Silver Cross and Draculea:Volume01 Chapter4

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Chapter 4 - Sacrificial Lamb[edit]

"So basically, Hi-kun, you do it with that amnesiac True Ancestor once a day?"

"Could you not say it in such a weird way!? I just get my blood sucked, okay? It's not fun at all, okay!?"

"That's doing it, right? Then about that child, have you figured out things out?"

"...No clues so far. Say, I'm begging you, can you use a different description..."

After school, Hisui was lying on the desk in the classroom listlessly.

The classmates had left and the classroom had no one but him and Mei beside him.

After the weekend, several days had passed. Rushella had started attending school officially. Hisui hardly interacted with other classmates but often conversed with Mei like this.

During today's chat, Hisui tried asking her opinion on Rushella's origins but Mei and her "race" did not know too much about vampires.

"...Where did that girl pop up from anyway?"

Using the weekend, Hisui searched for Rushella's origins by every means available to him but still had no clues currently.

He tried going to the forest where she woke up. Because there are no signs of people there, one could not expect witnesses. Hisui had confirmed the coffin's position and there were clear marks where it had been placed but yielded no clues on when it was placed there.

Hisui tried to get Rushella's gold coins certified at a antique shop but apart from the fact that they were genuine gold coins, nothing was known: time period, country or region, nothing. According to the antique dealer, it might have been simply molded but never used in circulation.

"So the weekend ended up wasted like that. I spent my precious holiday on nothing."

"Oh dear, but weren't you quite happy to go on a walk with her. When that child was trying on clothes, you were commenting 'that looks nice on you.' You even visited the underwear corner together with her."

"No, that's just her dragging me off to buy daily necessities and clothes... I already bought them for her, but she still wears my shirt at home... Hey, how did you know!?"

"I was buying my spring wardrobe when I ran into you guys by chance. Then I followed and watched you."

"What do you mean 'followed and watched'!? Don't speak so readily like a stalker as though it's normal!"

"Don't underestimate me. My ancestors over the generations were all professional stalkers. For revenge, it meant following the creator closely. If this ability is used for love, can you imagine the consequences?"

Hisui did not want to imagine at all.

Based on the original novel's ending, even if he escaped to the North Pole, she would most likely follow.

"...It feels like you're more and more removed from a high school girl."

"Oh dear, are you saying I have problem somewhere?"

Mei brought her face close.

Thanks to the top two open buttons on her uniform, the cleavage of Mei's massive bust and her pink bra entered Hisui's view.

She was a girl who rivaled Rushella in beauty, this was the worst part.

To be honest, if Mei went all out, Hisui had no confidence if he could resist her "baby making."

Hisui blushed and turned his gaze away, then an unexpected savior arrived.

"Let's go home... Hey, why are you here!?"

Seeing Mei, Rushella frowned and approached.

She was wearing a uniform that was just fitted during the weekend. Without the parasol, she'd probably look like a very proper high school student.

"Where I go is my freedom right? Before I obtain Hi-kun, I won't leave!"

"What is Hi-kun?"

"Hisui, therefore Hi-kun. Get it? Also, one day, I'll be calling him Hiihii❤"

"Absolutely not."

Despite Hisui's protests against this strange nickname, Mei did not seem like she was going to take it back.

She looked very assured of victory and walked towards Rushella.

"No matter how you dress up it's useless. A vampire should just sleep obediently in a coffin until night falls, right?"

"You fake doll is the same, just stand quietly and act the part of decoration, okay?"

The two girls faced off, a battle about to spark off.

A moment later, they both went "hmph" and walked past each other.

Mei went for the classroom's exit and left a word of warning.

"You'd better be careful, Hi-kun. Even if you can keep your constitution a secret from other humans, if you continue to hang around a vampire, you'll be treated as one of their kind."


The boy who was raised by a vampire stared blankly in response, watching Mei leave.

Rushella walked up to him and blocked his view.


"You, umm... you like that type of woman?"

"Who could possibly like a woman who suddenly pushes you down... she's aiming for my body totally. Just the body. That kind of terrible relationship between the sexes, I don't quite..."

"Really... then good. Let's go home."

Rushella nodded satisfied and urged Hisui to return.

Moments later, the two exited the school gates and made their way home.

"By the way, did you join any of those 'klub' things?"

Rushella must be asking because she attended the clubs introduction gathering? That was a gathering where upperclassmen introduced the clubs to the new students.

Hisui's interest was zero to begin with, so he answered completely unenthusiastically.

"Nope. If anything, I'd be in the go-home club."

"What's that? They didn't mention it today!?"

"The activities consist of this: after a tiring day of classes, to sing praises to the springtime of youth after school. The greatest trouble is usually the homeroom teacher talking too much rubbish during homeroom before dismissal. This is mostly due to the homeroom teacher's personality. I guess I'm lucky since our homeroom is much shorter than the other classes."

"Basically, you mean going home directly. Don't just keep blabbering nonstop."

"You get it now."

Rushella was gradually acquiring modern common sense and it was getting harder and harder to con her.

Although she was still having trouble with her studies, overcoming that was probably just a matter of time.

"The teachers said that the next few days allow visiting times for us to freely observe the 'klubs'... are you going?"

"I'm not interested. Eh, judging from your tone... what, you want to go?"

"I just want to have a look. Umm, those people who're interested in 'klubs' they all look so funloving. I'm just curious... what it's about."

Although she tried to sound nonchalant, Rushella could not hide her great curiosity and interest in club life.

In any case, now that she had food and shelter covered, she was getting interested in all sorts of things.

In school life, she seemed to have targeted club activities. But for a vampire...

"But, umm... you're a..."

"I know. Outdoor stuff is no good. Or rather, anything to do with sports is no good. I know that at least."

Vampires and humans. The difference in physical ability was very obvious even during the daytime when a vampire's activity was most suppressed. If Rushella joined human club activities, this alone would already be cheating.

"So... the cultural ones. Wanna... have a look?"

"Sure, lead the way."

Rushella smiled happily and hung onto his arm.

"W-What are you doing!?"

"Huh? Escorting the master is your job, right?"

"Umm, well, we already left school today, how about tomorrow..."


Although Rushella agreed, she did not let go of Hisui's arm.

"Say, Rushella-san?"


"Well, ummm..."

Her body was touching him, such as, her breasts, her breasts, her breasts as well as her breasts or the like.

"What, don't boys and girls walk around like this? See, everyone in the surroundings is doing this."

All the people in Rushella's field of view were couples. Since they were a bit far from school, near the train station, there were many intimate couples holding hands in the surroundings.

Hisui originally wanted to tell her the truth, but to avoid Rushella entering her unreasonable mode, he gave up.

This ojou-sama was so arrogant and conceited yet completely vulnerable in this area.

Only wearing a T-shirt or wrapped in a bath towel at home all the time, but if he pointed it out to her she'd immediately go red in the face and even get violent.

To avoid unnecessary disaster, Hisui continued walking with her arm in arm.

Ulterior motives... of course not.

"Ah... I must go shopping. The milk's out."

"Yes, buy meat too. Don't forget red wine."

"Not buying either. Especially the wine."

"What does it matter!? Your cooking's not bad but it's too plain. I want to eat something a bit more bloody..."

After all as a vampire, Rushella's diet consisted mostly of meat. Not only did she like meat, but she also liked it half-cooked. Probably due to blood, she loved all sorts of dairy products. Also, desserts and sweets.

She also had an unusual personal interest in red wine. Hisui naturally forbade it and currently used grape juice as a stand-in.

"We're eating roasted fish today. Oh, I'd better buy some radishes to chop up into shreds."

"Then let me have a good drink of blood. I didn't get to drink this morning!?"

"You're the one who overslept. But to me, I thanked the heavens."

"Offering your blood to me is your duty. Even if it's me, I'd start attacking humans indiscriminately if I can't suppress the urge, you know?"

This simple sentence made Hisui's face gloomy.

"Right... that's true, I knew it."

He understood. That's what vampires were as creatures.

Hisui showed a look of comprehension and Rushella released his arm and said:

"You just need to offer your blood to me obediently."

"That's not fun at all. And no matter how many times you did it, you're still so clumsy..."

Hisui frantically covered his mouth halfway.

Timidly he looked at Rushella... But too late, she was already biting her lip, glaring at him.

Ever since the rainy day, this subject was taboo.

Although she was very clumsy in fact, but Hisui had refrained from saying out of consideration for her... but he ended up making a slip of the tongue.

"...Let's go home."


"...Once I have my memories, surely..."

Rushella spoke angrily and suddenly quickened her pace.

"Hey, wait up...!"

Before Hisui could give chase, Rushella had run out of sight.

But Hisui still pressed on regardless. Leaving the main road, he entered a desolate little alley.

Just as he stopped and looked around for signs of Rushella, a black luxury car stopped beside him.

At the same time, the driver's door opened and a tall man came out.

"You're Kujou Hisui, right?"

Dressed in black including a black tie, black shades, black suit---A man in black like the movies.

He was carrying a black leather briefcase. Apart from his face, everything was black all over.

A handsome face, he looked quite mature and stable, probably thirty or so. His hair was parted slightly to one side and clung tightly to his head, giving an impression very lacking in individuality.

"...I am, what about it?"

"Please come with me."

Hisui answered with wariness.

"...Is something the matter?"

"It'll be explained to you later."

Saying that, the man viciously punched Hisui in the gut at the same time.


Hisui doubled over and then he received a karate chop on the back of his head.

The two-hit combo rendered Hisui unconscious immediately. The man skillfully picked up Hisui and threw him in the car.

The car started up and left the scene without a trace.

However---there was one more person at the scene, witnessing everything.

"...Say, are you guys satisfied now~~ kidnappers?"

A few hours after the sudden abduction scene, Hisui yelled in anger.

He was currently in a dimly lit room.

There was a desk and loads of books and documents. Probably an office somewhere.

Before his eyes was probably the desk of some kind of administrator.

But elbows on the table, resting her head on her hands, the person sitting before the desk did not seem to match the surroundings.

"The term kidnapper is quite excessive. Kujou Hisui-san?"

The voice speaking to Hisui sounded very young and cute.

Sitting on the chair, the person matched the voice well and was a delicate and petite girl.

She looked about the age of twelve or thirteen, wearing half-rimmed glasses. The frilly shirt brought out the airs of a maiden. Her cute face was like a doll.

"Using such a barbaric way to bring me here, I don't think there's any word more fitting than kidnappers to describe it, right?"

"I on the other hand believe we are protecting you."

"Who knows. Besides, what's with the series of inexplicable scenes!? A punishment game!?"

Hisui was naturally angry.

Before taken to this room, he had suffered a lot of unreasonable treatment.

First his blood sample was taken then his head was submerged in a silver container filled with water.

Then he was forced to chew raw garlic, after chewing he instantly had a cross pressed to his face.

Just as he reached the end of his patience, his sight was covered up by a blood transfusion bag.

"Do you want a drink?"

He was even asked such a question.

Draculea V01 - 138.PNG

Naturally, Hisui had no desire to drink so he simply shook his head in surprise. That person ended up pouring the bag's contents into a large wine glass as though saying "Don't be shy, be my guest."

"No, I already said I'm not thirsty."

...After he refused, then came a bunch of incomprehensible procedures, finally he was taken to this room. By the way, his hands were currently cuffed so he was still not free.

"What the fuck... Hey, what are you trying to investigate about me?"

"You still haven't realized? This is just a very ordinary checkup. Checking to see if you're a vampire or a normal human."

The girl spoke coldly, picking up the data in her hand to read.

"Fortunately, you have passed all the tests. How nice, you are still human."

"I don't get what the fuck you're talking about."

Still angry, Hisui did not hold back his words. The girl narrowed her eyes with displeasure.


Standing on the side, the man nodded. Walking over to Hisui, he handed a name card over.

This man was the culprit who abducted him to this place. Hisui realized that then snatched the name card from him.

"...Metropolitan Police Department Supernatural Investigations Section Special Consultant... Kariya Eruru... what the fuck?"

"Exactly as the words say. Strictly speaking, I am not a civil servant. But because of my knowledge and accomplishments, I have been recruited as an expert. My expertise lies in vampires. Pleased to meet you."

Eruru spoke with a poker face.

Clearly possessing such a cute name and face, yet her behavior was completely not cute at all.

"It seems like I've read it in a feature report on urban legends before... like a special investigations team for solving unclear cases?"

"That's just normal police work. Our job is to investigate cases caused by supernatural entities. And dealing with the culprits. As for the earlier 'examination' you received, you probably understand what you are being suspected of? Do not play stupid, Kujou-san."

Eruru was like a French doll, her large, glimmering eyes stared at Hisui as she spoke.

Judging from the title of special consultant, her age and what she said, she was not an official member of the police. But her sharp gaze was not inferior to an experienced interrogator.

"...That featured report also talked about special police that solved cases that could not be explained by science. The MPD has an underground office or creepy meetings in dimly lit meeting rooms? You belong to this type? An organization that counts as part of the MPD?"

"We are a secret branch. After all the nation cannot admit the existence of supernatural entities to the general public. However, this is the truth. Supernatural creatures roaming the place is a crisis for the nation. Vampires, even more so. Worse comes to worst, it could affect the dignity of citizens. For this purpose, they must be monitored as soon as they are discovered. If victims appear, then they must be quarantined immediately and protected. Just like with you."

"I get it now... so it looks like you guys found out about Rushella. I never thought I could hide her forever... but to think the cat's out of the bag so quickly."

"A collaborator informed us. Due to the nature of our organization, we have collaborators spread out everywhere."


Hisui felt annoying sweat on his face.

Although he could hazard a guess, he still asked her.

"...The collaborator.. who?"

"Sudou Mei."

"That informant bitch!!"

Hisui felt exhausted.

A type of feeling that he could trust no one.

And Eruru spoke coldly as though insulted.

"Why are you acting surprised like an idiot? Protecting the citizens from supernatural entities is our job. Being informed about non-human creatures is only to be expected, right?"

"Uh, fair enough... but, what does the word collaborator mean?"

"Exactly as it says. Their kind's goal is to become human, hence they bear humans no ill will. Vampires are different. So naturally, we ally with Mei's kind first. To let them live normal human lives, we help them establish public records and birth registrations etc. Then in return, they assist us in our missions. Is there any problem with that?"

"...I don't want to say anything at this moment."

"Why are you so depressed? She's simply performing her duty. This is what it means to be doing everything for mankind. An artificial human is acting more human than you. Are you not ashamed of yourself?"

Eruru's words were merciless.

Salt tossed in his wounds, Hisui blankly spoke the truth he realized.

"...It's because of Sudou's report that I was suspected as a victim for hanging around a vampire's side, right?"

"Exactly. However, it is not that easy to distinguish ordinary humans from vampires and humans in the process of turning into vampires. Intricate examinations are required."

"Really? I thought it was easy to tell the difference."

"Naturally a human like you with half-assed knowledge would not know. Vampires have adapted very well to human society. I think even someone like you would know that they fear sunlight. But currently, there exist special light blocking agents that can be applied to the skin to get past that."

"But that medication isn't perfect. After using it, the skin looks shiny and easy to spot. Even high-class medication that cannot be spotted with the naked eye is easily found out through touch. Also, light blocking agents only work for a day at most. Forgetting to reapply it is fatal and cannot be relied on too much. Preparation is also troublesome. Overcoming the weakness to sunlight is a dream. If they want to walk about in daylight, using a parasol is more practical."

"...My, you really do understand quite deeply."

Eruru's face changed, only then did Hisui realize he misspoke.

He was quite knowledgeable in this area already but it would be suspicious if found out. That was why he always tried to avoid letting others know.

"I only heard it from someone by chance. But in terms of tests, isn't a blood test enough? What's with all those cliched procedures?"

"Those are the most effective procedures. The blood test was for understanding your state of health. Once bitten by a vampire, a person's blood gradually decreases in volume and the proportions of all sorts of its makeup changes."

"Then comparing my blood with a vampire's, isn't it all clear?"

"Please shut up, ignorant amateur. A vampire and a human's blood's makeup are completely identical. If you are forced to distinguish them, only occultic means can be used."

Eruru went "hmph" and mocked Hisui's ignorance.

However, Hisui naturally knew this level of knowledge. He feigned ignorance as an amateur to confirm Eruru's side's level of knowledge.

(They realize that a vampire's essence transcends science, huh... no good, this is a real expert.)

Hisui sighed to himself and continued to maintain his expressionless look as he changed the subject.

"...Umm, so that whatever test decided I am human?"

"Exactly. The results prove that you are completely innocent. But as a result, dealing with that vampire must be postponed."

Eruru remarked angrily. Her tone of voice made Hisui realize her true purpose.

This girl was seriously trying to exterminate Rushella.

"...If I had shown even a slight bit of turning into a vampire, what would happen to that girl?"

"Exterminated. That is only logical."

Her tone of voice was saying: what stupid question are you asking?

Behind the cute glasses were a pair of hostile and firmly resolved eyes.

"Taking away human dignity, hateful pests. These are vampires. They are rejected by heaven's mandate. Destroying them is for your own good. If you have not turned completely into a vampire, in a gray zone, then you can still be saved."

"...Conversely, if I turn into a vampire completely, killing her means I'm dead."

Vampire Characteristic #5: when the master vampire is destroyed, a chain reaction causes all the servants to perish as well. In other words, one vampire's death causes all the people they had turned into vampires to all die.

"So what? Rather than letting pests live, why not die as a contribution to the human world? Destroying the boss automatically eliminates the flunkies. Making the pest removal job simple is one of the vampires' few good points."

Eruru's words were completely firm.

If Hisui was a vampire, she would surely kill him on the spot.

As a human, she spared him.

In the process of turning, she would help him.

Vampires would be eliminated without exception.

Because it was so simple, her viewpoint was unshakable.

"Isn't the police's job to arrest and investigate suspects? Punishing 'culprits' without a trial, is that really okay?"

"You're talking about human cases. But we are different. Besides, we are only part of the police for the convenience of investigation. Currently, due to the rising number of cases near the capital, we are part of the MPD. If necessary, we can change our names and carry out our mission under a different organization. It is only for cover."

Resistance is futile, we are the organization above the law, sanctioned by the country---That was what her words sounded like.

The petite girl gave off great intimidation, causing Hisui to sigh again and again.

"...I get it. But it's strange. I could be in the process of turning, hence you reserved judgment and did careful tests. But that girl, she's a real vampire. Why didn't you exterminate her? You probably have anti-vampire equipment, right?"

Faced with Hisui's question, Eruru narrowed her eyes.

Even the expressionless Kishida beside her reacted with some emotion.

"I thought you were just a fool enamored by a vampire's beauty, but never expected you to actually have a brain."

"'Never expected' is redundant. So, why is that?"

"...Even vampires, if they do not harm humans, their execution is delayed... because there are fools who believe that. Because they count as humanoid, some believe that. However, this type of humans are probably bitten by vampires or perhaps captives under the influence of the mystic eyes."

"The so-called hardliners and conservatives. Looks like your faction isn't so united after all. In other words, destroying a vampire requires evidence and proper procedures."

Hisui pointed at himself.

Eruru nodded with displeasure.

Should Hisui show the slightest symptom of turning into a vampire, Rushella would have been condemned.

But Hisui was 100% human.

This was something that should be worth celebrating but because Eruru lost a legitimate reason to exterminate a vampire, she seemed quite unhappy.

"So, it's about time you released me right? Just as you proved, I'm completely human."

"Human for now. I want to ask you, human, why keep that pest by your side?"

"She decided to live in my home on her own."

"... I cannot understand. A human and a vampire cannot possibly have a relationship without blood sucking. Clearly you are not controlled by the mystic eyes... Are you infatuated with her appearance?"

"Perhaps. But she only treats me as a servant. After all, she doesn't understand human society, and casually orders me around."

Hisui hid the key point and urged Eruru to release him.

Looks like Mei had not divulged his constitution to Eruru's side. If he said it now he'd probably get taken to be dissected. Hence he remained silent about it and just made up excuses to cover it up.

"I see. So a new purpose was found for trash with no value of blood sucking. You must have it tough."

Adding the final comment, Eruru's eyes did not show the slightest sympathy.

Hisui originally intended to stay silent but could not help himself from mocking her.

"Right, a high school student's life sure is tough. Yeah, a middle school kid's not gonna understand. Ah, or maybe not even middle school? Elementary schooler... ah, but modern elementary schoolers should be more developed...!?"

Before he finished, Hisui found his view dimming.

Then his forehead crashed against the floor.

Then the back of his head was stepped on viciously by a boot.

The final strike came from Eruru's scolding.

"What did you just say, you trash of a human who has nothing but appearance, totally forgetting a human's dignity?"


Eruru was stepping on his head.

Hisui recalled that by the time he was halfway through what he said, she had stood up.

Then... he couldn't recall any more.

What the heck!?

Suffering a sweeping kick, he had lost balance... something like that. Because the attack was too swift and precise, none of it remained in memory.

Only the tragic fact of reality with his head fallen on the ground.

In such a humiliating pose.

"What are you doing...!?"

"I am on a separate level from trash humans like you. Your stupidity fails to see that you are the same age as me."

"Eh, no way!? I thought at most you're middle school..."

Hisui rudely expressed his opinion, but felt her foot stepping harder. Pressed flat against the hard floor, his mouth could not say anything more.

"Please pay attention to your tone of voice. I have already graduated from university and my physical ability also surpasses you. Hence, that is why I have been hired by the MPD. Got it?"

Eruru spoke as she stepped hard with all her might.

Sucked blood by a vampire, pushed down by an artificial human, kicked by a loli.

All these unfair treatments were happening to him.

The fate of female misfortune, no way.

"How unfortunate is my ordinary life going to get!?"

"Your lazy and plain life is completely worthless before national security."

"That's no fair. As a citizen who pays sales tax, I at least require that I graduate from under this shoe..."

Probably shaken by the sight of Hisui's tears, Eruru finally lifted her foot.

Hisui looked up with difficulty. Due to a sort of fated inevitability, or rather, his perfect position, he clearly saw the interior of the skirt of the girl who had been stepping on him.

"Ah, it's white."


Eruru went bright red in the face and stepped on Hisui's face directly.

"Ouch, what the fuck!? It was unavoidable!!"

"Shut up!! Guys like you who are ruled by lust no matter the situation, I hate the most!!"

"Well I'm really sorry, okay! Seriously, something's entering my nose... shit, it's a nosebleed!"

Although it did not hurt too much, his nose still bled.

Holding his nose, Hisui's hand was dyed red and blood dripped to the floor.

"This is your just deserts..."

Probably because he started to bleed, Eruru was frightened. She murmured softly and took her gaze off Hisui.

"Sheesh man, you're making me look like I got all excited about panties. Hey dude over there, got a tissue?"

Hisui sought Kishida for help but like Eruru, he had turned his face away and acted like he was not concerned.

"Heartless bastard..."

"Hurry and stop the bleeding, okay!?"

Eruru yelled and tossed the tissues to Hisui. Hisui caught it and wiped his hand and the blood around his nose.

"...Has it stopped?"


Although there was a lot of bleeding it quickly stopped. This was due to Hisui's special constitution but naturally, Eruru had no idea.

She frantically opened the window and ventilated the room.

"What a hated smell... if only you were a vampire, I could exterminate you directly..."

"Don't say something so scary..."

"...Anyway, today's evidence gathering is over. However... is it okay for you to return?"


"You could end up with your blood sucked any time. Are you really fine with returning just like that? If you wish, we can protect you. Until we exerminate that vampire. After all, she will soon bare her fangs towards humans to seek fresh blood."

Eruru spoke with full confidence.

Her sharp eyes showed a sense of pity like looking at a puppy who was locked in a cage with a hungry beast.


"I'm going home."

Hisui said.

Unlike before, he spoke with decisive resolve.


"Do I need a reason for going back to my own home?"

"Do you firmly believe yourself safe? Or perhaps... that vampire made a promise not to suck your blood?"

"What about it?"

"Foolish. Nothing else describes this. I won't even bother with arguing with you. Go, the next time we meet... you might not be human anymore. Then you will be our target for disposal."

Eruru said coldly, a hint of pity in her voice.


Kishida led the way and Hisui left the room.

After seeing the scenery outside as well as the exterior of the buildings, only then did Hisui believe Eruru's words regarding her organization.

The building he was in was the closest police station: Seidou Police Station.

"You guys really are the police... this world must be coming to an end."

"I'll give you a ride."

Kishida offered. Hisui reluctantly got into the front passenger seat.

"That girl is really hostile against vampires... is there any reason?"

"I don't know the details... Probably a relative is victim? Even without that, she has very strong sense of responsibility towards her mission."

This man looked like the quiet type but unexpectedly answered Hisui's question.

Sitting in the sedan cruising under the night sky, Hisui continued to ask:

"Your department, do they hire vampires?"

"...Why do you ask?"

"Just curious. Since they hire Frankenstein's creatures, right? And you guys seem quite knowledgeable about vampires. See, this is called using poison against poison. Besides, you guys don't exterminate vampires all at once, so that means among vampires, some are more reasonable than others, right? I think perhaps there might be some common ground."

"...You're quite sharp. Indeed, they are dangerous, but that's just like certain humans too. Some are satisfied with blood packs and some even volunteer to help us. However, in accordance to Kariya-sama's wishes, they were all rejected."

"That's really thorough hatred."

Hisui shrugged and Kishida stopped the car, looked at his watch and said:

"Sorry, I still have work to do. I'll drop you off here, is that okay?"

"Sure. It'd be a problem if that girl at home saw me with you."

"I can only ask this of you... please assist us. I'll leave you our contact info. Even Kariya-sama will adhere strictly to procedures and not act rashly. She wants to assure your safety and she worries about you."

"...Even so, she really doesn't act cute at all."

Hisui grumbled and watched Kishida's car leave.

The sky was already dark. This place was not far from home.

What was Rushella doing?

He thought of calling her to ask but unfortunately, Rushella did not have a cellphone.

When buying clothes during the weekend, she had gone "What is this thing!? Humans really use the strangest things!" so he had skipped on buying a cellphone.

Oh well... after all, she should be home a long time ago.

Once he returned, surely she'll start yelling about dinner time.

Expecting annoying things to come wave after wave, Hisui could not help but sigh. At this moment a voice spoke from behind.

"Eh... Kujou-kun?"


Turning around he found Reina. Seeing her in her uniform, he realized she had not gone home.

"Are you... okay?"


"In Nichoume's alley... you were forcefully taken away in a car!?"

"You saw it!?"

Hisui could not help but cry out. She witnessed him getting abducted!?

"It was quite far away at the time. I thought I was imagining things or recognized the wrong person.... so I didn't call the police... sorry, but I was still very worried... although you told me your phone number, the call didn't go through..."

"Uh, it's because umm, that. An acquaintance gave me a ride. He seems to be working and was saying fine... then he dragged me away by force. What a savage guy."


"Really, I'm serious."

"Thank goodness..."

Hisui's gaze wandered when speaking but Reina seemed to believe him. What a pure and innocent child.

Their homes seemed to be in the same direction so they walked side by side.

"Kujou-kun, today... thank you, umm, for during English class."

"What did I do?"

"Umm, when I was called to answer a question and was stuck... you quietly told me the answer, right?"

"Oh~ right, that did happen."

A trivial matter that even the speaker forgot. Yet Reina remembered it clearly. Remembering other people's good deeds, thanking in earnest---she was this kind of noble-minded and virtuous person.

"My only bad subject is English... I'm so envious of you. You always answer so fluently when asked, even your pronunciation sounds so native."

"Well, only my English is relatively better. Because my family traveled the world with me... English was kinda forced into my brain."

"Eh... you're one of those who returned from abroad? Ah, that's the same for Rushella-san too, right?"


On the first day of school, Hisui had fabricated a story about Rushella having lived abroad for too long and was not used to Japanese customs... that was the current setting.

After all, Rushella had no memories of her birthplace. Judging from her behavior, it was probably Europe, the homeland of vampires, but no further information was known.

"Although she's a bit strange, she seems to be quite close to you, Kujou-kun? Always eating lunch together..."

"Well, I guess..."

Actually for Hisui, that was for monitoring her actions. But in the classmates' eyes, they seemed to be on intimate terms.

"However, Rushella-san seems so far removed from commoners. It feels so difficult to strike up a conversation with her..."

Indeed, Rushella had kept her distance from the girls in the class.

Spearheaded by Reina, some of the friendly girls in the class wanted to proactively approach and interact with Rushella but it did not go too well.

In this regard, as a fellow supernatural entity, Mei had no problems with socializing.

Probably because she entered school for making babies, she had no interest in girls. But since becoming 'human' was her kind's highest goal, they would try to get along with humans.

Not particularly close friends with anyone but she would always smile no matter whom she was facing.

"Rushella-san... somehow she looks very sad sometimes. Did something happen?"

"...Because she left her homeland and is now in a foreign place? She's probably troubled about that."

Indeed... she was probably troubled.

Because she had no memories, she looked so lonely and fragile sometimes.

That was why she desired a servant devoted to her unconditionally. But as fate would have it, she picked a mutant who could not become her servant when his blood was sucked.

But bound by the ancient rituals of vampires, she could not go find another target.

How unlucky and pitiful, perhaps...

While Hisui was thinking, he suddenly felt Reina vanish from his side.

A black shadow covered her.


Hisui found the situation strange and looked towards Reina.

She could no longer be seen. There were numerous birds flying in front of him, blocking his view.

The flock of birds flying in formation, as well as the gradually growing stench of blood, these caused Hisui to become aware of a certain existence.

A vampire was here.

Using birds instead of bats which were synonymous with vampires, it looked less surreal.

If they were able to control birds on the street like this, probably most vampires would pick this type of bird.

"Get away!!"

Hisui swung his school bag to disperse the birds. They instantly scattered, leaving Hisui's view.

But the sight caused him to despair.

A reeking stench of blood.

The streetlight was like a spotlight, making Reina's figure stand out from the darkness.

There was a black shadow hugging her from behind. Although Reina was blocking the view and Hisui only saw a vague outline, he still understood the identity of the shadow.

That was a vampire.

He had finished his meal. Reina's neck had the mark of two fangs.


Hisui stepped forward, the eyes of the one who had sucked Reina's blood shot red light.

The mystic eyes, unique to vampires, pierced Hisui.

But due to his constitution rendering it ineffective, Hisui merely paused then quickly continued running forward.

At the same time, the figure melded into the darkness behind Reina, vanishing without trace into the night.

Hisui frantically caught up and extended his hand towards Reina who was falling.

Luckily he caught her before she struck the ground. She lay helplessly in his bosom.

"Hey, are you okay...!?"

Reina did not answer. Her only external wound was the neck but her entire body was pale from a lack of blood, as though in a temporary state of anemia.

A great amount of blood was sucked---in other words, the degree of vampirization was severe.

The girl who was chatting and smiling normally just now had turned into an alien existence in the blink of an eye.

A beginning high school life was stained by a horrible red color.

Hisui felt a black emotions burning inside himself.

Gnashing his teeth, he looked up to see a familiar face.


Rushella was standing there.

Her right hand was holding a short sword dripping with blood.

Bright red liquid dripped from the side of her lip.

Even her breathing was irregular. She was panting hard.

Could it be her?

Hisui did not say it. He was afraid to say it.

Rushella simply stood there expressionlessly.

In this awkward silence, Reina reached out weakly. Her slender fingers trembled but distinctly pointed to Rushella.

"...What's the matter?"

Hisui asked. Reina answered softly.

"That... girl."


"Sucked... my... blood... it's... her..."

Saying that, Reina fainted again, as though having drawn her last breath. Her slender arm also dangled powerlessly towards the ground.

Hisui silently looked at Rushella.

Just now what Reina had said, Rushella should have heard it.

Hisui wanted to know how she would react.

But Rushella had turned away, covering her mouth.


Rushella did not heed Hisui's calls and left on her own.

Only the classmate's body weight pressed down on his arms.

His mind spun around with thoughts he did not wish to think about.

The only thing Hisui could do was call Kishida whom he became acquainted with just now.

Kishida hurried over and arranged for Reina to be delivered to a hospital. Then Hisui was taken back to the police station to give a simple eyewitness account.

After all procedures were over, Hisui was permitted to go home, it was already close to dawn.

Due to lack of sleep, he walked unsteadily home. It was already time for school, but Rushella was not home.

Although he had many things he wanted to say, his brain was already on strike. Hisui had no choice but to go to his room and lie on the bed.

"...Did you... suck blood...?"

Unable to tell if these were whispers or dream speak, Hisui's consciousness sank into darkness.


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