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Hello everyone, I am Totsuki.

I am not a vampire but just an extremely ordinary human. But while writing this book, I lived a messed up life with all sorts of upside down schedules, living like a vampire completely.

Including the editors, I've caused many people lots of trouble, so I should simply put on a stone mask and forsake my human identity in exchange for writing speed and creativity--I seriously considered this kind of question.

Giving up on being human or giving up writing, if I had to choose between the two, I guess I'd choose the former after all?

Oh well, I don't leave the house much usually and get much sun, perhaps it's too late already. Next time, I'd better check the length of my canines.

...Okay, I should end the chatting here and get back to the main subject.

I will enter spoiler territory here, so please be careful, my friend, if you haven't read the book yet.

During the writing process, I realized there were great shifts in the story's development.

Hisui and Rushella's story was gradually reaching a climax. I intended to consider future developments while reviewing the story's opening, so I dug out some settings I never got to using.

When I first started wanting to write about a vampire theme, I intended to make the protagonist a vampire boy.

Of course, the setting was that he drank milk instead of blood.

Think about it, everyone... Blood and milk fundamentally come from the same materials, right?

...Then, since the protagonist has lived for centuries after all, his suckling technique is quite awesome, causing many ladies to be lost in ecstasy, all conquered by his mouth. But the protagonist himself enters sage mode every time after suckling... No, what I mean is that with his desires satisfied, he says something like "Phew... Why are you still here? Get lost already." As though he was very exhausted.

Yes, I read my earlier file and then silently closed it.

How should I comment on this? Officially known as unused ideas, I feel like this is basically a book of dark history.

Of course, the the editor in charge never mentioned that idea and I now understand why this series was chosen.

Ever since, I have caused lots of trouble for the editors. I reflect deeply.

Not only for the editors but also all the readers to see the ending to Hisui and Rushella's story earlier, I will work my hardest to make that day come earlier. I hope everyone will support me to the very end.

Totsuki Yuu

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