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According to the Wikipedia Page there is another volume due out on March 31st. Even if this never becomes part of the project, it might impact the formatting of the main page. Plus I'd like to include it in the Series Overview section for completeness...

I'm familiar with the Fate/Stay storyline (via the Anime) but not this particular storyline, so I can't write a synopsis for it :)

Also, and I know I'm probably being a pain about this, but the Beast's Lair people should agree on some rules for how this project is going to be laid out. I've put a link to the general Baka-Tsuki format guideline and proceeded to format the page accordingly, but you guys are free to make up whatever rules you want! Just give me something to work with and I'll enforce it. Smidge204 09:07, 28 March 2007 (PDT)

Here's an idea; check the Fuyuki Wiki and use the terms there. That should give a general idea of what terminology should be used. --velocity7, 12:46 PM 28 March 2007 EST

The Fuyuki Wiki has been down for quite some time now. The webarchive, generally used as an alternative after the original Fuyuki Wiki went down, is also down at this time :( I don't know if it'll go back up...but if it doesn't, I hope someone out there has a cache of it somewhere in their pockets or something.

--Pheriannath 18:22, 2 September 2007 (PDT)

Note that with Fuyuki Wiki down, an alternative would be the TYPE-MOON Wikia. It's far from complete and still a work in progress, mind you, but still, it's growing.

--Byakko 07:34, 10 December 2007 (PST)

Gyus! You`re doing great job! Please keep it going up to end! //Anon //Anon


You guys are doing great. I give my thanks to you all for giving it a hard work. I'm a fan and I do want to know the story of the Fourth Holy Grail War.

Yet my concern for this moment is..

Is it possible that you could edit the texts found on each Servant's status at the third volume? I find it a loss if they were left out since readers can know better the Servants through it, much like how we know the background of the Servants in the game.

Thanks and more power to you all.

-Anonymous Fan

  • I must agree, I really would like to see status pages translated too. ~Rabid fangirl :3

Please stop adding links for non-existing parts. I understand they would make management better, but translators will put up links when they are ready with English material. However, as of now, links to empty pages make things confusing. Please leave un-translated parts simply as placeholders and trust that we'll get things up here asap. Translators have real lives too, but we do our best to update. Thanks ^^ - Brynhilde

Little contribution[edit]

I wanna give a little contribution for all super-duper high efforts of translators in my long awaited project of Fate/Zero

Yep, don't compare this with the great works of the translators, this is just a simple crap if compared to them...

I've spent some of my free time to translate the status page of Fate Zero Characters

To be noted first, I have no background and knowledge of Japanese language (don't even mention Kanji, even Hiragana and Katakana is still forgetful)

All of the status page has been translated with cross check material from a lot of sources.

If anyone want to improve the quality or change it with better translation, feel free to do so.

I'm sorry very much on the crappy photoshop skill, especially on Lancer, Assassin, and Rider's picture.

So to comprise for my lack of knowledge, mostly I take the translated text from some sources such as: Type-Moon Wikia and Fate Stay Night Translated Mirror Moon VN Status Page

With some bit of understanding of literature style and editing here and there, I hope for a while, it can satisfy the demand of people with interest on the translated Status Page, until perhaps the better version is released.

Final note: Don't be surprised to find several facts different from what you know. I am also surprised to find one fact (from a lot of) that in Fate/Zero, Excalibur is an anti-personnel NP, not an anti-castle NP, as being described in VN or type-moon.

You can download it at this link: (Still in image version and per pages too)


To make it to PDF version to be printed, you can use several PDF Editor tools, that can make PDF file from just several bunch of images.... (Mine is Nitro PDF Professional)

Hope you enjoy!

Best regards to all of Fate franchise fans!

May Godspeed be with you, translators!


My Computer is undergoing re installation and unfortunately I forgot to back up the file of the image so I can't upload it anymore (AKA the data is gone)

Well I will translate it again of course, but pray for the best, the fastest will be one week, the latest could be in a month....

Sorry everyone....

Fuyuki wiki link[edit]

Thought I'd point out that the link to the Fuyuki wiki on the front page [1] died. Another mirror is available at [2]. Someone please update the main page to reflect this. Thanks.

Side Story[edit]

Just a question, but will it be translated? From what I gather, this project seems to be over with the completion of Volume 4.

If not, A summary of it would be enough too.

About Arimago Island's translation[edit]

Right after reading the intermission chapter of Vol. 4, I have come to realize that this "Arimago Island" you have translated for アリマゴ島 may perhaps be "Alimango Island". I looked for a bunch of local terms for a giant crab in most Asian countries but our (I'm a Filipino) local term for a giant (mud) crab, as stated in the novel of the meaning of Arimago, seems to fit the bill. The katakana アリマゴ may be read as Alimango since \li\ = \ri\ and there is no equivalent of our \ngo\ in Japanese such that \go\ might suffice. There is such an island in our country of the same name in Negros Occidental, Philippines but whether or not it is that same island is not really what I'm concerned of. What I'm concerned of is that Type-Moon used a Philippine setting for that significant portion of the story. There are many hints in the novel that led me to believe of this: 1) "Alimango" ?= "アリマゴ" is indeed a term that refers to giant (mud) crabs; 2) the island believes in folklore similar to what Asian countries believe in; 3) the Philippines along with nearby Asian countries are areas where Nasuverse's Mage Association is not primarily concerned of, an ideal location for a magus who wants to seclude himself; 4) the Philippines is one of the, if not the only, countries in Asia where it would make sense that there is a Catholic priest and probably a chapel in a remote island; 5) remote islands like these in Philippines and nearby Asia during the timeline of the novel are indeed poverty stricken to have only a few 4-wheel vehicles running in the island; 6) it is common for Filipinos to use Western names such as Shirley more likely so than any other countries in Asia and even if they live in non-urbanized remote islands; 7) "Kerry" definitely strikes me of Visayan accent because these Visayan citizens also can't pronounce "Kiri" well; and other nifty details when one reads the novel and is familiar with this background. Of course, I could be wrong and this could be an Australian or some Oceanian island instead. But I'd still bet that Arimago is actually Alimango based on the inferences that I have made. I have to spread this word to hopefully replace Arimago terms in Type-Moon and Fuyuki Wikia and to the upcoming Fate/Zero anime translation.

PDF Files[edit]

First from all, congratulations for your work. I've almost finished the FSN's VN reading and I was looking for this Light Novel to start it once I've finished it.

I was thinking in read your work on my e-book, but I guess that you don't have any PDF file, isn't it? I know I could make the PDF by myself, but since there's a bit of spoiler images, if it is possible, could you post here a link with them? (or a website where I could find'em?)

Thanks in advance =D


It's been almost three years since the translation was over. So, is there actual editing still going? I asking since there wasn't any head ups for a long time and thread on Beast's Lair is looks pretty much dead.