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Final Chapter - White Ending[edit]

It was snowing.

Christmas Eve was welcomed by snow, dying the streets white.

"Wow, snow is really pretty!"

Rushella was apparently seeing snow for the first time. On the way home from shopping, she exclaimed happily.

A Christmas party was to be held at Hisui's home today--All members of the Supernatural Investigations Club were planning to attend.

Going out with his friends to shop, Hisui was then going home together as a group.

All the others were immersed in the holiday atmosphere, chatting happily, but only Hisui did not seem quite happy.

Miraluka's passing was only a few days ago so he could hardly be blamed.

"What is the matter?"

Eruru asked with care.

This was her being caring. Hisui could tell from her face.

"Nothing... I was wondering whether this was her gift. A gift she deliberately sent in advance for Christmas."

"A vampire giving a Christmas gift? What a lame joke."

"In the past, I really needed her... I've always imagined, wondering if she might return one day. And that she was surely in the surroundings. So... seeing me troubled over this for so long, she appeared."

Hisui touched his left chest.


She had always been there.

However, did she reappear in her former appearance because of his wish?

"But... perhaps because I didn't choose her, I was unable to choose her between the two, she vanished."

"I believe not. She surely passed on, smiling."


Without looking at Hisui, Eruru continued calmly.

"A vampire seeks blood in an attempt to fill the void of the life they had lost. To replenish the warmth they have lost from their hearts--That is what I have heard. But she already had no regrets. Because even in her absence, you are able to live on well. So... She is satisfied and chose to disappear, finally returning to inside your body. That is all."

"In the end, I'm still relying on her. That's so lame of me."

Hisui shook his head with a wry smile. Then Mei embraced his arm.

"What are you chatting so happily about? Hi-kun, tonight is the great Christmas Eve, let's... with me tonight..."

"Umm sorry, I absolutely won't let you stay over."

"Then Kujou-kun, with me... My parents won't be home tomorrow, come to my house..."

Before he knew it, Kirika had hugged his other arm.

A lady on each arm. One was an artificial human while the other was a witch.

No matter which side he refused, his life was in danger.


Just as he was caught in a dilemma, Rushella attacked from the front.

"Hey, what are you doing!? You are my servant!"

Saying that, she bared her fangs and bit.

Although the frequency was decreasing, she still thirsted for fresh blood.

"Hey stop it, this is outside!"

Rushella's lips approached.

But she did not use her teeth.

Sucking deeply on Hisui's neck, she only released him after she had sucked enough.

The mark of a vampire's kiss was not left on his neck... It was just the mark of an ordinary kiss.

"Ah, what are you doing? Now how am I supposed to show myself out in public?"

"Shut up, I should have done it a long time ago! Now everyone will know you belong to me!"

"Crap... How do I erase this?"

"Oh my oh my, Hi-kun, why don't I cover it up for you?"

"Or allow me..."

Lips approached again.

The sound of scolding came as a result.

"You are better off dead."

"Are you for real this time...?"

"What are you dallying for? Hurry, time to buy the cake next!"

"Okay okay."

The Supernatural Investigations Club members walked under the persisting snowfall.

The lively and unusual days had become the norm.

Kujou Hisui's life of hardship would continue here on.

Probably, it was going to continue forever.

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