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Twitter: ‘#Kuzegawa2ndMiddleBullyingSuicideIncident’ Search

Konose: “S is a scumbag. Give him the death penalty already.” THYD: “It’s really unnerving.” Mifue: “Logically, it’s already a crime. Death penalty. Death penalty.” Motohana: “I was bullied before, so I have to say that we can’t let such scumbags escape scot free.” Nomura TV: “Kuzegawa Second Middle School Bullying Suicide Incident. S’s Tragic Family Conditions.” Motou-mo “Thinking about how this might me my own kid, I’m really terrified. How could he drive someone else to despair?” Hiinamatssuurii: “This is absolutely unforgivable. Unforgivable.” Kunihiko Fuyuta-Sasatoku Town: “What is education? Why was the devil S born? We should be reflecting on this.” Hahako: “S: Bullying is an invention (LOL). Yes yes, death penalty it is.” Motomachi news: “Bullying suicide incident. What’s happening in the education scene? S’s terrifying methods were?” Matase-☆Mangaka☆ “A photo to remember the dead K by”. Deemon, Yoshitomo East Middle School, “I matched up against the victim K in a match before. He’s unbelievably strong… too bad. S is terrible.” Honohono: “S should be judged! We can’t have a second, or third victim!” Beef rice seller-Tetokon: “Our chairman graduated from this middle school, We hope for the truth to be revealed, and give our blessings to the victim K.” Shiki Kumoto: “As an educator, I really do find this really unsettling. I am inconvenienced to say anything given my viewpoint, but S should be judged, right?” QQQ: “Go die Go die Go die Go die S.” Strawman News: “The content of the W K left behind was heartbreaking, riveting as a civil topic. Hasebe: “The shame of Japan LOL. This Kuzegawa 2nd Middle School Bullying Suicide has gained attention from foreign media.” Kumiko Edomoto (educator): “Considering S incident, there has been an increase in voices calling for more dire punishment.” Popular discussion topic, “Anyone leaving ‘Go and die, S’ will have a kitty pic.” Speed news: “The review on S has been very terrifying.” A certain voice actor: “I’m prepared to be scolded, but S shouldn’t be allowed to live.” Convenience store owner TT: “Remember S. Right now, stationery store giving a 0.05% discount.” Kirikiriblog: “You guys call for S to die, and even after being through many different education scenes, I’m calling for S to die.” Wafu Kimchi Ueda, actor and comedian: “There has to be punishment for all wrongdoing, or rotten people like S are going to increase in numbers.” Nagamasa Mimoto: “Go die, S.” Kurikuri: “Go die, S.” Wahaha: “Go die, S.” Mimura: “Go die, S.” IAmABot “Go die, S.” Tanaka Nakata “Go die, S.” Black Jelly: “Go die, S.” Miso Soup Assault Team: “Go die, S.” Real female voice-bot: “Go die, S.” Kumiko: “Go die, S.” Shigechi “Go die, S.” Anon: “Go die, S.” Born Tsukkomi: “Go die, S.” Mini High School Girl Secret Meeting: “Go die, S.” Amonuu: “Go die, S.”

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