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Translation Notes

This file covers spoken-only lines, starting with line 238:

Io: Uwah... [238]

Takeya: They’ve seized the audience already? For real!? [239]

Tomo’s friend 1: Wow, it’s White Album! What a classic! [243]

Tomo: … Hm… Hmph! What’s up with this… what an old song. I knew it would be no big deal! [244]

Tomo’s friend 2: This is good! No way, this is really, really good! [246]

Takahiro: What’s going on here…? Why is nee-chan’s singing getting everyone so excited? [254]

Mrs. Ogiso: Hey, hey, Takahiro, I feel like I’ve heard this song before. Do you know it? [256]

Takahiro: It’s the same song nee-chan always sings at karaoke! You should have remembered it by now. [257]

Io: Woah, woah, woah, what in the world is she doing?! [280]

Takeya: Haruki told me to skip the sax segment in programming and swap it with a backing piano. I had no idea what he was aiming at until the very end. [281]

Io: But I thought she was a piano major in the music program!

Takeya: She quit because she couldn’t get along with the others, apparently.

Io: Well, obviously! There’s no way those guys could put up with her near them![281] (As in she’s way too talented and it would piss them off.)


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