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Translation Notes

1. Segments of this file will coincide with the digital novels from the White Album 2 Omake page. If any edits are made, please make sure both match up. They are as follows:

  • Lines 1-46 and 328-391 coincide with Chapter 1 of The Snow Melts, And Until The Snow Falls (雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで).
    • The VN side appears to have extra sfx text that was added.
  • Lines 534-595 coincide with Chapter 2 of The Snow Melts, And Until The Snow Falls (雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで).
  • Lines 676-677 coincide with the Epilogue of The Snow Melts, And Until The Snow Falls (雪が解け、そして雪が降るまで).
    • Line 676 is a bit extended in the VN version.
  • Line 836 coincides with Chapter 3 (all-ages) of The Idol Who Forgot How To Sing / 歌を忘れた偶像(アイドル).

2. The PS3 version changed line 1352 and replaced it with two different lines (likely in order to maintain CERO D rating):

  • 春希
  • 春希


Script Chart

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