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Translation Notes

This file covers spoken-only lines, starting at line 111:

Radio host: And lastly, this is something I wanted to know myself as well: what do you have planned for the next performance? It goes without asking, but, the main actress will be Senouchi Akira-san this time as well, right?

Uehara: Well, we’re currently scheduled for February, and we’ll be presenting a modern-era love story.

Host: Oh? A love story? That seems fairly detached from the WATOS group’s usual directions and themes.

Uehara: Although she’s an actress, Senouchi has never performed the role of a “woman” before. This time however, she’s finally planning on facing this role head on. I can’t even imagine what kind of a performance it’ll be. (Note: This doesn’t mean she’s only taken male roles. “Woman” here means more like “maiden in love” or something to that effect)

Host: Eh, how could you say that? Isn’t Senouchi-san gorgeous? I’ve seen all of her performances so far, I’m a great fan.

Uehara: Of course, but she really doesn’t fit the idea of a “woman”, you see. And during the few days before a performance, it’s like she loses the title of “human” altogether.

Host: You sure say some crazy-sounding things. Does that mean she’s just that engrossed in her roles?

Uehara: She’s like a demon when it comes to preparing for her roles, to the point where sometimes she’s so focused on them that she can’t even bring herself back into reality for a while.

Host: Th... that’s... Well, I guess we’ll have plenty to look forward to for the next performance, it seems.

Uehara: Yes, indeed. We’ll be doing our best in preparation for the performance, so please do come and watch.

Host: And that concludes our interview with Uehara-san, the representative of the acting troupe, WATOS. Thank you very much for coming today, Uehara-san!

Uehara: Likewise, thank you for having me!

Host: All right, time for a song... Since we’re talking about a love story, this one’s a perfect fit, isn’t it?

Clarification on "Senouchi Akira", spoiler alert:

By taking apart Chiaki's given name (千晶), we get a possible way of reading the individual characters as as Sen (千) and Akira (晶).


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