Silver Cross and Draculea:Volume01 Chapter2

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Chapter 2 - Creature Born Upon the Earth[edit]

"Why are you so unhappy?"

Rushella lovingly lowered her head and asked, but Hisui did not reply.

He only stared at the sky, cursing the world's change to abnormality and his own life.

Right now was break time, and the location was the rooftop.

It was a symbol of high school life, with the sweet smell of spring, but Hisui's face was full of confusion.

The nightmarish homeroom class was over, Hisui finally finished the morning class.

Because it was the first day at school, the stuff they taught were the basics, only requiring some light attention and it was over. But Rushella's arrogant performance in front of the teachers had completely devastated Hisui's heart.

Even the precious rest time, due to incessant questioning by Rushella regarding school regulation and policies, left him neither peace nor rest.

Not only a transfer student, but also a complete gorgeous beauty, she was popular with both the girls and the boys. But Rushella completely ignored everyone else, only talking to Hisui, thus creating a dangerous aura among the male student population.

Finally break arrived, but... she still followed over.

"I say... can't you be a bit more merciful... just how deep is your hatred for me?"

"Very deep. I drank your blood and yet you refuse to become my servant, and even sprayed me full of garlic."

"But you struck first, right?! And why do you pretend to be a student? High school life has nothing to do with my body, right?"

Hisui's questions were reasonable suspicions, and Rushella looked away.

"Could it be... you look at these young people as prey?"

Hisui's tone became serious.

Teenagers gathered in a high school, so in certain ways it would be an ideal hunting ground for a vampire.

The common knowledge was that vampires loved the blood of a virgin girl the most -- there should be plenty here.

"Wrong, I am not the type that leaves a prey half full and then runs off with someone else."

"Not even one drop, completely dry? I am not going to feel grateful you know, with that kind of logic."

"Isn't it better than abandoning you half transformed?"

"That is vampire logic only."

Hisui sighed, then leaned against the rail fencing.

After being fanged by a vampire, there were usually only two possibilities --- death, or transformation into a vampire.

Death or servitude, this was all the vampire's choice. In certain rare cases during the process for a person to become a vampire, the master vanished.

In a situation like that, the victim that remained behind would be stuck at [Mid-transformation] for the rest of his/her life.

Due to the [Mid-Transformation] the victim might have acquired certain vampire characteristics --- they might have vampiric instincts and a longer lifespan compared to average humans --- and they would carry the curse for the rest of their lives.

"I will carefully select the partner I drink blood from. If I want him to become my servant then the criteria is even more stringent. And in addition, I will not leave until he becomes my servant. It is a (True Ancestor)'s etiquette from the ancient days."

"Then why did you select me?"


"Looking at you, who is so serious on making me your servant, why did you target me last night?"

Hisui was still confused about last night.

When they met last night, Rushella really had wanted to turn him into her servant.

But his body had prevented that transformation, so she had even charged into the school.

Thus... why was she so interested in me?

"Don't you feel honored? I became attracted to you. As if I am really attached to you. To look for someone young and handsome, similar in age to me, a boy with a delicious blood flavor to become my servant."

"...Similar age? What are you blabbering about? Aren't you a [True ancestor]-sama? Although you can't tell from looks, a vampire's actual age must be ancient compared to me. Speaking of that, how old are you?"

As Hisui asked, Rushella's expression froze.

It is almost as if she wasn't feeling offended by having someone ask her age... but as if someone asked her something scary.

"What? Isn't longevity something a vampire should be proud of?"

"I... I don't know."

It was so far the lightest whisper that came from Rushella.

It was the voice of a girl of Hisui's age, feeling totally helpless.

"How old I am... I am really not sure."

"Because you lived so long you forget... apparently not. Then, where are you from... hey, where are your relatives and servants? Why don't you ask them...?"

"I don't have... those people."

"Eh? But..."

"Relatives... I should have them, but I can't remember. Servants... I shouldn't have any. Drinking blood... you are my first time."

"Ha ---- ?!"

Completely confusing.

Ok, now Hisui could understand why her blood sucking techniques were so awful, but the mysteries just got deeper.

"But... aren't you a [True Ancestor]? A royal-blooded Ojou-sama, standing on top of thousands of servants?"

"I don't have... memories."


"For example, when was I born, where I was born.... I completely don't know. Thus, how old I am... I don't know either."

Rushella held her arms together, withdrawing back.

She looked far away, biting her lips.

"Lost your.... memories?"

"Maybe so... The night I met you, I woke up from the coffin. Near the forest outside the city. But, why I was there, or when I was there.... I completely don't remember. I only know my name, that I am a true ancestor, other than that...."

"Some average day-to-day knowledge is there, but nothing about myself. But that knowledge... is a bit outdated."

Hisui finally understood.

Strange fashion, a vampire "style" that is rare nowadays, idiotic blood drinking technique.

Such a strange existence, because she don't even understand herself.

It looked like Rushella was not lying; besides, there was nothing good to gain by revealing her own weakness to humans. It looked like she really lost all her memories.

"You came to school; does that mean you want to learn about the current era? Is that the idea?"

".... Correct. I want to know how this world is like. But.... humanity has definitely changed a lot. Looking at this world during the daytime, really shocked me. Such huge buildings, so many people... and if I think carefully, people work and play in broad daylight. Although it makes me feel uncomfortable, but it is clear that this world's power is in the hands of humans. But it is so strange.... forget about the vampires, I don't even feel the spirits of any supernatural beasts. Why is it like this?"

"Because this is the world's situation right now. Most of the people, even if they know vampire exists, will not believe it."

".... It appears so. When I spoke my name this morning, no one gave any reaction. My name has significant history in the vampire lore. Anyone with a tiny understanding of our history should know who I am."

"It looks like you considered that too..... so that is why you said your name so loudly. Just to grasp the situation."

Hisui's opinion of this outdated vampire had improved a little.

Though her common sense stopped hundreds of years ago, her adaptability was definitely not bad.

"What happened to this world? Why did my race vanish? Why don't the humans know I exist!?"

"Even if you ask this... this 15 year old me, I am still learning the basic common knowledge."

"Tell me quickly. Since you are not surprised of my existence, then you are better knowledgeable than general humans."

She saw through him completely, so Hisui can no longer play dumb.

"I only heard a little from my relative[1]; historically, it should be sometime around the industrial revolution? During that period, humanity's knowledge became more and more advanced. Because of this, our World and the Monster's World's [position] became misaligned."

"Please explain in simple words. What is the Industrial Revolution?"

"..... So I need to explain from the beginning, huh. I think you should learn about world history. To put it simply, it is like wireless communication. When there is a wireless broadcasting station, TV shows become possible. But most of the audience cannot receive the signal. They were meant to match up together, humanity and monsters, which is now miss-positioned. Thus they weren't aware of each other. But now and then they will link up, and the two world overlaps. Those who are sensitive to high frequency.... people who are described as spiritually sensitive, are able to receive effects of the other world much more simply."

"I am completely confused.... wireless what?"

"..... Sorry, my mistake."

Hisui thought his explanation was pretty good, but it appeared she wasn't understanding the critical point. The boy shook his head, and rephrased his explanation so this ojou-sama from another world could understand it.

"In other words, monsters didn't cease to exist, but humanity could no longer feel their existence.... something like that. It is almost as if they were separated into their own world. Thus, even vampires wouldn't be able to find other monsters."

"You should have said this earlier, instead of going around and around."

"..... My mistake."

"I understand. But vampires are special. Vampires are different than other monsters; Vampire still exists in this world, they must completely live in the human world. We are corporeal. And it will be troublesome for us if humans don't exist."

"Indeed. It is completely different than specters who have no body and just floats around. Vampire still exist in this world. You could say they are the representatives of the monsters. Thus, humanity is still alert to their existence."

Hisui's eyes darkened with hesitation, which Rushella did not miss.

"What are you saying? Are you saying humanity expelled my race?"

"My meaning is, such people do exist. They understand this world's true appearance, and consider monsters who coexist in the human world to be their enemies. During self introduction --- You said, no one had any reaction to your name? On the other hand, a few may suspect you are a vampire. You should be careful."

"You don't have to worry, I do not plan to hide my identity. Even if humanity banded together against the vampires, it is nothing special."

Rushella puffed up her chest as she replied.

Such an answer completely met Hisui's expectations, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

"First I must find my memories; if I manage to, I should be able to find other vampires. I want to ask them things. You seem to have a great understanding of vampires, so help me."

"Don't want to, you can do it alone."

"But you are a servant that's meant to serve me."

"I am not your servant; I am not familiar with your race's organizational make-ups, nor am I interested."

"You really are the cheeky type."

Rushella's pride appeared to be wounded, she clicked her tongue then moved closer.

It is day time, thus her physical capabilities are reduced, but Rushella will still definitely win if she decided to play hardball.

The boy was still considering his options when Rushella laughed.

"Although beating you is simple, but in certain ways I would have lost. I want you to surrender by your own free will, kneel before me, then I will bury the hatchet."

"(expletive), but vampires are naturally like this. But you have your fangs and <Mystic eyes>, couldn't you subdue anyone easily?"

"Isn't it useless against you!? But in certain ways, it is still effective. For example.... you worry about me looking for other prey, right? Those people have no relationship with you, but you still care about them."

"Of course I care. If someone around me dies, or stops being human... I definitely don't want to see it happen. If it becomes like that, even me.... I would become a vampire hunter."

To protect his peaceful life, even Hisui would become a cold-hearted foe.

Rushella *hum* (sound), then stands up.

"I don't think you could exterminate me. But, let's stop wasting time. You will still come to help me."

"That, I already said..."

"If you agree to help me, I will not suck anyone else's blood. I can promise that with you. If you are willing to sacrifice your body to me, I will guarantee the safety of other people around you. How is that?"

"This sucks..."

This must be the feeling of a man staked on altar meant for human sacrifice.

It was the first day at school, and the fate of everyone here was on his shoulders.

"So? Decide quickly."

"......... I will serve you."

"I can't hear you, speak louder."

Rushella wanted to show off her beautiful ears, moving it next to him.

"Let me help you."

"Did you forget something?"

"Please allow me to help you.... mistress."

"Hum, you speak well!"

It was clear he didn't lose his humanity, but Hisui suddenly reached a level lower than average humans.

"Damn it... I never thought I would curse my own body one day..."

"Then you will work hard right. A servant who can move during daytime is precious to me. And one day you will become one of my kind. Then, let's perform today's service?"


Hisui looked confused, suddenly his field of vision turned dark, and Rushella's face came close.

In that instant, he found himself on the floor.

What was blocking the sun was Rushella on top of him holding a parasol.

"Then.... Rushella-sama?"

"You went to the 'cafeteria' to buy lunch right? Then I am going to have lunch as well."

Rushella licked her lips, then dove at Hisui's neck.

The boy tried to struggle, to avoid the sweet breathe down his neck.

"Hey, let go! Didn't you suck me this morning?! It should had been enough right?"

"Be quiet, I don't feel well, what is the problem? All I want is to suck a little bit!"

"I said it is not allowed....!"

Rushella's lips came closer and closer, while Hisui struggled.

The two struggled, until Rushella's lips reached his neck.

"Making me waste so much energy..! Ok, I am going to take care of you..!"

"Are you a corrupt bureaucrat who steals people's daughters?"

As Hisui prepared his final line of defense, the rooftop door suddenly opened.

"..... Hisui.... san?"

Hisui recognized the voice, and froze.

There were several people standing by the stairs.

Rushella's lips were still on his neck, while he turned his sight around.

Among the students he barely knew, there was one who had the best relationship with him --- Class Rep Sera Reina.

Judging by the lunch box she was carrying, Reina planned to come to have lunch with Hisui.

"That..... I am sorry for interrupting!"

Hearing Reina's heartfelt apology, Hisui began to sweat uncontrollably.

His own limbs were currently pinned to the ground by Rushella.

It looked like they were about to share a passionate kiss.

Even if he pushed the vampire away, there would still be kiss marks left behind.

"I, I say...!"

Before Hisui could explain, the girls all dispersed.

But their harmless gossip still flow into his ear.

"Hum, they are... really together? They already got it done so early?"

"It looks like they weren't going to just kiss..."

"School just started, and it is broad daylight outside, what the heck..."

"Foreign girls... so open."

Even though it was only whispers, but they felt like a painful roar in Hisui's head.

.... And a stab in the heart.

Draculea V01 - 063.PNG

Hisui stared at the sky soullessly.

Rushella appeared to lose interest as well, brushed up her hair and straightened out her clothes that were messed up by Hisui; she got up from his body.

"Peeking at other people eating lunch, what a bunch of impolite people. Don't you think so?"

"I finally understood what a girl feels like when she is forcefully pushed down...."

Hisui tearfully murmured. His hands became loose, and the plastic bag with the food he brought from the cafeteria fell down.

"Ah yes, what did you buy? Let me look, I want a taste."

"Up to you.... in fact, it would be helpful if you helped me eat it."

Searching through the bag, she finally selected a strawberry milk.

She studied the container back and forth, and after finally understanding how to use it, began to sip its contents.

"What? Such a sweet and pink milk! Perhaps they added blood in it?"

No, the original material was the same thing, no need to mix it... Hisui don't even have the strength to sigh.

Rushella began to suck the milk, and began to release a cute sound. Hisui sat nearby with tearful eyes.

The class's final bit of compassion, was swept away by the wind.

Really did want to go to the afternoon class.

The opposite sex's ability to disseminate gossip was faster than the speed of light.

Just lost the ability to have a normal school life.

Now he had to welcome his "being labelled as strange" high school life.

Hisui was considering a school transfer, while Rushella was blissfully sucking away at the milk.

"This is so sweet! It is only secondary to blood..."

"...... Just kill me."

Hisui replied with a blood-coughing despair, but someone not far away was observing the two.

She was not part of the group of girls earlier, she stood in the shadows behind the roof access door, and focused at Hisui with a laser like intensity.

"Good male, found <3."

"..... Why were you so terrible yesterday? Even if you are hopelessly untalented you shouldn't be this bad!"

"It is only a physical examination, why do I have to go all out?"

After school, in front of the locker-room [2] Rushella was criticizing Hisui's results. His results were mediocre at best.

But Rushella had refused to accept the results, and repeatedly criticized him.

"It looks like you were not serious. You really didn't pay attention, right?"

"Isn't everyone the same? Also, I shouldn't be criticized by someone who didn't participate."

Because Physical Education took place outside the school, Rushella used her mystic eyes to stay indoors.

Even though she was not a teacher, she sat on a chair holding her parasol, while cheering and rooting for Hisui.

To be honest, it was extremely embarrassing. And the men's/women's physical ed was suppose to be separate.

"Why were you looking at my Physical Tests?"

"It is your job to forge your own body so you can protect me. Even though you are strangely unable to become a member of my race, you are able to work under the sun, therefore covering my weakness."

"My principle is not to waste energy, what is so special about physical ed? Just meandering through it will be fine."

"Don't be too proud of yourself; when you were serious earlier, you weren't anything special."

"You really know how to make it hurt, you broke through all of my defensive lines."

"Keep your spirits up. When it is 'class time', you were only half paying attention, right? Why are you so meritless?"

"It is no big deal. At critical moments, the strength in my body will come out."

"Stop spouting nonsense. You are my servant, in the moments when lives are on the line, you should be willing to die for me!"

Rushella showed her "high class" looks again, and Hisui was not going to argue.

He stopped looking at Rushella, and opened his shoe-locker. Reaching his hands in for his shoes, he found a slip of paper.

The message was both mysterious and interesting.

"I will be waiting for you on the first floor of the second building, in the empty classroom."

He thought for a moment, then left the shoe-locker and headed back to the school.

"Wait a second, where are you going?!"

"I have something to do. Why don't you go ahead and go home?"

"Why are you angry? Stop spouting nonsense, you are my escort, take me back to that crude residence."

"You still plan to live at my place...? If you are not satisfied then you can go find a different place, Vampire-sama."

As Hisui complained, Rushella realized she had no argument, and became silent.

Thus Hisui escaped and headed for the empty classroom.

He was still unfamiliar with the structure of the school, so he got lost several times before finally finding the right place.

Hisui opened the door, and it was a mess of chairs and desks.

It looked like the place was unused, because of it being a corner room, there wasn't anyone in sight.

As Hisui stared out the window at the fading sun, he heard a voice from behind.

"Ah, you came."

"..... Looks like it was not a wild goose chase, what do you want?"

Hisui turned around, and it was one of the girls from the classroom.

She looked extremely feminine for a girl of their age. Tea colored hair with ponytails, and he could barely recall her face from the self introduction in the morning.

But he could not remember her name.

"You are..."

"Mei, Sudou Mei."

"Ah, right..."

As Hisui recalled, Mei came closer, no, hugging should be a more accurate description.

With a "growth" rivaling Rushella pressing against his chest, and a button undone, the boy could see her mesmerizing cleavage. Mei also raised her head to look at him.

"Why... are you looking for me?"

Suppressing his male instincts, Hisui pretended to be calm.

"(expletive-in a cute manner).... you really don't understand?"

Sudou answered with a devilish smile.

To be honest, it was sexy as hell.

She sounded like someone who was very experienced, her skirt was also short as hell. And keeping her shirt unbuttoned in a style that would make her #1 in the school.

".... I don't really understand, it is the first day of school, for what reason did you call me out here?"

Hisui heightened his awareness, and began to look around.

There doesn't appear to be anyone around.

"Other than two of us, no one else is around. Who are you looking for?"

"Someone could be lying in wait, ready to mock the fool who naively believed the note, worked up their imagination in excitement, and came here shamelessly... such a possibility cannot be ruled out."

"What? Why are you suddenly saying that? Do you have trust issues? Even if you were caught in the spotlight today, there shouldn't be anyone in the class who would start playing pranks the first day of class, right?"

".... Ok, that is good."

Hisui sighed in relief.

While deep in thought, Mei's excited face came even closer.

".... That is a bit too close?"

"I am intentionally closing in. Hisui-san... you seem a little cold... hard for people to get close to. During the self introduction, I felt you were observing everyone."

".... Do you really have the right to say that? What, is that when you started to check me out?"

"Of course, handsome, white skin, must be the best in the freshman class, must be great at cross-dressing?"

"I would be?"

Hisui reached out to touch his own face.

To be honest he really didn't have that feeling. Even though his looks apparently attracted vampires, but that isn't something to be happy about.

"Handsome boy... no one around you ever told you that?"

"The one who raised me kept telling me I 'look like a girl' and 'don't be a sissy.'"

Hisui mumbled to himself, but Mei became even more interested, and brought her face even closer.

The two of them were so close to each other, they could feel each other's breath and their lips were almost touching.

"I say..."

"If you don't realize how attractive you are, then I am telling you now."

The devil in front of him smiled.

Hisui could not stop his breathing, and kept on shaking his head.

"You should stop playing, and go look for someone else."

"Ahh, so serious? High school life... wanting a handsome boyfriend to pass the day together... is very normal right?"

"This morning was self-intro. Isn't it too strange? It isn't love at first sight.... all I have to do is to be handsome?"

"Do you want to learn about the other person first? No problem, I will tell you."

Mei reached out and entwined her arms around Hisui's neck.

She closed in on his lips.

"You have something with that child named Rushella right? The rumors among girls are scary."

"No, I don't have anything with her!"

He used this opportunity to come clean, but Sudou was still suspicious.

"Really~? She is so cute, and she has a great body."

"Absolutely horrible personality."

Also not human.... but he couldn't say that point out loud. Looking at Hisui's straight face, Sudou began to believe him.

So she began to pursue in earnest.

"Then it wouldn't be a problem if I became your girlfriend. Let me become your girlfriend."

Her lips were even closer now.

As they were about to touch, Hisui finally freed himself from her grasp.

"What are you doing?"

"This should be my line. Stop making these kinds of jokes. These kinds of things.... is very strange right?!"

Hisui had no ill feeling, but this line made Sudou frown deeply.

"Strange... you mean me?"

"Of course. I don't really hate the fact you are praising me, and I feel the way you are doing it is really cute, but suddenly being called out by you, enticing me, and confessing.... no matter how you think about it, it is strange. The fact it is not shocking should be what is surprising...."

Hisui's voice trailed off suddenly.

Mei bit down her lips, and grabbed a corner of a desk.

CRACK! A piece of the desk broke apart.

It is clear that she didn't exert any strength - it was as if she was just snapping a small tree branch.

Then her delicate fingers wrapped around the broken piece --- and crushed it into powder.

No matter how you looked at it, it was definitely not the strength of a normal high school student.

Suddenly being called out to receive a confession -- and then there was her supernatural strength.

Strange. Everything appeared to be strange.

Hisui eyed the young girl in front of him.


Mei's face burst into rage and her teeth began to grind against each other.

Kujou became scared, and took a step back.

"No, I am not saying I am not satisfied..."

"Why can't you do it with me?!!! It is clear you did it with a vampire!?"


Mei lost her voice, then held her mouth shut.

But it was too late, as the boy began to question her instead.

"Did you find out during the self-introduction...! Did you just call me out to confirm?"

"No, absolutely not..."

With her position reversed, Mei took a step back.

Kujou took a step forward, but accidentally tripped her.


"Be careful!"

Hisui reflexively tried to catch her, but it was too late.

As Mei collapsed, she also dragged him down.

PING! The boy's jaw hit the floor, and stars exploded across his eyes.

His sight turned dark, but Hisui recovered quickly.



Even though his eyes were open, everywhere was still dark.

And there was a warm and soft feeling brushing against his face.

Stunned, he realized what he was looking at.

In front of his eyes was a triangular piece of cloth.

It was extremely high class for a freshman student, and also made of high quality material.

That is... the legendary sexy underwear.

The most important part were covered, so Kujou could not see it, but that defense was fleeting at best.


The young man finally understood the situation.

He was under the skirt.

He knew it is already too late, but he still tried to look away as a gentleman, looking left and right, but there were only the sizzling legs.


Scribbled across the peachy skin was a series of black letters.

They were different than tattoos, as if they were transcribed under the skin.

Kujou froze for a moment, as those words -- or rather legs, finally moved out of his line of sight. At the same time, light poured from above, and his ability to appreciate otome garden had ended.


Mei already stood up. It looked like she was not injured in the fall.

The atmosphere became more awkward by the second. Although this was an accident, but Hisui couldn't stammer an explanation.

He prepared himself for an impending slapping, but Mei only whispered.

"..... saw it?"

The boy obviously was treated to eye candy.

Unable to deny, he could only look away, looking for a way out of this.

"Ah, that, it is a bit exciting."

His heart leaping in terror as he stared at Mei, the other person who locked her legs tightly together, with her hands fiercely holding her skirt down, looking extremely embarrassed, thus completely different than before.

Faced with her natural reaction, Hisui naturally made no excuses and could only confess.

"Sorry, it was not intentional. If you want to slap.... me, I will accept it."

"Did you see.... that?"

She repeated it again.

Hisui tilted his head in confusion.

It was clear he would see it in a situation like that earlier.

But, Mei was using one hand to hold her skirt, another to cover her right leg, thus the boy finally understood what she meant.

Draculea V01 - 076.PNG

She was not asking about her panties.... but that line of writings.

"Ah, I saw it, huh..."

"That is... tattoo? You shouldn't mark your beautiful skin like that. A tattoo should be cute right? That kind of English letters and numbers..."

While speaking, Kujou recalled the words in question.

FC-XX07-a machine like sequence.

"Perhaps this is not a pursuit of fashion, but a cypher? Or a Machine Serial?"

Although it was only a joke, the girl's face twitched.

She replied with a complex expression.

"Exciting... will come naturally. In other words, if you don't want this you will curb your interest naturally. Thus speaking.... hateful, something inhuman."

"By getting excited... it will naturally show itself. In other words... to not let it show I must hold back my feelings. Even like this... it's still disagreeable. This inhuman like thing..."


Kujou's brain started working.

There was a extremely beautiful girl in front of him.

But something was different, there was something wrong.

She recognized Rushella's true nature, there was a strange engraving on her leg, combine the two, one can feel something unnatural.

"What are you? Are you human?"

"...So impertinent, of course I am human, a normal human."

"You are wrong, you are not a normal person."

Hisui coldly deduced.

Mei stared back with furious rage, close to murderous intent.

"Looks like calling you inhuman leads to rage, so you are really not human. What are you?"


"You are not afraid of sunlight, so you are not a vampire. But no matter what your strength way exceeds that of a high school girl. I said serial number, did I guess correctly? Are you an android?"

"So impolite. Who is an android? I am a human!... just not from a mother's womb."

Mei let go of her rage, and spoke quickly.

"Then how were you created? Cloned? Or artificially made? We are not in a sci-fi novel... there hasn't been a live example yet, right?"

"There is a live example. After 11 months in a laboratory..."


Kujou frowned, following Mei's words, and suddenly the cover of a famous novel appeared in his mind.

He read a faithful translation of the book once -- and began to recall the content slowly.

"I guess there is no point hiding it. You are a sharp individual, and you did it with a vampire already, I thought you would see through me as well, and that is why I want to win you over. But that vampire never hid the fact who she is, right? And carrying a parasol, anyone who understands vampire lore will know exactly who she is."

It look like she gave up winning over Kujou, so she began to speak out everything in her mind.

"Hum, Hi-kun, have you ever heard of [Frankenstein's tale]?"

"Um. I read it before, and I still can recall some of the details."

It was a world famous sad story.

The young genius Victor Frankenstein discovered the secret of creation, and to prove his theory he created the first artificial human.

However, the plan was supposed to give birth to a beautiful being, but instead it created a monstrous abomination.

That was Frankenstein's monster.

It, along with the vampire, are synonymous with monsters.

According to Kujou's knowledge, like vampires, they exist hidden within human society, rare species of "monsters".

"The original is famous, I heard it was a science-fiction novel. Does that mean that you are..."

"Correct, that crazy genius, Victor Frankenstein's monster --- You could say I am the latest model. And that mark, like you said, is a serial number. Of course I hate it."

Mei stared at the marking on her right leg as if it was some kind of hideous scar.

No matter how similar she was to a human, only that part allowed people to recognize she was artificial.

"According to the story, that monster didn't have any progeny."

Kujou started to recall the content of the novel, and told that to Mei.

That creator, Victor was so different to the creature, experienced so many events together, finally came to the creator and asked him to create a companion for him -- but the creator refused.

This lit a fuse between the father and son, mutually hating each other, which resulted in a cycle of vengeance leading to their destruction.

"It is true, the original prototype died alone. And Victor still hasn´t released the secret of creation. But, he did not destroy his notes, so there have been fragments of them left behind. Geniuses who inherited his madness, with their continued research, finally gave birth to us."

With severe disgust, Mei explained the truth behind the literary masterpiece.

Like the original, ugly creature who hated its scientist creator, Mei also seemed to harbor complicated feelings towards the mad genius.

"But, now Hi-kun found out I am not human, what are you going to do?"

Mei brought her arms together, staring at the boy.

Based on Kujou's answer - the empty classroom could become a bloody battlefield - But Kujou replied calmly.

"I don't mind, I don't have any interest regarding Frankenstein."


Mei was a little disappointed. It was clear that his observation skills were hideously sharp, but his willpower to act was zero.

"So what you are saying is, you are not going to publicize Rushella's identity? Although no one would believe it, but something like this would cause waves."


"Say, are you really an android? shouldn't you have screws on your temple?"

"What era is that? And it only happens in movies right? Although the original was a monster, but I look real, right?"

To prove her authenticity, Mei grabbed Kujou's hands and put it against her face.

Kujou's heart leaped, but his hands transmitted from her a soft feeling, and instantly shattered any preconceived notions about her.

"This is really good, soft, flawless, there are no stitches, it really is a... great face."


Sudou smiled, then dragged his hand on to her chest.

Because the movement was so natural, Kujou also enjoyed her chest's softness.

"Really...... this soft yet elastic, subtle feeling............ Wa——!!"

Regaining his senses, Hisui hastily retracted his hand from her bosom, but it was already too late.

Mei triumphantly glared at Hisui as if she was the victor.

"What are you doing, though it was me who pulled your hand, but isn't it you yourself who rubbed it?"

"...... Much appreciation."

Hisui diffidently moved his gaze away, his hand still retaining the shape when he was touching the breasts, he repeatedly recalled the sensation, anyhow he didn't feel like touching any other objects.

Speaking of the truth he really wants to touch it once more.

"Do you understand now? At present there is no difference between us and a normal human. Besides, the original possessed intellect and feelings, the only difference is the outer appearance."

"Isn’t it better that there is no model number? Why do they need to be deliberately engraved on the skin?"

"That sounds...... admonishing. The original, didn't possess any self-restraint, so it killed people. To not walk in the same path to ruin, we exercise restriction onto ourselves. If we don't want that kind of uncouth scene to happen, we must retain our rationality."

"I see. I completely understand. Bye."

Finishing his speech, Hisui tried to leave.

But Mei took hold of his arm, refusing to let him go.

"...... What? No problems, I won't tell the others."

"Really? You don't feel that I am... a monster."

"What same? Didn't you just stated that you are the same as human? I also feel the same. Compare to those girls walking on the street you are much better. Plus you are cute."

Hisui expressed his opinion, causing Mei to can't help but blush.

"Do you... feel that way?"


"... Really really?"

"Why would I lie to you? Release me already. If you have anything left to say then say it."

"That... it is ok now. This is a different matter —— like what I had said in the beginning, about being your female partner."

"That, you are being way too blunt... so, is this some sort of love affair?"

"This, of course. After all this is our clan's long cherished wish. In case we are in love with humans, wouldn't that make us artificial humans a true human?"

"So it is like this... indeed, putting it like that then there is no way to distinguish from humans. However, a normal romantic relationship won't do... speaking of which Sudou, there must be more than this......."

"No, putting it in a proper way, romantic relationship is not the final objective, it is just the intermediate pathway? A process in between."

Hearing her weird explanation, Hisui showed a dumbfounded expression.

Although Hisui had no interest in either the artificial humans or their creation, but he was curious about Mei's objective which she painstakingly went through a great deal of troubles to enter high school for.

"Then what's your objective?"

Mei giggled for a moment and replied.

"Making babies❤."


Before he even understood what happened it was already too late.

He had been pushed down, his body was lying on the cold floor.

Raising his head up, Mei was currently mounted on top of him.

"E-eh... Sudou-san?"

"What — is it?"

Her chest weighed down.


Lunch break is almost over, if this goes on —— it would be bad in a lot of ways.

"W-what do you think you are doing......!?"

"Didn't I say it already, MA·KING·BA·BIES. As a testimony to our lover relationship. Like what Victor Frankenstein had in his mind at first, artificial humans originally possess the ability to reproduce. But it would be meaningless if it isn't with a human wouldn't it? If we are to become [human], it is necessary to do it with a human. This is my objective, the sole reason for my existence. Thus said............"

"Thus said my arse!! Find another person, another person!!"

"What's the problem, you don't need to take responsibility for this❤."

"This is totally not a romantic relationship!! Let me point this out... you are far away from being a human!! Aside from your appearance, the rest are completely off the mark!!"

"How troublesome... I have no intention of listening to your thoughts on this."

Hisui was struggling trying to think of a way to get out of this mess.

Mei continued to push him down.

Generally speaking the situation here had been reversed, the pitiful Hisui was being restrained by a girl’s slender hand, not budging in the slightest.

“So humiliating... why do you have this much strength......!?”

“That’s rude of you. It’s because of the original’s brutality that I, the latest model have a limitation put on. Basically half of the original’s strength.”

“Who in the world would want to know that kind of trivial knowledge, release me!!”



Even if he used force to fight back, he definitely could not win. Compared to Rushella, her strength was greater in daytime.

On the verge of losing something precious, Hisui gave up on his dignity. Since he could not compete in strength, then the only option left is to call for help.

Hisui opened up his mouth, Mei who perceived his intention, quickly took action.

Yet she did not cover up Hisui’s mouth, rather than that she glared at Hisui.

Momentary, out came a flash from her pair of glamorous eyes.

This really isn't something superstitious, rather than that it is real, a flash of physical light, manifested out from her eyes.

The light then condensed into a beam, travelling past Hisui's face, and penetrated the area of floor board at his right.

Due to the dazzling light Hisui was taken aback, afterwards he turned to look to his right side.

Two holes were beautifully carved out onto the floor, white smoke continually rising from it.


"Be at ease. I will guide you through❤."

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, didn't you just shoot out a laser beam? From your fucking eyes!? This already deviates much from the original, isn't that a weapon equipped in the military!?”

“Because our strength is suppressed, the excess energy output from the internal combustion is used to supply the weapon instead. Were its to be used with maximum power, a certain amount of time would need to pass before it could be employed again, but if it is the standard setting then you can fire it successively❤”

“Who would want to hear your damn explanation! What is this situation of a high school girl with overrated body’s functions!? You want to be a human, you are completely the polar opposite of that!!”

“You are so annoying ~~ do you want me to turn you into ash?”

Mei once again locked her sight onto Hisui.

Owing to the sheer brute strength and the destructive pair of eyes, this caused Hisui to shut his mouth.

Were he to resist, death will be his final destination.

However, it would also turn bad if he does not resist.

“C-Calm down, I got something to say...... put down your weapon, keep your distance. It is good that our relationship hasn't become worse............!”

“Why do you act like a dispirited lover? Don’t move............!”

Mei used her slender fingers to untie Hisui’s necktie, then his shirt buttons. Gently caressing the bare white chest.

Hisui thought of struggling free though it was impossible at present.

The caressing appeared to be a very light touch, soothing the mind, Mei’s finger brushed back and forth on the smooth skin, resembling a melody.

“How, come, this............? Can't muster, any strength............”

“Ah...... your expression is really cute. Seems like I am right on the mark. Let me tell you this first, my standards are pretty high. It’s love at first sight, you should be honored.”

“Who, would, want to............”

Hisui denied with a feeble voice, gasping for breath.

His whole body had gone limp, and some unknown substances was creeping up from inside his stomach.

"What the fuck, this... What did you do to me...!?"

"I said it before... I'm the latest model. In order to successfully make babies with the target, I'm equipped with ten thousand different pleasure functions. A perfect blowup doll❤"

"Blowup doll... Isn't that term the most insulting for artificial humans!"

"In any case, you refuse to back down? Fine, prepare yourself..."

Mei licked her lips and untied her ponytail.

Her hair draped down onto Hisui's face, giving off a seductive fragrance.

Even her body's scent and breath was probably part of her pleasure functions, right? Hisui felt even more powerless, even mentally he was gradually losing resistance.


"You looked so flippant yet you're surprisingly rational. But... you're at your limit, eh?"

Mei slid her tongue into Hisui's ear, using her fingertips to tickle Hisui's chest.

Her other hand was caressing Hisui all over, finally reaching between his legs. Then her lips approached Hisui.

No good.

This is really no good.

"Let us build a bridge between two races❤"


Hisui couldn't even muster up verbal resistance.

The approaching lips and the finger reaching down below.

Farewell, my precious whatever.

Although he was not crying, somehow an image of a painted canvas appeared before his eyes.

"Hands off! What are you doing!?"

Suddenly, a loud voice demanded. Mei suddenly got up and separated from Hisui.

"Who is this...!?"

Mei looked at the speaker to find Rushella standing there with arms crossed.

"This is a place of learning, right!? Here, doing that kind of...! Who allowed you to make a move on my servant!?"

Rushella pointed to Mei and asked. From the way her face looked, she was going to rush over and grab Mei any moment.

Mei simply tossed her hair lightly and replied with composure.

"Hands off? Is there a problem with a mere handjob?"

"Stop it with those dirty puns, okay..."

Hisui got up and did not forget to retort.

Stumbling, he distanced himself from Mei and leaned back on a wall to avoid getting pushed down again.

"Oh my, you're so cold. Clearly just now, you were so happy from my touch."

"I am really feeling disgusted with myself..."

Hisui spoke bitterly, thankful for Rushella's existence for the first time.

But this savior had no self-awareness and pointed her hostility towards Hisui.

"You're my servant, you know, why did you offer yourself to this fake!? Show some backbone!"

Who the fuck is your servant? Before Hisui could retort, Mei already reacted to Rushella's words.

"Hey, what do you mean by fake?"

Mei crossed her arms and glared at Rushella.

Rushella's word choice had struck the artificial human's landmine.

"A fake is a fake. No matter how you disguise yourself as human, don't think you can deceive my vampire eyes! To prevent sucking the blood of lowly trash, my kind excels in distinguishing humans from non-humans."

"In other words, you both knew each other's identities already. You should have told me."

Ignoring Hisui's complaints the vampire and the artificial human postured themselves for battle.

"Such grand words... for a mere vampire."


Mei insulted her in turn without backing down.

Vampire vs Frankenstein's creature, the two major monsters were now facing off.

"You say I'm a fake, but aren't vampires simply mosquitoes wearing human skin? No, you are even more lowly than mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be smacked and they just cause itches after a bit. But your kind deprives humans of their dignity. Unforgivable."

"You bitch...!!"

Hostility. No this was a snarl full of intent to kill.

Crimson colored cold light shot out from her eyes. Originally adding to the allure of her slender hands, those nails also lengthened and became sharp.

With the sun halfway set, all the cells in Rushella's entire body were filled with power.

If she really went crazy, the consequences were unthinkable.

In order not to get the school destroyed on the first day, Hisui had no choice but to try to arbitrate.

"Hey stop it. Godzilla vs Gamera this dreamteam combination should be left for dreams."

"I don't care. I could hardly bother with this bitch. I just don't want my blood to be sucked. Once my kind becomes fully human, it'd be a complete waste of effort, if my blood were sucked."

"As if anyone would suck yours! As an exalted True Ancestor, I will never suck the blood of a fake like you!!"

"...True Ancestor? No way, are you serious!?"

Mei was laughing so hard her shoulders shook.

Rushella's face became even worse. Hisui didn't know what to do.

"True Ancestor means those highest existences by tracing back the lineages of vampires, standing at the very top, right? Why would someone that important be a high school student here?"

"Does an artificial human have the right to say that about me?"

"Aren't all those fossils extinct already? What the heck are you trying to pull?"

"Shut up, I'm real!"

"Then prove it. Using a method that we can both understand, how's that?"

Mei looked at Hisui, approached him and hugged his arm.

Since she can't reenact the pushing down scene again, nevertheless Hisui still remained on alert.

"...Umm, why am I on your side?"

"Oh my, how cold of you... To think we had already progressed to second base already."

"Damn it, I can't even deny that..."

"Hey, get away from him right now! He's my servant!!"

"What, you're not his girlfriend, right? That aside, hurry and prove that you're a True Ancestor."

Mei showed off and pressed Hisui's arm against her breasts.

Rushella did not retort but simply clenched her fists and directed her wrath at Hisui.

"Why are you getting entangled with her!?"

"Actually, she came over and entangled me."

"You're mine, you know!? Didn't I suck your blood this morning too...!?"

"Please don't talk about this morning as though it's a kiss before leaving home..."

Hisui grumbled, Mei stared with her eyes wide.

"Eh... Hey you, your blood was sucked!? But I didn't see any wounds..."

Mei had hoped to have babies with a pure human. She was very surprised.

Hisui who hung around Rushella did not show any symptoms of turning into a vampire.

Naturally, there was no cursed seal on his neck.

"...Were you bitten in a normally concealed spot? But most vampires pick..."

"The neck. The taste turns poor in any other place. Also, it causes problems during the vampirization process, possibly turning a victim into irrational undead walking corpses, so they never drink from anywhere apart from the neck."

"Then could it be that you've turned completely to a vampire...?"

"Do I look like one?"

Hisui's tone of voice indicated he had never let go of his humanity.

Hearing that, Mei recalled his actions over the past day.

Even in the process of vampirization, victims would show a tendency to avoid sunlight, but Hisui did not.

But Rushella clearly said she sucked his blood.

"...What is going on?"

"This guy is a freak. Even though I sucked his blood, he hasn't turned into my servant!"

Rushella spoke angrily. Hugging Hisui's arm, Mei simply stared in surprise at this "freak" according to the vampire.

"No way... can something like that be true? I know it too... A vampire's bite is the highest level 'curse' and 'poison'... once bitten whether a saint or a sinner, both end up the same way, right!?"

"I am just an ordinary human."

Hisui declared indifferently. Mei became even more interested, her eyes turning passionate.

Rushella was getting impatient with the two hugging so closely. She waved her arms and snarled.

"It's about time you let go! He's my servant!!"

"What? He's not turning into a vampire, right?"

"Shut~ up~! He will be mine sooner or later!! Hurry and let go!!"

Mei ignored Rushella's protests and her sweet voice whispered into Hisui's ear.

"Hey, show me where you were bitten. I want to know what it's like."

"There. If it's me, there won't be a wound. Look."

Hisui did not take special precautions and stretched his neck to show Mei.

Mei brought her lips close to that pale white neck.


Unlike a vampire's kiss, her seductive and sweet lips lightly touched Hisui's neck.

"...Hey, what are you doing!?"

"Disinfecting, just disinfecting. Doesn't it feel much better than a vampire's bite?"

"That's true..."

Recalling the soft sensation on his neck, Hisui was filled with joy and could only look up at the ceiling.

This caused Rushella's anger to reach its peak.

"What are you doing!? To think you would do this with that kind of woman...! Shameless!!"

"Say, I didn't even leave a hickey... You don't have to get that mad, do you...?"

"Are you a man who easily offers his neck to others...? Are you fine with anyone!?"

"Could you stop with that description? You're making it sound like I'm some kind of easy woman, okay!? Besides, why do I have to give you priority? Clearly you're so clumsy at blood sucking."

Faced with Rushella's unreasonable squabbling, Hisui let loose all his dissatisfaction all at once.

Mei poured more fuel on the fire.

"Eh, what, this child is clumsy at blood sucking? Eh, isn't a vampire's bite supposed to be accompanied by sexual pleasure? Especially when sucking a member of the opposite sex."

"Because of my constitution, I guess the pleasure is rendered moot as well... Anyway, it really hurts."

Hearing Hisui's feelings, Rushella suddenly went expressionless.

Tears were faintly seeping out the corners of her eyes, but Hisui and Mei did not notice.

"Wow~ To think one really existed, this kind of worthless vampire. Say, if even blood sucking is clumsy, then what value of existence is there? Let alone a True Ancestor, not even trash level. Really, that's mosquito level."

"Hey, that's going a bit too far..."

Hisui was halfway through when his cheek was met with a light punch.


By the time he came to his senses, he found Rushella standing before him.

Her eyes filled with tears.


Hisui did not get a chance to speak. The tiny fists began to rain down on him.

"Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot!!"

"Hey stop it, it hurts!"

A childish attack purely for venting emotions.

But as a vampire after all, every hit from this careless attack was still heavier than a normal human's. But compared to physical pain, this feeling was strongest in Hisui's heart.


Rushella raised her parasol and smashed it towards Hisui as a final strike. Then without looking back, she ran out of the classroom.

"Ah, hey...!"

Hisui had only taken a single step when a cold voice stopped him.

"Don't go. What do you intend to do once you catch up to her?"

Mei asked coldly.

Rather than merciless, her tone of voice sounded full of rationality.

"You were not made her servant successfully, right? You simply had your blood sucked. A one-sided victim. You also don't seem to be under the mystic eyes' control. Neither are you in love with her."

"... Of course not."

"Then just leave her alone. It's better for both of you."

Mei's tone of voice sounded very experienced.

That was probably not just her personal thoughts but the lesson learned by her entire race's experiences.

"Things will never sail smoothly in a relationship between a human and a non-human. That's the case with us. With an appearance that anyone could tell was non-human, you should know what kind of life Frankenstein's creature lived through, right?"


Even among themselves, humans have not escaped from bias and discrimination.

Let alone when the other party was outside the realm of humans.

"She's only treating you as food. Don't be fooled by her tears."

"...I know."

"So... come... with me❤"

Mei held Hisui's hand and started to hassle him.

Hisui simply shook her hand off mercilessly and left the classroom.

Refusing to admit defeat, Mei called out from behind.

"I haven't given up yet. I'm even more interested now. I will surely make you mine and mine alone!!"

Ignoring her declaration, Hisui departed, expressionless.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Relative: The word used to describe "relative" is "someone close", in here it probably mean "guardian".
  2. Locker room: The one in Japan where the students put on their shoes
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