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Translation Notes

This file covers spoken-only lines, starting from line 106:

Suwa: Kagura.

Student: Here.

Suwa: Tachibana.

Student: Heeere.

Suwa: Tsushima.

Student: Here!

Suwa: Touma... Touma!

Suwa: Late again today, is she... Hell, does that girl even plan on graduating?

Suwa: Narahashi!

Student: Professor, don't take it out on me!

(The door opens, Kazusa walks in)

Suwa: Hey. Hold it, Touma! Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Suwa: What time is it now?

Kazusa: 8:35 AM.

Suwa: You're late. That makes the third time just this week!

Kazusa: Right.

Suwa: Don't you dare sit down! Isn't there something you'd like to say before that?

Kazusa: I'm sorry.

Suwa: What's with that attitude!? Do you think an apology like that will cut it?

Kazusa: I'm sorry.

Suwa: How can you give me such an insincere apology!?

Kazusa: I'm sorry.

Suwa: I swear, it's just because of who your mother is that you think you can...

(Kazusa slams her desk)

Kazusa: My hand slipped. I'm sorry.


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