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Translation Notes

This file covers spoken-only lines, from the very beginning of the file:

Host: Well then, to wrap things up, do you have any announcements left to share with us?

Tomo: I do! In fact, I'll have a gravure set released next month in a special issue of Prime Pose. The shooting is starting tomorrow!

Host: Wow, you're making a debut already? That's amazing! Congratulations!

Tomo: It will be going on sale on December 11th, so everyone please look forward to it and buy yourselves a copy!

Host: All right, thank you very much! Our guest today was our very own second-year student, dazzling Miss Houjou University, Yanagihara Tomo-san!

Tomo: Thank you for having me!

Host: Next up, let's continue with a musical number. Right when we started to really feel the chill of winter, the requests for this song came pouring in! It’s an ephemeral song that was only ever performed once during the Houjou High School Festival three years ago, held at the same time as our university's festival.

The following year, we downloaded the recording of the performance that had remained on the server, and when we played it here it was met with great responses! Ever since then, we’ve gotten swamped with requests for this song every winter!

Although it’s now the third winter since then, the song’s popularity hasn’t diminished one bit, and it has solidified its position as the theme song of winter here on the Houjou Campus. And, of course, it’ll be a regular part of our station’s exclusive programming this year as well, so please look forward to hearing it.

Here's “Todokanai Koi” by the Light Music Club of Houjou High School.


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