Sion Note:Vol 6

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The gray scenery was suddenly torn apart by something.

Ryner raised his head at that.

He looked at the sky with an honestly surprised face.

Because he didn’t really think that ‘’something’’ would actually happen.

There shouldn’t be anything here.

Nothing should be happening here.

He thought he’d just die after being born into loneliness, not chosen by anyone and without any meaning.

However, the sky before him was torn apart.

Scenery that was once gray was now torn cleanly apart into two.

It was a streak of black.

The gray was torn apart by a black flash, and the dimension distorted.

And this place, which shouldn’t have been connected to any place is now connected to some world.

There was color in that world.

There was sound.

There was light.

There was a world that Ryner had never seen before.

Ryner couldn’t stop himself,

"Ah…uh, woah."

He couldn’t stop himself from letting out a sound.

And his voice actually resounded from his mouth.

"Sound" and "voice", both of which have never existed till this moment, now resounded in his surroundings.

Taken aback, Ryner stared at the sky once again. He widened his eyes and looked up at the dimension’s cracks.

He opened his eyes as if everything depended on it, and took in colors, sounds and sceneries.

And somehow, he could feel tears almost pouring out of his eyes. Even though he engraved all his tears upon his cheek, he still felt like crying some more.


"…I can’t cry."

He whispered to himself.

"Someone might’ve come all this way for me, but I might just drive them away if they see me crying."

Ryner whispered to himself.

And made a smile.

He made a seemingly happy smile.

Looking up at the sky, he waited for someone to come.

Waited for someone who opened up the distortion of dimensions to come and take him away.


He waited.


He waited.


But nobody came.

Ryner tilted his head,


He said.

"Maybe it’s alright for me to go out?"

He said.

Of course, there’s no one around him. There has been none ever since he was born, so there was no one to answer his query.

Despite that, Ryner looked around,

".....Can I go out?"

He asked.

"Can I leave this place now?"

He asked.

Hope swelled within him. Maybe someone would answer him. Because the world is now connected. Because this place is now connected to somewhere else, so he thought that somebody might answer his inquiry.


Of course, there was no answer.

But Ryner took that as consent. He believed the lack of an answer to be consent.

Either way, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

He couldn’t bear staying alone anymore.

Then there’s no way he’d let this chance slip. Even if this action is some sort of taboo, even if the world itself has a rule that prevents him from going out…

He couldn’t bear it anymore.

"…I’m going out."

He muttered in a somewhat timid, yet resolved voice.

And just like that, he attempted to kick off the ground with his foot.

To jump into the sky.

He was trying to take a step forward, to escape into another world.

But at that precise moment,

He saw something thrown into this side from the dimension crack.


He made such a sound at the sight of that.

And was surprised again that his voice actually resounded,


He said.

And that 'ah' actually emerged from his mouth. From his throat. He touched his throat, which was finally able to produce sounds,


Ryner laughed.


"Wait, now’s not the time for this."

Looked up at the sky again.

The sky to which something was thrown.

And saw something stuck in the cracks of dimension.

No, it wasn’t stuck.

It seemed to be grasping at something on the crack so that it won’t fall.

Ryner looked at it and said.

"Wonder what that is."

When he took a closer look, he could see that it’s a man cloaked in black. He could see that it’s a man clothed in black armor.

So Ryner said,

"Wonder who that is."

Golden hair and golden eyes.

An armor that stained his entire body pitch black.

The man was shouting.


He was shouting something.


But in a language that Ryner has never heard before.

"I can’t really hear it properly."

He said with a troubled expression.

Then he spread his arms. He moved the gray area surrounding him, returned them, moved them, returned them, rinse and repeat.

He wove equations.

He solved equations.

Those were Ryner’s specialties.

Because he’d been weaving and solving equations for a long time, all alone.

Weaving equations, then solving them.

Solving equations, then weaving them.

He fiddled with every kind of equation there is in this world.

And that gave birth to power.

The power to influence the world.

With both hands, he drew signs, letters, magic circles, squares and other kinds of patterns, reorganizing the grayness.

Eventually, a field of immense power was created before him.

An area with power was created.

And Ryner commanded that area,

"Influence the world."

And the area sprang into motion, beginning its influence upon the world.

With Ryner at its center, the equation he created expanded gradually and steadily.

Normally, everything would’ve been absorbed by the grayness.

Because an equation made of gray cannot repaint a world of gray.

But now, it’s different.

Now there were colors aside from gray in front of his eyes.

There was the sky of a previously unknown world, sounds, scenery and man.

So Ryner can expand his power towards them.

Expand the grayness.

And the equation that Ryner had created—

The magic came into contact with the man.

In an instant.

The man’s words immediately became comprehensible.

The man shouted things like this,

"Not yet. I can’t die here yet."

In a cold voice, all while grasping desperately at the crack,

"I’ll kill you all. I am destruction. I’ll kill you all."

He shouted.

Ryner tilted his head,

"Kill you all?"

He whispered.

He glanced towards the other side of the crack that the man was holding on to.

He glanced towards the other side of the crack, in hopes of seeing someone aside from the man.

However, it was hidden behind the man’s back, and he couldn’t really see the scenery that the man saw.

But the man was fighting with something. The man created black swords around him and seemed to be using them to fight with something.

The swords flew.

And he heard some sort of scream.

But at the same time, attacks from the other side assaulted the man’s body. They seemed like women’s hands. When those hands touched the man’s shoulder, it was torn apart, and blood streaked across the sky.

Golden blood.

That blood colored the previously gray world with gold.


Ryner couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

The glittering and spilling blood of the man was simply too pretty, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

But the man was making a pained face, so Ryner controlled his smile and said,


There was a hint of nervousness to his voice.

But he didn’t think he could do anything about it.

It’s the first time he’s ever spoken to anyone else.

So even whilst feeling his own anxiety, Ryner said,

"Hey, you."

But the man wouldn’t answer.

He was caught up in his battle with something from beyond the cracks and wouldn’t answer.

Ryner shook his head.


But the man said,


And a sword is created before the man. Because he’d created the sword, he momentarily let down his guard. He let down his guard against whoever he’s been fighting till now.

Something’s hand attempted to pierce through the man’s neck.

Ryner said,

"W-watch ou…"

But the man commanded his sword.

"Kill that monster."

The sword reacted.

The sword covered by darkness flew straight towards him.

Ryner narrowed his eyes.


Looking at the sword heading towards him, he narrowed his eyes in sadness,

"…Monster…monster…I see, I look like a monster in your world, huh."

He said and easily dodged the sword. It passed beside Ryner’s neck and struck the gray floor.

He looked down that that sword,

"…Maybe that’s why I’m locked up here, all by myself."

He muttered.

Then he attempted to touch the sword with his hand, and just by that, he knew that the man was greatly weakened.

He felt some mighty power within the man, but it seemed like the man was too weak to actually bring it out right now.

Something assaulted the man.

And the man couldn’t resist anymore.

"Shit, shit."

He shouted.

"Shit, shit, shit."

The man shouted.

Ryner looked up at him,


He said in an insecure voice.

"Should I…help?"

And the man said,

"Shit, shit, you monsters, I’ll kill you all."

He said.

You monsters, the man said.

And Ryner,


Withdrew his outstretched hand.

It seemed like the man didn’t come here for Ryner.

The man is fighting against everything.

He created black swords in an attempt to tear apart everything around him.

But he wasn’t strong enough, his power was dwindling steadily and gradually.

He lost his power to the assaults, and couldn’t even maintain his position on the crack of dimensions.

The man’s blood splattered.

"Shit, shit, shit."

His golden blood splattered.

And the man fell.

He fell into this side from the crack he was so desperately holding on to.

And that crack began to close.

Someone from the outside world was attempting to close the gap.

Ryner looked at that,

"…Not under my watch."

He said and kicked off the ground.

His body floated upwards, and he moved his hands as he headed towards the dimensional crack in a straight line.

He wove equations.

He solved equations.

He created equations so that this dimensional crack will never close again.

He put his hand into the dimensional crack that was beginning to close. He pulled himself up and looked beyond the dimensional crack.

He saw innumerable women.

They were probably the ones assaulting the black-clothed man. Those women looked at him with surprise evident on their faces.

"What are you."

"Why is there a being at «the ends of time»?"

"Hey, this thing is trying to come over…devour. Devour it and close the dimension."

They exchanged such words.

The women talked amongst themselves, without giving Ryner a chance to introduce himself.

And a few of the women opened their mouths.

Just like that, they attempted to devour him.

However, the instant they bit him, the women’s bodies were blasted away.

No, they were blasted into nothingness. Because they simply dissipated like fog without a single fragment remaining.

The women were surprised once again. No, their faces contorted in fear, and,

"What are you."

They asked once again, and Ryner replied,

"Well, I don’t actually have the answer to that myself…"

However, a woman interrupted his words,

"You monster."

The next woman spoke up as well.

"You monster."

The woman beside her said so too.

"You monster."

And Ryner went silent.

He wore a sad expression in silence.

But the women continued,

"Eliminate it."

"Shove it into the dimension beyond."

And the women attempted to close the dimensional crack again. They drew up tremendous power and attempted to close the dimensional crack.

But Ryner prevented that with the equations he wove with his fingertips.

He prevented the dimensional crack from closing.

It was a simple matter.

It seemed like the grayness that Ryner had woven till this point held a great amount of power in this world.

The magic that Ryner had solved in solitude seemed to hold an abnormal amount of power in this world.

So it’s very easy for him to open up the crack.

However, the women spoke up once again.

"Seal this monster."

"Don’t let the monster come to this side."

"The monster."

"The monster."

"The monster."

Hearing those words, Ryner—


Took his hands off the dimensional crack.

He took his hands off the crack that the women were trying to close.

Because it seemed like he’d only be despised even if he went outside.

But the women realized the extent of Ryner’s tremendous power.

So, with faces contorted in fear, they said,

"Gather our comrades. Gather all the Goddesses. We’re going to use a curse. The biggest one of them, so that this monster can never come out again."

They shouted as if they were truly looking at an ugly monster.

Ryner took a step back and touched his face.

"…Am I really that ugly…"

He muttered.

"….I’ve never seriously looked at myself, so I can’t tell."

He muttered.

He lifted his face and called out to the women beyond the closing crack in an apologetic voice,

"…I’m sorry for surprising you."

"Seal the monster!"

"I really wanted to get along with you…"

"Seal those monsters!"

"…I’m really sorr…."

But Ryner’s voice trailed off.

Because the crack had closed.

And he knew that a special kind of curse is being put on it from the other side. So that this crack will never open again. He knew that a curse is being put on it to prevent it from ever connecting with the other side again.

Ryner looked at that.

He looked at it with a lonesome face.


"…It seems like there’s no place for me in the outside world."

He said and looked at the gray-stained world once again.

The gray world he’d been locked into for who knows how long, all alone.


And he found a black spot in the center of that gray expanse.

A man covered in black and stained in golden blood had fallen into this gray world.

Ryner looked down at him, narrowed his eyes and said,

"…You still alive?"


But there was no answer.

But Ryner already knew that he was alive. Because he knew everything that was going on in this gray world.

So he changed his question.

Into another inquiry.

He slowly descended upon the black-covered man.

He closed in upon that man who was sprawled across the gray floor.

And he asked.

The question that was most important to Ryner.

"….Hey, since you’re here, does that mean that you’re despised as well?"


"…Hey, since you’re here, does that mean that you’re an outsider, just like me?"


"…Hey, will you stay here with me forever and ever?"

When the Lonesome Demon[Ryner Eris Reed] finished, the man lifted his face.

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