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General Discussion And Q & A[edit]

Is the translation going on?[edit]

Right now you can't read all the translated section, so Im just asking if this is still in progress, if it's the case I'd love to read it all, including the chapters that haven't been translated yet. If someone knows something about it please answer that, just so I could know something about that.

Are you asking about the sequel Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu or the original Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu? The latter has been DMCA'd and is unavailable here while the former is currently being translated by "2minutesofyourtime" or "Pleiades". I hope this helps. --Stratos (talk) 05:57, 1 July 2016 (UTC)

Im talking about the original Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu and the The Toriaezu Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu, Im glad to know that someone is still translating the series, but if Im not able to read all the previous part, It feels kinda useless. Thanks for the answer, it helps a lot.

Give me a way to PM you, I think I can help you a bit more. --Stratos (talk) 08:10, 2 July 2016 (UTC)

Im not really into the social networks so I will give you my email, then if you want we can try to talk in a different way.


Would anyone be willing to translate the 4-koma pages, they're summaries of the 11 volumes of Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. translating them would let the readers know what happened before the start of Dai Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.Saganatsu 02:36, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

> Yeah. It will be awesome if someone could do this. I'll be focusing getting chapter 1 done to upgrade this to a real project. :) --Larethian 15:49, 11 September 2010 (UTC)

there is an anime for Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu novel, isnt it a good summary?--Nemesh 19:35, 13 September 2010 (UTC)

Nope it isn't.-Cognitio

have to agree, it is just the start of the travel, the novel is like a spoiler

does the new changes to the page mean youll translate at some point the Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu series?--Nemesh 04:04, 17 September 2010 (UTC)

yeah, but i think that first we need get the project active so we get more translators.--Cognitio

> Probably if no one picks it up. But I'm not sure how long it will take. The whole purpose for me to combine everything together is that first it makes sense since the stories are linked and not independent, second it's so that if any translators want to pick up the prequel, there is no need to get a separate approval again, and they can just start. Oh yeah, the project should be active soon, it was ok'ed, just waiting for the big boss to put up the link on the left. --Larethian 14:09, 17 September 2010 (UTC)

Big boss?snake?(hahahaha kidding! sorry i was playing metalgearsolid:peace walker)


Please sign your posts with --~~~~ or the shortcut button. Thanks! --Larethian 15:49, 11 September 2010 (UTC)

About Schedule[edit]

I took off the schedule, so as not to create false expectations. I keep a private one that keeps changing. Anyone who is dying to know the progress can just ask at the forums.--Larethian 18:20, 1 October 2010 (UTC)

Hello, I'm just wondering why is there no FULL TEXT for Volume 2? 'Cause it looks like the translation is finished.

the first novels[edit]

is there any chance you will translate the first novels? i really want to read this novel, but i dont want to not understand half of it because i didnt read the first novels

will translate some chapters from time to time as a breather. after sequel, maybe I'll work on it. but that will probably be in years, unless there are more translators.--Larethian 15:49, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

Do you need someone to edit the project yet, or is it too early for that? I am willing to help edit the sequel. Crazypianist 15:10, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

yes, you can just start editing. but please read the project presentation page, especially the section for editors first. and please take a look at the talk page of dai denyuuden chapter 1 on the talk between me and ArcherReborn2 to get an idea on some expectations :). and I would suggest not to work on the same chapter as ArcherReborn2 to avoid conflicts in taste and style. so please communicate with him, and let him know which chapter you will be editing. thanks. --Larethian 06:50, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

Dedicated Editing[edit]

Tennyo777 is now my chief editor. Anyone who wants to do dedicated editing can contact her, and she will start you up. Thanks. --Larethian 08:26, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

To All The Editors[edit]

I don't really have time to check your edits, but just edit anyway. I'll be pretty much inactive next month and first couple of weeks in April. Hope I can get another chapter done before I leave. :)

I see. Good work, your dedication is our enjoyment. --Novium 20:06, 21 March 2011 (EDT)

Next Major Update (Daiden Vol3 Chapter 2)[edit]

No promise, but next major update (from me) is tentatively scheduled to be in August, subjected to change. Yeah it's long, because I'm focusing on Itsuten now. Please try Itsuten if you enjoy Denyuuden, since it's by the same author. And it's interesting in its own way =) --Larethian 06:12, 5 April 2011 (EDT)

This project will be on hold for me until Fall starts, ie. October 2011. --larethian 01:36, 11 July 2011 (UCT)


I kind of miss translating this. Still trying to find the time though --larethian 03:03, 16 September 2011 (CDT)

next full chapter update[edit]

planned to be in November --larethian 02:51, 20 September 2011 (CDT)

delay week 46/2011[edit]

my update will be a little delayed this week because of a short business trip. stay tuned. --larethian 10:45, 14 November 2011 (CST)

Hiatus on Week 48/2011[edit]

Denyuuden translation will take a break on week 48/2011 and resume the following week. --larethian 11:36, 28 November 2011 (CST)


Th author did an "order-to-read" chart (accesible from this project main page) that intercalates main denyuuden volumes with toriaezu ones. Wouldn't it be more convenient to translate them in that order (at least to the readers)?

Dai Denyuuden[edit]

Please help us, please help us.
Even though we want to read it all.
But we'll die before then.
Some please shoulder this darkness, this pain, in our place.[1]

Someone please translate the rest of Dai Denyuuden for us. --Anon

DenYuuDen 5 & 6[edit]

Where is 5 & 6 volumes of DenYuuDen? Please, translate it! Because Russian translation will stop without these volumes very soon! Т_Т

DDYD Volume 7[edit]

Is this volume going to be finished translating?? Would greatly love whoever could do this for me (would do it myself if i could honestly) but love where the series is going would def love if someone can continue this.