Silver Cross and Draculea:Volume02 Chapter6

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Chapter 6 - Draculea Versus Witch[edit]

By the time Rushella and Mei arrived at school, classes had already ended.

Having packed her belongings, Reina was leaving the empty classroom.

Seizing this opportunity, Rushella spoke to her from behind.

"You there. Girl."


The instant Reina turned around, she was pierced by Rushella's crimson gaze.

The "mystic eyes."

The mystical eyes possessed by all vampires, capable of hypnotizing humans.

As a prestigious "True Ancestor," Rushella possessed eyes carrying absolute magical power, allowing her to easily obtain information from the target's answers.

Eruru only allowed Rushella to come here because she was aware of this fact.

In principle, Eruru was reluctant to make use of the "mystic eyes" for investigations, but for the sake of Hisui, she had no choice but to allow it.

"Answer me... Are you the 'Witch'?"

Reina shook her head in denial.

"Well then, why did you mix mandrake leaves into the cooking last time...? Why on earth did you do it......?"

Rushella had already heard from Mei the results of Eruru's investigations.

Hence she rushed ahead to find out the truth.

"That was merely...... A little spell."


Reina murmured with a hollow stare.

Even when a person was controlled by the "mystic eyes," it did not result in a total loss of emotions.

Reina's expression displayed sadness.

"Although that picture book was confiscated, I... still remember...... That is, the recipe for the magical drug...... So, provided I used that, Kujou-kun will surely... even more......"

Even more -- she took forever but still did not finish her sentence.

Perhaps even she herself had yet to fully realize.

Only that her heart had been stolen on that night, by the knight who brought his sword and saved her from the vampire.

Admiration, or was it infatuation -- Perhaps in order to verify her own feelings, she decided to use the magical spell involving herbs.

A secret little spell -- one that all love-stricken teenage girls would harbor at some point or other.

"This is enough..."

Rushella walked away from Reina.

As Reina collapsed and sat down on the floor, Rushella threw a glance of pity at her before continuing on her way.

"...That was enough? Perhaps more questioning might reveal something..."

"Enough. If she wanted to harm me, she should have done it during 'daytime' instead. But on that day, this girl accompanied me all the way until sunset. Without doing anything. That is enough to prove her innocence."

"I see......."

Mei smiled as she followed Rushella running through the hallways.

Their next destination -- the staff room.

Homeroom teacher Horie Jyuri was in a corner of the room, facing a computer.

Presumably tired from work, she had taken off her glasses and was rubbing her eyes.

Rushella patted her shoulder from behind.

Jyuri turned around reflexively.

In the next instant, she was pierced by the light of the mystic eyes.

"Answer me... Are you a witch?"

"......Maybe... so."

Rushella and Mei exchanged glances with surprise.

Maintaining the crimson mystic eyes, Rushella continued the questioning.

"What do you mean by that... Explain clearly! Why was your name on that digest!? Who are you!? What was the Occult Research Club about!?"

"We investigated...... The Seven Mysteries... And legends...... Then, made contact with the witch... However, we were getting too deeply involved...... I withdrew... Halfway...... But the other students......"

"Say, why is the teacher's speech in fragments? Are you sure your power is working?"

"My mystic eyes are not omnipotent. If the person does not know or already forgot, then no answer can be obtained. Deeply buried memories could take a long time to retrieve. Hurry and continue explaining!"

"The other students...... I'm not sure either...... After transferring schools... We lost contact...... There were also kids who went missing...... Witch? Became witches......? The real witch...... Or perhaps, killed by the witch......"

"Who is the witch!? ...Isn't it you!?"

Completely unconcerned with the gaze of others, Rushella grabbed Jyuri's collar and demanded.

Anxious for an answer as well, Mei did not stop her.

Another student in the staff room stepped forward to intervene.

"Hey, what are you two doing to the teacher!?"

Kirika had gotten involved.

As the student council vice president, she frequented the staff room for official business.

Setting down on a table the stack of books she was carrying in her arms against her chest, the vice president glared at Rushella and asked.

Naturally, she became the next victim of the mystic eyes.

"...You might be involved in the incident of the cooking practical. Answer me, are you a witch?"

"No... What is that......"

Kirika instantly lost her usual prideful demeanor, answering as she shook her head blankly.

Rushella clicked her tongue and motioned with her chin for Kirika to leave.

"Then step aside. You're not needed here anymore."

Unsteadily, Kirika left the staff room.

Having confirmed the vice president had left, Rushella turned to interrogating Jyuri again -- but the gathering crowd was increasing.

"Hey... Can we go out for a bit? After all, using mystic eyes to control everyone would be too difficult. Besides, the teacher doesn't seem to be a witch either......"


Rushella looked greatly displeased but she had no choice but to leave Jyuri behind and swiftly depart from the staff room.

Then she ran full speed through the hallways and out into the school yard.

Mei chased after her and asked as she panted.

"What do we do now? We don't have any other suspects. It's not practical to use the mystic eyes to interrogate everyone involved in the school, right?"

"I have a plan."

Rushella unsheathed her favorite short sword and held the edge against her wrist.

"Hey, what are you intending?"

Rushella did not answer but scratched her wrist with the short sword, producing a red line.

Droplets of blood seeped out from the wound and dripped onto the ground.

Ignoring the laws of physics, the bloodstains on the ground gathered to form an emblem of a rose.

This was proof of her identity as a "True Ancestor."

A sweet fragrance emanated from the fresh blood, causing Mei to cover her own mouth.

I feel compelled to drink it.

If she did not restrain herself, very likely she would already have done so.

Were she to continue smelling the blood's scent, she would very likely lose all reason.

"As a 'True Ancestor' -- My blood is very sweet. So sweet that anyone would thirst for it, wanting to drink, no exceptions."

Rushella smiled fearlessly.

As if to prove what she just stated, they began to gather in the school yard.

In this almost emptied school -- there existed beings with a keener sense of smell towards blood compared to humans, and now they gathered around.




Innumerable animals were closing in here in swarms.

Gathering out of desire for the blood, they knelt down before her.

The unusual sight rendered Mei speechless while Rushella bore a smile.

Using her crimson eyes, she announced to her loyal subjects who had rushed forth.

"Listen well, you all--"

A dream.

In actual fact, I had dreams every night, although whether I remembered or not was another question. But recently, I suddenly realized that the dreams I remembered were for the most part unpleasant ones.

The reason, obviously, was because -- I had dreamt of my foster parent.

In today's dream, it was that particular scene during dinner.

She asked me to pour some of her favorite wine. She enjoyed the fragrance released from the rich violet liquid as she elegantly drank from the glass.

--You really seem to love wine. Is it because you're a vampire, and wine looks like blood?

--Possibly. But perhaps the main reason is because it reminds me of that man who called wine "this blood of mine."

This foster parent would say strange things from time to time.

As expected of one wise in the ways of the world, she was well versed in the art of implicit communication.

--What are you talking about?

--Old memories, two thousand years in the past. He was a good man. Perhaps that was why I could not defeat him, even as a vampire.

--I'm completely lost here. What about him, was he some handsome dude?

--His long hair and beard suited him very well. But more praiseworthy -- was his noble spirit. Hisui, how much do you think this man would be worth if one had to set a price for him?

--How can people be measured with price?

--Thirty pieces of silver, that was his price. In light of his influence on the future world, that price was truly a bargain. Far too cheap. But the problem lies not in money but this man's philosophy of life. Very likely, I submitted to him because I respected his high-minded soul.


--Hence, Hisui, you too must become a good man. Even if you were to be sold for thirty pieces of silver, you must save those who are suffering around you.

"......What the heck were you trying to say......"

Hisui woke up in the pristine sickroom.

He ripped off the tubes connected to his body and stood up unsteadily.

"Seriously, you're already dead, and yet you still lecture me in my dreams...... Am I really that unreliable?"

Changing into his own casual clothing that lay folded on the table, Hisui quietly walked towards the door.

Blood seeped out continuously from his bandaged right wrist.

He was on the very verge.

On the verge of death by blood loss.

Blood pressure, pulse, all were at their limits.

Precisely because of that -- he awakened at this very moment.

Awakened to obtain a body that could still be active even when under the effects of a curse.

Awakened a resilient body that could rival vampires -- the Anti-Drac mode.

"I know, okay...... This kind of matter... If I were to rely on girls...... Definitely... You'd scold me to no end."

Dragging his body that lay at death's door, Hisui left the sickroom.

Leaving the building, he crawled his way into a taxi... And got a ride home.

During this time, he contacted Mei by cellphone.

Although his hand no longer seemed to be following orders, he still managed to dial the number. Luckily, Mei also picked up very quickly.

"Hi-kun!? Hey, are you alright!?"

"Let's talk about that later... Where's Rushella?"

"Ah, she's currently... This is serious! All these animals have gathered... Ah, but now at least we know the witch's identity..."

"The mystic eyes were used, right?"


"She must have used her mystic eyes to investigate. Hurry and tell me the result and the situation over there. Don't leave out any detail no matter how small."



"I understand."

After obtaining the necessary facts, Hisui hung up.

The pieces of the puzzle were now all gathered. The only remaining step was to piece them together.

Not long after, Eruru received news that Hisui had gone missing.

Then immediately she deduced he must have gone home based on the reports of eyewitnesses, so she jumped onto a police car to rush to Hisui's home.


The entrance was not locked and Eruru instantly rushed inside.

No one answered, so she decided to search the basement first.

As expected, Hisui was right there.

Before the cross-shaped holy sword, he looked like he was confessing his sins.

Kneeling on the cross embedded in the floor, Hisui was leaning his forehead against a vivid red gemstone.

"What are you doing...?"

Unable to view the cross directly, Eruru had no choice but to ask with her face turned away.

"I suppose... I'm making deductions. This is the place where I can concentrate best."

Hisui turned his head to answer. Currently, a crest floated above his head, its shape resembling thorns.

Eruru had seen this sight before.

"Are you actually...? Stop it immediately, your current state is akin to a candle's final brightness just before it burns out. Even if you awaken, you are only delaying your death by mere moments!"

"That's enough... Totally enough. I need to concentrate the remaining blood at my disposal, right here."

Hisui lightly tapped his temple.

The amount of blood circulating through the brain took up fifteen percent of the entire body's volume of blood.

Using the Anti-Drac mode to control bloodflow, he was able to raise the proportion and rate of circulation.

Using all the power from his remaining blood, he offered it all to his brain.

"If I use this opportunity to think, I should be able to obtain a satisfactory answer. Let me find the witch."

"What nonsense are you saying......There is no time left. Are you trying to render the girls' efforts in vain?"

"If that's what you think, then hurry back to the hospital. I forgot to get something."


"Help me retrieve it. I'll probably need it next."

Eruru realized Hisui's intentions at this time.

Nodding lightly, she turned and went towards the stairs.

"...Please do not do anything reckless."

"I'm already being reckless."

After Eruru left, Hisui focused his mind once more.

He mobilized all the nerves in his body.

Confirming all information at his disposal.

Exploring all possibilities.

Ignoring all consequences -- he concentrated his blood in his brain as much as possible.

Blood rushed through his blood vessels.

His heart was beating at its very limit, following a rapid rhythm.

Moments later -- in actual fact it was just an instant of extremely brief thinking, a flash of lightning streaked across his mind.

"--So that's what's going on."

Returning blood flow to normal, he allowed his blood to return to his torso.

Hisui pushed and supported his unsteady body, pulled out the Tzara Blade from the floor and carried it on his shoulders.

Then step by painful step, he walked out of the house.

Walking out the entryway, just as he was crossing the front yard -- Eruru returned in haste.

Behind her was an escort vehicle used for transporting prisoners.

"What a burly looking taxi......"

"If you want to transport that sword, this type of vehicle would be the most convenient. But do not let that sword get too close to me."

Hisui nodded and took his seat in the car.

I was still in school.

Who knew if this was good or bad.

In any case, it was very likely that I would be located soon.

In the beginning, only a lost dog walked into the classroom and started barking madly at me.

Those howls sounded almost like it was summoning its companions.

Then as if passing the orders along, the cries of cats and dogs could be heard all around.

Swarms of insects could be seen flying outside the window, blotting the sky.

I did not comprehend the situation straight away.

What had happened in the surroundings, I did not have a single clue.

But as soon as I heard footsteps -- a vampire's unique, almost inaudible footsteps -- I understood the reasons behind all this.

Regardless, I could tell through my hearing.

I had been found.

By commanding these little animals, she managed to locate me.

Now that I thought about it, witches really are linked to animals in myriad ways.

The familiar I sent to Sudou Mei and Kariya Eruru, as well as the cat I used to warn Kujou Hisui.

For matters regarding animals, asking animals directly was the most effective.

Using the mystic eyes to dominate the animals that were on intimate terms with the "Witch," the animals who had seen the witch would then obediently expose the identity of the "Witch."

My current location was definitely being broadcasted by the barking of dogs.

That said, I had no intention of hiding in the first place.

This location was once their club activities room but I have taken it now. The vampire -- Rushella Dahm Draculea opened the door and rushed inside.

Followed by her companion, Sudou Mei.

"You are -- the witch?"

Hearing Mei's question, I smiled and answered.

"Indeed, while you people are the vampire and her companions."

"How dare you harm my servant? I will surely make you regret this! Uno Kirika."

"That is correct... Let us settle this, vampire."

Indeed, I smiled towards my enemies.

"The vice president is the witch!?"

Hisui's conclusion caused Eruru great surprise.

"That's right, though I have no evidence."

"But I heard from Sudou-san's report that under the influence of the mystic eyes, she said she was not a witch, so..."

"The mystic eyes are ineffective against her. In the manner we discovered in your research, she is prepared. But Rushella probably didn't notice."

"...I see. You mean that she pretended she was under the mystic eyes' influence, and lied?"

"Exactly. Although the mystic eyes are quite convenient, if someone pretends to be under their effect, it is actually quite hard to tell. But the mystic eyes should have worked on the class rep and the teacher."

"How can you be so sure?"

"For the class rep, it's just as Rushella said. If she were the culprit, then all those things she did was futile and too unnatural. However, I still have doubts regarding the mandrake incident."

"Sudou-san didn't mention the incident either... Why did she add that to the cooking?"

It looked like even during such a state of emergency, Mei was still quite considerate of Reina.

Naturally, she understood the heart of a maiden in love.

"What is this? She was secretly doing something without my knowledge?"

"...It's nothing of significance. Please carry on. What about the teacher?"

"Rushella and Mei took your useful advice and took her by surprise. Furthermore, it happened while she had her glasses off. Although it's possible for people to escape the mystic eyes through mental resilience, that requires a major precondition -- being prepared beforehand. 'I will be facing the mystic eyes, very well, I will concentrate in preparation' -- that kind of mental preparation is needed. Rushella took her by surprise from behind at the time. No matter how strong her mental will, she would have succumbed."

"I see -- what was that about glasses? Disregarding sunglasses, ordinary spectacles and contact lenses should not hinder the power of the mystic eyes -- Are you actually implying that the enemy's glasses have undergone special treatment?"

Eruru tapped her glasses and asked.

"That's my guess. Talismans are useless, barriers are impractical. To evade the mystic eyes, applying special treatment to glasses which stand in between eye contact would be the best strategy. If that was done, even unexpected encounters of the mystic eyes could be defended against. But the teacher had taken her glasses off at the time. That said, it's possible those spectacles were simply decoys and she actually wore contact lenses -- but I think that's over thinking things."

"Agreed. By the process of elimination that leaves only the vice president. This means she is wearing contacts, though it is is only speculation. What about other clues? And how did she actually poison Rushella?"

"The vice president frequently visits the home economics preparation room. She must have done something in advance to the food or drink we were having."

"We already investigated this. The results showed that nothing was poisoned, right?"

The two of them had already verified this -- but Hisui disagreed.

"We missed one thing. Didn't she say something like 'I help the teacher prepare the water used for cooking'?"

Eruru suddenly remembered their conversation at the time.

Indeed, she had mentioned that last time.

"The cooking practical requires water taken from the jug. Normally, preparation is as simple as adding ice cubes to mineral water, so why would she need to prepare expressly beforehand? It could be done simply before the practical. Based on what was said back then, the home economics teacher asked the vice president for help to prepare beforehand and put the water into the fridge because the vice president was knowledgeable in herbs and greatly familiar with preparing water."

"What about the water... Are you saying that substances extracted from herbs were added? That the water your group used for cooking had the witch's drug mixed in?"

"If that's the case, it would have been instantly noticed from the taste -- which was what we learned from your research. But consider those western cake houses or restaurants with better service, you must have seen those jars of water with lemons or herbs floating in them."

"Ah yes, quite a few times..."

"That's the so-called herbal water, right? Like the herbs using in cooking, they can be added to the water beforehand to add a faint distinctive flavor. Nowhere near the level of fruit juice, it's still basically water more or less. Most people would simply think this tastes good when they drink it. In order to avoid rousing suspicions when people drank the water, the vice president must have spent quite a lot of effort. Even I failed to notice anything. However, due to the herbs in the water, it caused an adverse reaction in a vampire's body... Should be something like this."

"I see..."

Understanding how the whole incident occurred, Eruru nodded emphatically.

"Also, back when the vice prez saw my arm that had been scratched by the cat, she advised me: 'Beware of infection.' But I was using bandages to hide the wound so most people would expect a sprain or a bruise instead, right? But because she already knew... She knew how I was hurt."

"As much as I am unwilling to admit it, these are quite brilliant deductions. We have no physical evidence but given all these facts we only need to investigate her surrounding environment. Or ask her directly in person. However, why are you in such a rush? Why not just leave it to us?"

Throughout the conversation, Hisui's face became more and more haggard.

Something was worrying him even more than his own life.

"If we don't hurry... Something serious will happen. Rushella will surely do something rash."

"You are the witch...? Then how can Hisui be healed?"

"You really think I will tell you? Vampire and your ilk, scram and begone from this school. You too."

"I understand now... Then I won't be holding back."

The clash between the two was imminent.

Kirika was dressed in that red robe from earlier.

Having realized she was being tracked, she had already made preparations.

Rather than being backed into a corner with no place to flee, this was her hunting grounds for slaying vampires.

"What, this smell is..."

Mei noticed the poisonous fragrance filling up the classroom.

The smell that immobilized Rushella last time was being released from the burning scented candles in the four corners of the room.

"That's right... This is a smell that vampires fear. What will you do?"

Kirika smiled fearlessly.

But Rushella began to move, completely unfazed.

Seeing her mobility unaffected, only then did Kirika realize.

This girl -- she was holding her breath.

With a flash of the short sword, the blade came slicing head on.

Instantly, a long incision had been made on the robe.

Kirika's exposed body was clad in a black outfit.

The representative color of witches' evil. All the vital areas of her body were wrapped in black leather that resembled bandages carved with spell incantations. The rest of her skin was normal in color and exposed for all to see.

On her skin was a shiny and slippery looking oily sheen.

Something was smeared all over her.

Completely unconcerned, Rushella charged at Kirika without delay.

As if toying with her, Kirika ran freely and unhindered in the classroom.

That sort of speed was so fast -- Even Mei could not catch up.

"Do you know of the witch's ointment? A secret medication applied to the body for the purpose of flying. But in actual fact, it has no such miraculous effect. But it is more than sufficient for staying ahead of you--!?"

Kirika could not believe her eyes.

Rushella was already closing in before her.

Eyes blazing with crimson light.

The mystic eyes.

Although Kirika's contact lenses blocked the effects of the mystic eyes...

Apparently due to the eyes' excessive power, the lenses began to crack, causing Kirika to find her field of view fragmented and broken.

Draculea V02 - BW10.jpg

Since there was no room for negotiations and the mystic eyes were not working -- Rushella decided to resort to blood sucking.

"You can't!"

Mei's words of warning were ignored by Rushella.

She was like an unbridled horse.


Fear spread throughout Kirika's face.

No longer emanating a witch's presence, she was merely an ordinary girl now.

Despite the tears welling up in Kirika's eyes, Rushella mercilessly bared her fangs and extended them towards Kirika's neck.


An unexpected visitor burst in through the door.

Rushella reflexively closed her eyes and released Kirika.

A cross.

Someone had thrown a massive cross.

And allowed the crucial prey to escape.

Rushella felt Kirika's touch disappear from her clutches.

"Don't interfere! If we don't hurry, Hisui will......!!"

To eliminate the enemy, Rushella swung her sword and stabbed the interloper.

Next came the sensation of the blade entering flesh and a faint groan.


Even after hearing the voice, Rushella remained in a state of disorientation and did not come to her senses.

Her mind was consumed by Hisui.

These thoughts and feelings combined with her vampire instincts, turning her into a savage beast that knew only to annihilate enemies before her.

In the next instant, her lips were sealed.

As soon as Rushella realized her lips were pressed against another's lips, she felt a familiar taste spreading in her mouth.

The taste of blood.

This was the taste of blood she had grown accustomed to, the first blood she tasted after waking up in modern times.

The bonds of rich thick blood caused Rushella to recover her sanity.


Secretly feeling fearful inside, Rushella opened her eyes.

The one locking lips with her was Hisui.

Standing in front of Kirika, protecting her, was also Hisui.

As for Rushella's short sword, it was stabbed into his chest.

"You... Why?"

Hisui did not answer, or rather, he could not answer. For he collapsed on the spot.


Tearfully, Rushella embraced Hisui's head, caressing lightly.

"This... Worked just as I thought. A blood transfusion pack made from my own blood... Kariya brought it here for me, that was really a good decision."


"She said that because my blood type is so rare, I should stock up some just in case of unexpected injuries in times of need. Oh well... I guess it also works as storing food for you."


Rushella's face was covered with tears.

Hisui painstakingly squeezed out his words.

"It's okay...... Because as you can see, I had this in my chest pocket."

Hisui held up the little jar containing the ashes of Miraluka's remains. Rushella's short sword had pierced the jar, causing the ashes to scatter in the air.

"This is your precious..."

"It's fine. I originally planned on using it as a lucky charm... But then, I already have this."

Hisui took out a gold coin.

A memento of extraordinary significance.

It was the gold coin he had received from Rushella on the first day that she moved into his home.

"How could this happen, this kind of thing......!"

"...By the way, there's something important you shouldn't forget...... Why were you going to suck the blood of anyone apart from me......? I will hate you if you do that."

"But, but, you were already......!"

"Oh well, I'm barely still alive. You should have something you need to say, right?"

Hisui stared straight at Rushella.

Using his final embers of life, he asked her.

Rushella nodded repeatedly, tears flowing from her eyes.


"I can't... Hear you......"


Tears surged forth like the rupturing of a dam. As Rushella kept repeating this word, she buried her face in Hisui's chest.

Hisui forced out a fragmented sentence as he spoke to Kirika who was staring blankly at the two of them.

"So that's that... Oh well, you can forgive her... Right... She has apologized... now......"

"You... What are you actually..."

"I am just a human. Not a vampire, okay. You were the one who made a mistake. Oh well... Being seen with a vampire biting my neck... A misunderstanding is only natural. I guess for a witch's ointment producer like you... My lack of fear for sunlight wasn't going to convince you of my innocence."


Everything was a misunderstanding.

Anyone observant enough would naturally realize Rushella's identity.

It went without saying that given Hisui and Rushella's inseparable relationship, combined with the fact that she sucked his blood in front of Kirika, it was only natural for her to conclude Hisui was a monster baptized by cursed blood.

"Based on Senpai's personality, if you found out there were vampires in school... Surely you'd take action to exterminate them. Especially since you are a witch possessing these powers. But still, it's quite strange. Why did you kill cats? Why did you incinerate the digest? And the mandrake... Why plant it in the flowerbed?"


"Unrelated... to Rushella. I'm guessing it was a warning to some half-baked amateur magic users. Senpai has been devoting her heart and soul to the school starting from a long time ago. I never realized the truth all this time. Never did I think that Senpai would be an evil witch. That is why only now did I finally decided..."

Hisui understood.

Based on Kirika's manner of thinking, as well as the various fragments of evidence, he knew that she was not a vampire hunter but some other sort of existence.

"The whole incident's cause -- is probably the digest from the Occult Research Club. Although that doesn't count as a grimoire, it did record a little amount of magic. That book ended up being read by someone and the fool tried to apply the knowledge written in the book. This resulted in the first two cats' bodies in the beginning. The dead cats were found by not only Kariya but also you, Senpai. You wanted to stop that person. You wanted to give out a warning. Which is why you cast that magic for others to witness. Since you are an authentic witch, naturally the spell succeeded. Then you expected the person to be scared away after approaching the cat and not touch magic anymore. Oh well, but it turned out to be me who stepped into your trap......"

"...Right. Seeing someone do something so terrible, I could not stand aside without doing anything......! That is why..."

"...Coincidentally, you ran across a cat that had been crushed by a moving vehicle, so you cast magic on it. When I heard the story from Rushella, I found it quite strange. Someone who did something so cruel would not have the heart to offer flowers. Actually, it was you, Senpai, who offered flowers to the kittens, right......?"


"You also did something to the digest so that the next time the person looked at it they would be scared off... A bit of magic cast upon it. But sorry, I became the lucky winner this time as well......"


"As for the mandrake... It was probably an accident. Horie-sensei said something like... A specimen had gone missing. That was the... mandrake? A witch's inheritance, probably left behind by those people from the Occult Research Club... Senpai, you must have stolen it and recycled it so that it would not be seen by others, right?"

"......Right. But I simply threw the 'flower' away. How careless of me......"

"...Then some fool picked it up and planted it in the flowerbed as an experiment. In the end, I was the one who pulled it out, however. That type of childish trick could not have been done by a true witch. After that, the class rep saw it by chance and for some reason placed the leaves into the cooking as herbs..."

Hisui's voice grew fainter and fainter.

He really was at his limits. The candlelight of life was flickering and about to extinguish.

"You... Who on earth are you...? Clearly you're just an ordinary human, but why.......!"

"Who knows. I understand you want to protect the school from vampires... But that's not necessary against Rushella. Also...... Can you allow us to use this room? I'm placing my life on the line here in exchange."

Everyone present remained silent.

And signs of life were rapidly disappearing from Hisui's face.

"Although I want to voice my grievances properly... But now... I have no more strength...... I really can't go on...... If I said something hateful before I died... That's a bit...... So please. Don't... mind me."

Saying that, Hisui collapsed.

Leaving unremarkable last words, his last thoughts were still considerate of others.

Rushella's mind was totally empty as she stared blankly at her servant.

On the other hand, Mei sprang into action.

"Hurry... Hurry and take out the antidote! You must have it, right!?"

She rushed towards Kirika who was finally brought back to her senses from her dazed state.

"Hurry and take it out... Quickly!"

Eruru pressed the barrel of her gun against Kirika's temple. Even though she knew that this gun was not authorized to shoot humans.

But for the sake of Hisui, this was the only thing she could do.

"Ah yes, I-I know!"

Kirika finally regained composure and handed over a small jar containing a transparent liquid.

Rushella instantly snatched it away, opened the lid and poured the liquid into her own mouth without hesitation. Then she fed it to Hisui via mouth to mouth.

Hurry and wake up.

During this long lasting deep kiss, she prayed from the depths of her soul.

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