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LINE: Group of Class 2-1☆ December 16th –18:25.

—Kanda Setoguchi joined invited Taku Sugawara into the chat—

—Taku Sugawara has joined the chat—

Ayaka: Go die already, Sugawara.

Konoha: Die.

Hanaka: Go kill yourself. Die die die.

Sunuu: What are you saying now? That’s disgusting.

Morii: Ahh, it’s because of you that we’re even bombarded on the internet.

Morii: That we as classmates ignored the bullying. You can go ahead and die.

Kouta: How’s Kotomi doing now?

Kouta: still in a coma?

Honoka: Probably. If she’s still in a coma, Sugawara’s really trash.

Taku Sugawara: Did you blackmail Masa with something?

Jun: Probably? How’s that disgusting creep capable of killing Masa then?

Yuki: you killed our friend. Don’t think we’re going to let you off.

Youki: Say something already, Kouji, you guys

Ayaka: Not now.

Sunuu: They already deleted their accounts. Couldn’t contact them.

Honoka: Shunsuke should still be in the room, just not talking.

Honoka: Say something already, Sugawara.

Taku Sugawara: So, you got me to join…

Taku Sugawara: What?

Hanae Lala: Die. “What?” To hell with that.

Jun: Kill yourself right now, you murderer.

Nanoe: Die.

Miharu Furuta: Just die already.

Taku Sugawara: Hey, why wasn’t Masaya saved?

Ayaka: Haaa?

Sunuu: Don’t get you.

Ayaka: Die die die die die die die

Taku Sugawara: Answer me.

Kanda Setoguchi: Hm? Why do we have to answer you?

Konoha: Don’t get cocky here.

Taku Sugawara: Why did Masaya die? Nobody else knows?

Hanae Lala: Murder, just shuuuuuuttttttttt upppppppppp

Yuki: Answer me (haah) trying to act cool there LMAO

Morri: Just kill yourself right now.

Taku Sugawara: Ahh, I see. A bunch of idiots you guys are, so no wonder none of you answer my question. Masaya killed himself, and you just keep going ‘die’.

Konoha: You’re the dumb one. How much did you get for your English?

Jun: Just to ask, what’s your rank for the Human Power Test? You’re a loner with social disorder.

Taku Sugawara: None of you guys figured out the truth. You guys don’t want to face the cruel truth, just repeating the same scolding. A bunch of retards, the lot of you.

Ayaka: Go to the hospital already.

Youki: And kill yourself.

Sunuu: Masaya killed himself because of your bullying. That’s what Masaya wrote on his will. Why Is it our fault now? Are you mentally retarded?

Kanda Setoguchi: It’s because someone like you don’t understand ‘friendship’, Sugawara.

Taku Sugawara: I know, it means corporal punishment executed in groups, through words, right?

Kanda Setoguchi: You’re wrong.

Taku Sugawara: What’s wrong with that?

Taku Sugawara: Masaya died, and you guys just didn’t know the reasons while scolding me. I want to ask you guys, do you know what ‘friendship’ is?

Taku Sugawara: If you want to talk about how friendship is so amazing, don’t use it as an excuse to attack others and use it as a reason to validate your actions. It’s just annoying.

Hanae Lala: Shut up. Die.

Ayaka: Hey, can we provide all these to the media?

Ayaka: And broadcast through all of Japan lololol.

Yuki: Sugawara recording (LOL)

Jun: So cool, senpai ROFL

Hanae Lala: Anyway, go die already, Sugawara. Soak yourself in hot water and die three minutes later.

Shunsuke: Kill yourself.

Honoka: Shunsuuukkkkeee!!!

Kanda Setoguchi: It’s been a while.

Ayaka: Ahh! You feeling alright!?

Shunsuke: Look, Sugawara, I was always scared of you, but now I got the guts to say this.

Shunsuke: Kill yourself right now. Please understand.

Shunsuke: it’s not just this class. The whole Japan wants you to die.

Shunsuke: This is the biggest happiness to Japan, justice.

Shunsuke: Kill yourself for everyone’s happiness.

Sunuu: So cool, Shunsuke! I agree!

Jun: Well said there.

Youki: KYS! KYS!

Kouta: Kill yourself right now! Die die die die!

Ayaka: I’m in love with you, Shunsuke. Go kill yourself, Sugawra.

Lala Hanae: Go kill yourself, Sugawara. Die for our happiness.

Taku Sugawara: So you finally showed up…I’ve been wanting to settle this with you, Ninomiya.

Shunsuke: Strangle. I’m the same here.

Taku Sugawara: And so,

Taku Sugawara: You guys haven’t noticed?

Shunsuke: What?

Taku Sugawara: Haven’t you guys been asking me? “Why did Masaya die?”

Taku Sugawara: Hey, you guys really think “Taku Sugawara can really drive Masaya to despair alone”?

Shunsuke: Shut up. Stop talking.

Taku Sugawara: Ninomiya, what are you nervous about?

Taku Sugawara: You’re basically saying “did I say something that will hurt you”?

Taku Sugawara: All I’m asking if you guys ever wondered the possibility “that I got an assistant?”

Shunsuke: Wait! Sugawara! You!

Taku Sugawara: In other words.

Taku Sugawara: It’s the possibility of.

Taku Sugawara: “Is Shunsuke Ninomiya helping out Taku Sugawara?”

Taku Sugawara: Haven’t you guys doubted this? Can you all agree to this? The reason why Masaya killed himself, and why Ninomiya’s kicking up a fuss here.

Shunsuke: Enough with that.

Taku Sugawara: Hey Ninomiya, explain then. Why did Masaya die? How did I control four popular guys? No way you wouldn’t know, right?

Shunsuke: Don’t get cocky, Sugawara…

Sunuu: …Hey, to be honest, I hope you’ll tell us.

Ayaka: Yeah, I’m not doubting you, Shunsuke, but it’s time to say it.

Hanaka: We’re friends. If there’s something bothering you, you can discuss with us.

Shunsuke: Are you guys idiots? Don’t be bluffed by Sugawara!

Kanda Setoguchi: No, this has nothing to do with Sugawara’s words.

Kanda Setoguchi: We’re kinda curious as to why Masaya would kill himself, you know?

Taku Sugawara: Well, it’s impossible for him to say that.

Taku Sugawara: He intended to push the blame to me, and get out of this unscathed.

Shunsuke: Shut up, Sugawara!

Jun: Shunsuke, if you’re not a traitor, tell us already.

Morii: Please, Shunsuke.

Hanae Lala: Say something, Shunsuke.

Hyouta: Come on, Shunsuke.

Konoha: Just reveal something, please?

Sunuu: Why aren’t you willing to say anything? Got a reason?

Yuki: Are you really…Sugawara’s assistant?

Shunsuke: Stop joking.

Shunsuke has left the group chat.

Ayaka: Eh…why wouldn’t he say anything?

Hanae Lala: Is that true?

Jun: it’s a lie, right?

Taku Sugawara: It is a lie.

Ayaka: Huh?

Taku Sugawara: It’s all a lie. Ninomiya’s not my assistant.

Sunuu: Enough already! Even Shunsuke!

Morri: You’re terrible. You can go die already.

Taku Sugawara: What? Was I wrong? I’m scolded by you, and after a little bait from me, you guys questioned him. Is that my fault too?

Taku Sugawara: To be precise, I didn’t lie. I only raised the ‘possibility’.

Taku Sugawara: But was it me who hurt him and forced him out of the group chat?

Taku Sugawara: Please, realize this already. You guys are just acting like friends, but you’re just blindly following a group for the sake of the biggest happiness.

Taku Sugawara: You couldn’t protect Masay, you can’t kill Sugawara, and you hurt Ninomiya.

Taku Sugawara: The Human Power Test rankings is just designed to falsify feelings.

Taku Sugawara: You guys can boast of many friends, but that’s just one ability.

Taku Sugawara: You guys don’t have the right to deny everyone’s personalities. You guys are the weird ones for not realizing this.

Miharu Furuta: …

Miharu Furuta: Is that what you’re trying to do, Sugawara?

Sunuu: What do you mean ‘that…?

Miharu Furuta: It’s nothing. I’m just starting to feel what he’s getting at.

Ayaka: Eh, I don’t get it at all. He did something cruel to Shunsuke too.

Jun: What are you saying, Furuta?

Hanae Lala: I don’t understand.

Youki: I think I can understand a little…

Youki: but this is different from causing Masaya’s death.

Taku Sugawara: Yeah, but that’s enough. I don’t hope for you guys to be my friends.

Taku Sugawara: Because it’s impossible. I drove Masaya to despair. No way will I dare to dream of such a good thing.

Taku Sugawara: So just keep mocking me.

Taku Sugawara: And be witnesses to my revolution.

Taku Sugawara has left the group.

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