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  • ...d rifle bullet actually be used? To them, it makes more sense to use their idle soldiers for this than to bring in a ridiculously expensive machine.” ...ine. As Quenser and Heivia took that task to its limit, they threw off all idle thoughts and became machines that did nothing but accurately put bullets in
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  • ...e knowing it would never be useful in reality was no more valuable than an idle chat. ...timacy Kingdom military. They were the ones putting the most research into projects to create unmanned Objects using AI.
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  • |"I've got plenty of my own work to worry about! I have 3 different projects planned this month alone! If you need help, ask Matsuoka or Suzuki..." |"Yes, that's right! There's not a single person who's idle enough to mess around here, right? 'If they're idling, use them, even if th
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  • on her before he'd gotten stuck in this whole time loop business, in an idle, daydreaming sort of way. If he remembered correctly, Zach caught him stari ...atch over and over again. He had effectively been limited to fairly simple projects, but now that he could actually transfer notebooks across restarts, he was
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  • ...a guess at her age, but she already has a PhD and works on university-run projects. She has also been sponsored by Academy City or its cooperative institution ...e dumber, she might have continued her useless effort without any of these idle thoughts and she might have been satisfied with that.
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