it was a science-fiction novel. Does that mean that you are..."

"Correct, that crazy genius, Victor Frankenstein's monster --- You could say I am the latest model. And that mark, like you said, is a serial number. Of course I hate it."

Mei stared at the marking on her right leg as if it was some kind of hideous scar.

No matter how similar she was to a human, only that part allowed people to recognize she was artificial.

"According to the story, that monster didn't have any progeny."

Kujou started to recall the content of the novel, and told that to Mei.

That creator, Victor was so different to the creature, experienced so many events together, finally came to the creator and asked him to create a companion for him -- but the creator refused.

This lit a fuse between the father and son, mutually hating each other, which resulted in a cycle of vengeance leading to their destruction.

"It is true, the original prototype died alone. And Victor still hasn´t released the secret of creation. But, he did not destroy his notes, so there have been fragments of them left behind. Geniuses who inherited his madness, with their continued research, finally gave birth to us."

With severe disgust, Mei explained the truth behind the literary masterpiece.

Like the original, ugly creature who hated its scientist creator, Mei also seemed to harbor complicated feelings towards the mad genius.

"But, now Hi-kun found out I am not human, what are you going to do?"

Mei brought her arms together, staring at the boy.

Based on Kujou's answer - the empty classroom could become a bloody battlefield - But Kujou replied calmly.

"I don't mind, I don't have any interest regarding Frankenstein."


Mei was a little disappointed. It was clear that his observation skills were hideously sharp, but his willpower to act was zero.

"So what you are saying is, you are not going to publicize Rushella's identity? Although no one would believe it, but something like this would cause waves."


"Say, are you really an android? shouldn't you have screws on your temple?"

"What era is that? And it only happens in movies right? Although the original was a monster, but I look real, right?"

To prove her authenticity, Mei grabbed Kujou's hands and put it against her face.

Kujou's heart leaped, but his hands transmitted from her a soft feeling, and instantly shattered any preconceived notions about her.

"This is really good, soft, flawless, there are no stitches, it really is a... great face."


Sudou smiled, then dragged his hand on to her chest.

Because the movement was so natural, Kujou also enjoyed her chest's softness.

"Really...... this soft yet elastic, subtle feeling............ Wa——!!"

Regaining his senses, Hisui hastily retracted his hand from her bosom, but it was already too late.

Mei triumphantly glared at Hisui as if she was the victor.

"What are you doing, though it was me who pulled your hand, but isn't it you yourself who rubbed it?"

"...... Much appreciation."

Hisui diffidently moved his gaze away, his hand still retaining the shape when he was touching the breasts, he repeatedly recalled the sensation, anyhow he didn't feel like touching any other objects.

Speaking of the truth he really wants to touch it once more.

"Do you understand now? At present there is no difference between us and a normal human. Besides, the original possessed intellect and feelings, the only difference is the outer appearance."

"Isn’t it better that there is no model number? Why do they need to be deliberately engraved on the skin?"

"That sounds...... admonishing. The original, didn't possess any self-restraint, so it killed people. To not walk in the same path to ruin, we exercise restriction onto ourselves. If we don't want that kind of uncouth scene to happen, we must retain our rationality."

"I see. I completely understand. Bye."

Finishing his speech, Hisui tried to leave.

But Mei took hold of his arm, refusing to let him go.

"...... What? No problems, I won't tell the others."

"Really? You don't feel that I am... a monster."

"What same? Didn't you just stated that you are the same as human? I also feel the same. Compare to those girls walking on the street you are much better. Plus you are cute."

Hisui expressed his opinion, causing Mei to can't help but blush.

"Do you... feel that way?"


"... Really really?"

"Why would I lie to you? Release me already. If you have anything left to say then say it."

"That... it is ok now. This is a different matter —— like what I had said in the beginning, about being your female partner."

"That, you are being way too blunt... so, is this some sort of love affair?"

"This, of course. After all this is our clan's long cherished wish. In case we are in love with humans, wouldn't that make us artificial humans a true human?"

"So it is like this... indeed, putting it like that then there is no way to distinguish from humans. However, a normal romantic relationship won't do... speaking of which Sudou, there must be more than this......."

"No, putting it in a proper way, romantic relationship is not the final objective, it is just the intermediate pathway? A process in between."

Hearing her weird explanation, Hisui showed a dumbfounded expression.

Although Hisui had no interest in either the artificial humans or their creation, but he was curious about Mei's objective which she painstakingly went through a great deal of troubles to enter high school for.

"Then what's your objective?"

Mei giggled for a moment and replied.

"Making babies❤."


Before he even understood what happened it was already too late.

He had been pushed down, his body was lying on the cold floor.

Raising his head up, Mei was currently mounted on top of him.

"E-eh... Sudou-san?"

"What — is it?"

Her chest weighed down.


Lunch break is almost over, if this goes on —— it would be bad in a lot of ways.

"W-what do you think you are doing......!?"

"Didn't I say it already, MA·KING·BA·BIES. As a testimony to our lover relationship. Like what Victor Frankenstein had in his mind at first, artificial humans originally possess the ability to reproduce. But it would be meaningless if it isn't with a human wouldn't it? If we are to become [human], it is necessary to do it with a human. This is my objective, the sole reason for my existence. Thus said............"

"Thus said my arse!! Find another person, another person!!"

"What's the problem, you don't need to take responsibility for this❤."

"This is totally not a romantic relationship!! Let me point this out... you are far away from being a human!! Aside from your appearance, the rest are completely off the mark!!"

"How troublesome... I have no intention of listening to your thoughts on this."

Hisui was struggling trying to think of a way to get out of this mess.

Mei continued to push him down.

Generally speaking the situation here had been reversed, the pitiful Hisui was being restrained by a girl’s slender hand, not budging in the slightest.

“So humiliating... why do you have this much strength......!?”

“That’s rude of you. It’s because of the original’s brutality that I, the latest model have a limitation put on. Basically half of the original’s strength.”

“Who in the world would want to know that kind of trivial knowledge, release me!!”



Even if he used force to fight back, he definitely could not win. Compared to Rushella, her strength was greater in daytime.

On the verge of losing something precious, Hisui gave up on his dignity. Since he could not compete in strength, then the only option left is to call for help.

Hisui opened up his mouth, Mei who perceived his intention, quickly took action.

Yet she did not cover up Hisui’s mouth, rather than that she glared at Hisui.

Momentary, out came a flash from her pair of glamorous eyes.

This really isn't something superstitious, rather than that it is real, a flash of physical light, manifested out from her eyes.

The light then condensed into a beam, travelling past Hisui's face, and penetrated the area of floor board at his right.

Due to the dazzling light Hisui was taken aback, afterwards he turned to look to his right side.

Two holes were beautifully carved out onto the floor, white smoke continually rising from it.


"Be at ease. I will guide you through❤."

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, didn't you just shoot out a laser beam? From your fucking eyes!? This already deviates much from the original, isn't that a weapon equipped in the military!?”

“Because our strength is suppressed, the excess energy output from the internal combustion is used to supply the weapon instead. Were its to be used with maximum power, a certain amount of time would need to pass before it could be employed again, but if it is the standard setting then you can fire it successively❤”

“Who would want to hear your damn explanation! What is this situation of a high school girl with overrated body’s functions!? You want to be a human, you are completely the polar opposite of that!!”

“You are so annoying ~~ do you want me to turn you into ash?”

Mei once again locked her sight onto Hisui.

Owing to the sheer brute strength and the destructive pair of eyes, this caused Hisui to shut his mouth.

Were he to resist, death will be his final destination.

However, it would also turn bad if he does not resist.

“C-Calm down, I got something to say...... put down your weapon, keep your distance. It is good that our relationship hasn't become worse............!”

“Why do you act like a dispirited lover? Don’t move............!”

Mei used her slender fingers to untie Hisui’s necktie, then his shirt buttons. Gently caressing the bare white chest.

Hisui thought of struggling free though it was impossible at present.

The caressing appeared to be a very light touch, soothing the mind, Mei’s finger brushed back and forth on the smooth skin, resembling a melody.

“How, come, this............? Can't muster, any strength............”

“Ah...... your expression is really cute. Seems like I am right on the mark. Let me tell you this first, my standards are pretty high. It’s love at first sight, you should be honored.”

“Who, would, want to............”

Hisui denied with a feeble voice, gasping for breath.

His whole body had gone limp, and some unknown substances was creeping up from inside his stomach.

"What the fuck, this... What did you do to me...!?"

"I said it before... I'm the latest model. In order to successfully make babies with the target, I'm equipped with ten thousand different pleasure functions. A perfect blowup doll❤"

"Blowup doll... Isn't that term the most insulting for artificial humans!"

"In any case, you refuse to back down? Fine, prepare yourself..."

Mei licked her lips and untied her ponytail.

Her hair draped down onto Hisui's face, giving off a seductive fragrance.

Even her body's scent and breath was probably part of her pleasure functions, right? Hisui felt even more powerless, even mentally he was gradually losing resistance.


"You looked so flippant yet you're surprisingly rational. But... you're at your limit, eh?"

Mei slid her tongue into Hisui's ear, using her fingertips to tickle Hisui's chest.

Her other hand was caressing Hisui all over, finally reaching between his legs. Then her lips approached Hisui.

No good.

This is really no good.

"Let us build a bridge between two races❤"


Hisui couldn't even muster up verbal resistance.

The approaching lips and the finger reaching down below.

Farewell, my precious whatever.

Although he was not crying, somehow an image of a painted canvas appeared before his eyes.

"Hands off! What are you doing!?"

Suddenly, a loud voice demanded. Mei suddenly got up and separated from Hisui.

"Who is this...!?"

Mei looked at the speaker to find Rushella standing there with arms crossed.

"This is a place of learning, right!? Here, doing that kind of...! Who allowed you to make a move on my servant!?"

Rushella pointed to Mei and asked. From the way her face looked, she was going to rush over and grab Mei any moment.

Mei simply tossed her hair lightly and replied with composure.

"Hands off? Is there a problem with a mere handjob?"

"Stop it with those dirty puns, okay..."

Hisui got up and did not forget to retort.

Stumbling, he distanced himself from Mei and leaned back on a wall to avoid getting pushed down again.

"Oh my, you're so cold. Clearly just now, you were so happy from my touch."

"I am really feeling disgusted with myself..."

Hisui spoke bitterly, thankful for Rushella's existence for the first time.

But this savior had no self-awareness and pointed her hostility towards Hisui.

"You're my servant, you know, why did you offer yourself to this fake!? Show some backbone!"

Who the fuck is your servant? Before Hisui could retort, Mei already reacted to Rushella's words.

"Hey, what do you mean by fake?"

Mei crossed her arms and glared at Rushella.

Rushella's word choice had struck the artificial human's landmine.

"A fake is a fake. No matter how you disguise yourself as human, don't think you can deceive my vampire eyes! To prevent sucking the blood of lowly trash, my kind excels in distinguishing humans from non-humans."

"In other words, you both knew each other's identities already. You should have told me."

Ignoring Hisui's complaints the vampire and the artificial human postured themselves for battle.

"Such grand words... for a mere vampire."


Mei insulted her in turn without backing down.

Vampire vs Frankenstein's creature, the two major monsters were now facing off.

"You say I'm a fake, but aren't vampires simply mosquitoes wearing human skin? No, you are even more lowly than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be smacked and they just cause itches after a bit. But your kind deprives humans of their dignity. Unforgivable."

"You bitch...!!"

Hostility. No this was a snarl full of intent to kill.

Crimson colored cold light shot out from her eyes. Originally adding to the allure of her slender hands, those nails also lengthened and became sharp.

With the sun halfway set, all the cells in Rushella's entire body were filled with power.

If she really went crazy, the consequences were unthinkable.

In order not to get the school destroyed on the first day, Hisui had no choice but to try to arbitrate.

"Hey stop it. Godzilla vs Gamera this dreamteam combination should be left for dreams."

"I don't care. I could hardly bother with this bitch. I just don't want my blood to be sucked. Once my kind becomes fully human, it'd be a complete waste of effort, if my blood were sucked."

"As if anyone would suck yours! As an exalted True Ancestor, I will never suck the blood of a fake like you!!"

"...True Ancestor? No way, are you serious!?"

Mei was laughing so hard her shoulders shook.

Rushella's face became even worse. Hisui didn't know what to do.

"True Ancestor means those highest existences by tracing back the lineages of vampires, standing at the very top, right? Why would someone that important be a high school student here?"

"Does an artificial human have the right to say that about me?"

"Aren't all those fossils extinct already? What the heck are you trying to pull?"

"Shut up, I'm real!"

"Then prove it. Using a method that we can both understand, how's that?"

Mei looked at Hisui, approached him and hugged his arm.

Since she can't reenact the pushing down scene again, nevertheless Hisui still remained on alert.

"...Umm, why am I on your side?"

"Oh my, how cold of you... To think we had already progressed to second base already."

"Damn it, I can't even deny that..."

"Hey, get away from him right now! He's my servant!!"

"What, you're not his girlfriend, right? That aside, hurry and prove that you're a True Ancestor."

Mei showed off and pressed Hisui's arm against her breasts.

Rushella did not retort but simply clenched her fists and directed her wrath at Hisui.

"Why are you getting entangled with her!?"

"Actually, she came over and entangled me."

"You're mine, you know!? Didn't I suck your blood this morning too...!?"

"Please don't talk about this morning as though it's a kiss before leaving home..."

Hisui grumbled, Mei stared with her eyes wide.

"Eh... Hey you, your blood was sucked!? But I didn't see any wounds..."

Mei had hoped to have babies with a pure human. She was very surprised.

Hisui who hung around Rushella did not show any symptoms of turning into a vampire.

Naturally, there was no cursed seal on his neck.

"...Were you bitten in a normally concealed spot? But most vampires pick..."

"The neck. The taste turns poor in any other place. Also, it causes problems during the vampirization process, possibly turning a victim into irrational undead walking corpses, so they never drink from anywhere apart from the neck."

"Then could it be that you've turned completely to a vampire...?"

"Do I look like one?"

Hisui's tone of voice indicated he had never let go of his humanity.

Hearing that, Mei recalled his actions over the past day.

Even in the process of vampirization, victims would show a tendency to avoid sunlight, but Hisui did not.

But Rushella clearly said she sucked his blood.

"...What is going on?"

"This guy is a freak. Even though I sucked his blood, he hasn't turned into my servant!"

Rushella spoke angrily. Hugging Hisui's arm, Mei simply stared in surprise at this "freak" according to the vampire.

"No way... can something like that be true? I know it too... A vampire's bite is the highest level 'curse' and 'poison'... once bitten whether a saint or a sinner, both end up the same way, right!?"

"I am just an ordinary human."

Hisui declared indifferently. Mei became even more interested, her eyes turning passionate.

Rushella was getting impatient with the two hugging so closely. She waved her arms and snarled.

"It's about time you let go! He's my servant!!"

"What? He's not turning into a vampire, right?"

"Shut~ up~! He will be mine sooner or later!! Hurry and let go!!"

Mei ignored Rushella's protests and her sweet voice whispered into Hisui's ear.

"Hey, show me where you were bitten. I want to know what it's like."

"There. If it's me, there won't be a wound. Look."

Hisui did not take special precautions and stretched his neck to show Mei.

Mei brought her lips close to that pale white neck.


Unlike a vampire's kiss, her seductive and sweet lips lightly touched Hisui's neck.

"...Hey, what are you doing!?"

"Disinfecting, just disinfecting. Doesn't it feel much better than a vampire's bite?"

"That's true..."

Recalling the soft sensation on his neck, Hisui was filled with joy and could only look up at the ceiling.

This caused Rushella's anger to reach its peak.

"What are you doing!? To think you would do this with that kind of woman...! Shameless!!"

"Say, I didn't even leave a hickey... You don't have to get that mad, do you...?"

"Are you a man who easily offers his neck to others...? Are you fine with anyone!?"

"Could you stop with that description? You're making it sound like I'm some kind of easy woman, okay!? Besides, why do I have to give you priority? Clearly you're so clumsy at blood sucking."

Faced with Rushella's unreasonable squabbling, Hisui let loose all his dissatisfaction all at once.

Mei poured more fuel on the fire.

"Eh, what, this child is clumsy at blood sucking? Eh, isn't a vampire's bite supposed to be accompanied by sexual pleasure? Especially when sucking a member of the opposite sex."

"Because of my constitution, I guess the pleasure is rendered moot as well... Anyway, it really hurts."

Hearing Hisui's feelings, Rushella suddenly went expressionless.

Tears were faintly seeping out the corners of her eyes, but Hisui and Mei did not notice.

"Wow~ To think one really existed, this kind of worthless vampire. Say, if even blood sucking is clumsy, then what value of existence is there? Let alone a True Ancestor, not even trash level. Really, that's mosquito level."

"Hey, that's going a bit too far..."

Hisui was halfway through when his cheek was met with a light punch.


By the time he came to his senses, he found Rushella standing before him.

Her eyes filled with tears.


Hisui did not get a chance to speak. The tiny fists began to rain down on him.

"Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot!!"

"Hey stop it, it hurts!"

A childish attack purely for venting emotions.

But as a vampire after all, every hit from this careless attack was still heavier than a normal human's. But compared to physical pain, this feeling was strongest in Hisui's heart.


Rushella raised her parasol and smashed it towards Hisui as a final strike. Then without looking back, she ran out of the classroom.

"Ah, hey...!"

Hisui had only taken a single step when a cold voice stopped him.

"Don't go. What do you intend to do once you catch up to her?"

Mei asked coldly.

Rather than merciless, her tone of voice sounded full of rationality.

"You were not made her servant successfully, right? You simply had your blood sucked. A one-sided victim. You also don't seem to be under the mystic eyes' control. Neither are you in love with her."

"... Of course not."

"Then just leave her alone. It's better for both of you."

Mei's tone of voice sounded very experienced.

That was probably not just her personal thoughts but the lesson learned by her entire race's experiences.

"Things will never sail smoothly in a relationship between a human and a non-human. That's the case with us. With an appearance that anyone could tell was non-human, you should know what kind of life Frankenstein's creature lived through, right?"


Even among themselves, humans have not escaped from bias and discrimination.

Let alone when the other party was outside the realm of humans.

"She's only treating you as food. Don't be fooled by her tears."

"...I know."

"So... come... with me❤"

Mei held Hisui's hand and started to hassle him.

Hisui simply shook her hand off mercilessly and left the classroom.

Refusing to admit defeat, Mei called out from behind.

"I haven't given up yet. I'm even more interested now. I will surely make you mine and mine alone!!"

Ignoring her declaration, Hisui departed, expressionless.

Chapter 3 - Unresponsive Cross[edit]

By the time Hisui stepped out of the school gates, the sun had already set.

He should be elated by the arrival of Saturday, a holiday, tomorrow, but his footsteps felt incomparably burdened.

The vampire had thrown an inexplicable temper tantrum and run off on her own—clearly that was all that had happened.

"So tired......"

Hisui listlessly murmured, walking without purpose.

In his hands were his school bag and the parasol Rushella had left behind.

Although it was past sunset and Rushella did not need the parasol—this was her personal belonging after all.

Leaving it behind should have been fine, but for some reason, Hisui picked it up when leaving the classroom.

It was not as if the thought of returning it to its owner had not occurred to him. However, he did not know the owner's current location.

If one had to hazard a guess, she was most likely at Hisui's own home.

Since they had parted on such poor terms after the ridiculous dispute, Hisui did not expect her to continue insisting on living in his house. But since her coffin was still there, she would have to return at least once.

Although vampires did not have to sleep in coffins, they provided cover from sunlight and helped recover fatigue and spiritual powers, hence coffins were necessary items. Especially high "class" vampires were very particular about their coffins and liked to have them custom made. Rushella's coffin was probably the same.

If she really were to leave him, she would surely take it with her.

Besides, she might be done with her move. By the time he got home, it was possible that she might have left already.

To think the day that they would go their separate ways would arrive so simply, Hisui could not help but make a wry expression.

Besides, why did he have to waste brain cells on a noisy and arrogant girl?

Suddenly biting him, calling herself his master on her own, a willful vampire.

Chasing him to his home, chasing him to school... so troublesome beyond compare.

Even in drinking blood she was so clumsy...... most annoyingly, she made him once again aware of his unusual constitution.

He originally wanted to forget it completely.

He originally wanted to forget about his constitution and live like an ordinary human being.

"Such a pain in the ass......"

Hisui muttered to himself. At this moment, he felt cold water drops on his face.

"It's raining huh......"

Hisui looked up at the sky. The rain drops instantly blotted the sky and poured down violently.

The weather report had not predicted this rain. The surrounding pedestrians were all caught in the sudden disaster.

The rain was astounding, causing people in the streets to hold up bags or magazines as substitute umbrellas as they made their way rapidly through the rain.

Watching them, Hisui suddenly recalled the parasol in his hand.

Rushella had mentioned—this could be used as an ordinary umbrella, able to handle unexpected rain with ease, a fine treasure. In other words, it was used by vampires to defend against living, flowing water that they feared.

But currently, it was not in Rushella's hand.

The sudden rain did not care whom it was pouring down on, simply continuing nonstop.

Thinking seriously, this sort of worry was perhaps part of his overactive emotions.

Whether Rushella was outdoor—he did not know.

Whether Rushella had returned to his home—he did not know.

Whether Rushella was in trouble because she forgot her umbrella—he did not know.

Even if he delivered the umbrella to her hands, surely, definitely—she would not have pleasant words for him.

Clearly this result could be easily guessed, but Hisui did not slow down at all.

The road was wet and he almost slipped a number of times. His sight was also foggy. His stamina was also draining gradually as a result of getting drenched.

Yet Hisui still did not rest and ran straight for home.

Finally, when the front entrance entered into view, Hisui was already panting out of breath. Using the last of his strength, he opened the gate and stepped into the garden in front of the entryway.


Clearly he had hoped he was worrying too much, but Rushella appeared before his eyes in the worst possible state.

Flowing water: a vampire's weakness. And in one of its typical states—a girl drenched in rainwater was trembling slightly, collapsed in front of the entryway.

"Hey, are you okay!?"

Hisui held her in his arms and shook her but could not get any response.

Rushella's eyes were tightly closed, her lips blue, her entire body trembling, her body stiff, her temperature low. Even her pristine white skin was turning into sickly pallor.

Flowing water was a weakness but not a fatal one. But due to standing out in a rainstorm for a long period of time, the damage was still severe.

Rushella's body was virtually like a corpse right now. Her heart beat was very weak, her entire metabolism slowed to a crawl.

"What are you doing here!?"

Because the sudden rain weakened her, with no umbrella at hand to shelter from the rain, drenched in this manner, she finally fainted—the process was easily imagined.

However, normally speaking, a vampire could not possibly be caught out in the rain unprotected like this.

After all, vampires themselves were the most sensitive and aware of this weakness.

Hisui clicked his tongue, picked up Rushella in his arms and entered the house.

Although he was drenched as well, he could feel from his arms that Rushella's body temperature was even colder than his, almost as though it had fallen to water's freezing point.

It really felt like—hugging a corpse.

"Don't die okay......!!"

This cry made Rushella's hand twitch slightly but Hisui missed it completely.

He was not even aware that he had used the word "die" instead of "destroyed."


Waking up, she found her surroundings warm.

Clearly it was unbearably cold just now, almost chilly enough to cut straight to the bone from a vampire's perspective, but it was quite warm now.

"This place... is.......?"

"You woke up?"


Her consciousness still hazy, Rushella sat up from the sofa.

As soon as she got up, Hisui, sitting beside her, frantically turned his face to the other side.

Just as she found it strange, she instantly noticed her appearance.


Looking down, she found herself completely naked. Although she was sleeping under a blanket, due to sitting up, her voluptuous bosom instantly jumped out.



Hisui spoke while keeping his face turned away. He had predicted Rushella's reaction already.

Rushella's raised fist halted in midair, then blushing, she pulled the blanket up to cover herself.

"It's okay now... you can look this way."

Called by Rushella, Hisui faced her again.

He had already put on his usual sleep outfit of a T-shirt and shorts. He had also taken a bath, thereby warming up his body that had been drenched in the rain.

Rushella surveyed the room as though to confirm the situation.

This was Hisui's living room. The air conditioner was blowing warm air. The temperature was originally winter-like, but now the room was nice and warm. The blanket earlier had also served to help her stay warm.

"Why... was I naked?"

With the key issue raised, Hisui avoided eye contact and answered.

"...If you stay in wet clothing, you'll catch a cold, right? By the way, I kept my eyes closed while taking your clothes off. Then all I did was help wipe you dry. Because there was a towel, I didn't feel anything at all."


"I'm not so depraved that I'd make a move on an unconscious girl."

"Just this once... I'll believe you."


The two of them seemed to be suffering from some kind of dialogue disability.

As if trying to find each other, searching for each other's location... The two tried hard to form words.

"You helped warm me up? For me......"

"...Yeah. But not like in movies where two people hug together naked. If I really did that, you'll surely kill me. Besides, I'm not that warm either, I'd just make you colder."

"I see......"

Normally, no matter how Hisui explained himself, Rushella would still attack...... but today, she seemed unusually honest.

In any case, she looked so frail, combined with the pure whiteness of her body, one would only think of her as a frail and vulnerable young beauty.

"This thing, you forgot it."

Hisui casually handed the parasol to Rushella.

The owner received her lost item and simply stared blankly at it.

"Isn't this a vampire's necessity? Why did you leave it lying around?"


Rushella pouted.

Because she did not have any legitimate reason. She had simply thrown a tantrum like a child and caught in the mood, she threw the parasol away.

"Why were you standing in the rain? Even if you didn't have an umbrella, you could have found shelter, right?"

"It suddenly rained when I was at your entrance. I didn't have time to find shelter......"

"Then you could have broken the glass on the door and entered, right? Even if the rain weakened you, that's within your ability, isn't it?"

Hisui pointed out an easily imagined solution. Rushella simply answered softly:

"...I was afraid, you'd get angry......"


Apparently she fainted in the rain because she was hung up over such a matter.

While she was hesitating, the rain fell harder, in the end, she did not even have time to come up with a different plan—that was probably how it went.

"...Anyway, let's put that aside. Come here."

Hisui extended his neck and pointed at it.

Seeing Rushella cock her head in puzzlement, he added reluctantly:

"Hurry and drink."

"...Why? Aren't you always unwilling to let me suck your blood?"

"After all, when that girl pushed me down... you saved me."

Hisui treated this as a return favor. However, he did not look into Rushella's eyes.

"Even a vampire would recover very slowly if they were hurt due to their weak spots. Drenched by that much rain, drinking blood is the best way to recover faster. You should know that better than me, right?"

Hisui's words were very unbiased and objective, but Rushella did not take action.

Clearly she never considered his feelings before when sucking his blood in the past—pouting, she averted eye contact.

"What, you're not satisfied with my blood now?"

"...After all, I suck blood very clumsily, right!?"

Rushella covered her face with the blanket and spoke with despair.

Although Hisui could not see her face, she seemed to be weeping.


Hisui showed an exasperated expression

Apparently, his honest opinion had damaged this proud lady's self-esteem.

"......Now is not the time to mind that, right?"


Rushella remained silent, staring at Hisui resentfully.

It looked like the comment had struck her in a sore spot.

"...Clumsy, well... It's because of that. You're still not used to it, right? After all, you lost your memories. You should be able to retrieve the feeling, since you're a 'True Ancestor' after all."

"...You really believe it? That I'm a 'True Ancestor'?"


"Even if I call myself a 'True Ancestor'... I have no way to prove it. If I had servants or family, they could help me prove it but I'm just alone... I can't prove anything."

Rushella spoke in self-mockery.

She belonged nowhere in the world. Just a lonely vampire.

Having only awakened last night, she had not even seen any of her own kind.

Solitary—all she knew was that she was a 'True Ancestor' class vampire.

Nevertheless, even this one fact cannot be proven.

"By the way—what exactly are 'True Ancestors'? I just know the literal meaning of the words, but never truly understood the term as an existence......"

"Same for me as a human. Even among vampires, those who truly understand the term can probably be counted on one hand—no, maybe not even that. The only ones who can understand it are the 'True Ancestors' themselves."

Indeed, speaking of the greatest secret in vampire legends, nothing surpassed that of the 'True Ancestors.'

For a vampire, the one who had sucked their blood was their 'master.' And the masters in turn had their own masters.

Tracing this cycle all the way back, the entity known as the 'True Ancestor' was the final end point.

Also, there existed offspring between vampires. They were called the "Pure." And tracing back the lineage of the "Pure" to the very source, the progenitor's existence was known as the "True Ancestor."

Blood sucking and mating were the two methods by which the birth of new vampires was achieved.

Vampires did not exist in isolation, but instead belonged to complicated and massive family lineages through these two methods of procreation.

And taking the most primitive spot at the top of these lineages, ruling from the summit was the existence that was the "True Ancestor."

Given so many servants and descendants, then the existence of a first "master" or "progenitor" was only natural.

So—where did these 'True Ancestors' come from?

There was no clear answer to this most natural question.

"Who on earth... am I? Why would......"

Rushella's eyes were glimmering from a faint hint of tears. Hisui indifferently said to her:

"It's blood."


Hearing Hisui's incomprehensible words, Rushella finally looked up to face him.

"How to identify a 'True Ancestor'—it's by blood. Vampires find blood sweet and tasty but humans do not experience the same feeling. It's just an ordinary liquid. But the blood of a 'True Ancestor' is different. Even humans or vampires belonging to different clans would be charmed by the blood of a 'True Ancestor.' That type of blood gives off a rose's fragrance, compelling people to taste it... It's said that the taste is sweet enough to melt your heart and soul. That said, I have no interest in drinking it."


"Also, when the blood is shed, the droplet of blood will produce a stain, forming a certain pattern. Completely defying the laws of physics. It's also said that there's a difference in color, but that's about all I know."


Hisui spoke coolly while Rushella listened with a calm expression.

Then listening to this point, as if guided by his voice, she reached for her short sword on the table.

Hisui immediately called to stop her with a sharp tone of voice.

"Don't do anything reckless."


"Whether you're a 'True Ancestor' or not, it doesn't matter to me. You are you, that's all. If you want to obsess over that, I don't care but save it for when your body has recovered."


"Okay, hurry and drink. If you delay too long, I might change my mind."

Urged, Rushella approached Hisui timidly.

Originally called a "kiss," the act of blood drinking was actually carried out like a kiss right now.

In order to stabilize her body that was still unsteady, Rushella slowly wrapped her supple arms around Hisui's neck. Her bountiful bosom pressed against Hisui's chest and their heartbeats were superimposed as one.

Then unlike previously violent and forced attempts, Rushella's lips touched Hisui's neck with utmost gentleness.


Rather than sinking her fangs by instinct, she bit lightly the way a pet might engage in play biting with the master.

As blood seeped from the wound, Rushella did not suck hard, instead she lapped lightly. Even the drops of fresh blood spilling out of the corners of her mouth, she would lick the clean with the tip of her tongue. Preventing the blood from staining the area surrounding the neck, she used her red tongue to carefully lick Hisui's skin thoroughly.


The ticklish feeling caused Hisui to stir.

This time, it did not hurt at all.

He could even go so far as to say it was comfortable. If an analogy was needed, it would be similar to the feeling of sucking your wounded finger.

The duration of blood sucking was quite brief. Rushella stopped soon after and left Hisui's body.

A silver thread of saliva connected the two of them.

"...Is that enough, you're only drinking this little?"


Rushella nodded and shyly pulled up the blanket, returning to the sofa.

Seeing her recovered to some extent, Hisui stood up.

"Since you can move, go take a bath, it'll feel warmer."


"Your drenched clothes are not dry yet. If you're willing, just settle with using mine for now. In the second floor, the room on the right, the clothes are in the closet."

Saying that, Hisui walked to the kitchen next to the living room.

Rushella stared in a daze at his back. After watching for a while, she stood up in a stumbling manner.

Roughly an hour later, Hisui laid out the diningware on the low table in the living room.

Since he had not even had a proper meal since the night before, Hisui decided to have sumptuous feast tonight.

Placed on the table were a plate of carbonara pasta, a large bowl of salad and vegetable soup.

There were also plates for eating—the table was set for two people.

Right after he finished preparing, Hisui heard someone enter the living room.

Rushella had just exited the bath.

"Oh, you're done with your bath... Hey, why did you pick that one to wear!?"

The beauty straight out of the bath—Rushella—was wearing nothing but a white shirt.

There was nothing underneath and the shirt's top was wide open. Her breasts were at risk of spilling out any moment. Even the protruding tips' shapes, poking at the shirt, were fully visible despite the fabric.

One could accidentally catch glimpses of the the base of her slender thighs if one were not careful... Hisui tried his best to shift his gaze away from the danger zone.

"Isn't that my uniform......? I intended to wear it on Monday, that's why I hung it on the clothes rack......"

"You asked me to find clothing to wear. This one is able to cover up the bottom as well. It also feels nice."

Rushella spoke with satisfaction, completely unabashed.

"Fine, whatever you want...... sit down first. I made more than enough. Although I'm very hungry, I don't think I'll finish it all."

Only after Hisui indicated towards the low table which was laden with food did Rushella notice the situation.

With a wary expression, she looked towards Hisui for confirmation.

"May I......?"

"Didn't I already say I made extra? Relax, I didn't put garlic. In fact, I've hardly ever eaten garlic my whole life. Even chili peppers, I haven't eaten them recently."

"...In that case, how did you get that stuff all over me yesterday?"

"I happened to buy it because of a sale. After all...... that annoying person's no longer in this house."


Rushella could sense some kind of underlying message in Hisui's words but she simply sat opposite him instead of asking about it.

Watching him clap his hands together and go "itadakimasu", she could not help but imitate him.

"Itadaki, masu......"

Next, the meal started.

Rushella used her fork to curl up the pasta and observed for a while, then finally shoved it in her mouth with determination.


"Thank you."

Hisui said emotionlessly.

Rushella smiled and began to eat harmoniously.

When the food on the table was almost finished by the two of them, Rushella spoke up as though she remembered something.



"About yourself, tell me stuff too......"


Hisui was drinking his soup and cocked his head, unable to understand what Rushella was referring to.

"After seeing the world during the daytime today... I understand now. Very likely, my race has dwindled to few survivors in the current world. Even if there are survivors, they hide away and spend their days in the shadows. Hence, humans do not know of our existence. But you're different. You understand too much, particularly about 'True Ancestors'... ordinary humans won't know that much, right?"


"You said you used to know someone who's a vampire, right? You heard from that... person?"

Rushella gazed intently at him.

Hisui wanted to just dismiss her casually, but in the end could not win against her serious gaze. Shrugging, he returned his cup to the table.

"Rather than someone I knew...... I guess family would be more accurate?"

"Why did you lie to me!?"

"I didn't lie. That still counts as someone I know, right? If I told you that, you'd press the issue so I just worded it ambiguously."

"What a sly way you have with words...... but what's with this talk of family? Are you actually......"

"We're not blood related. Probably, you can think of that person as the foster parent who raised me? As much as I hate to admit that."

Instantly, Hisui's expression was filled with an air of reminiscence.

That appeared to be—a very sorrowful air.

"A person your age should usually live with your mother and father, right? Your parents—"

"Were dead. I don't even remember their faces. Then from what I've heard, I was adopted by a vampire before I was old enough to know things."

"That person... a woman?"

"...Why is gender the most important thing you care about?"

Hisui remarked with surprise.

Rushella looked a bit miffed and continued to press the matter.

"Cut the crap!! She's a woman, right!?"

"Fine, yes......"

"What kind of woman!? Prettier than me!?"

"This sort of subjective question varies from person to person, right? She looked older than you. Who knows how old she was actually."

"Advanced in years!? Then it's my victory!"

"...Who the heck knows. Besides, do vampires even have the concept of getting old? Although I don't know what you're deluding yourself about, a vampire adopting a human probably happened on a whim. Once fattened and matured, she planned to suck my blood?"

Ultimately, just a vampire and her food—that was Hisui's conclusion.

Rushella remained skeptical and stared intently at Hisui as she asked:

"That woman... what happened to her?"

"She's dead."

Without any sorrow, a completely monotone answer.

Rushella looked apologetic and did not know what to say. Hisui continued with his meal, unfazed.

Although Hisui was not depressed nor was he struck with sad nostalgia, Rushella still noticed something strange about his words.

Dead—this was a term that could only be applied to the living, to those with finite lives.

Hence, 'death' was not a concept used for vampires.

Their fates ended not in 'death' but 'destruction.'

As for why, that was because they were already dead.

At least, based on the concept of human 'life', they were already outside existences.

However—he had just used 'dead' to describe the vampire who had raised him.

Basically treating her as human.

"What was she like... as a vampire?"

"A strange woman. Although Japan counts as her base, she still ran around all over the world. Because I accompanied her, I never went to school properly until middle school. This house was also hers. Right, one more thing......"


"She was a 'True Ancestor.'"


Rushella's face was filled with shock.

On their first encounter, she discovered that Hisui was unfazed by the sight of vampires, calm to a suspicious degree—combined with his constitution, she wondered if she had sucked blood from someone of extraordinary stature!?

"That's what she said. I don't know the specifics. Because I lived with her, I could not help but learn plenty of knowledge about vampires. But personally, I'm still just an ordinary high school student."

"You're fine despite getting your blood sucked by me. That doesn't sound very ordinary to me."

"Yeah, but only when my blood is sucked. When I'm not losing blood, I'm no different from ordinary people. My constitution only acts up when a vampire bites me. I don't want to talk about it. Having seen human society today, have you remembered anything?"


Rushella shook her head sadly. Her core memories about herself were still very uncertain.

"However, I did have some results. First of all, I've decided I need to understand more about the human world. This will surely have intimate relations to my origins."

"I see... okay."

"So... I will be going to school too!"

Rushella acted majestically as usual and declared loudly.


Perhaps things would be better if she had not recovered.

Seeing Rushella's conceited look, Hisui's face began to twitch.

"Eh, what the heck, you're going to go to my high school on Monday too?"

"Of course! Besides, you're my servant, it's your job to serve by my side!!"

"I refuse!! How important do you think you are!?"

"I am the great 'True Ancestor' of the vampires!!"

Rushella proudly puffed out her massive chest.

Hisui secretly regretted saving her and watched from the corner of his eye as Rushella stood up and left the living room.

Then she quickly returned with a sack in her hand, large enough to hold a human head.

"What's that?"

"I kept it in the coffin."

Rushella did not answer the question but poured the contents onto the floor.

Out from the sack came a lustrous golden brilliance.

Accompanied by crisp metallic sounds, they scattered all over the floorboards.


Hisui picked one up for a closer look. Unbelievably, it was a gold coin, roughly the size of a 500yen coin, with a pattern like someone's face on top, but who knew what time period and what country the coin was from. Clearly it was not merely gilded but forged out of highly pure gold.

There were roughly five hundred of these gold coins rolling on the floor, instantly filling the house with a swathe of golden magnificence.

The scene in the room was like opening a treasure chest in a fairy tale.

"What's this, your accumulated wealth for hibernating?"

"Although I don't know its exact value, it should be worth quite a lot, right?"

"Of course, this is real gold after all... but it needs to be converted into cash first."

"I see. So, umm... basically, yeah, umm that......"

Rushella spoke in an arrogant tone of voice as she sneaked glances at Hisui's reaction.

"This can count as 'rent', right?"


Hisui was increasingly befuddled by her words.

Rushella awkwardly fiddled with her fingers and looked up at Hisui.

"Umm...... If I go to school, I need an address. It's too troublesome to find a new one...... besides, you're my servant, so staying by my side is your obligation without question!! Indeed, you should be the one kneeling down and begging me!! Hurry up and prostrate yourself to beg me to allow you by my side!!"


Hisui's face twisted.

He really should not have saved her. He should have simply cast her aside.

He began to deeply regret everything he had done for her. Rushella then began to pick up the scattered gold coins. Then holding a full pile in her hands, she presented them to Hisui.

"You don't want... them? This, isn't enough......?"


"Staying here...... I can't......?"

Just like the time when she confessed her memory loss, Rushella's voice was helpless and dream-like.

Like the color of her skin, her existence was so fragile that it seemed as though the surrounding scenery would be dyed white.

Hisui scratched his head and took one gold coin from Rushella's hands.

"I'll use it as a lucky charm."

Saying that, Hisui stood up, cleared the table and took the utensils back to the kitchen.

"Wait, you......"

"After all, this isn't my home originally. It's the house of your kin."


"So basically... even if some vampire of unknown origins lived here, I won't have any objections."

Hisui spoke with his back towards her. Rushella instantly burst into smiles.

Her unease dispelled, she instantly recovered an expression that befitted her teenaged face.

This change could be sensed even with his back turned towards her. Hisui then said indifferently:

"The inner room on the second floor...... should be the most convenient for you to use. There's thick curtains to block light so you don't need to worry in the mornings. Also, it's the most spacious bedroom."


As if wanting to see her bedroom immediately, Rushella raced up to the second floor.

Hisui smiled wryly and began to wash the dishes.

In a blink of an eye, it was late night already—Hisui went down to the basement at home.

The basement's layout was very spacious, basically an open area the size of the entire floor.

The room was built with solid rock with a library, wine cellar, food storage and used antique candlesticks for lighting, giving a decrepit medieval atmosphere—in other words, very much filled with a vampire's style.

Rushella had already gone to bed in the room he assigned to her. Originally, he had thought about providing the basement to her who did not like sunlight.

But Hisui did not do that.

Because the object before his eyes did not permit the existence of vampires in the basement.

Stabbed into the ground, this object was a vampire's weakness rivaling sunlight.

Namely, a cross.

Standing at a tilt, entrenched in the ground, its size was large enough to crucify a human on it.

The luster of its surface resembled that of pure silver. A pristine and flawless exterior.

The cross' edges were polished to be as sharp as knives, with the four ends shaped like "hooks" that resembled arrowheads or harpoons.

Criss-crossing the center were decorations of crimson gemstones. Wrapped over it were chains symbolizing dogma.

Although the style of the design was different from the ones usually found in churches, this did not affect the sacred impression the cross exuded.

Ordinary crosses used as signs or decorations did not pose any threat to vampires.

But this cross right here was the real thing.

It was a crucifix for exterminating evil and purifying the world.

Furthermore, it was the tombstone of the former master of this home and this place.

Hisui gazed at the cross, his eyes wavering with indescribable sorrow.

Facing the cross for a long while, Hisui said softly in a grumbling manner:

"Hey...... Is this house cursed by any chance? A weird vampire has moved in, you know? Are you scheming something? She's sleeping in your room now."

The silver cross remained unresponsive.

It could not answer in the first place.

"You were dead already but another one came. Clearly I don't want to be involved with your kind anymore, but here I go running into one again."

The cross remained silent.


Hisui bent down and stared at the crimson gemstone inlaid in the silver cross.

"Come on, say something...... Miraluka."

The cross did not respond.

The tombstone simply chose to reject the living through silence.

The dead could not resurrect.

No matter how he interrogated, his questions simply resounded through empty space.

Although Hisui knew it was futile even before coming here, in the end, nothing changed.

Listlessly, he left the basement.

"Ow ow ow!!"

The next morning, even without an annoying alarm clock, Hisui still could not enjoy waking up in a natural and comfortable manner.

After a tempestuous first day at school, it was Saturday immediately.

Just as he planned to prepare for the official start of high school life next week by getting proper rest, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his neck.

Opening his eyes...... there was a vampire slurping away at his blood in the same posture as yesterday.

"What are you doing... Rushella-san!?"

"What am I doing? First blood in the morning. After a bath, this is the perfect taste."

Rushella declared openly. Her body felt warm and still had some humidity.

Her pale white body was wrapped in nothing but a bath towel.

Enjoy a drink of blood after a bath like yesterday.

"Who asked you to take a bath so casually!? Didn't you take baths last night already!? Are you Shizuka!?"[4]

"Shut up, I took a bath first so that the blood will taste better!"

"Why do you have to take a bath to make someone else's blood tastier when you suck it!? Isn't that completely reversing means and goals!? Also, get away, it hurts!"

"What are you saying to your master!? I paid already!"

"Japan has no system of blood selling! Besides, you're wrong if you think you can buy my blood with a single gold coin, it's not that cheap!!"

"You're really noisy, anyway, who cares!?"

Rushella pressed down from above while Hisui struggled below.

While struggling, Hisui unmistakably touched Rushella's massive bosom—the bath towel slid and fell.

"D-Don't look——!!"

"Say, this is your own fault......!!"

This scene, familiar to both of them, was reenacted once more as the house echoed with screams and groans.

Vampire and human, master and servant.

Thus the curtain rose for the drama of Hisui and Rushella's life together.

Chapter 4 - Sacrificial Lamb[edit]

"So basically, Hi-kun, you do it with that amnesiac True Ancestor once a day?"

"Could you not say it in such a weird way!? I just get my blood sucked, okay? It's not fun at all, okay!?"

"That's doing it, right? Then about that child, have you figured out things out?"

"...No clues so far. Say, I'm begging you, can you use a different description..."

After school, Hisui was lying on the desk in the classroom listlessly.

The classmates had left and the classroom had no one but him and Mei beside him.

After the weekend, several days had passed. Rushella had started attending school officially. Hisui hardly interacted with other classmates but often conversed with Mei like this.

During today's chat, Hisui tried asking her opinion on Rushella's origins but Mei and her "race" did not know too much about vampires.

"...Where did that girl pop up from anyway?"

Using the weekend, Hisui searched for Rushella's origins by every means available to him but still had no clues currently.

He tried going to the forest where she woke up. Because there are no signs of people there, one could not expect witnesses. Hisui had confirmed the coffin's position and there were clear marks where it had been placed but yielded no clues on when it was placed there.

Hisui tried to get Rushella's gold coins certified at a antique shop but apart from the fact that they were genuine gold coins, nothing was known: time period, country or region, nothing. According to the antique dealer, it might have been simply molded but never used in circulation.

"So the weekend ended up wasted like that. I spent my precious holiday on nothing."

"Oh dear, but weren't you quite happy to go on a walk with her. When that child was trying on clothes, you were commenting 'that looks nice on you.' You even visited the underwear corner together with her."

"No, that's just her dragging me off to buy daily necessities and clothes... I already bought them for her, but she still wears my shirt at home... Hey, how did you know!?"

"I was buying my spring wardrobe when I ran into you guys by chance. Then I followed and watched you."

"What do you mean 'followed and watched'!? Don't speak so readily like a stalker as though it's normal!"

"Don't underestimate me. My ancestors over the generations were all professional stalkers. For revenge, it meant following the creator closely. If this ability is used for love, can you imagine the consequences?"

Hisui did not want to imagine at all.

Based on the original novel's ending, even if he escaped to the North Pole, she would most likely follow.

"...It feels like you're more and more removed from a high school girl."

"Oh dear, are you saying I have problem somewhere?"

Mei brought her face close.

Thanks to the top two open buttons on her uniform, the cleavage of Mei's massive bust and her pink bra entered Hisui's view.

She was a girl who rivaled Rushella in beauty, this was the worst part.

To be honest, if Mei went all out, Hisui had no confidence if he could resist her "baby making."

Hisui blushed and turned his gaze away, then an unexpected savior arrived.

"Let's go home... Hey, why are you here!?"

Seeing Mei, Rushella frowned and approached.

She was wearing a uniform that was just fitted during the weekend. Without the parasol, she'd probably look like a very proper high school student.

"Where I go is my freedom right? Before I obtain Hi-kun, I won't leave!"

"What is Hi-kun?"

"Hisui, therefore Hi-kun. Get it? Also, one day, I'll be calling him Hiihii❤"

"Absolutely not."

Despite Hisui's protests against this strange nickname, Mei did not seem like she was going to take it back.

She looked very assured of victory and walked towards Rushella.

"No matter how you dress up it's useless. A vampire should just sleep obediently in a coffin until night falls, right?"

"You fake doll is the same, just stand quietly and act the part of decoration, okay?"

The two girls faced off, a battle about to spark off.

A moment later, they both went "hmph" and walked past each other.

Mei went for the classroom's exit and left a word of warning.

"You'd better be careful, Hi-kun. Even if you can keep your constitution a secret from other humans, if you continue to hang around a vampire, you'll be treated as one of their kind."


The boy who was raised by a vampire stared blankly in response, watching Mei leave.

Rushella walked up to him and blocked his view.


"You, umm... you like that type of woman?"

"Who could possibly like a woman who suddenly pushes you down... she's aiming for my body totally. Just the body. That kind of terrible relationship between the sexes, I don't quite..."

"Really... then good. Let's go home."

Rushella nodded satisfied and urged Hisui to return.

Moments later, the two exited the school gates and made their way home.

"By the way, did you join any of those 'klub' things?"

Rushella must be asking because she attended the clubs introduction gathering? That was a gathering where upperclassmen introduced the clubs to the new students.

Hisui's interest was zero to begin with, so he answered completely unenthusiastically.

"Nope. If anything, I'd be in the go-home club."

"What's that? They didn't mention it today!?"

"The activities consist of this: after a tiring day of classes, to sing praises to the springtime of youth after school. The greatest trouble is usually the homeroom teacher talking too much rubbish during homeroom before dismissal. This is mostly due to the homeroom teacher's personality. I guess I'm lucky since our homeroom is much shorter than the other classes."

"Basically, you mean going home directly. Don't just keep blabbering nonstop."

"You get it now."

Rushella was gradually acquiring modern common sense and it was getting harder and harder to con her.

Although she was still having trouble with her studies, overcoming that was probably just a matter of time.

"The teachers said that the next few days allow visiting times for us to freely observe the 'klubs'... are you going?"

"I'm not interested. Eh, judging from your tone... what, you want to go?"

"I just want to have a look. Umm, those people who're interested in 'klubs' they all look so funloving. I'm just curious... what it's about."

Although she tried to sound nonchalant, Rushella could not hide her great curiosity and interest in club life.

In any case, now that she had food and shelter covered, she was getting interested in all sorts of things.

In school life, she seemed to have targeted club activities. But for a vampire...

"But, umm... you're a..."

"I know. Outdoor stuff is no good. Or rather, anything to do with sports is no good. I know that at least."

Vampires and humans. The difference in physical ability was very obvious even during the daytime when a vampire's activity was most suppressed. If Rushella joined human club activities, this alone would already be cheating.

"So... the cultural ones. Wanna... have a look?"

"Sure, lead the way."

Rushella smiled happily and hung onto his arm.

"W-What are you doing!?"

"Huh? Escorting the master is your job, right?"

"Umm, well, we already left school today, how about tomorrow..."


Although Rushella agreed, she did not let go of Hisui's arm.

"Say, Rushella-san?"


"Well, ummm..."

Her body was touching him, such as, her breasts, her breasts, her breasts as well as her breasts or the like.

"What, don't boys and girls walk around like this? See, everyone in the surroundings is doing this."

All the people in Rushella's field of view were couples. Since they were a bit far from school, near the train station, there were many intimate couples holding hands in the surroundings.

Hisui originally wanted to tell her the truth, but to avoid Rushella entering her unreasonable mode, he gave up.

This ojou-sama was so arrogant and conceited yet completely vulnerable in this area.

Only wearing a T-shirt or wrapped in a bath towel at home all the time, but if he pointed it out to her she'd immediately go red in the face and even get violent.

To avoid unnecessary disaster, Hisui continued walking with her arm in arm.

Ulterior motives... of course not.

"Ah... I must go shopping. The milk's out."

"Yes, buy meat too. Don't forget red wine."

"Not buying either. Especially the wine."

"What does it matter!? Your cooking's not bad but it's too plain. I want to eat something a bit more bloody..."

After all as a vampire, Rushella's diet consisted mostly of meat. Not only did she like meat, but she also liked it half-cooked. Probably due to blood, she loved all sorts of dairy products. Also, desserts and sweets.

She also had an unusual personal interest in red wine. Hisui naturally forbade it and currently used grape juice as a stand-in.

"We're eating roasted fish today. Oh, I'd better buy some radishes to chop up into shreds."

"Then let me have a good drink of blood. I didn't get to drink this morning!?"

"You're the one who overslept. But to me, I thanked the heavens."

"Offering your blood to me is your duty. Even if it's me, I'd start attacking humans indiscriminately if I can't suppress the urge, you know?"

This simple sentence made Hisui's face gloomy.

"Right... that's true, I knew it."

He understood. That's what vampires were as creatures.

Hisui showed a look of comprehension and Rushella released his arm and said:

"You just need to offer your blood to me obediently."

"That's not fun at all. And no matter how many times you did it, you're still so clumsy..."

Hisui frantically covered his mouth halfway.

Timidly he looked at Rushella... But too late, she was already biting her lip, glaring at him.

Ever since the rainy day, this subject was taboo.

Although she was very clumsy in fact, but Hisui had refrained from saying out of consideration for her... but he ended up making a slip of the tongue.

"...Let's go home."


"...Once I have my memories, surely..."

Rushella spoke angrily and suddenly quickened her pace.

"Hey, wait up...!"

Before Hisui could give chase, Rushella had run out of sight.

But Hisui still pressed on regardless. Leaving the main road, he entered a desolate little alley.

Just as he stopped and looked around for signs of Rushella, a black luxury car stopped beside him.

At the same time, the driver's door opened and a tall man came out.

"You're Kujou Hisui, right?"

Dressed in black including a black tie, black shades, black suit---A man in black like the movies.

He was carrying a black leather briefcase. Apart from his face, everything was black all over.

A handsome face, he looked quite mature and stable, probably thirty or so. His hair was parted slightly to one side and clung tightly to his head, giving an impression very lacking in individuality.

"...I am, what about it?"

"Please come with me."

Hisui answered with wariness.

"...Is something the matter?"

"It'll be explained to you later."

Saying that, the man viciously punched Hisui in the gut at the same time.


Hisui doubled over and then he received a karate chop on the back of his head.

The two-hit combo rendered Hisui unconscious immediately. The man skillfully picked up Hisui and threw him in the car.

The car started up and left the scene without a trace.

However---there was one more person at the scene, witnessing everything.

"...Say, are you guys satisfied now~~ kidnappers?"

A few hours after the sudden abduction scene, Hisui yelled in anger.

He was currently in a dimly lit room.

There was a desk and loads of books and documents. Probably an office somewhere.

Before his eyes was probably the desk of some kind of administrator.

But elbows on the table, resting her head on her hands, the person sitting before the desk did not seem to match the surroundings.

"The term kidnapper is quite excessive. Kujou Hisui-san?"

The voice speaking to Hisui sounded very young and cute.

Sitting on the chair, the person matched the voice well and was a delicate and petite girl.

She looked about the age of twelve or thirteen, wearing half-rimmed glasses. The frilly shirt brought out the airs of a maiden. Her cute face was like a doll.

"Using such a barbaric way to bring me here, I don't think there's any word more fitting than kidnappers to describe it, right?"

"I on the other hand believe we are protecting you."

"Who knows. Besides, what's with the series of inexplicable scenes!? A punishment game!?"

Hisui was naturally angry.

Before taken to this room, he had suffered a lot of unreasonable treatment.

First his blood sample was taken then his head was submerged in a silver container filled with water.

Then he was forced to chew raw garlic, after chewing he instantly had a cross pressed to his face.

Just as he reached the end of his patience, his sight was covered up by a blood transfusion bag.

"Do you want a drink?"

He was even asked such a question.

Draculea V01 - 138.PNG

Naturally, Hisui had no desire to drink so he simply shook his head in surprise. That person ended up pouring the bag's contents into a large wine glass as though saying "Don't be shy, be my guest."

"No, I already said I'm not thirsty."

...After he refused, then came a bunch of incomprehensible procedures, finally he was taken to this room. By the way, his hands were currently cuffed so he was still not free.

"What the fuck... Hey, what are you trying to investigate about me?"

"You still haven't realized? This is just a very ordinary checkup. Checking to see if you're a vampire or a normal human."

The girl spoke coldly, picking up the data in her hand to read.

"Fortunately, you have passed all the tests. How nice, you are still human."

"I don't get what the fuck you're talking about."

Still angry, Hisui did not hold back his words. The girl narrowed her eyes with displeasure.


Standing on the side, the man nodded. Walking over to Hisui, he handed a name card over.

This man was the culprit who abducted him to this place. Hisui realized that then snatched the name card from him.

"...Metropolitan Police Department Supernatural Investigations Section Special Consultant... Kariya Eruru... what the fuck?"

"Exactly as the words say. Strictly speaking, I am not a civil servant. But because of my knowledge and accomplishments, I have been recruited as an expert. My expertise lies in vampires. Pleased to meet you."

Eruru spoke with a poker face.

Clearly possessing such a cute name and face, yet her behavior was completely not cute at all.

"It seems like I've read it in a feature report on urban legends before... like a special investigations team for solving unclear cases?"

"That's just normal police work. Our job is to investigate cases caused by supernatural entities. And dealing with the culprits. As for the earlier 'examination' you received, you probably understand what you are being suspected of? Do not play stupid, Kujou-san."

Eruru was like a French doll, her large, glimmering eyes stared at Hisui as she spoke.

Judging from the title of special consultant, her age and what she said, she was not an official member of the police. But her sharp gaze was not inferior to an experienced interrogator.

"...That featured report also talked about special police that solved cases that could not be explained by science. The MPD has an underground office or creepy meetings in dimly lit meeting rooms? You belong to this type? An organization that counts as part of the MPD?"

"We are a secret branch. After all the nation cannot admit the existence of supernatural entities to the general public. However, this is the truth. Supernatural creatures roaming the place is a crisis for the nation. Vampires, even more so. Worse comes to worst, it could affect the dignity of citizens. For this purpose, they must be monitored as soon as they are discovered. If victims appear, then they must be quarantined immediately and protected. Just like with you."

"I get it now... so it looks like you guys found out about Rushella. I never thought I could hide her forever... but to think the cat's out of the bag so quickly."

"A collaborator informed us. Due to the nature of our organization, we have collaborators spread out everywhere."


Hisui felt annoying sweat on his face.

Although he could hazard a guess, he still asked her.

"...The collaborator.. who?"

"Sudou Mei."

"That informant bitch!!"

Hisui felt exhausted.

A type of feeling that he could trust no one.

And Eruru spoke coldly as though insulted.

"Why are you acting surprised like an idiot? Protecting the citizens from supernatural entities is our job. Being informed about non-human creatures is only to be expected, right?"

"Uh, fair enough... but, what does the word collaborator mean?"

"Exactly as it says. Their kind's goal is to become human, hence they bear humans no ill will. Vampires are different. So naturally, we ally with Mei's kind first. To let them live normal human lives, we help them establish public records and birth registrations etc. Then in return, they assist us in our missions. Is there any problem with that?"

"...I don't want to say anything at this moment."

"Why are you so depressed? She's simply performing her duty. This is what it means to be doing everything for mankind. An artificial human is acting more human than you. Are you not ashamed of yourself?"

Eruru's words were merciless.

Salt tossed in his wounds, Hisui blankly spoke the truth he realized.

"...It's because of Sudou's report that I was suspected as a victim for hanging around a vampire's side, right?"

"Exactly. However, it is not that easy to distinguish ordinary humans from vampires and humans in the process of turning into vampires. Intricate examinations are required."

"Really? I thought it was easy to tell the difference."

"Naturally a human like you with half-assed knowledge would not know. Vampires have adapted very well to human society. I think even someone like you would know that they fear sunlight. But currently, there exist special light blocking agents that can be applied to the skin to get past that."

"But that medication isn't perfect. After using it, the skin looks shiny and easy to spot. Even high-class medication that cannot be spotted with the naked eye is easily found out through touch. Also, light blocking agents only work for a day at most. Forgetting to reapply it is fatal and cannot be relied on too much. Preparation is also troublesome. Overcoming the weakness to sunlight is a dream. If they want to walk about in daylight, using a parasol is more practical."

"...My, you really do understand quite deeply."

Eruru's face changed, only then did Hisui realize he misspoke.

He was quite knowledgeable in this area already but it would be suspicious if found out. That was why he always tried to avoid letting others know.

"I only heard it from someone by chance. But in terms of tests, isn't a blood test enough? What's with all those cliched procedures?"

"Those are the most effective procedures. The blood test was for understanding your state of health. Once bitten by a vampire, a person's blood gradually decreases in volume and the proportions of all sorts of its makeup changes."

"Then comparing my blood with a vampire's, isn't it all clear?"

"Please shut up, ignorant amateur. A vampire and a human's blood's makeup are completely identical. If you are forced to distinguish them, only occultic means can be used."

Eruru went "hmph" and mocked Hisui's ignorance.

However, Hisui naturally knew this level of knowledge. He feigned ignorance as an amateur to confirm Eruru's side's level of knowledge.

(They realize that a vampire's essence transcends science, huh... no good, this is a real expert.)

Hisui sighed to himself and continued to maintain his expressionless look as he changed the subject.

"...Umm, so that whatever test decided I am human?"

"Exactly. The results prove that you are completely innocent. But as a result, dealing with that vampire must be postponed."

Eruru remarked angrily. Her tone of voice made Hisui realize her true purpose.

This girl was seriously trying to exterminate Rushella.

"...If I had shown even a slight bit of turning into a vampire, what would happen to that girl?"

"Exterminated. That is only logical."

Her tone of voice was saying: what stupid question are you asking?

Behind the cute glasses were a pair of hostile and firmly resolved eyes.

"Taking away human dignity, hateful pests. These are vampires. They are rejected by heaven's mandate. Destroying them is for your own good. If you have not turned completely into a vampire, in a gray zone, then you can still be saved."

"...Conversely, if I turn into a vampire completely, killing her means I'm dead."

Vampire Characteristic #5: when the master vampire is destroyed, a chain reaction causes all the servants to perish as well. In other words, one vampire's death causes all the people they had turned into vampires to all die.

"So what? Rather than letting pests live, why not die as a contribution to the human world? Destroying the boss automatically eliminates the flunkies. Making the pest removal job simple is one of the vampires' few good points."

Eruru's words were completely firm.

If Hisui was a vampire, she would surely kill him on the spot.

As a human, she spared him.

In the process of turning, she would help him.

Vampires would be eliminated without exception.

Because it was so simple, her viewpoint was unshakable.

"Isn't the police's job to arrest and investigate suspects? Punishing 'culprits' without a trial, is that really okay?"

"You're talking about human cases. But we are different. Besides, we are only part of the police for the convenience of investigation. Currently, due to the rising number of cases near the capital, we are part of the MPD. If necessary, we can change our names and carry out our mission under a different organization. It is only for cover."

Resistance is futile, we are the organization above the law, sanctioned by the country---That was what her words sounded like.

The petite girl gave off great intimidation, causing Hisui to sigh again and again.

"...I get it. But it's strange. I could be in the process of turning, hence you reserved judgment and did careful tests. But that girl, she's a real vampire. Why didn't you exterminate her? You probably have anti-vampire equipment, right?"

Faced with Hisui's question, Eruru narrowed her eyes.

Even the expressionless Kishida beside her reacted with some emotion.

"I thought you were just a fool enamored by a vampire's beauty, but never expected you to actually have a brain."

"'Never expected' is redundant. So, why is that?"

"...Even vampires, if they do not harm humans, their execution is delayed... because there are fools who believe that. Because they count as humanoid, some believe that. However, this type of humans are probably bitten by vampires or perhaps captives under the influence of the mystic eyes."

"The so-called hardliners and conservatives. Looks like your faction isn't so united after all. In other words, destroying a vampire requires evidence and proper procedures."

Hisui pointed at himself.

Eruru nodded with displeasure.

Should Hisui show the slightest symptom of turning into a vampire, Rushella would have been condemned.

But Hisui was 100% human.

This was something that should be worth celebrating but because Eruru lost a legitimate reason to exterminate a vampire, she seemed quite unhappy.

"So, it's about time you released me right? Just as you proved, I'm completely human."

"Human for now. I want to ask you, human, why keep that pest by your side?"

"She decided to live in my home on her own."

"... I cannot understand. A human and a vampire cannot possibly have a relationship without blood sucking. Clearly you are not controlled by the mystic eyes... Are you infatuated with her appearance?"

"Perhaps. But she only treats me as a servant. After all, she doesn't understand human society, and casually orders me around."

Hisui hid the key point and urged Eruru to release him.

Looks like Mei had not divulged his constitution to Eruru's side. If he said it now he'd probably get taken to be dissected. Hence he remained silent about it and just made up excuses to cover it up.

"I see. So a new purpose was found for trash with no value of blood sucking. You must have it tough."

Adding the final comment, Eruru's eyes did not show the slightest sympathy.

Hisui originally intended to stay silent but could not help himself from mocking her.

"Right, a high school student's life sure is tough. Yeah, a middle school kid's not gonna understand. Ah, or maybe not even middle school? Elementary schooler... ah, but modern elementary schoolers should be more developed...!?"

Before he finished, Hisui found his view dimming.

Then his forehead crashed against the floor.

Then the back of his head was stepped on viciously by a boot.

The final strike came from Eruru's scolding.

"What did you just say, you trash of a human who has nothing but appearance, totally forgetting a human's dignity?"


Eruru was stepping on his head.

Hisui recalled that by the time he was halfway through what he said, she had stood up.

Then... he couldn't recall any more.

What the heck!?

Suffering a sweeping kick, he had lost balance... something like that. Because the attack was too swift and precise, none of it remained in memory.

Only the tragic fact of reality with his head fallen on the ground.

In such a humiliating pose.

"What are you doing...!?"

"I am on a separate level from trash humans like you. Your stupidity fails to see that you are the same age as me."

"Eh, no way!? I thought at most you're middle school..."

Hisui rudely expressed his opinion, but felt her foot stepping harder. Pressed flat against the hard floor, his mouth could not say anything more.

"Please pay attention to your tone of voice. I have already graduated from university and my physical ability also surpasses you. Hence, that is why I have been hired by the MPD. Got it?"

Eruru spoke as she stepped hard with all her might.

Sucked blood by a vampire, pushed down by an artificial human, kicked by a loli.

All these unfair treatments were happening to him.

The fate of female misfortune, no way.

"How unfortunate is my ordinary life going to get!?"

"Your lazy and plain life is completely worthless before national security."

"That's no fair. As a citizen who pays sales tax, I at least require that I graduate from under this shoe..."

Probably shaken by the sight of Hisui's tears, Eruru finally lifted her foot.

Hisui looked up with difficulty. Due to a sort of fated inevitability, or rather, his perfect position, he clearly saw the interior of the skirt of the girl who had been stepping on him.

"Ah, it's white."


Eruru went bright red in the face and stepped on Hisui's face directly.

"Ouch, what the fuck!? It was unavoidable!!"

"Shut up!! Guys like you who are ruled by lust no matter the situation, I hate the most!!"

"Well I'm really sorry, okay! Seriously, something's entering my nose... shit, it's a nosebleed!"

Although it did not hurt too much, his nose still bled.

Holding his nose, Hisui's hand was dyed red and blood dripped to the floor.

"This is your just deserts..."

Probably because he started to bleed, Eruru was frightened. She murmured softly and took her gaze off Hisui.

"Sheesh man, you're making me look like I got all excited about panties. Hey dude over there, got a tissue?"

Hisui sought Kishida for help but like Eruru, he had turned his face away and acted like he was not concerned.

"Heartless bastard..."

"Hurry and stop the bleeding, okay!?"

Eruru yelled and tossed the tissues to Hisui. Hisui caught it and wiped his hand and the blood around his nose.

"...Has it stopped?"


Although there was a lot of bleeding it quickly stopped. This was due to Hisui's special constitution but naturally, Eruru had no idea.

She frantically opened the window and ventilated the room.

"What a hated smell... if only you were a vampire, I could exterminate you directly..."

"Don't say something so scary..."

"...Anyway, today's evidence gathering is over. However... is it okay for you to return?"


"You could end up with your blood sucked any time. Are you really fine with returning just like that? If you wish, we can protect you. Until we exerminate that vampire. After all, she will soon bare her fangs towards humans to seek fresh blood."

Eruru spoke with full confidence.

Her sharp eyes showed a sense of pity like looking at a puppy who was locked in a cage with a hungry beast.


"I'm going home."

Hisui said.

Unlike before, he spoke with decisive resolve.


"Do I need a reason for going back to my own home?"

"Do you firmly believe yourself safe? Or perhaps... that vampire made a promise not to suck your blood?"

"What about it?"

"Foolish. Nothing else describes this. I won't even bother with arguing with you. Go, the next time we meet... you might not be human anymore. Then you will be our target for disposal."

Eruru said coldly, a hint of pity in her voice.


Kishida led the way and Hisui left the room.

After seeing the scenery outside as well as the exterior of the buildings, only then did Hisui believe Eruru's words regarding her organization.

The building he was in was the closest police station: Seidou Police Station.

"You guys really are the police... this world must be coming to an end."

"I'll give you a ride."

Kishida offered. Hisui reluctantly got into the front passenger seat.

"That girl is really hostile against vampires... is there any reason?"

"I don't know the details... Probably a relative is victim? Even without that, she has very strong sense of responsibility towards her mission."

This man looked like the quiet type but unexpectedly answered Hisui's question.

Sitting in the sedan cruising under the night sky, Hisui continued to ask:

"Your department, do they hire vampires?"

"...Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. Since they hire Frankenstein's creatures, right? And you guys seem quite knowledgeable about vampires. See, this is called using poison against poison. Besides, you guys don't exterminate vampires all at once, so that means among vampires, some are more reasonable than others, right? I think perhaps there might be some common ground."

"...You're quite sharp. Indeed, they are dangerous, but that's just like certain humans too. Some are satisfied with blood packs and some even volunteer to help us. However, in accordance to Kariya-sama's wishes, they were all rejected."

"That's really thorough hatred."

Hisui shrugged and Kishida stopped the car, looked at his watch and said:

"Sorry, I still have work to do. I'll drop you off here, is that okay?"

"Sure. It'd be a problem if that girl at home saw me with you."

"I can only ask this of you... please assist us. I'll leave you our contact info. Even Kariya-sama will adhere strictly to procedures and not act rashly. She wants to assure your safety and she worries about you."

"...Even so, she really doesn't act cute at all."

Hisui grumbled and watched Kishida's car leave.

The sky was already dark. This place was not far from home.

What was Rushella doing?

He thought of calling her to ask but unfortunately, Rushella did not have a cellphone.

When buying clothes during the weekend, she had gone "What is this thing!? Humans really use the strangest things!" so he had skipped on buying a cellphone.

Oh well... after all, she should be home a long time ago.

Once he returned, surely she'll start yelling about dinner time.

Expecting annoying things to come wave after wave, Hisui could not help but sigh. At this moment a voice spoke from behind.

"Eh... Kujou-kun?"


Turning around he found Reina. Seeing her in her uniform, he realized she had not gone home.

"Are you... okay?"


"In Nichoume's alley... you were forcefully taken away in a car!?"

"You saw it!?"

Hisui could not help but cry out. She witnessed him getting abducted!?

"It was quite far away at the time. I thought I was imagining things or recognized the wrong person.... so I didn't call the police... sorry, but I was still very worried... although you told me your phone number, the call didn't go through..."

"Uh, it's because umm, that. An acquaintance gave me a ride. He seems to be working and was saying fine... then he dragged me away by force. What a savage guy."


"Really, I'm serious."

"Thank goodness..."

Hisui's gaze wandered when speaking but Reina seemed to believe him. What a pure and innocent child.

Their homes seemed to be in the same direction so they walked side by side.

"Kujou-kun, today... thank you, umm, for during English class."

"What did I do?"

"Umm, when I was called to answer a question and was stuck... you quietly told me the answer, right?"

"Oh~ right, that did happen."

A trivial matter that even the speaker forgot. Yet Reina remembered it clearly. Remembering other people's good deeds, thanking in earnest---she was this kind of noble-minded and virtuous person.

"My only bad subject is English... I'm so envious of you. You always answer so fluently when asked, even your pronunciation sounds so native."

"Well, only my English is relatively better. Because my family traveled the world with me... English was kinda forced into my brain."

"Eh... you're one of those who returned from abroad? Ah, that's the same for Rushella-san too, right?"


On the first day of school, Hisui had fabricated a story about Rushella having lived abroad for too long and was not used to Japanese customs... that was the current setting.

After all, Rushella had no memories of her birthplace. Judging from her behavior, it was probably Europe, the homeland of vampires, but no further information was known.

"Although she's a bit strange, she seems to be quite close to you, Kujou-kun? Always eating lunch together..."

"Well, I guess..."

Actually for Hisui, that was for monitoring her actions. But in the classmates' eyes, they seemed to be on intimate terms.

"However, Rushella-san seems so far removed from commoners. It feels so difficult to strike up a conversation with her..."

Indeed, Rushella had kept her distance from the girls in the class.

Spearheaded by Reina, some of the friendly girls in the class wanted to proactively approach and interact with Rushella but it did not go too well.

In this regard, as a fellow supernatural entity, Mei had no problems with socializing.

Probably because she entered school for making babies, she had no interest in girls. But since becoming 'human' was her kind's highest goal, they would try to get along with humans.

Not particularly close friends with anyone but she would always smile no matter whom she was facing.

"Rushella-san... somehow she looks very sad sometimes. Did something happen?"

"...Because she left her homeland and is now in a foreign place? She's probably troubled about that."

Indeed... she was probably troubled.

Because she had no memories, she looked so lonely and fragile sometimes.

That was why she desired a servant devoted to her unconditionally. But as fate would have it, she picked a mutant who could not become her servant when his blood was sucked.

But bound by the ancient rituals of vampires, she could not go find another target.

How unlucky and pitiful, perhaps...

While Hisui was thinking, he suddenly felt Reina vanish from his side.

A black shadow covered her.


Hisui found the situation strange and looked towards Reina.

She could no longer be seen. There were numerous birds flying in front of him, blocking his view.

The flock of birds flying in formation, as well as the gradually growing stench of blood, these caused Hisui to become aware of a certain existence.

A vampire was here.

Using birds instead of bats which were synonymous with vampires, it looked less surreal.

If they were able to control birds on the street like this, probably most vampires would pick this type of bird.

"Get away!!"

Hisui swung his school bag to disperse the birds. They instantly scattered, leaving Hisui's view.

But the sight caused him to despair.

A reeking stench of blood.

The streetlight was like a spotlight, making Reina's figure stand out from the darkness.

There was a black shadow hugging her from behind. Although Reina was blocking the view and Hisui only saw a vague outline, he still understood the identity of the shadow.

That was a vampire.

He had finished his meal. Reina's neck had the mark of two fangs.


Hisui stepped forward, the eyes of the one who had sucked Reina's blood shot red light.

The mystic eyes, unique to vampires, pierced Hisui.

But due to his constitution rendering it ineffective, Hisui merely paused then quickly continued running forward.

At the same time, the figure melded into the darkness behind Reina, vanishing without trace into the night.

Hisui frantically caught up and extended his hand towards Reina who was falling.

Luckily he caught her before she struck the ground. She lay helplessly in his bosom.

"Hey, are you okay...!?"

Reina did not answer. Her only external wound was the neck but her entire body was pale from a lack of blood, as though in a temporary state of anemia.

A great amount of blood was sucked---in other words, the degree of vampirization was severe.

The girl who was chatting and smiling normally just now had turned into an alien existence in the blink of an eye.

A beginning high school life was stained by a horrible red color.

Hisui felt a black emotions burning inside himself.

Gnashing his teeth, he looked up to see a familiar face.


Rushella was standing there.

Her right hand was holding a short sword dripping with blood.

Bright red liquid dripped from the side of her lip.

Even her breathing was irregular. She was panting hard.

Could it be her?

Hisui did not say it. He was afraid to say it.

Rushella simply stood there expressionlessly.

In this awkward silence, Reina reached out weakly. Her slender fingers trembled but distinctly pointed to Rushella.

"...What's the matter?"

Hisui asked. Reina answered softly.

"That... girl."


"Sucked... my... blood... it's... her..."

Saying that, Reina fainted again, as though having drawn her last breath. Her slender arm also dangled powerlessly towards the ground.

Hisui silently looked at Rushella.

Just now what Reina had said, Rushella should have heard it.

Hisui wanted to know how she would react.

But Rushella had turned away, covering her mouth.


Rushella did not heed Hisui's calls and left on her own.

Only the classmate's body weight pressed down on his arms.

His mind spun around with thoughts he did not wish to think about.

The only thing Hisui could do was call Kishida whom he became acquainted with just now.

Kishida hurried over and arranged for Reina to be delivered to a hospital. Then Hisui was taken back to the police station to give a simple eyewitness account.

After all procedures were over, Hisui was permitted to go home, it was already close to dawn.

Due to lack of sleep, he walked unsteadily home. It was already time for school, but Rushella was not home.

Although he had many things he wanted to say, his brain was already on strike. Hisui had no choice but to go to his room and lie on the bed.

"...Did you... suck blood...?"

Unable to tell if these were whispers or dream speak, Hisui's consciousness sank into darkness.


Chapter 5 - Suspicious Kiss[edit]

"Why must I bare my skin before others?"

Rushella grumbled, she was bothered by the surrounding gazes.

After finishing the cleanup during lunch, Rushella went to the infirmary.

Today was the physical examination.

Before entering the room, all the students had to wear gym clothes but after arriving at the infirmary, most people had taken them off, only leaving underwear.

Because their bodies were exposed to others during the examination, everyone was concerned and especially chose their underwear with care. The various fabrics covering the girls' bodies were truly a colorful sight.

Although the physical examination's purpose was to measure, height, weight and sitting height, most girls would take the opportunity to take out the measure tapes and record their three sizes.

Gathered into groups, friends measured one another's bust and hips.

"What are they so happy about......?"

"Oh dear, are you really not planning to measure yourself?"

Someone behind her suddenly pulled off Rushella's t-shirt.

Clad in white lace, two fruits came tumbling out.


"Wow, those breasts are really huge. Between us, we have a draw? No... You're slightly ahead!?"

Hands reached out from behind to grope and squeeze boldly. Rushella went red in the face and turned around, yelling angrily:

"Y-You bitch......!!"

"These are F-cups infinitely approaching Gs huh... No, they've probably broke through the G barrier. Massive puppies, these things."

Mei smiled at her formidable rival.

She had already removed her own gym clothes and was only in underwear. Completely not embarrassed. Her skimpy punk underwear's design was quite salacious for a first-year high school student.

"Y-You bitch, what are you doing so suddenly!?"

"Doing what? ...I was only wondering if I should help you measure. By the way, your bra is a bit tight. Since Hi-kun accompanied you to buy them, why didn't you get proper measurements before buying?"

"B-Because, I don't quite get it, anyway I just bought some cute ones first..."

"What a waste of a shopping date. Just ask the shop staff to help you measure. Aren't you too ignorant in the ways of the world?"

Draculea V01 - 164.PNG

"You're being noisy! Anyway, I don't need your help!!"

"If you wear ill-fitting bras, the shape will get ruined, you know? If you still want to wear those kinds of clothes with revealing necklines like the dress you wore on your first day, I'd advise you to pay a bit more attention, okay?"


Mei made a fair point. Rushella fell silent, unable to find a rebuttal. Even without memories, she could tell that Mei's experience as a woman was far superior to hers.

"Hi-kun is such a poor dear. To think he would be accompanied by a girl who is this ignorant about staying presentable. Perhaps Hi-kun's own standards of appearance might get dragged down a lot."


The mentioning of Hisui's name caused Rushella to change her expression immediately.

"After all, my three sizes are measured already, I don't mind if I leave straight away... How about you?"

Mei smiled with full composure.

Rushella hesitated for a long while then finally sought help from the enemy.

"...Help me, measure."

"There you go, a nice and obedient kid. Then let's get this over with quickly.

Mei's experienced hands unrolled the measuring tape and measured Rushella's body.

"Just as expected, your bust exceeds the 90cm domain...... Waist is... Wow, even narrower than mine......"

"What's the matter?"

"N-Nothing! Hips...... Seems smaller than mine. I guess I should be glad huh... Hey, is Hi-kun a boobs worshiper or an ass kind of guy? For making babies, I suppose my childbearing hips are sufficient?"

"...No idea. Why do I need to know that guy's tastes......"

"Oh dear, is that so? Then that means you don't know why Hi-kun is absent from school today? Right right... I've also heard that the class rep is absent too. Did you know the reason?"

"......No idea. That guy didn't come home last night."

"Mm~hm... He's not well? Isn't that because you keep sucking his blood every day?"


Rushella looked down and could not speak. After all, she knew very well that losing blood burdened the human body.

"...I don't drink that much in a day. At least he's not in any risk of dying?"

"But it adds up every day, right? Although Hi-kun is always so easygoing, it's actually quite tough for him, right?"

"That guy's lazy to begin with..."

Although Rushella retorted insistently, her tone of voice was much weaker than usual.

Mei did not bother with the argument and cut straight to the chase.

"Oh well whatever. By the way, your three sizes are measured... Next, when we switch with the boys and do the dental and medical examinations, it'd be best if you could examine me... After all, given our identities, it's quite troublesome."

"That's true... My body's structure is different from humans."

"I should be fine with the dental, but the medical on the other hand... If I run into an experienced internist, it could get very risky. You probably have a problem with both, but dental will be the bigger issue. The length of your fangs are sure to draw attention."

"It's much shorter than when sucking blood, but a commotion would still be troublesome. Okay, time to use the mystic eyes to get through this!"

"Could you also hypnotize 'everything normal' for my checkup? As your reward... I'll help you do the dental examination. It'd be a problem if your prided fangs caused an issue, right?"

Mei smiled in a considerate manner.

Rushella did not notice her ulterior motives.

"Hah, looks like you're finally showing respect towards a 'True Ancestor.' Very well, go ahead and feel very honored."

"...Yes yes. By the way, how about I help you with some teeth cleaning? Let those prided teeth shine with radiance?"

Mei smiled tenderly and took out a paper cup filled with a white and sticky liquid. Then she stirred it up with disposable chopsticks.

"Teeth cleaning...? You mean brushing teeth? If it makes the teeth prettier, go ahead."

"...Okay, come, open your mouth."

"Yes. Ah—"

Rushella opened her mouth wide.

Mei instantly poured the contents of the paper cup inside.

Some of the liquid splashed and even made Rushella's face white.

"(What is this!?)"

"Relax, it's harmless. It'll solidify instantly in your mouth... Then the stains on the teeth will stick to it. Once removed, your teeth will shine brightly. Come, bite down firmly~~"

"Really...? Why does it taste so bitter... And so sticky."

Rushella felt the liquid solidifying slowly in her mouth. It felt similar to that 'chewing gum' she tried recently. Rushella did not like gum already but this sticky feeling in her mouth was even worse.

"Great, it's okay now— Open wide, don't damage the shape when I'm taking it out."

Rushella frowned and spat out the rubbery substance.

Her teeth was clearly imprinted on it. Mei carefully placed it into a plastic bag that resembled those used for handling criminal evidence.

"...Is this done? How are the teeth?"

Rushella wiped her mouth but there was still some dried-up stains of the white liquid on her face. Even her tongue still had traces of the white and opaque liquid. Her noble face was filled with displeasure.

Putting on an act, Mei handed her a tissue and told her the results of the "dental examination."

"Yeah, aha, right... Nice and white, isn't it? No problems. Right, go and rinse your mouth? Then head over to the gym and handle the internist and dentist for me, okay❤"

"...I know. My mouth feels terrible... And this sticky stuff on my face..."

Rushella adjusted her messed up clothes and exited the infirmary to rinse her mouth.

Watching her leave, Mei then looked at the bag in her hand and smiled with satisfaction.

"Got it❤"

"...So that's how it went, mission accomplished!"

"Thank you for your efforts, Ms. Informer."

During the break after the physical examination, Hisui was talking to Mei.

"That's so rude~ This is work, I repeat, work. I only reported to the police that a vampire had sneaked into the high school here. I should be commended for such behavior, right?"

"Thanks to you, I got dragged into it as well. I ran into so many troublesome things~~"

Hisui found it hard to accept what had happened yesterday. Combined with a lack of sleep, his mood was hitting lows.

"What does it matter? At least it proves that you're completely human, Hi-kun."

"I'm human already, I don't need proof of that. Whether my blood is sucked or not, I'm not affected. But I hope you haven't disclosed about my constitution, have you?"

Hisui was verifying the questions arising during the "examination" and Mei nodded.

"No I didn't. Besides, I still find your constitution quite unbelievable. It's impossible, being bitten by a vampire yet remaining fine."

"My blood becomes less, that's not completely fine... Anyway, thank you for that. If you disclosed it, I'll probably be taken away and dissected. That Eruru girl's style of doing things is completely unlike her name. Who knows what could happen."

Recalling his unfair treatment last night, Hisui face-palmed and shook his head.

Treated like that simply because he was living with a vampire. Had he turned completely into a vampire, that girl would surely have shown no mercy.

"Ah~ That's right, although she's really cute in appearance, she's quite merciless against supernatural creatures, especially vampires."

"...Why on earth is that?"

Hisui recalled his doubts from yesterday and muttered to himself. Although he did not know how outstanding her abilities were, her arrogant attitude and coldness towards vampires were highly unusual. He felt an almost fanatic obsession.

"But she's very into her work and gets results. Since you're worried about the class rep, wouldn't it be best to let her handle things?"

"...Currently, I can't trust those people."

Hisui spoke, very displeased.

Mei's operation today was due to Hisui accepting Eruru's mission the night before.

As the first witness of the incident, Hisui was taken to the police station to record his testimony after he called the police.

"Getting the bad stuff out of the way first, we do consider the vampire who lives with you as the prime suspect. When the victim fainted, she indicated 'Rushella' as the culprit. Didn't you hear her?"

"...I heard it."

Hisui did not feign ignorance. After all, the police already knew about it so there was no point in lying.

"Then I'll be upfront. Looks like you've realized your own stupidity, right? Because you left a vampire alone in this case, you're partly responsible."

"...What do you want me to do?"

"We hope you can assist the investigation. To exterminate that vampire, evidence is needed first. In other words, it needs to be rigorously proven that she did attack the victim."

"You want me to find proof of absence or gather fingerprints?"

"You're half right. What I want you to do is gather teeth marks."

"What's that?"

"Like humans, vampire's teeth have minor differences in their shapes. If the bite mark on the victim matches the teeth marks you gathered, then the vampire's guilt is confirmed. We'll prepare the tools for you and Sudou Mei will assist you. Go and gather her teeth marks."

—After explaining that, she had allowed Hisui to return home.

He had gone to school in the afternoon, met up with Mei who was already informed, then things happened as previously narrated.

Next, the teeth marks were to be handed to Eruru then their task was done.

"You look quite unhappy, Hi-kun. Are you that unwilling to suspect Rushella? I found her strange from the start. Insisting on calling herself 'True Ancestor' or whatever... After I told Kishida-san, he laughed, you know? That poker faced man."

"Hmm... Hold on, you also reported about that girl calling herself a 'True Ancestor'?"

"...? I reported it, yeah. Eruru-chan hopes we can provide as much detailed information as possible. But I don't think she really cares about that claim."

"...I see."

Hisui looked at the photos Mei had borrowed as investigation materials.

Mei poked her head over and frowned after looking at the photo.

"Wow... That's the blown up photo of the bite mark on the class rep? What a horrible wound......"

"I've seen many vampire victims before... But this counts as the most serious case. Almost on the verge of turning into a complete vampire. Quite a lot of blood was sucked in one go."

"Is this type very rare?"

"In order to turn a human into a vampire, the person's blood needs to be drained completely. Blood occupies 8% of a person's mass. Because the class rep is more slender than average, her mass probably doesn't even reach 50kg. Calculating from that, her blood is roughly 4L. Drinking this amount in a short amount time is quite a tall task even for a vampire. Vampires usually drain their victim's total blood over several nights, not only due to principles or rules, but also more importantly because drinking it all at once is too hard."

"Perhaps you're right... However, the body produces blood every day, right? If a period of time passes, won't the blood be replenished? Then what?"

"What I mean by 'total blood' is conceptually speaking. As an analogy, it's like the total amount of the 'soul.' Kinda like someone's HP bar in a game. Anyway, it's the accumulated amount of blood that needs to be drained from a human to complete the vampire transformation process. For a human's whose total blood is 4L, it can be done at once or in multiple goes. All it takes is 4L total. The replenishment from metabolism doesn't matter. Blood sucking is actually just a ritual. Compared to the actual blood situation, satisfying conceptual conditions is more important."

Hisui's continuous stream of knowledge was quite convincing. And some of the content was bringing them close to the core of the unknown vampire that Mei did not know.

"This vampire... It's possible that he might be quite thirsty, but in that case, there wouldn't be a single drop of blood left in the class rep. I think it goes beyond the matter of turning into a vampire. She would have been drained to death directly. Besides, if the vampire only sought blood, there should be more victims. In that case, I should have been attacked to. So—"


"For some particular reason, the culprit deliberately sucked a great deal of blood from the class rep. To the point just before turning her into a vampire completely. What exactly is that guy planning...?"

The smell of a conspiracy made Hisui think deeply.

"...The way I see it, judging from your tone of voice, you're just trying to clear Rushella from suspicion?"

"The method of blood sucking doesn't fit her style, that's the truth. Having been bitten by her, I know very well."

"But what about the victim's testimony? Even if the teeth marks are not compared, isn't that evidence enough?"


Hisui spoke blankly. Mei shrugged.

"Oh well whatever, this teeth mark sample, I'll deliver it over. A conclusion should result today."

"That thing... You used that tool that Kariya gave for obtaining teeth marks?"

"Yeah, it's an improved version of what dentists use. A special super fast drying resin. It probably will solidify completely in a little while."

"...I see."

Hisui closed his eyes and thought for a moment, then suggested.

"Ah, let me take it over actually. It's the police station, right?"

"Yeah... Why?"

"I have something I need to confirm. Before sunset."

"You're thinking of going now!? What about the afternoon lessons?"

"I'm taking today off. The teachers don't even know I came to school... Just make up any old reason."

Saying that Hisui took care to avoid being seen and made his way to the school gates.

"Why are you here?"

Eruru's first sentence was full of annoyance.

Naturally, Hisui was not particularly friendly either.

"I came to deliver what you demanded."

Hisui raised the police evidence labeled plastic bag before her eyes and said. It was already dusk and the setting sun was making long stretched out shadows for them.

"In that case, just wait at the reception in the station. Why did you deliberately run to the benches outside?"

Just as Eruru described, Hisui ran out outdoors as soon as he told reception to inform Eruru.

"I want to feel the breeze outside. Staying in that building makes me uncomfortable."

"No one needs your comments. Hurry and give me that thing."

Eruru reached out and urged Hisui to hand the teeth impressions over.

But Hisui ignored her and standing in the same spot with his back towards the setting sun, he made a demand.

"Of course I'll give you this, but there's a condition."

"What condition? You actually want money? How shameless..."

"Can I visit her?"


"The class rep must have been moved here, right?"

Hisui looked towards the white-walled building next to the police station.

It was one of the few comprehensive hospitals in the area. Built in this location, it was probably quite intimately related to the police.

"...You are quite observant. Whether you are dense or sharp... I really cannot tell sometimes."

"It's obvious with just a little thinking. So, what's your answer? Just a quick visit should be fine, right?"

"...Okay. Follow me."

Hisui followed Eruru and headed towards Seidou Comprehensive Hospital.

Passing through security card checkpoints and retinal scans, the two went underground.

Victims bitten by vampires would inherit the characteristics of vampires and fear light. Reina was probably kept underground to avoid suffering additional damage.

Finally, Hisui and Eruru arrived at the destination. This floor was the same as the facilities above ground, giving a clean, white image. And also because it was underground, there was an even more oppressive feeling from the surrounding walls.

The facility's goal was not treatment but isolation. That's what the environment seemed to make one think.

"We have arrived."

Eruru stopped walking.

The two of them were in a room with various medical equipment, like an intensive care unit. They were hooked up to the sleeping girl in the bed, converting her breathing, metabolism and especially the state of her blood into numerical values.

Perhaps to an ignorant observer, this was just a sickroom. However, seeing the girl tied to the bed with various restraints, this clearly seemed more like a prison.

The girl with the deathly pale face was Reina indeed.

When Hisui approached her, Reina suddenly opened her eyes.



Hisui raised his hand and greeted.

Reina stared at him with hollow eyes and then surveyed her surroundings.

She seemed to be as yet unclear of her situation. Her eyes kept wandering.

Her state was common in vampire victims, a hazy consciousness. She probably woke up multiple times earlier but her memories probably stopped at that night.

"How do you feel?"

Hisui sounded like a doctor. Reina simply answered in a hoarse voice.

"It feels like, so thirsty..."

"Let me buy you some juice, how's that?"

Hisui said this typical patient-visit-dialogue and approached Reina even closer.

Reina was almost close enough to touch his neck.

"What would you like a drink?"


The instant Hisui asked this question, Reina's eyes faintly shone with crimson light.

She spread her parched lips and revealed clean, white, healthy teeth.

Among them, the canines were particularly long.

"What I want to drink, is..."

Only Reina's head was mobile. Hisui did not move.

"Get away!"

Eruru snarled angrily and forcefully grabbed Hisui's arm, pulling him away from Reina.

At the same time, the crimson light faded from Reina's eyes as though she was drugged and she went to sleep with peaceful breathing.

"Are you mad!? Did you actually want her to drink your blood!?"

Eruru said coldly. Pointing her gun at Hisui's forehead without hesitation.

Unlike the police's standard issue S&W M3913 or the SIG Sauer P230JP, this gun had an elegant design and was silver all over.

It was covered with decorative patterns of angel's wings and cross motifs. Clearly custom made. The muzzle almost looked as though it fired lasers instead of bullets. As a lethal weapon, its design was quite intricate.

"What's that... Where did you draw it out from!?"

"This is the sacred gun, 'Argentum.' Normally used against vampires but also works on humans. But rather than silver bullets, you probably prefer eating lead."

Seeing Eruru move her finger to the trigger, Hisui raised his arms and surrendered, his face gone pale.

"I only asked if she were thirsty, okay? Even if the class rep drank my blood, what does it matter? As an incomplete vampire, she doesn't have the power to make people vampires through her bite, right?"

As soon as Hisui finished, the gun smacked him on the forehead. Probably intended to handle close combat with vampires as well, the gun's body was built quite sturdy. A smack on the head hurt quite a bit.

"What are you doing!?"

"You deserve it. Have you ever thought about if she turns back to human and recalls herself drinking someone else's blood, how she would feel!?"


"After bitten by a vampire, the issue is not as simple as turning into a vampire. More importantly, human dignity is infringed. Do not act rashly with your half-assed knowledge!!"

Roaring with hatred and anger, Eruru pointed at the sleeping Reina again.

Vampire Characteristic #6: once bitten by a vampire, as the vampirization process progresses, the victim will show loyalty to the master vampire and gradually turn into something like a vampire.

Reina's restraints were not only for protecting her but also to guard against her own dangerousness.

"I brought you here to let you see how pitiful she looks. No matter what theory you would like to advocate, this is a vampire's true nature. They suck blood and harm people. Even a person like you can understand that somewhat, right!?"

Draculea V01 - 181.PNG

Hisui could not refute and looked towards the shelves at the head of the bed.

That was probably where Reina's personal items were kept.

"This... is the class rep's?"

Hisui held a cross shining with noble radiance in his hand. It looked quite high-class and not a simple trinket. He could also feel the holiness emanating from it.

"...Yes. Her whole family is reported to be devout Christians. She also went to a Catholic middle school and attended church on Sundays. The parents are not home due to the church's work. According to records, they can only return after they finish handling their work."

"Clearly such a pious family, but why didn't God protect her?"

"If she had worn the cross on her neck at the time, she might have been spared. But that's how vampire attacks work. Whether pious saints or sinful women, once bitten they all fall and become inhuman monsters. This is the most terrifying disease in the world, treating everyone equal."

"I see."

Hisui pinched Eruru's cheek hard.

"...What are you doing?"

"This is payback."

"Are you a kid?"

"Lemme ask you a question. To you, what is a vampire?"

"...? Pests that everyone must exterminate. Haven't I said it already?"

"Another question, if it's one of those high-ranking members of the 'Pure'? Or even higher... A 'True Ancestor'?"

"All the same. That simply increases their threat. We will raise the alert and exterminate them more thoroughly. However, I do not believe that kind of thing still exists in this age. Pureblooded members of the 'Pure', at most one or two, 'True Ancestors', all the more impossible."

"I see. I get it. Okay, here you go."

Hisui tossed the teeth impressions to Eruru.

"Thanks. The analysis results will be out very soon. You can go reflect on your own actions."

Hisui did not answer but gazed at his fingers that had just pinched Eruru's cheek.

"You should understand more or less. That vampire by your side is just a bloodsucking monster. Hurry and leave her. No matter what choice you make I will deal with her."

"Thanks. Then could you lead me out? I can't exit alone."

"Still giving trouble even at the end. Fine, let's go."

Following Eruru, Hisui left the building and went on his way home.

After Hisui left, Eruru instantly summoned Kishida and handed the teeth impressions to him.

"The mold has arrived. Analyze it immediately."

"Understood. Once determined, I'll report to you."

"I know. Also, go down there and prepare anti-vampire combat equipment and troops. Capture not needed, just exterminate directly. It finishes tonight."

Kishida inquired of his merciless boss.

"But special consultant, the results are not yet—"

"The analysis was redundant to begin with. The higher-ups... No, this is a more convenient way to shut the mouths of those people who keep crying about coexistence with vampires and researching immortality. The end result does not matter. Anyway, hurry and prepare. I do not want to lose initiative."

The girl delivered a cruel message with an adorable voice.

The loyal right hand man did not say anymore and simply bowed his head and followed orders.

"Understood. Then I will start the analysis and prepare the team."

Kishida left and Eruru sat down at the desk in her office. This was where he had interrogated Hisui last time.

The punctual adjutant will surely finish preparations swiftly.


Eruru suddenly coughed and wheezed. She frantically covered her mouth.

While panting, she searched the drawer by her side and took out a small bottle filled with tablets.

Trembling, she poured out several tablets, placed them in her mouth, chewed them and swallowed.

The coughing persisted a while longer then her body finally calmed down. Eruru breathed out deeply.

Her cute face showed fatigue like a severely ill patient, filled with deep chagrin.

Biting her little lip, Eruru murmured like a curse.

"Destroy... Vampires, leave them all to me. All of them... I will destroy you all."

After "visiting" Reina, Hisui returned home. Rushella was standing at the door.

No matter how you looked at it, she must have waited for him.

The two had not seen each other for a day and felt embarrassed. Silently standing face to face without moving, Rushella finally spoke up first.

"You're back really late. Where did you go...?"

"Hmm~~ There was something to do."

"I don't suppose you went to shack up with that fake woman called Sudou, right!?"

"You're really acting like an old father with strict curfews. It's not like you're Miraluka."

As soon as he said that, Hisui knew he misspoke.

But it was too late, Rushella stepped forward like an arrow and interrogated.

"Who is Miraluka!?"

"Are you a vengeful wife interrogating a husband for affairs? You want to scold her for being a thieving cat?"

"Stop mocking me. Hurry... Tell me. Is that... the woman who raised you?"

Seeing Rushella's sincere gaze, Hisui gave up on arguing. Unhappily scratching his head, he finally nodded.

"...Yeah. I don't know her last name. Her first name was Miraluka."

"That woman... told you lots of stuff?"

"...She only played the role of a mother. But she had long passed the age to be my mother. Basically an old hag. But she gets mad if I say that, insisting 'at least call me Onee-sama.'"

Despite his displeasure, Hisui could not hide the emotions in his voice.

Acting as a mother, age older than a grandma, but looking like an older sister. A vampire like that.

What kind of relationship it was, Hisui himself did not know.

Perhaps family—This would capture their relationship best.

Hence, whenever he referred to her, Hisui used that word.

She is my family.

Seeing the look in Hisui's eyes as he reminisced, Rushella ordered unhappily:

"Hurry... Enter. Then make dinner. I haven't... eaten all this time."

"Yeah yeah... Why are you so particular about food when you don't even need it for nutrition?"

Hisui made a wry look and changed into casual clothing, put on an apron and went to the kitchen.

Tonight's menu was rice, miso soup, roasted fish and pickled vegetables. A pure Japanese style meal.

After cooking, the two had their meal in the living room.

Rushella was not used to chopsticks in the beginning but she had almost mastered them by now.

They started out eating silently but Rushella timidly spoke up.

"You... have something to say, right?"


"Then hurry and say it. I will answer."

Rushella spoke and turned her head to the side.

After pausing a while. Hisui asked the question he could not ask last night:

"Did you... suck the class rep's blood?"

Rushella shook her head but grumbled worriedly at the same time.

"...I dunno."

"You dunno? ...What do you mean, you dunno?"

"Because I didn't drink any blood yesterday, I was thirsting for it. But... I should have been able to endure it."

"Should? Don't you know your own body well?"

"I don't, know... I don't feel the thirst right now, maybe it's... because I drank the class rep's blood, perhaps..."

"Say, even if that's the case, whether you drank or not, you should remember..."

Halfway through, Hisui suddenly remembered what Rushella tried to express.

Memories—These were quite ambiguous to her in the first place.

She did not even know who she was.

"That night, I heard a girl screaming. My instincts told me someone was attacked by my kind. So I hurried over to the sound—Should be like that. But I'm not too confident..."

"Even if you lost your memory, you should still recall recent events, right?"

"...Yeah, but, I did feel a thirst at the time. At least, that girl collapsed on the ground... The fragrance of blood attracted me. I thought about sucking her blood, if you hadn't appeared then... I probably would have attacked her directly."


"I'm very afraid sometimes."

"Afraid of what...?"

"Afraid of myself when I thirst for fresh blood... Afraid I will turn into another person. If the 'thirst' cannot be stopped, maybe I might attack people on sight without thinking... This feeling is very scary."

The periodic thirst for blood—A basic instinct that no vampire could escape.

The interval between bouts of such thirst varied massively between individuals, but they had a common point—when the thirst for blood hit a max, they lose their rationality and degenerate into mere beasts.

"So... Sometimes I'm afraid. Thinking if I can't suck blood for long periods of time, what might happen. Will I become a different person, become... just a monster who knows nothing except sucking blood, like that Mei said, even worse than a mosquito."


"I've been thinking. Why do I have no memories? Perhaps, maybe... Something happened in the past. Maybe thirsting for fresh blood... I became a beast. Perhaps I turned into another person. Therefore, therefore... The current me, will something happen? Then I'll disappear, I'm always thinking of that..."

So everything was so hazy and disturbing.

Fear of a vampire's basic instinct and the loss of memories—burdened by these two stresses, Rushella frowned in self-mockery and hugged herself tight.

"So... I dunno. Maybe I drank the class rep's blood. Just like before, perhaps... I forgot after I drank it..."

Rushella's voice grew increasingly soft as she curled herself into a ball.

No matter how you looked, her fragile appearance did not look like a member of the race that ruled the night like kings since ancient times.

The fragile heart of puberty was a very frail and weak existence.

No matter what her actual age was, her mental age was the same as her appearance. This girl currently shouldered a heavy darkness on her own.

"That night... I think there was a trace of blood on your lips. But I never could figure out, why was there blood on the short sword as well? If you're sucking the class rep's blood, you don't need to use a weapon, right? Unarmed is enough, plus there's the mystic eyes. Then why?"

"I don't wanna say."

Rushella was reluctant to speak for some reason and turned her head to the side.

"Why? This involves your innocence, you know!?"


Rushella avoided eye contact and remained silent.

Hisui continued to stare at her relentlessly.

Finally, Rushella gave in and spoke gloomily.

"I was... practicing."


"I was practicing sucking blood."


Hisui stared with his eyes wide in surprise. Rushella blushed and said softly.

"It's because you said I sucked blood too clumsily, so... So I went to the butcher's to buy a hunk of meat as similar to human as possible, with relatively more blood..."

"Then you cut the meat into a suitable size and bit... Is that what you mean by practicing sucking blood?"

Rushella nodded with her face bright red.

Hisui clutched his sides, desperately trying to suppress his laughter.

"Hey, no way!? Practicing... Blood sucking practice! What the heck, that's unheard of in vampires! And going to the butcher's shop! Eh, what was it, pork or beef? So that's why you had blood on your lips and sword!?"

"You're being really annoying!! That's why I didn't want to say it..."

Rushella was so embarrassed she was almost about to cry. Her tiny fists hammering Hisui's body.

Hisui laughed even harder, rolling on the floor clutching his stomach.

"Gimme a break... I was stuck thinking about it all day, how silly of me..."

"You're being noisy, hurry and shut up!!"

Rushella's mood was very bad and she pouted unhappily.

Hisui finally managed to stop his laughter and asked again:

"...Why did you want to practice?"

"I said already. Because you said I am clumsy."

Rushella still looked cross and did not want to face Hisui.

"Umm, say..."

"Not drinking blood is out of the question. However... At least it's better if you don't hurt when I'm drinking, right? And I do control how much I drink..."

Hearing Rushella's delicate voice, Hisui scratched his head awkwardly.

"Then... What do you think?"

It was Rushella's turn to ask. She had explained her situation completely.

Then what did Hisui think of her?

"Do you think... I would break my promise with you and suck other people's blood casually?"

Rushella whispered, slowly approaching Hisui's face.

Hisui could not answer immediately. Then he prepared to speak.

Just as Rushella was waiting for his answer. The sound of a car stopping and many people's footsteps were heard at the entrance.

"What now, visitors at this time?"

"...You wait here, don't go out."

Hisui's face was serious. Ordering Rushella to stay in the living room, he walked out by himself.

Exiting the house, he found uniformed police tactical unit lined up in the garden outside.

Dressed in smart-looking heavy protective gear around their necks, clearly they were designed to guard against vampires.

Very likely, all the materials used in their uniforms were made of strong fibers to resist vampire teeth.

Outside the yard, signs of an armored van could be seen. Several searchlights were directed towards Hisui's surroundings, lighting up the night sky as bright as day, leaving nowhere for the target to hide.

"Good evening, Kujou-san." The leader of the troops was Eruru.

Just like the first time they met, Kishida was standing by her side.

"What are you doing? Don't cause trouble for the neighbors, hurry and shut the lights and stay quiet."

"We leave once things are done. Will you hand it over, the pest?"

"...Are the analysis results out?"

"Yes. I have gone through proper procedure before coming here. So there was no need to seek your consent. This is my first and last warning to you, accomplice. Hand her over now."

Eruru's face was solemn and did not tolerate any objections.

On her orders, Hisui would probably be captured by one of the men standing by behind her.

Faced with this critical moment before the imminent crisis, Hisui clenched his fist and thought of countermeasures. The surrounding atmosphere grew tense.

Facing off silently, shrouded in danger—The silence was broken by a rude sound from behind Hisui.

"What's with these people? Hey you, hurry and explain to me!"

Rushella ignored Hisui and openly appeared at the door.


Hisui grumbled but things had already happened.

Captured—No, judging from Eruru's intent, this should be an extermination mission. The members of the tactical unit all entered high alert at the arrival of the "enemy."

"Oh my, this sure saves me a lot of effort."

"What are you planning? Hey, my servant, who's this girl? Why is a little runt acting so superior?"

"Please don't make things any more complicated..."

"Seriously. If you will obediently allow me to stake your heart and chop off your head, at least I will give you a swift end."

"You bitch..."

Feeling the murderous intent shrouding the entire surroundings, now Rushella understood her situation.

"Mere humans, what you do plan to do to me?"

"Destroy you. What about it?"

"Big words there. But you have no reason. I require blood for survival and you have no compelling reason to destroy me, right?"

"Speaking of reasons, the fact that you are a vampire is reason enough. Besides the evidence is iron-clad. That guy beside you gave us proof."


Rushella looked at Hisui in surprise, but he ignored her and simply stared at Eruru.

"I never thought you would drink the blood of so many young virgins. You're the greediest vampire in recent times in this area."

"You're talking about that whatever class rep...? But no, I didn't do it..."

"You're still denying? How unsightly. Your teeth matches the victim's bite marks completely. Also, this guy helped us to verify that."

"Teeth marks... Mine!? You...!"

Rushella recalled Mei's actions during the physical examination.

That turned out to be for this. And the reason was... Hisui's instructions.

"You suspected me after all...!?"

Rushella bit her lip and spoke, tears already appearing in her eyes.

But Hisui remained unmoved.

"What nonsense are you talking about? If a human had their blood sucked, then it's natural to suspect a vampire. Very well, Kujou-san, hand her over to us. I am duty-bound to deal with this pest."

Eruru, Kishida and the rest of the police approached.

Then Hisui finally reacted.

As though protecting Rushella, he stood before her, blocking the police team members.

"What now? You cannot be thinking of taking that pest's side, are you?"

"Then let me verify the evidence. Speaking of which, why did you guys suspect her in the first place?"

Hisui pointed his index finger at Rushella.

Seeing his serious face, Eruru could not help but sigh.

"...Because she is a vampire. Since victims have appeared, suspecting her is only natural, right?"

"Apart from her, there are other vampires."

"...What about the victim's testimony!?"

"This point exactly is what I find very suspicious. Why do you believe her so readily? Believing someone who has been bitten?"

"Why? ...Ah!"

Eruru shook involuntarily.

Indeed—That was an untrustworthy existence.

Once bitten, a person cannot be trusted.

As for why—

"Once bitten, a person will show loyalty towards the one who bit them—the master. A victim will only repay kindness with treachery towards people trying to protect them. Because of that, you kept the class rep tight up securely. Then you should know right? You can't believe the words of someone who's been bitten. They will usually defend their master. They can't possibly give up their master's identity. If they say it... It's more than likely on the master's orders, to find a scapegoat."


All the policemen began to talk among themselves. They all possessed substantial knowledge on vampires. Hence, they could understand the key point that Hisui raised directly.

Feeling the gaze of her subordinates, Eruru remained calm.

"Indeed, what you say makes sense. However, the loyalty of the bitten varies substantially depending on the person's mental strength and rate of vampirization. And in this incident..."

"Almost on the verge of turning into a full vampire, the victim is a weak high school girl. No matter how you look at it, she can't possibly oppose the master's will. I also went to the hospital to confirm her condition. You should know better than me, right?"

Hisui's argument was even more acute.

Standing behind Eruru, the policemen's chattering became even noisier.

In order to prevent further chaos, Eruru took out the evidence.

"...But the teeth marks match. There has never been two people with completely identical teeth marks. This is just as precise as fingerprinting. There absolutely cannot be a mistake!"


"You are getting annoying! Why are you protecting this pest?"


Hisui asserted with full confidence, instantly suppressing Eruru's intimidating aura.

"Impossible. The teeth marks could not possibly match."

"What rubbish are you spouting..."

"Just as she said... I did suspect her at one point."

Hisui pointed at Rushella behind him and said.

Indeed, he had suspected Rushella from a while ago.


"I also suspected you guys. Members of the Supernatural Investigations Section?"

Seeing Hisui's acute gaze, Eruru could not help but feel intimidated. But she kept true to herself and mocked in reply:

"What nonsense are you saying... We are a proper police organization."

"Proper police organization that easily believes a bitten victim's testimony. Perhaps you guys... Making up a plausible criminal charge, trying to exterminate my freeloader... I felt that you guys had that intent. So in order to test if you guys are trustworthy... I did some slight tampering."

"Tampering...? What on earth did you do...!?"

"Before the teeth marks solidified completely, I adjusted them slightly to change the shape."

Hisui's words left Eruru's entire team standing there speechless.

Vanquishing a vampire who was feeding on human blood—This righteous reason was beginning to show cracks.

"So, it definitely cannot match Rushella's teeth marks exactly."


Eruru's face was emotionless.

The boy she had despised was now standing in her way as a giant threat.

Hisui pressed on his advantage.

"Why would teeth marks that could not match end up being a match for the bite marks on the class rep's neck? Very simple, that. Someone is fabricating evidence to set her up as the culprit."

Eruru clenched her tiny fists.

This decisive accusation caused the atmosphere to tense.

The criminal was not a vampire but a human.

The police team did not voice this but their inquiring gazes sought Eruru's confirmation.

"You believed me...?"

Silent all this time, Rushella asked gratefully.

Hisui scratched his head in embarrassment.

"...I suspected you in the beginning but then I believed you. So... What are we going to do here?"

Hisui answered in a casual tone of voice and glared at Eruru sharply.

Before Eruru could answer, her face gone pale, Hisui continued to pursue the heart of the matter.

"Ultimately, who sucked the class rep's blood? I have a clue. Say, mister, why didn't you report that particular matter!?"

Hisui looked towards—Kishida.

And everyone followed his gaze.

The man under everyone's attention simply muttered quietly.

"What a nuisance of a guy."


The first to notice was Eruru.

The person who had followed her faithfully like a shadow suddenly disappeared.

Then Hisui noticed too.

The man whom he had met several times before suddenly vanished from view.

Clearly faster than the limits of human speed.

This was precisely as fast as a vampire.

His eyes gave off vivid red light and his mouth was filled with pale white and sharp teeth.

"Damn brat."

Kishida laughed violently and grabbed Hisui's arm, biting his neck!!


Hisui felt a sharp pain from his neck and blood was being sucked away at a frightening rate.

This completely merciless blood sucking reminded Hisui of Reina's tragic state last night.

No mistake, this guy is the true culprit.

"What a clever brat, but this is the end of the line for you. You will help me block these pesky people."

"You bastard, get away from him!!"

Faster than anyone else, Rushella rushed towards Kishida.

But Kishida had expected it and smiled fearlessly, separating himself from Hisui's neck. This blood sucking, done with the intent to harm, ripped out large chunks of skin and flesh from Hisui's neck as the teeth were withdrawn.

Kishida smiled cruelly and threw Hisui towards Rushella.

"Hey, pull yourself together!!"

Rushella tearfully caught Hisui in her arms. All this was going according to Kishida's calculations.

Using this opportunity, he took out a spraying device and sprayed it at Rushella.

"This is...!?"

Instantly, Rushella's sense of smell was numbed.

This smell was just like the garlic attack she suffered from Hisui that time.

Naturally, this concentrated and intense stench was on completely different level than the little attack last time. Rather than a deterrent, this was a proper weapon for deploying against vampires.

Kishida used a simple gas mask to cover his mouth and nose, remaining unaffected. Looks like he had prepared beforehand to prevent the anti-vampire equipment from affecting himself.

"You bastard..."

Rushella did not even have the strength to speak. Unable to stand steadily, she collapsed.

Kishida snickered, grabbed the unconscious Rushella and ran away like a puff of smoke.

He easily jumped over the wall. His figure as he raced across the night was indeed that of a bona fide vampire.

"Chase him, hurry!!"

Eruru immediately issued orders. Several people followed Kishida on foot. The rest boarded the armored van and set off.

The vampire and the hunters all departed like a storm, leaving only Hisui and Eruru at the scene.

"Are you okay!?"

Eruru rushed over to Hisui and immediately started first aid. Because she was not carrying a medical kit, she could only use a white handkerchief as gauze, trying to staunch the bleeding.

Seeing the wound, Eruru could not help but frown and divert her gaze.

The wound was very deep.

The carotid artery had suffered severe damage, resulting in horrific bleeding. Part of the skin was completely chewed off. Not dying on the spot was quite fortunate already.

Nevertheless, he stood up.

"That bastard... Sucking away as he pleased... Rushella is much better than him... Glutton, greedy vampire... I'm guessing that's 2L taken? Oh well, it saves me the effort..."

Eruru was so frightened she instantly cried out.

"What are you talking about!? If you move recklessly now...!"

From Eruru's perspective, Hisui's blood loss was enough to be fatal. Everything he said was just trying to act tough. But Hisui showed his neck to her, causing Eruru to stare wide-eyed, dumbfounded.

"No way..."

The repulsive and terrifying teeth marks were already gone.

No, more strictly speaking, the wound still lingered... But it was disappearing before her eyes.

Ripped open by teeth, the wound was still seeping blood, but traces of the vampire's "kiss"—Had already healed.

"Why...!? Could it be, you're a vampire...!? No, that's impossible... Then another kind of supernatural creature... But, during the examination..."

"I am just a human. Except with a constitution that won't turn into a vampire, that's all."

Hisui remarked lightly. Having suffered an attack like Reina's, Hisui was further convinced that Kishida was the culprit.

"You won't turn into a vampire...? Impossible, that kind of thing...!!"

This phenomenon, overturning her world view, caused Eruru to shake her head repeatedly in denial.

Nevertheless, he was a true human. The examination results clearly wrote that. And the one conducting the examination was herself.

In mere minutes, something inside her brain was collapsing from its very roots.

"Look, the situation is a bit beyond expectation. But it turns out you're not the one fabricating..."

"Of course not!! Because I originally thought the culprit was surely..."

"You're saying that despite your hatred, you still follow the rules? So that guy fabricated the analysis results..."

"Looks like... it. I obtained the results from him... So he was framing other vampires for his crimes...? But why..."

Eruru bit her lip and shook her head.

Originally so strong, she was now a deeply troubled girl in Hisui's eyes.

It looked like the guy used to be quite a trusted subordinate of hers.

But in actual fact, he was a vampire who should be destroyed.

And right by her side, yet she did not see through it.

Although her situation was sympathetic, but unfortunately, Hisui currently did not have the time for that.

"That guy... Why did he abduct my freeloader? If he just wanted to escape, grabbing the most powerless human, me, would be the best choice. Wait, why did the class rep frame that girl? Since he doesn't want experts to see through him, hiding skillfully in human society, he shouldn't be drinking the class rep's blood with reckless abandon..."

"I have no idea about that...! How would I know what a vampire thinks!?"

Eruru cried out emotionally then bowed her head.

Her delicate and petite body was trembling, looking very vulnerable and frail.

"While going out on operations with that man, I have seen him under the sun many times. Recalling that, he must have shown me deliberately. Also, he is particularly punctual, that is probably in order to never forget to apply the light blocking agent. A habit of wearing gloves... To avoid skin contact with me."

"Direct contact would allow you to discover his use of the light blocking agent. Looks like he was quite on guard. But the problem is why would he deliberately infiltrate an organization most unfavorable towards vampires?"

Hisui's greatest doubt regarding Kishida was that.

Although he probably thought "the most dangerous place is the safest place" but being part of an anti-monster organization was too high a risk. Also mentally, there should have been quite a lot of stress.

Even so, he still hid his identity and laid low by Eruru's side.

Hisui had a theory regarding the reason for this.

"That guy... He kept one point to himself when he received Sudou's report."

"What happened? Sudou-san's report was passed on to me through him..."

"About my freeloader, what was the first report you received like?"

"Nothing special, very ordinary... Vampire attending high school... That was it."

"I knew it..."

It made sense now, Hisui nodded.

Eruru looked surprised and asked.

"What are you trying to say...? There is something suspicious about this report? At least, the appearance of a vampire girl, going to the same high school as you—These are all rigorous facts, right?"

"Indeed. But the important part was omitted. My freeloader claims to be a 'True Ancestor.'"

"What did you say!?"

Eruru's face changed in alarm.

A True Ancestor-class vampire—someone of that exalted status was in a place like this!?

"Impossible... That vampire, unbelievable, how... Nothing of that sort was in the report...!"

"Right... It didn't appear in the report. That Sudou girl said that she gave that Kishida guy the report. But he hid this fact and did not report to you. This is one of the reasons why I couldn't trust you guys completely. Clearly a True Ancestor-class vampire had appeared yet you take such ordinary measures. And regardless if you believed or not, at least you'd ask me for confirmation."

"Then... Kishida's goal... Was that girl from the very start...!?"

"Most likely. By staying by your side, the chances of running into his own kind became higher. Perhaps while assisting your work, he had been searching for a 'True Ancestor' in secret. Sucking the class rep's blood then framing Rushella. Then using the police to capture her. Then report to you the target was destroyed, allowing him to imprison her elsewhere... However, the most important reason still eludes me."

"Reasons do not matter at all! To think a True Ancestor-class vampire... What an embarrassment, I must instantly contact headquarters to send reinforcements... No, first, the equipment needs to be adjusted...!!"

Eruru ignored Hisui and began to take out her cellphone to operate with racking her brains.

Compared to Kishida, compared to the victim, her first thoughts were destroying the True Ancestor Rushella—In the end, everything in her heart returned to the starting point.

Hisui sighed lightly and asked her in exasperation.

"Hey hey, we already cleared her of the crime, are you still thinking of exterminating her?"

"If she really were a 'True Ancestor' then she must have sucked numerous people's blood to this date. Aren't her crimes obvious!?"

"Do you have a right to talk about others? What about yourself?"

Hisui reached out his left hand towards Eruru. Having wiped the wound on his neck, there was still some blood there that had not dried yet.


Eruru turned her head away from Hisui's arm and covered her mouth. Not only that, she also began to cough, her body trembling slightly.

"You're afraid of blood?"

"O-Of course not... Just some old illness. I-I can treat it instantly..."

Taking out a medicine box with trembling hands, she popped tablets into her mouth.

But Hisui stopped her, scattering the tablets on the ground.

"What are you doing...!?"

"Stop it. Eating that is harmful to your body."

"What nonsense... This is just ordinary medicine..."

"That's right. Just ordinary medicine for suppressing your urge to suck blood."

Eruru's face instantly lost all expression.

She looked at Hisui, her face all pale—As pale as a vampire.

"What are you saying... You are not implying I am a vampire, are you!? Even as a joke, that is going too far!"

"That's true... You were fine standing in the setting sun."

Eruru suddenly recalled what happened earlier.

Earlier in the day, when Hisui came to find her, why he specifically waited outdoors.

That was to confirm. Confirm whether she was affected by sunlight.

"You suspected me...? Suspected me of being a vampire!?"

"Yes. Seeing the way you hated vampires, it reminded me of how like poles of a magnet repelled one another. Although not being afraid of sunlight could be due to applying the light blocking agent, I checked it out as well... But the result was you didn't use it."

Hearing Hisui's words, Eruru could not help but touch her cheek.

Earlier... Hisui had pinched her there.

She originally thought Hisui was childishly seeking revenge, but now she realized the true meaning behind his action.

He was checking out how her skin's texture.

Through texture, he confirmed whether a light blocking agent had been applied.

"You... when did you start suspecting me!?"

"The first time we met. Such a petite physique yet you seemed unnaturally strong. Also, you turned away when I had a nosebleed, right? An anti-vampire expert afraid of blood? I was thinking, perhaps you're not afraid of blood but you liked it too much—Seeing blood, you can't control yourself so you avoid it. Because that guy also did the same evasive action, I also became suspicious. Finally going as far as to open the window for ventilation... Truly suspicious."


To Hisui, visiting Reina was just an excuse.

His true motive was to confirm Eruru's identity.

"...How sly you are. But this all your random guessing, I am not a vampire."

"Right, you're not. Unafraid of light, you even use a gun with a cross imprinted on it."

Hisui admitted.

But he did not relent.

Almost in a merciless tone of voice, he revealed Eruru's true identity.

"You're a dhampir, right?"

Eruru lost all color in her face. With a fearful gaze, she took a step back.

Dhampir—A hybrid offspring between a vampire and a human.

Born in the gap between light and darkness, day and night, inheriting the blood of both races.

And their bodies naturally inherited dual characteristics of humans and vampires.

With sufficient intent, they could masquerade as normal humans virtually flawlessly, but Hisui discovered a tiny flaw in Eruru's behavior.

Eruru hugged herself, trembling nonstop.

It looked like the dangerous signs of drug withdrawal. Hisui gazed at her.

Eruru reached out a trembling hand, trying to get medication from the box but Hisui called out sharply.

"Didn't I say stop?"

Eruru bowed her head and bit her lip.

A dhampir's most taboo characteristic—the desire for human blood just like a vampire.

But unlike vampires, humans did not fall under their control as a result of a bite. Neither did they turn into vampires. However, the desire for fresh blood remained unchanged.

"Like vampires, dhampirs cannot stop their desire for blood. Neither vampires nor dhampirs would die from not drinking blood but their strength would diminish. But when diminished to the very limit, their power would suddenly grow great instead, turning them into an irrational monster that seeks nothing but blood. You should know that already."


"If you are considerate of the people around you, I think you should compromise a bit. Ingesting blood in small amounts would actually be a lot better. If you just keep suppressing it, the final impulse could be terrible. So..."

"So what!? Are you asking me to go suck blood!? Asking me to shamelessly suck blood!?"

Eruru looked up, her eyes filled with tears. She continued to yell hysterically.

"What do you know!? Do you understand the me who desires blood!? Do you understand that if I do not suppress it this way, I would lose my sanity!?"

She screamed at the top of her lungs, almost as though blood would gush out from her throat.

She had suppressed these feelings at the bottom of her heart. This could not be captured simply by "likes repel one another."

"This tragic situation, it is enough for me to shoulder on my own. That is why vampires must be exterminated...!"

That was why she desperately learned about vampires and pursued this career.

Hisui listened to her plead her mission, but wiped his index finger across Eruru's lips.

His fingertip was smeared with his own blood.

The moment the vivid red lipstick was applied on Eruru's lips, a minute amount of blood accidentally entered her mouth and relieved her desire for fresh blood.


"What a nice person you are."

"W-What are you talking about..."

"When my blood was sucked just now, you instantly rushed over, worrying about me. That's no good... I was already ordered by that guy to stop you people. You should have been more vigilant."

"T-That was..."

"Same with the class rep, right? You believed the victim like a normal person. This is normal, right? I must be the abnormal one."

Eruru wanted to say something. Hisui turned his back to her and clumsily took out his cellphone.

"Hey, it's me. Could you come over? Where are you? The convenient store in Nichoume? Perfect... Then come over... That girl was captured... What, you're busy? Let me tell you, it's all because of you! I'll explain later. Thanks."

Hisui hung up. Then he muttered with his back to Eruru.

"I was raised by a vampire. However, the one who killed my real parents was that vampire as well."


Hisui divulged his origins in response to Eruru's confession.

However, completely unlike Eruru, Hisui spoke indifferently without emotion. His tone of voice was also very uninvolved.

"I can't really remember but apparently my parents wanted to kill me. A collective suicide? My parents wanted to kill me, who didn't know anything at the time, then commit suicide. Then a vampire happened to pass by, killed my parents and saved me and raised me. This sort of situation, what do you think I should do about it? Hate the vampire for killing my parents? Thank her for saving me? As a human, what should I do?"

Eruru did not answer.

This type of question could not be answered.

"Ludicrously, that vampire died to save me in the end. For my sake, turned into ash."

Memories of the past surfaced before Hisui's eyes.

Enduring the scorching from the intense sun in the sky, the vampire who kept performing chest compressions to rescue the boy.

"That person not only saved me but also many humans at the scene, finally dying herself."


"However, the humans who were saved, everyone was cursing at the vampire. Saying monster, you deserve to die, etc. Some people even threw rocks at her. Hey, which side is right in your view?"

Eruru could not answer, she did not want to confront this type of question at all.

However, Hisui continued to question mercilessly.

"What should I do? Because I'm human, should I follow those humans and curse the vampire who raised me? But as a human, shouldn't' I say thanks first? Whether the other person is a vampire or a monster or not... I should first say 'thank you', right?"

Hisui turned to look at Eruru but her face was turned away. No, she was avoiding Hisui's gaze.

"Before that person died, she turned me into this kind of constitution. Otherwise I surely would have died. Hence... Ever since, I won't turn into a vampire even if bitten by one. So... What am I now?"


"Humans turn into vampires once bitten by vampires. Conversely, someone who doesn't turn into a vampire after being bitten would not be human. Then what am I? A supernatural creature? Or neither human nor supernatural, some kind of monster?"

Hisui continued to stared at Eruru as he asked.

Eruru could not answer but did not avoid his gaze, staring at him straight.

"That kind of thing I guess. Whether human or vampire..."

"So... You want to save that vampire? Saving an enemy of mankind...?"

"That girl... Drenched by rain, when she most wanted to suck blood... She didn't. Clearly a vampire."


"For my sake, she even tried to practice her blood sucking technique... Just now also... tried to save me. So what do you say, what should I do?"

This was a so-called calm tone of voice.

But the firm resolved it carried, Eruru could feel it clearly.

"That girl promised me. Before figuring out her origins, she won't suck anyone's blood but mine. I also responded to her promise. Before that... I'll be her servant. So I must go to where my master is."

Saying that, Hisui entered his own home.

Eruru stared at his back, spacing out, then a familiar voice was heard from behind.

"Good evening~ Ah, looks like the mood isn't quite right. There's been a commotion nearby?"

Mei was in her uniform, opening the gate and entering the yard.

"Sudou-san... Why are you here?"

"Hi-kun called me here. Then... Who got caught? Rushella?"

"Do you intend to assist him...? No matter what I instruct, do note that saving her is Kujou Hisui's willful decision, okay? I will not be providing any reward."

"Yes~ Oh well, it can't be helped. Who can refuse a lover?"

Although suddenly called here, Mei did not seem annoyed.

Unable to comprehend, Eruru simply asked in puzzlement.

"Why...? Don't you hate vampires as well?"

"I do dislike them, yes... And for me, she counts as a rival."

"I don't understand. In particular... I don't understand Kujou Hisui. Why is he able to go this far?"

"Right. But, if Rushella really sucked the class rep's blood... He'd probably exterminate her by his own hands."


"This is probably his way of taking responsibility? But in his heart, he believed in Rushella's innocence. That's why he pondered so much and verified so many things... Seeking the truth all along. But he also worried about the class rep at the same time. Human and vampire—clearly taking one side was enough but he wants both and seeks the hardest path. To this date... And probably henceforth as well. If Rushella sucked anyone else's blood, he will exterminate her personally. That's the kind of resolve he has made."

"Who on earth is he...?"

"Just a human. But a human who treats non-human entities equally. After he found out my identity... Nothing changed. Although I'm quite confident in my appearance... But most people would distance themselves after finding out, right? But he didn't. Neither distancing himself nor getting any funny ideas— just continuing as normal."

Mei spoke with a bright expression. She originally treated him as just the target for her baby making mission, but before she knew it, he had become her fated one true love. Meeting this kind of human, even her first ancestor might have avoided resenting being created and lived a happy life instead.

"...I do not understand."

Eruru fell silent. Footsteps were heard from behind at this moment.

Turning back, she found Hisui coming out. The moment she looked at him, Eruru felt a sense of dizziness.

"It's better that you don't look. Even if you're a hybrid, it could still be fatal."

Hisui was carrying on his back something that made Eruru, no, something that made all vampire kin feel shocked.

A giant silver cross.

He had pulled it out from the basement, wrapped its chains around his hand and carried the cross on his back.

"What is that...?"

Careful not to look at the cross behind him that stood at his height, Eruru turned her gaze away and inquired.

"The cross-shaped sacred sword, the 'Tzara Blade.' Just by raising it, ordinary vampires will be immobilized. Its blade is also very sharp. Its only flaw is it's too heavy. Probably 30kg."

"I have researched crosses in my line of work, yours... Clearly a weapon? And the holiness it carries... Very extraordinary."

"A certain savior was crucified on this thing in the past. Thus the cross turned from a symbol of death into a sacred symbol. Reportedly, this is the antique surviving from that time period. Because it's forged from silver then processed, whether as a work of art or a weapon against vampires, it is the highest ranked. If it's not handled carefully, those bigshots at the Vatican might come running to reclaim it."

"How did such an extraordinary item fall into your hands!?"

"I inherited it from my foster parent."

Hisui simply explained in a sentence and turned towards Mei who had rushed over.

"So, could you help me carry this? I'm already out of strength."

"What... You're treating me as mover!?"

"Well, you're strong. Please, my blood was sucked, I'm already seeing stars."

"Fine... Then you must go on a date with me next time, okay? Includes an overnight stay."

"I'm going home by sunset and you bear all the costs, please accept my haggling."

Mei shrugged and reluctantly took the Tzara Blade. Then she lifted it effortlessly with one hand.

Then the two exited the garden, Eruru following them.

"W-Wait, you two. You're going to save that vampire!? You know where she is?"

"You gave Sudou all kinds of tools, right? I saw a tracking device among them so I secretly placed it on that girl's person. Vampire aside, if that clueless lady wandered off, who knows how much trouble she'd cause to others."

To think Hisui was this well-prepared.

He lightly raised his right hand and ran into the night with Mei... But no sooner had they taken two steps, Eruru had already grabbed their collars and dragged them back.

"Say, we're in a hurry you know?"

"I'd like to get things done and go home too, yeah?"

"In this emergency situation, you still want to carry that conspicuous object out in the open, running on your legs like fools? Use your brains a little. I am calling for a car."

At some point, Eruru had recovered her former eloquence.

Probably due to the earlier commotion, her half-framed glasses were almost falling off. Eruru pushed them up with her hands, a flash of inspiration glinting in her eyes.

"Also, let us discuss our plan."

Chapter 6 - Anti-DracAnti-Vampire[edit]

"This place is...?"

Rushella woke up and looked in all directions, finding herself in a dim location.

This looked like a warehouse, with cardboard boxes scattered all around. The warehouse was quite spacious with faint sounds of ocean waves and the smell of the tide. This was probably a corner somewhere in the harbor.

Chasing after hazy memories, she then flew into a rage.

Back when the pungent smell of garlic hit her, she could not bear it no matter what.

Right, I fainted and lost consciousness, then...

Rushella recalled her mistake and could not help but gnash her teeth. Then immediately she discovered that her arms and legs were immobilized.


She could not move naturally. Because her limbs were bound tightly by silver chains then tied to the wall. These chains were apparently prepared in advance and already installed into the wall, extremely secure.

But as a vampire, if Rushella used her full strength, breaking the wall should not be that hard—but she could not do it.

"Silver, huh..."

Because touching the chains produced a scorching pain akin to being burned, only then did she realize the chain's material. Vampires were afraid of silver itself. These chains were most likely designed specially for vampires, making escape even harder.

"You woke, Your Highness the True Ancestor?"


Although Rushella did not know him, the man before her was Kishida whom Hisui and Eruru were well acquainted with.

"Who are you...? You should be my kin. But how are you able to use this contemptible thing."

Just as Rushella pointed out, no matter how effective anti-vampire equipment was against other vampires, a vampire would find them difficult to use. But this man was making perfect use of them.

"Please call me the Baron. Although it differs from the West, I have received an official title of nobility in this country."

"Really... I heard from my servant already, this country no longer has a system of nobles. Judging from that fact, you must have lived here since a long time ago."

"Compared to a True Ancestor, I'm nothing. But living in the human world, I have learned knowledge. Although using these kinds of tools to bind my kin is difficult for myself, a person in the process of turning does not have this inconvenience."

Behind the Baron, a girl in a patient's gown was standing at his service.

"The class rep...!? You bit her!?"

"Exactly. A young virgin... especially a saint, how could I resist? Well done. These chains I'm unable to touch, by ordering her who is still in the middle of turning, she helped me to tie you up."

"I see... You sucked her blood to approach, but not reach full vampirization in order to create a more loyal servant who can perform tasks you cannot. What a lowly man you are."

"Very unfortunately, I am not as noble a vampire as a True Ancestor."

Mixed with self-mockery and anger, the Baron smiled in a complicated manner, twisting his lips.

Rushella went "hmph" and asked arrogantly:

"Then, why would you perpetrate such rude behavior against one so far above you as I am? Have you been smitten by my charm?"

"Charm... That is true in a way. I have spent so much effort searching for a True Ancestor-class vampire."

"How so?"

"I became a vampire out of my own volition. I asked my 'master' to suck my blood, thereby abandoning my human identity. I originally looked forward to eternal life, but once I got my wish I discovered there were so many inconveniences."

"My race's weaknesses are common knowledge. You should have known beforehand, right? Don't complain after the fact."

"Indeed... Light, crosses and the like cannot be helped. But not only that, for those of us who became a vampire through a master's bite, we must live in fear of death every moment of our lives, do you know why?"

"Like I would know."

Rushella replied arrogantly.

These troubles of lowly commoners did not concern her.

The Baron's face twisted in resentment after hearing her.

"How arrogant of you. For us 'servants,' when the 'masters' are destroyed, we also perish in a chain reaction. Do you understand? Immortality is just an empty label when we 'servants' must fear destruction through chain reaction every second. Can you understand these troubles!?"

"I don't want to understand. You're just mentally weak. If you want to preserve your existence, just leave descendants behind. The master-servant chain reaction does not spread to blood relatives. It's only an issue between the biter and the bitten. Since your descendants won't be killed, your bloodline continues to be passed down."

"Utterly inane. I only want myself to survive eternally. Not just that, I can't even surpass my 'master' in power ever. All I can do is fear the chain destruction. No matter how many people's blood I suck, this fact cannot be changed. Who wants such a fate?"

The Baron discarded his earlier calm and gestured with his arms and legs in an exaggerated manner.

"Precisely because of that, I have made my decision. I will achieve the taboo that no vampire has achieved so far: surpassing the master! Hence, I have sought the 'True Ancestor'... but perhaps you are a fake?"

The Baron extended his finger towards the neckline of Rushella's dress. His sharp claws scratched her large bosom, leaving a red trail over her skin.


Embarassement and slight pain made Rushella roar. Blood seeped out where her chest was scratched, then dripped to the floor.

Rushella suddenly realized his intent and looked down.

So did the Baron.

This was the method Hisui described to identify a True Ancestor and the result was right there.

A rose-like elegant emblem appeared on the floor. Despite falling naturally due to gravity, the droplets of blood produced an extremely complicated and intricate pattern, carved distinctively on the floor even though a skilled craftsman would find it difficult to trace out.

"A real 'True Ancestor'...!! Looks like I've finally found one."

Clenching his fists, the Baron spoke emotionally.

Rushella was also relieved that her memory was not forged. However, she immediately felt gloomy.

"Now that you've verified I'm a True Ancestor... what are you going to do? Even if it's me, I have no way to release you from a vampire's fate, right!?"

"Hard to say. If your body is researched and completely understood, perhaps I can find the answer? Also, True Ancestors themselves are unknown mysteries. If humans are the race that were born through evolution, then what's their method of turning into a vampire without biting humans? If they're like apes, where branch species arose aside from humans, what is the reason for those branch splits? If they're like aliens, xenomorphs completely unrelated to humans, then where did vampires come from? No matter what the truth is, a True Ancestor's body must hide the secrets to 'surpassing the master'!!"

The Baron's eyes shone with dangerously cold light. An evil crimson brightness.

His way of licking his lips made Rushella feel chills down her spine.

Rushella wondered if she made such a hateful face whenever she sucked blood as well?

"Although I've been thinking many things... but first, let me taste the 'blood' as the source of power."

Face twisted uglily, exhaling breath that reeked of blood, he approached Rushella's pale white neck.

"S-Stop it... Get away from me!!"

"What's to be afraid of? So many years in passing, you must have sucked countless people's blood already."

No! She wanted to say. At least in her memory, she had only sucked Hisui's blood.

The face before her was filled with gluttony or lust, one could not tell them apart, his bloodshot eyes looked frightening.

Only when placed in a situation of her blood about to be sucked did Rushella finally experience the fear and revulsion felt by the victims. Standing there with hollow eyes on the side, did the class rep feel the same back then?

Rushella felt lustful breath on her neck.

Long sharp fangs were about to pierce her skin.


Tears appeared in her eyes as she screamed feebly, matching her appearance of a girl.

Just at this time.

"What kind of R-rated show are you performing, old guy?"

The Baron looked back in surprise. Rushella was also dumbfounded.

Neck wrapped heavily in bandages, Hisui stood there, smiling fearlessly.

"Let's put aside the fact of her physical age. Her mental age is clearly a teenager's no matter how you cut it. Making a move on a minor, that's a crime even if the girl consents. Isn't that common sense?"

"How did you...!"

Rushella could not help but cry out with joy.

Hisui shrugged to hide his embarrassment and said indifferently.

"I will save you so you owe me one. So... old guy, did you hear my warning?"

"Who would heed you...!! Why can you oppose me!? I sucked your blood!?"

"Unfortunately for you, my constitution is a bit strange. If negotiations don't work, only force remains."

At this time, Rushella and the Baron finally noticed the silver chain wrapped around Hisui.

As well as carried on his back: a giant cross!

The two vampires relexively closed their eyes and turned their faces away.

Hisui stabbed the Tzara Blade into the ground and crashed with all his might into the cross.


A blunt sound resulted from the cross, stabbed into the ground. The heavy noises echoed in the warehouse like a bell. This vibration, resembling a tuning fork's, immediately produced an effect that drove off vampires.


The Baron roared and covered his ears. Tied up, Rushella could only twist her face in pain, shaking her head. Even in the process of turning, Reina had to cover her ears and crouch down.

The only one here completely unaffected was Hisui.

Using the Tzara Blade as a tuning fork to produce sonic waves, this was just a bell's noisy racket for humans. But the sound produced by a holy cross was equivalent to a choir singing hymns to a vampire.

Hisui took this opportunity to get past the Baron and rush towards Rushella.

"You look really kinky here... are you okay?"

"S-Shut up... why didn't you come earlier... Also, what's with that noise..."

To a vampire, this noise would be like scratching fingernails on a blackboard or noisy rock and roll.

Hisui ignored the panting Rushella and helped release her from the chains' restraints.

"Fucking brat... Getting in my way everywhere!!"

"You woke up huh? Excuse me, I'm a bit busy right now. So... I'm leaving things to you, Sudou."

"Coming coming~❤"

With a seductive reply, Mei stepped into the warehouse.

As soon as the Baron discovered her, she grabbed him by the neck with her slender arms and threw his entire body into the air!


"Not to the extent of my ancestor, but I'm still quite strong, you know❤"

Mei winked seductively at the Baron flying through the air as she spoke.

She widened her right eye and light began to concentrate—then she fired a heat beam.

The focused beam of light scorched the Baron's face, lighting up the warehouse instantly as bright as daytime. The burned Baron rolled on the floor with unsightliness.

"Okay, mission accomplished... Is that okay?"

Mei was about to turn towards Hisui proudly but in the end, she stared at the Baron with a severe expression.

She also expected it. Since the enemy was a vampire—immortal—he was tough to handle.

"Not too bad... little girl!!"

The Baron's face was badly burned but the burns were recovering at an astounding rate.

Even if scorched by a nuclear weapon's shockwave, they can revive—that was the vampire.

"You're dead meat!!"

The Baron bared his fangs and attacked Mei. Using his claws, sharp enough to serve as weapons, he swung at Mei with full force.

"Oh dear, you want a contest of strength?"

Mei entered a combat stance and met the Baron's arms with her own, smiling fearlessly.

The delicate looking girl vs the vampire—who would have expected Mei to win a contest of strength? With brute force completely unmatching her figure, she pushed the Baron back.

"Hmph... As expected of Frankenstein's creature..."

"Compared to the first, my strength is already adjusted much lower, you know? But still, much stronger than you, that's all."

"Perhaps. But you're just as stupid as your ancestor."

"What did you say!?"

Mei roared angrily and went all out. Despite his disadvantage, the Baron remained composed.

"Say, artificial human... what is going to happen to this girl in the process of turning?"

Mei realized she was careless.

Inside the warehouse... there was one more person. Although infinitely approaching a vampire, she was still human.

Reina stood behind the Baron.

She held a knife... to her own throat.

"If you continue to hinder me, she's dead. You should know that someone who is turning will obey the master who bit them, right? Besides, her blood is almost completely sucked dry so she'll listen to me unconditionally. I turned her like this just in case of something like this."



But even the laser could not give him a fatal wound. Unless he was completely destroyed, the current situation remained unchanged.

Mei was stuck in stalemate.

Hisui and Rushella were also on the side, watching the impasse.

Although finally free of the chains, due to the chain's holy property, Rushella's strength had not yet recovered.

"What should we wo...? If this continues, that fake, even the class rep will...!"

"I know. So... hurry and suck my blood."

Hisui said softly. Taking off the first aid bandages, he exposed his neck. Although this was the most effective way to let Rushella recover her combat strength, she shook her head.

"No... you're already pale from blood loss. Already... lots had been sucked, right!?"

"...Not that much. It's nothing."

Hisui tried to act tough but blood-related matters could not deceive Rushella.

With a caring expression, she said solemnly.

"In fact, you're finding it hard to move your body, right? I can tell that. If you get your blood sucked even more...!"

"It's fine. You don't need to worry about that."

"If I sucked enough to recover my energy, you'll...!!"

"Stop saying nonsense and drink."

Hisui did not allow any objections. Rushella fell silent.

Trying to persuade her, he continued:

"If this continues, me, Sudou and the class rep are all dead. And who knows what treatment you'll get. But if you use your full strength, that kind of third-rate garbage can be handled easily, right? In the worst, the only sacrifice is me."


"Fine, don't worry, just drink enough to recover your energy. But you must destroy that old guy."

Hisui looked into Rushella's eyes as he spoke.

There was no time to hesitate.


As if interrupting their argument that was about to start up again, Mei was thrown to the ground beside them.

"Sudou...! Are you okay!?"

"Probably... not."

Saying that, Mei closed her eyes and stopped moving.

Hisui pulled Rushella towards his neck and said again:

"Suck it right now."

Silently, Rushella sank her fangs into Hisui's neck as a reply.

"Hmph... Finally acting a little like a True Ancestor. However, although that brat's blood is tasty, its 'quality' is terrible. Even though I sucked so much, I didn't feel any power at all."


"At least suck him dry. That way there might be a little feeling."

"Shut up!!"

Rushella roared and jumped into the air.

At her feet lay Hisui who had fallen powerless.

Like Reina and the rest, his entire body lost all color of blood and his pale white face looked like a corpse.

All the blood was drained from him.

"Bastard... I won't forgive you!!"

Rushella drew her short swords from the sheaths on her thighs and slashed at the Baron backhanded.

This strange dual-wielding was swift as lightning, so fast that even the Baron could not handle it.

However, he smiled fearlessly and chose to retreat.

"Don't think you can flee!!"

"I'm not fleeing, just finding my hostage."

The Baron escaped towards the collapsed Hisui.

As he sank his claws into Hisui's neck, Rushella's face went livid.

"I knew it. Your speed is definitely fast but still too far from True Ancestor-class in power. You probably tried to leave him some blood in an attempt to spare this brat's life? You didn't think I'd notice?"

"Shut up... Get away from him!!"

"You're so persistent. Well then... offer yourself obediently to me."

Helpless with Hisui as the hostage, Rushella had no choice but to silently throw down her twin swords.

The Baron immediately grabbed Rushella and pushed her down on the floor.

"My servant. If this girl resists in any way, immediately kill the brat."

Hearing the Baron's orders, Reina stumbled over to Hisui.

Seeing her last hope dashed, Rushella lost the will to resists.

The Baron gloated proudly, approaching Rushella's neck with his fangs.

Rushella tearfully turned her face away.

Only to see Hisui sprawled on the ground like her in front of her eyes.


His completely bloodless looking body suddenly moved.


Not enough blood.

This feeling was like life itself was draining from his entire body.

Yes. This is the moment I'm waiting for.

Blood loss—over 2L. Almost half of the entire body's blood.

In other words—the critical value for fatality.

Blood pressure dropping rapidly, entering circulatory shock, heart beats weakening.

As his consciousness gradually grew hazy, rejected memories were awakening.

On that battlefield full of blood and screams, a certain person had desperately tried to save his life.

"You will live on."

Trying to call him back from the boundary of life and death, she desperately performed chest compressions. That vampire had said that.

It's enough, he wanted to tell her.

It's already enough. Don't continue—he wanted to tell her that.

Clearly a vampire but being exposed out in bright daylight.

For saving, doing this kind of thing...

Her skin was more white and pristine than anyone's. Raven black hair. Beautiful face. All turned into dust and ashes.

Collapse had already started. Every time her hands pressed on my chest, more 'ash' fell and scattered.

Enough, it's already enough, Miraluka.

But that woman did not stop.

Until I woke up.

In order to stop me from dying, in order to make me revive.

Even with my blood sucked by a vampire—she made me continue living as a human.

Even when I was about to be killed by a vampire—she made me continue living.

The awakening was imminent.

Hisui slowly stood up.

As though to show everyone present, he took off the bandage from his neck.

Then solemnly, he whispered the words of an oath.

"...Eli Eli lama sabachthani. Your blood is my blood; my blood is your blood. Blood entering the body to slake my thirst; Yonder God of the heavens, liberate me from this cross; The time for atonement is about to arrive!"

Anti-DracAnti-Vampire mode, activate.

Instantly, everyone present heard a noise, one that everyone was familiar with, yet normally not aware of.

The especially loud sound of a heart beating endlessly.

"Get away."

By the time the Baron realized this was Hisui's voice behind him, he was already flying.

Only when his body struck the wall violently did he realize he was kicked flying.


Not an artificial human but a normal human, and even a human on the verge of death at that.

But reality was harsh and merciless.

"Stand back, Rushella."

Hearing him call her name, Rushella looked up blankly at Hisui. His face was still completely devoid of color. But he was not his usual self.

The exposed neck with the bandages off, let alone traces of blood sucking, even the flesh torn by fangs was regenerating.

But around the white neck there was a pitch black crest that resembled thorns in shape.

Surrounded by thorns, the neck looked like it forbid all contact and rejected the act of blood sucking itself.

The scar marking the center of his chest was glowing with crimson light through his clothing!

"Who are you!?"

Faced with the Baron's question, Hisui lightly caressed the scar on his chest.

"This constitution of mine... not turning into a vampire no matter how much blood is sucked, if I died from blood sucking, it'd be meaningless. Hence, on the verge of death from blood loss, it automatically becomes like this."

Draculea V01 - 236.PNG


Indeed—it became like this. For protecting oneself from the fangs of vampires.

Although born as a mortal, the existence capable of opposing vampires.

Rapid recovery of wounds, immunity to vampires, this sort of constitution.

Namely, the Anti-Drac.

The existence diametrically opposed to vampires. A vampire's nemesis.

Existing beyond the crimson fate.


Precisely due to this constitution, he was afraid that Rushella might suck too much blood.

Because he did not want to hurt her.

"Could it be, you asked me to drink your blood to turn into this...!?"

"Blood loss is difficult to control. If I did it myself, who knows how much effort it'd take so I had you suck it. I believe in you, that you'd stop before I died from blood loss."


Rushella tearfully poked him but her face was smiling.

"I said it before. In a critical moment, a certain power will awaken in my body."

Hisui looked at the Baron again.

He was glaring back at Hisui, teeth gnashing.

Humans could not possibly have such a body—he kept repeating in his mind.

But reality was harsh, the human who overturned vampires' common sense was standing before him definitely.

He was currently at disadvantage—hence, he decided to make use of Reina whom he had prepared for this kind of situation.

When he looked at Reina, he found standing beside Reina another person he had been using.

Kariya Eruru.

Hisui's earlier plan was to have Eruru prioritize protecting the ordinary human Reina.

When Hisui's awakening drew the Baron's attention away from Reina, only then did Eruru enter the warehouse.


"You know my marksmanship, right? Missing is impossible. Apart from this poor victim here, please go ahead and find a meatshield. After all, you will not die from one or two bullets."

Eruru spoke coldly, took out the weapon that did not match her petite physique, and aimed the sacred gun Argentum towards her former subordinate.

"...You're putting up a tough front, Miss Consultant. You're not as experienced as you think. Even if you can be utterly merciless towards vampires, you can't do it to a human. Oh well... after all, you're just a dirty counterfeit, no surprise there."


Eruru did not waver. However, her finger's force on the trigger was increasing.

"So... You're unable to shoot that damn brat, right!?"

The Baron moved.

Eruru pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

The sound of gunshot. Just as she warned, the bullet pierced the Baron's right shoulder unerringly.

The Baron endured the scorching sensation of sacred pain, feeling there was a chance of victory.

This is fine. As long as my heart and brain are not hit, it doesn't matter at all.

Although having his body pierced hurt a lot, having the silver bullet remain inside the body would produce even more damage.

He forced his body to move. Once I reach that damn brat, if only I can get near that human!!

The Baron displayed a vampire's full capabilities at night and quickly grabbed Hisui, using him as a shield facing Eruru.

"How's that, you can't shoot now, right!? Although you're acting tough, you can't kill humans!"

As if affirming his words, Eruru made a troubled expression and lowered her gun.

The Baron smiled proudly and attacked Hisui's neck with his fangs again!

"Will not turn into a vampire...!? How could something so ridiculous be possible!? I'll suck again and make you my servant!!"

With this, I have a chance of winning. Make him my meatshield, use him as bait, there are any number of ways to use him.

Although the True Ancestor is right here, it's a shame to let her escape, but I can just bide my time for a comeback—



He was unable to suck blood.

Fangs—could not move. For sure, he had torn through skin, pierced flesh and reached the blood vessel.

However, a strong pressure prevented him from going any further. On further examination, not a single drop of blood flowed out from Hisui's wound.

"Impossible... You!?"

Hisui had not moved.

All that moved were the platysma and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

In other words, simply through muscular power, just by contracting his muscle, he had blocked the Baron's teeth.


"You forgot about my constitution?"

The neck with the crest of thorns was physically rejecting blood sucking.

The Anti-Drac.

True to its name, this completely rendered blood sucking ineffective.

"Kishida, let me tell you this. All your actions have occurred within our calculations. We already planned ahead of time what a vampire would do when cornered. Too easy to guess. You are the one who fell into a trap."

Eruru mocked.

The Baron's mobility was sealed, his face turned pale.

Then Hisui counterattacked.


Hearing her name called, Rushella understood Hisui's intent.

"Hurry and get your filthy mouth away from my servant!!"

Rushella roared angrily, picked up a sword from the floor and threw it at the Baron's heart.


The Baron spewed fresh blood. Due to the intense pain of his heart piereced, he stopped for a few short seconds.

Hisui did not miss the chance, relaxing his neck muscles, he released the Baron and kicked backwards, creating some distance in order to unleash the final terminating move.


Struck down by the Baron earlier, Mei called out.

After she recovered, she had secretly moved over to the Tzara Blade embedded in the floor.

Her original mission was to pin down the Baron as well as move Hisui's heavy weapon.


Uprooting the magnificient giant cross, she used her inborn strength to throw it at Hisui.


The circular portion at the center of the Tzara Blade was a perfect fit for Hisui's right arm. Instantly, the thorny crest appeared over Hisui's right arm and temporarily raised his strength.

As if equipped with a cross shaped shield, used as a bladed weapon it would be like a shuriken, Hisui's right arm was transformed into an anti-vampire armament combining offense and defense.

Simply the sight of the brilliant silver luster was enough to make the Baron lose his will to fight.

The cross's image seared into his eyes, stopping all his bodily functions including regeneration.

Everything was for this current moment—in order to use the most effective anti-vampire weapon to exterminate him for good.

"Stop it...!! I was wrong..."

"Oh~ Whatever."

Hisui spoke completely unenthusiastically.

He felt bored to death from the bottom of his heart and declared coldly.

"Everything will be repaid by your blood."

With a flash of silver, he gracefully severed the Baron's neck.

The sharp blade then turned towards the decapitated body and pierced the heart without hesitation!

Chopping off the head, piercing the heart, faithfully recreating this ancient legend, the Baron's entire body instantly turned to ash.

The body quickly collapsed and perished forever without trace.

"Well done!!"

Rushella ran over and cheered with joy.

Then Hisui collapsed in her bosom.

"Ah, hey, what are you doing!?"

Hisui did not move. Just like before he awakened... no, his face was even more pale than that, he was in a complete coma.

"No good... complete shock has occurred. He needs a transfusion quickly..."

Eruru noticed Hisui's state and immediately took action.

"Can he be saved!?"

"We must move him immediately. Please help me!"

Then Hisui was moved out of the warehouse.

Dawn was about to arrive soon.

The time of the day belonging to humans had finally arrived, but the boy watched over by the girls was still lingering on the boundary of life and death.


"....I am still alive."

Hisui, lying on the bed, murmured to himself.

He got up from the sick bed, and looked out of the window; it looked like daylight outside.

"Are you awake?"

Looking over, Eruru sat on the chair by the bed, operating a notebook computer.


"Please say thank you to that..."

Eruru looked at Rushella, who was sleeping by Hisui's bedside.

Looked like she was keeping Hisui company, her face was a bit pallid.

"You are AB/Rh- type, which the Blood Bank doesn't have much in storage, so she decided to donate her blood to you. The two of you are the same type."

"But...receiving a vampire's blood, you know what will happen right? It is likely you will become an undead abomination."

"True...we have considered the situation, but she refused to listen...all she wanted was to save your life. Also, [your body] shouldn't have any problems, right? In reality there is no issue?"

"What do you think I am?"

"Your body is interesting, your physical attributes...appears not to be something you were born with, how was it changed?"

"I am not sure..."

"The scar on your chest--is that a mark from surgery? Where is your heart from?"


"Blood is source of life, so the organ that regulates blood flow is the one that controls life itself. Thus, against a vampire, striking through the heart with a stake is fatal. The source of your strength...isn't just flowing from that mysterious heart?"

"I don't know..."


Holding his chest, Hisui smiled.

"Miraluka paid with her life, to make my heart beat again. To let a heart beat again after it stopped, letting herself turn into ash."

"It is so mysterious. It is disappointing I could not dissect you."

Eruru whispered without any expression. To be honest, she could do something that frightening.

"I investigated that Holy Sword of yours, it seem to be a treasure. One could say it is the Bane of all Vampires. The relative who left it with you..."

"It's the Vampire who took care of me."

"Why did she give you something like this?...Is it to protect you? And about your physical attributes, is everything for your survival as a human?"

"I think I was an experiment. How could vampires coexist with humans--she always considered this question. But even when she succeeded she still died, what was the point?"

Hisui felt crushed by his guilt, balling his fists together.

"Just to save me, she didn't have to make things so complicated, all she had to do was suck my blood and turn me into a vampire. Then she could have been saved too. The so-called eternity she hated, I could have accompanied her, it would let me live with her forever."

In front of Hisui's eyes were his beloved caretaker's final moments.

Bathed in sunlight, turned into ash. In the instant he picked her up, the remaining body was scattered by the wind. No matter how tightly he held on, in the end, he held on to nothing.

Her beautiful face, dark hair, red lips, all vanished as if they never existed.

Couldn't even hold her in my arms.

"That person...didn't turn you into her race. She wanted you to be in your original state. To be human, to live as a human. Am I wrong?"

"What's so good to be a human? Also, I am not a human but a mon..." [5]

"You are a Human."

Eruru answers expressionlessly. Regarding Hisui's question, the girl did not back away from a straight answer this time.

"You are human, there are no better answers."

"...That is good."

"But sleeping next to you is definitely an authentic vampire--a [TRUE ANCESTOR]. I heard the story from her, it appear Kishida's goal was the powers within her. If that is the case, I am afraid there will be more people targeting her in the future. Extremist factions amongst the vampires might also betray her, even so, you still want to protect her?"

"She will protect herself. Also, I can't believe her to be a [True Ancestor]. The one at my home should be the last [True Ancestor], Miraluka said so herself."

Hisui's words made Eruru's eyes glow. His body, and the vampire who made him this way, all made her very excited.

"Regarding her losing her memories, I did some investigation. Right now, there are no vampires related to her. She apparently just appeared one day, She may be the first True Ancestor in modern day society. It is so mysterious. Right now all we want to do is observe her."

"....Please be merciful. Also...why not exterminate her? Right now the sun is up, all you have to do is open the window, and she is doomed right?"

"Because she is exonerated from the crime. There is no reason to exterminate her, since there is no difference between me and her. And cut to the chase, it is only because she committed no crime right now. Even if she sucked your blood, it is not a crime right now. So because she is innocent, we won't take action."

"True True..."

Looking at Hisui staring at her, Eruru gets up and begin to walk away.

"I have to go. Also..."


"Thank you."

The half vampire's face turned red and left the sickroom. At the same time, Rushella woke up.

"You...are you ok?"

"Ah, um...should be..."

Hisui mumbled, and Rushella flipped herself on to the bed, sitting right next to him.

" problem? It was clear you lost so much blood."

"Eh, why are you worrying so much?"

"Of course, I am worried. You are my property after all."


"You are not allowed to do anything crazy from now on. After are human."

"I was able to protect the mistress, right?"

"Even if...unacceptable. Protecting me is your duty....but...."


"Not allowed to die."

She spat those out, word by word. Her scarlet eyes pierced his.

"Without my permission, you are not allowed to die. Even your death belongs to me."

"But I cannot become a vampire."

"I have not given up! Someday, your body, and your soul, everything will belong to me. You will kneel before me!"

"Ok Ok..."

Even though he gave a perfunctory reply, but Rushella still came close with a hug, then brought her eyes to meet Hisui's.

"You don't want to?"

It is not like I don't want to... that thought came unbidden. But Hisui still managed to swallow it down. One cannot just easily stop being human.

Because Rushella refused to move her gaze away, Hisui could only give her a concise and honest answer.

"I will help you, find out who you are.... investigate your past; I will definitely help."

"Also have to add my dietary requirement as well. We did agree, right?"

"....Yes yes, ah, but you have to hold your end of the bargain as well, don't suck anyone else's blood."

"I know. I... know what it is like to have your blood sucked out. I can understand."

"....It is so."

"Also, you addressed me by name right? Even though you are a servant."

"That...that was forced by the situation."

Hisui wanted to just gloss over the situation, but Rushella did not appear to be angry, but only lightly replied: "I will give you special permission to do so."


"I will also call you Hisui, No problem?"


Watching Hisui nod in acceptance, the Vampire smiled faintly, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Then, Hisui."

"What, what are you doing?"

Ignoring the helpless Hisui, Rushella brought her lips close.

The two were in danger of touching each other.

But... her lips did not reach for his, but instead reached for his neck.

A lover's kiss was suppose to aim for the neck and not the lips.

"OUCH!!!! What are you doing so suddenly? I am still recovering from a great ordeal!"

"So what? I am only drinking a little bit! It was my blood anyway! I've been holding back for so long!"

Rushella licked her lips and pushed Kujou down.

Twin eyes blazed scarlet, no one could stop her anymore.

"HEY...DON' least be gentle."

"So noisy, behave yourself!"

Resistance was futile, Hisui thus got pinned to the bed, and had his blood and pleas dissolved into oblivion.

" delicious <3"

"...Are you a Demon? Ah, clearly you are a blood sucking [DEMON]! Ahh...."[6]

Kujou was feeling Rushella's body and temperature as she cozied up to him, while he mumbled in tears.

After that, each day at the hospital meant at least one such take down.

After many days, Hisui was able to recover and return to school.

Reina appeared to be fine, and even returned to school before Kujou.

She could not recall her memories before being bitten, but something remained in her heart. After Hisui returned to school, she said: "....Thank you."

She looked extremely shy, and for some reason kept staring at him during class, and tried to start a conversation whenever possible.

It looked like a return to normal life but Rushella, enemy of normal everyday life, still smiled and chattered non-stop with him every day after school.

"You started a club?"

"Correct! If I can't find a club I want to join, I will just create my own club! Isn't it a great idea?"

"Sorry, don't be too proud of yourself. This is just a total whim of yours."

"Shut up and come with me."

Rushella dragged Hisui towards an empty classroom, it was the same place where Mei pushed him down.

There was always a dreadful feeling when he came here.

"I brought someone over!"

The vampire pushed the door open and dragged him in.

An emotionless voice greeted the two.

"You are so slow."

Without raising her head, the girl tapped away at the laptop. It was Eruru in a school uniform.

"What are you doing here!?"

"Club activity, what else?"

"Then what I should be saying is, why did you have to come here?"

"I am here to observe you. Because we don't have enough people on hand, to be able to maintain day to day contact, I decide to come to school. Do you have any questions?"

"Of course, there is the main question ahead. However, back up a bit, I understand your other words, but what do you mean club activity?"

"Unlike a carefree student like you, I still have work to do. To be able to create an area after school where I can focus my attention and energy, so I decide to use this club activity to be it."

"Is that so..."

This girl's thinking was clearly not simple. It was better to be alert to her dissection wishes.

"Then, why are you in this club?"

Thus Kujou asked Rushella, and of course she proudly replied,

"She said as long as I don't interrupt her work, I can do whatever I want."

"Hmm, probably just to keep an eye on you. Then, why did you create this club? What is even the name of this club?"

"How bout [Blood Sucking Club]? To research better blood sucking techniques!"


"How bout dedicated to investigating my past, a [Servant's Club] that also completely dedicate itself to my day-to-day life!"

"No. I don't think the goals are bad, but the name is awful. Also, the goals are bad."

"How about child-birth club? Or a euphemism name like [Egg Laying Club] isn't a bad idea."

".....Why are you here?"

Kujou just realized Sudou was nearby. And grabbed on to his arm, even her chest pressured in.

As much as Hisui wanted to maintain the same posture, he could not dispel the fear of getting ravished any given moment, so he was unable to enjoy the soft sensation of her bosom.

"I am Rushella's collaborator. And also I receive a contract salary, so it is natural to be around her right?"

"Is that so?"

Draculea V01 - 254.PNG

"Hi-kun doesn't have any idea? Regarding the club name?"

"Let's call it the Slacker's Club? Activities include [Abesh][7], or the After School Electromagnetic Wave Club?"[8]

"Kids these days are not going to catch your reference. Heh, clearly this is an occult research club, with four monsters here."

"Don't lump me in this, I am clearly human!?"

"Eruru worked hard so you can have a normal life right? And also accepted responsibility for the Kishida incident....thus, her department is under-staffed right now. Why can't you help her?"

Hisui pouted, and sat on a nearby chair.

"Ok, all the members are here, let's start discussing the upcoming activities!"

Rushella spoke with a leader like posture.

Mei looked as if she was watching a show.

Eruru silently pounded away at her keyboard.

And there was Kujou without a bit of motivation.

Surrounded by a vampire, an artificial human and a half vampire, the boy motionlessly mumbled,

"Come back quick, my normal life."


Hello readers, it's been a while, I'm Totsuki Yuu.

It's not because of something I can brag about like taking an energizing break or learning stuff, my work was simply delayed.

Whether readers, friends, editors or the illustrator Yasaka-san, I am sorry for making you wait.

...Okay, let's not have things too gloomy. Let's get back to the main topic, the story.

This is a rare moment, or perhaps the first time. The protagonist's basic parameters are the weakest among all the major characters.

To me, an author who believes in male supremacy, this is the newest and weakest protagonist.

I also think that the difference in protagonist this time compared to before is huge, but in a certain sense, the strongest and the weakest is actually a very thin line, different paths towards the same goal. (Probably)

Okay, because the protag is like this, I have arranged many strong females around him.

Perhaps you can't imagine from Yasaka-san's moe moe style of drawing, but they all possess grip strength on the level of gorillas, don't they?

If they were serious, dashing 100m in 9 seconds or jumping vertically over 1m would be a piece of cake.

Just as the clever readers have realized, the protag Hisui is virtually powerless to resist if any of the heroines push him down.

In the story from now on, no matter what new characters appear or how the plot develops, this basic setting will not change.

Kujou Hisui may be the protagonist but rather than a 'hero' he is a weak 'heroine.'

According to some so-called theories of the strongest, please regard Hisui's normal combat strength as "one" in this story. Because that's the standard.

Such a weak ass guy why make him the protagonist? I can almost hear these complaints. Well, that's the kind of existence protags are: even if they lose 99 battles, as long as they win in the critical moment, it's fine.

Conversely, even if someone wins 99 times but loses pitifully in the critical moment, that guy cannot work as a protag.

Losing is fine, unsightliness is fine, but shining in a critical moment, now that's a protagonist, that's Kujou Hisui... that's what I hope.

After talking about the protag, let's discuss the story's setting. This story mentions the race of 'vampires' originating roughly two thousand years ago in Europe, scared of crosses etc. That's the kind of setting I've used.

From an academic perspective, seeking the origins of vampires, through various legends and myths, the basic ideas could be found in very early eras, so one could say their birth far predates thousand years ago. But since the vampires are just part of this story's setting, please don't take things too seriously, dear readers.

Vampires as a category of supernatural creatures is quite broad, currently speaking, but in this story, only the heroine Rushella and her kind are defined as 'vampires.' So readers, please don't worry too much about the other definitions of vampires.

It's about time to say bye, actually when I was writing this afterword, I was in a certain kind of hellish battlefield... but anyway, this is all my own fault. (weeps)

In order to see everyone again as soon as possible, I will turn everyone's support into motivation in my battle to complete the draft.

Well then, see you next volume.

Totsuki Yuu

Illustrator's Afterword[edit]

I am Yasaka Minato, this is my first time illustrating novels for Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. Surrounded by cute heroines, I was happy throughout the illustrating process.

I still have many things I need to improve. I will be in everyone's care from now on.

Yasaka Minato

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. This is a traditional Asian way to see off a guest
  2. Relative: The word used to describe "relative" is "someone close", in here it probably mean "guardian".
  3. Locker room: The one in Japan where the students put on their shoes
  4. Shizuka(静香): Doraemon character who has a passion for baths.[1]
  5. Intentionally cut off
  6. In Chinese, and I also assume in Japanese as well, the literal translation for vampire is "blood sucking demon" or "blood sucking monster", in here, Hisui is trying to highlight how Rushella is truly a "monster", but I couldn't exactly break it into something like VAMP-ire and have the same effect
  7. Abesh(あべしっ): a sound effect, famously used in the Fist of the North Star manga when an opponent dies.
  8. After School Electromagnetic Wave Club(放課後電磁波クラブ): the Hōkago Denshiha Kurabu is a comedy sketch in a Japanese variety show, involving two characters, "North Pole" and "South Pole," dressed outrageously in nothing but helmets and revealing thongs while holding giant U-shaped magnets.[2]

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