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Reader Comments[edit]

Another piece of work by Nagaru Tanikawa, which successfully runs in parallel with Kadokawa Sneaker's "the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi." In my personal opinion, it is one of the Best 3 light novels that I like.

The personalities of characters are even more contrasting than Haruhi. The story is about common days within a superpower academy. In the first volume the protagonist speaks in first person, but from the second volume onwards the first person changes from viewpoint to viewpoint.

I would like to compare it against Haruhi, but the unique toughness among the characters even surpasses that of Haruhi. Opinions towards the series will be even more separated than Haruhi. I belong to the slightly strange type that starts reading "the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" after "Escape from School!"

The tagging phantom sis with extreme brother complex and burning jealousy... If you are moe towards such situations, this book is recommended. The best characters to me is the combination of Miyano and Maiko. For me, Maiko is the protagonist in the dark.

My ratings (out of 5): Character - 4; Story - 3; Scenario - 3; Storytelling - 3; Overall - 3+.

-- ナルカミさん

The Dengeki-side debut of Nagaru Tanikawa, the author behind "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi." The ratings are low, and for a moment I decided against buying it. However, I ran out of books to read, so I just bought it for a try. --Then.

Wow! Splendid Young-Sis novel~~ Well, life with your younger sis 24 hours a day. And, that younger sis is burning with jealousy, and such a baby. Great! Too great! And top it all by multiplying by two!! Well, regarding the twins, if the author did not just spend time on Haruna but gave Wakana more airtime, it would improve both the moe and the story structure. Too bad. Anyway, not just the twins but also the subcharacters are a star alliance. Great line of characters!

But, well, not enough when compared to "Haruhi." The tempo is bad, and story is just not interesting. The characters are fun when they are busy doing nothing, but when the story is to start, it suddenly turns boring. Do something about that! The development has a lot of air, and the ending should be polished a little more. Well, I would also not praise to the structure of "Haruhi," but in this case, the characters are doing nothing from start to end! Humm, Nagaru Tanikawa, you might be top class in making characters busy doing nothing, but the story structure still needs practice.

And, it would be just fine if the story ends at Volume 1. But hey, the second volume is to be sold next month! ... The development looks like the story will continue to be written like this... Wouldn't that be boring? I doubt if I will buy the second book. Well, if I put the storytelling aside, such character setting still have its great appeal.

-- いちせさん

The book is quite attractive in its own ways: Young-Sis-Moe element in the form of the protagonist possessed by his sister's phantom; background setting of an academy for superpowers; traditional Shojo Manga styled illustrations which is quite rare within Bunko Dengeki. The characters are sometimes too eccentric themselves (esp. Makoto), but well it is still within acceptable limits.

However, even under such a array of elements, the story just does not run smooth, spending too much time but stumbling in making the story develop. I also find it hard to get into the protagonist, who just gives a cold shoulder to the girls and the situation he is in. It sets itself as sci-fi, and at some point there are places that feels good reading, but it feels like the Sci-Fi elements clashes with the moe elements. What a pity! How about getting more into the shoes of the protagonist and his sisters by overlaping the brother-sister episodes? Compared to ""The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" which is sold at the same time, the balance is not well controlled. Well, there might be good reviews from people whose preference of abundant weirdo characters get satisfied, or that the story gets a condensed shot of SF gadgets, but this is my two cents.

-- リッパーさん